Teen sadie pop gets her cute pussy drilled by a gigantic cock

Teen sadie pop gets her cute pussy drilled by a gigantic cock
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**** I DID NOT WRITE THIS STORY. AL USSA DID. I JUST LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH THAT WANTED TO SHARE IT WITH MORE PEOPLE**** It was to be the greatest display of wanton sexuality and utter perversion in the history of mass media, and thanks to the 24-hour news cycle and Hollywood's cult of celebrity, it was streamed live over the internet and into every household in America, even across the world!

People would remember it for years afterwards, keeping it alive through blogs and word of mouth. And yet, for all of its spectacle, it began on a relatively quiet day, not unlike any other. That morning, Nadya Suleman, world-famous as the 'Octomom' after she gave birth to octoplets last year, was in her kitchen eating breakfast. The buxom, collagen-lipped brunette was barely contained in her bathrobe, her large breasts almost popping out.

As she picked up a banana and took a bite out of it, she happened to look up and take a glance at the television. Purely by chance, TMZ just so happened to be on the air, and they were playing a story about Kate Gosselin, the former star of the TLC show 'John and Kate Plus 8'. Nadya rolled her eyes. Much like herself, Kate Gosselin had become famous for having eight children, but while Nadya had found herself endlessly mocked by the media and public opinion alike as the 'Octomon,' Kate Gosselin had gotten her own TV show!

It just wasn't fair! It certainly didn't help matters that Kate had managed to keep her good looks and sex appeal either. A picture of Nadya flashed up on the screen.

Angry but still a little curious to see what they were saying about her, the Octomom picked up her remote and turned up the volume.

What she heard shocked and offended her. "What do you think of the Octomom," the cameraman asked. "Who," Kate Gosselin replied and then laughed, "Seriously? I think she's ridiculous." Nadya was infuriated by this scrawny blonde bitch making those sorts of comments about her.

Almost shaking with rage, she turned off her television and reached for her cell phone. Both her lawyer and her press agent were on autodial, and she had the numbers for most the major press outlets across the country. She had some serious phone calls to make. A week later. Kate Gosselin sat at her breakfast table, enjoying a nice bowl of cereal while she looked through her entertainment magazines.

Ever since that asshole John had left her, she'd had a brief and quite discreet series of affairs with other men. She'd even slept with her cameraman and security guy, though she was careful to keep that out of the tabloids. Still, sometimes it was nice to just sit back at home and relax. Finished with her current magazine, she put it down and then picked up the newest issue of US Weekly. The cover immediately caught her eye. It was a picture of that crazy 'Octomom' lady. what was her name? Nadya something?

The caption underneath her picture promised that she 'wouldn't believe their hot Octomom photo shoot'. Naturally, Kate found herself rolling her eyes. "God," she accidentally blurted out loud, "She's so ridiculous!" Both amused and a little annoyed, Kate found herself skipping through several pages of articles, curious to see this allegedly 'hot' Octomom photo shoot.

Somewhere around the middle of the magazine was a full page spread of Nadya Suleman, her plastic surgery enhanced body barely contained by her tight-fitting, black one-piece bikini as she frolicked on the beach. On the next few pages were various pictures of the Octomom; in one she lay spread out in the sand, her artificial breasts standing up obscenely, while in another she was photographed from behind, showing off her big, curvy ass.

Kate Gosselin was absolutely offended by this. this. tramp! Angrily, she scanned through the relatively sparse text of the article, glancing over Nadya's quotes. It was just a short little interview, nothing more than a fluff piece really. Kate missed one or two things, but in bold there was one quote that immediately jumped out at her. "What do you think about Kate Gosselin," the interviewer asked. "She's so frumpy and uptight," read Nadya's response, "But then I guess not all women can manage to keep their figure after having babies.

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especially after having eight of them. Maybe that's why her husband left her." Kate didn't even bother to read the rest of the article. She angrily threw down the magazine and then went to grab her cell phone.

If that was the sort of game that the Octomom wanted to play, then she was going to respond in kind. Only Kate knew how to play the media better than some random slut in California. She had her own TV show for crying out loud. This was going to be fun. Later that same week. Nadya Suleman was quite satisfied with herself.

She'd already done a couple of photo suits in her bikini, and she had more planned for next week. She also made sure that she went down to the beach and got photographed by the paparazzi showing off her cleavage in public. Those pictures should have been making their way onto the internet or, better yet, TV any time now. The Octomom lay back on her sofa and relaxed, clicking the remote and turning on her TV.

She was quite surprised that she wasn't the first thing to come on TMZ. Instead, it was a story about Kate Gosselin's photo shoot. Go figure that that woman would try and usurp her by having her own photo shoot. A series of pictures of Kate Gosselin came up on the screen, only unlike Nadya, the slender and somewhat tanned middle-aged blonde was wearing a two piece golden swimsuit that showed off her well-toned midriff. The official story was that Kate had taken her kids to the beach, but there were pictures of her posing for the cameras, sitting back and sunbathing, and worst of all, coming out of the water after swimming, her body literally soaking wet.

And then, the real clincher! There was a picture of Kate Gosselin with a fake look of surprise on her face as her bikini top popped off. TMZ had censored it with a black bar, but it was clear from their comments that she was completely exposed, and that this and several other pictures of the topless TV star had already been posted on the internet.

Back in the TMZ studios, the commentators were joking about Kate, talking about how nice and firm her breasts were, and how she was a MILF! Nadya did not appreciate being usurped like this. However, Nadya also knew how to exploit media attention, and unlike Kate, she was completely shameless. If Kate was going to have a 'wardrobe malfunction' on public TV, then Nadya decided she would out-do her on the internet, completely skipping the mainstream news outlets.

Besides, it would be faster this way, and it wouldn't cost her a cent. Nadya pulled down her top, exposing her ridiculously big breasts. Taking out her mobile phone, she began to take pictures of herself at various angles. These were going to be so hot.

all she would have to do is upload these to the internet and then sit back and wait. The following month. Kate Gosselin was disgusted by the Octomom's latest antics. Didn't that fucking woman have any shame? She had just leaked a bunch of naked pictures of herself onto the internet, enjoying the publicity that came with this. Kate just wasn't willing to sink that low, but she did have other resources to tap into.

Putting on a fake smile, she looked in the mirror to make sure that her make-up still looked good, and then walked out onto stage, trying to forget the whole mess with Nadya Suleman and instead focus on tonight's interview with Elizabeth Hasselbeck from The View. "People," Hasselbeck said to the cheering crowd, "Let's welcome our next guest to the stage; Kate Gosselin, from TLC's hit 'John and Kate Plus 8' and 'Dancing with the Stars.'" The audience went wild, cheering and applauding as the pretty older blonde woman walked out, wearing a fairly tight fitting green dress and with her signature short blonde hair done up in a bob.

Kate smiled and waved at them, making sure that they got a good look at her sexy body, and then walked over and sat down in the chair next to Elizabeth Hasselbeck. As the crowd's wild noise started to die down, Elizabeth leaned over and began the interview. "Hello Kate," Elizabeth said, "And welcome to our show tonight." "Thank you," Kate replied. "Now I know everyone probably wants me to ask about the whole, well, rivalry that you have with the Octomom." The crowd started to cheer and laugh, interrupting Elizabeth Hasselbeck before she could finish that sentence.

Kate just had to grin and bare it. In the mean time, Elizabeth gestured for the crowd to quiet down a bit. "Now," she continued, "I know they're all eager to hear about that, but before we get into that whole mess, you told me you had something you wanted to announce first." "That's right," Kate said with a wry smile on her lips, "I wasn't going to say anything just yet, but I can't hold back the news any more.

I'm pregnant. again!" Kate patted her belly after saying that, and the crowd went wild. "Oh," Elizabeth said, seemingly as shocked as anyone, "Well congratulations then." Meanwhile, somewhere in her California home, Nadya Suleman picked up her remote and turned off the television. This was getting ridiculous! She swore she wasn't going to do this, but she decided now was as good a time as any to take Vivid Entertainment up on their offer.

Making a porn movie was about the only way she would be able to top Kate Gosselin now! She just hoped that she still had their card.


Another couple of months down the road. Kate sat in her living room, looking at the picture of the half-naked Octomom on the cover of the DVD she'd just bought. She still couldn't believe that she'd actually gone to a porno video store in the middle of nowhere just to buy this. The way that man behind the counter looked it her. she still wasn't sure if it was because he recognized her from TV, or because he was turned on by her slightly swollen pregnant belly.

Either way, she was glad to be home. She hesitated for a moment before popping the DVD into her player, but she knew the kids were asleep.

Now was the best time - hell, probably the only time -- for her to watch this damn thing. Kate fast forwarded through the opening credits, until she finally got to a scene where Nadya Suleman, already clad in a far too revealing top, came on the screen. She was accompanied by two men dressed in white lab coats and glasses, presumably because they were supposed to be doctors. Kate pressed 'play' on her remote and let it run at normal speed, albeit it with the dialogue turned down so low that she could barely hear it.

Not that there really was all that much plot to make out in the first place. Kate watched with utter disgust as the Octomom stripped out of her slutty clothes, exposing her obviously fake breasts, and began to suck on the one of the porn stars' enormous cock. The other one began to strip out of his costume too, and soon Nadya Suleman was naked and down on her knees, alternating between sucking each one off.

With her free hand she would jerk the other one, switching between them every couple of minutes or so. 'How the hell could anyone think that was hot,' Kate thought to herself. Soon Nadya Suleman had gotten up on the prop examining table and was being double teamed by the two well-hung male porn stars.

She moaned in pleasure as the two dicks penetrated her, one going deep into her well-stretched pussy while the other went down her throat. But fortunately for her, Kate Gosselin was no longer watching the DVD. Instead, she was busy trying to find someone who could get her in touch with her own 'adult entertainment' people.

And that. that moment was when a truly brilliant idea was born. Sometime in the indeterminate future. This was it. Today was the big day. The day when Kate Gosselin, now several months pregnant with her next litter of children, and Nadya Suleman, the 'Octomom,' were finally going to face off in a pay-per-view challenge.

The idea had first gained currency on the internet, of course, when the whole Kate Gosselin-Octomom rivalry started. It gained steamed shortly the topless pictures of Kate Gosselin leaked out, and then again when Nadya Suleman consented to doing her own 'adult video'.

Soon various pornographic websites and video distributors were swarming to Kate Gosselin, eager to get her consent. The pregnant reality show star eventually agreed to do a movie with a new studio, backed by a group of investors out of Dubai. Nobody was really surprised by this turn of events. What really surprised them, however, was the fact that they had managed to turn it into a public debacle, in which the feisty blonde TV starlet would face-off against 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman in a sexual competition, showing the world which of the two dubious celebrities was the most shameless whore.

Dates were set, a small arena in downtown Las Vegas was rented out, and tickets were sold. many, many tickets were sold. There was a full crowd of (very) horny fans cheering in the auditorium. Kate's PR people had told her that it was a sold out crowd.

And millions more were watching on TV. There was no way that Kate or Nadya would be able to back out of this now. They had both signed air-tight contracts and the lawyer was very adamant about that fact.

More than a little nervous, she gulped and then got ready to go out and finally show that damned 'Octomom' who was the real star here.

As she made her way out towards the arena where the sexual depravity was to take place, the audience up in the stadium went wild. Kate was wearing a small, one-piece golden maternity swimsuit which strained to cover both her perky, swollen breasts and pregnant belly. The headstrong blonde had kept her signature short cut 'bob' hairstyle, but was also wearing high heels, which made her hips sway seductively as she made her way into the stadium.

People went nuts watching the sexy mom's curvy ass go back and forth. Soon that sexy little ass -- and every other hole on her body -- would be filled with multiple cocks. The announcer introduced her, running off a list of Kate's TV shows. John and Kate Plus 8, Dancing with the Stars. It all seemed like it was worlds away now.

All Kate could think about was her current feud with Nadya Suleman. Well, that and the fact that she was going to be penetrated by multiple cocks tonight. Kate now stood at the center of the arena, her cheap golden maternity swimsuit glittering in the shining spotlight. She smiled and waved, trying to show off her sexy pregnant body to the wildly applauding crowd. They went absolutely nuts when the saw the very pregnant middle aged starlet so obviously flaunting her body before them, baby bump and all.

After the audience calmed down a bit, the announcer continued by introducing Nadya Suleman, the 'Octomom' and now a porn starlet as well. He was very adamant about saying that. She entered the arena, wearing a far more revealing outfit than Kate was.

Nadya Suleman was clad only in s tiny, little black bikini that barely covered her enormous tits. They threatened to pop out at any moment as she walked up to the center stage to join her rival Kate Gosselin. More shocking, and provocative, was her thong, which rode up her shapely ass and through which one could easily make out the outline of her juicy cunt.

Unbeknownst to anyone else, Nadya had cheated a little backstage before coming out here. Eager to upstage Kate, she had fingered her juicy cunt, providing a little extra lubrication and stretching it in preparation for tonight's upcoming ordeal. She was still a little wet down there, and close inspection would have revealed a slight damp spot on her black thong.

She slowly made her way up, turning briefly to flaunt her full body and shake her gigantic fake tits, much to the excitement of the viewers. She blew a fake kiss and winked at them, shamelessly promoting herself. Her face, no stranger to the plastic surgeon's scalpel, was literally caked in eyeliner, dark lipstick and heavy make-up.

Once she finally got up there, she stood beside her long-time rival Kate Gosselin. Both women put on fake smiles, each trying to size up their respective opponents without giving away too much about themselves in the process. As they did so, the announcer explained what was going to happen tonight. It was the first time such a show had been staged for the public, let alone broadcast over the television on pay-per-view. Now that both of the women had taken center stage, the announcer explained how this whole elaborate sex scenario would work out.

The two women would be presented with a slew of young porn star studs to satisfy them -- eight to be exact, a number which was decided on because of the obvious associations; Nadya Suleman had risen to fame as the 'Octomom' after having octuplets, and Kate Gosselin also had eight children by her former husband, which was the basis for her entire reality show. The porn stars had been specifically chosen for this challenge, and were amongst the youngest, most virile and best hung men in porno today.

The crowd was cheering lavasciously as the announcer explained how both women would have to satisfy each lover in turn, and whomever won this task by the end of the night without tiring would earn the title of dirtiest MILF slut. Both Nadya and Kate would have a long night ahead of them.

As the bright white halogen spotlights blared onto the stage, two full sized bed sets were revealed to the audience. These were the beds where the two middle aged slut moms would be trying to pleasure their lovers. They were complete with pillows and blankets, as special concerns had been engendered due to Kate's increasingly advanced state of pregnancy.

Her lawyers and PR people were very insistent that she be made as comfortable as possible in order to facilitate this whole arrangement, so no expenses had been spared on her part. Spread out before them were a formidable display of dildos, blindfolds, scented oils, lubricants, handcuffs and various other sex toys. The announcer walked forward and picked up one of the dildos, explaining how these objects were fair game. Any of the men would, at their discretion, be able to use the sex toys on either of the celebrity sluts should they so desire.

Some of the audience yelled comments, describing in graphic detail what they would do to either of the women, given half a chance. "Man," yelled one, "I'd fill up the Octomom's big fat ass with eight of those!" Another cried out, "Hey Kate! You could handcuff yourself to my bed any night!" They were going completely wild over this. The announcer didn't skip a beat as he explained how absolutely none of the men would be wearing any sort of protection during this whole ordeal.

While it wasn't as much of a concern for Kate, obviously, there was a very real possibility that the 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman might wind up getting knocked up (again) from this whole ordeal. Needless to say, that idea excited the crowd even more.

At least she probably wouldn't have octoplets this time around. Kate and Nadya both just kept smiling and waving, and though neither wanted to admit it, both of them were kind of getting turned on by all of this attention. It was hot, perhaps even empowering, for these middle aged moms to know that they could still turn on virile young men with their sexy bodies.

This was probably a good thing, as both of them were just moments away from an eight-man orgy. Meanwhile, the announcer had moved on to introducing the male cast. Sixteen of the most up and coming male porn stars -- eight each for both women -- entered the arena and lined up. Various heights and races, and in various stages of undress, they presented quite a formidable challenge for the two dubious celebrity moms.

And they knew that they were going to have to fuck their way through each of them if they wanted to win. At the announcer's command, eight of the men gathered around Nadya in front of her bed, while another eight of the men surrounded Kate. The two women were increasingly aroused by the lavascious, lust-filled glares that they were getting from their studs.

Nadya noticed that one of her guys, a well-built black man, was licking his lips in anticipation. here was no going back for the slutty celebrity moms now.

This was their ultimate fifteen minutes of fame. The announcer stepped back, still surrounded by the blaring glow of the spot light and tightly clutching his microphone. "Ladies and gentleman," he said grinning from ear to ear, "This is the big moment that you've all been waiting for. Are you ready to see not one, but two hot celebrity moms get fucked before your very own eyes?" There was a raucous applause and cheering from the entire audience, steadily growing ever louder and louder.

"I can't here you," he said. He turned the microphone around, pointing it at the audience as they cheered even louder this time, crying out for their two middle aged guests of honor to be thoroughly ravished, no degraded before their very own eyes. "Now that's what I'm talking about," the announcer said as he turned back around to face Kate and Nadya, "Ladies.

let's get this orgy started! Go!" Kate wasted no effort at getting off to an early start, sliding the straps on her little gold maternity swimsuit down her shoulder and letting the top fall down.

Her breasts, sensitive and heavy with milk, stood exposed before the world again. Her nipples were already rock hard from her mounting excitement. However, she did need a little help from her partner in trying to get the rest of her gold-sequined swimsuit off, as it clung tightly to her swollen belly.

Finally, the pregnant reality show star was fully naked in front of an excited auditorium full of screaming fans. She could see flashes as cameras went off, recording her nudity for all of eternity.

Trying not to think about that for now, Kate reached over into her first man's shorts and began to gently rub his cock. It was already starting to get hard, but these were experienced porn stars so she had her work in store for her. Unzipping his shorts so she could get a better grip, she let them fall to the ground and began to stroke his rapidly growing cock. It was so much bigger than her ex-husband John's cock; she wasn't even sure that she would be able to take it at first, let alone seven more of them.

But Kate knew in her heart that she couldn't let that fucking Octomom bitch upstage her. She had to take it! She had to take all of them! As his cock began to stiffen, the porno stud put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees on the floor.

Oh God! He wanted her to give him a blowjob! Kate didn't have much experience at that sort of thing, even now. Still, she didn't have much choice. Putting her lips around the tip of the cock, she began to suck on it. Still clad in her high heels, the pregnant slut mom gave tried to give him the best blowjob that she could manage. She struggled at first, trying to fit the entirety of his enormous cock into her tiny mouth. It was certainly not an easy task. The well-hung young porn stud ran his fingers through Kate's short blonde hair as she kept sucking on him.

Soon he began to thrust his pelvis a little, hammering his huge dick into the back of Kate's throat. Fighting her body's natural gag reflex, Kate started to bob up and down. Soon she had gotten a pretty good tempo going, and she was managing to get a surprising amount of dick into her mouth. A small trail of saliva was running down her mouth, sliding down her slender neck and onto her milk-engorged breasts.

Undisturbed, he just kept thrusting away. Kate started to wonder if he would ever cum. The porn star -- her first of the night -- reached down and grabbed one of her breasts, squeezing it tightly. And then, she felt him shoot a load of cum straight into her mouth. One down, more seven to go! As the porn star slow his still rock hard member out from between Kate's lips, the announcer interrupted, reminding her that she had to swallow any cum in her mouth.

Kate grinned, trying to mask the disgust she felt from swallowing the man's slightly salty tasting seed. The people cheered as she did so. She hardly had time to catch her breath before the next stud approached, offering her his hand to help the pregnant middle aged starlet back up on her feet.

And then he just smiled and nodded, gesturing her over to the bed. As always, Nadya had taken a much more direct approach to this whole affair. As soon as the announcer had given the word, she pulled the flimsy string on her black bikini and let it just pop off, exposing her huge fake tits to the wild applause of the audience up in the stands. Bend over seductively, she gave everyone a full view of her shapely round ass as she slipped off her thong.

The now-completely naked whore turned around and looked at her choice of studs, picking out the hottest one first and leading him over towards her bed. Sitting down at the edge of the bed, the naked celebrity fame whore passionately embraced her first stud of the night, to the wild approval of the crowds.

She wrapped her arms around his well-toned body, letter the younger stud explore her body as she slid her hands down to his crotch and began to stroke his manhood. She could feel his cock beginning to grow hard.

Without skipping a beat, the cock-hungry brunette unzipped the porn star's pants and pulled them down, tossing them aside onto the stadium floor. For his part, the eager young porn stud was enjoying having Nadya's full, collagen-injected lips pressed up against his mouth.

He'd always had something of a thing for older women, so he was really enjoying this whole set up. He kept making out with her as the Octomom reached down and began to stroke his exposed and rock hard cock to the cheer of the audience. Soon Nadya had wrapped her broad thighs around his body. The rock hard porn star lay back on the bed as Nadya straddled him, eagerly riding him through waves of pleasure. Her abdomen was pumping him, milking his cock as she bounced up and down upon the bed.

Her silicon-enhanced breasts jutted out defiantly, her nipples standing at attention. The porn star reached up to grab them. Sure, they were fake, but it didn't make it any less fun to play with them. Nadya threw her head back, letting her long brunette hair fall behind her as she arched her back. As she moaned in pleasure, the Octomom could feel the first stud shooting his juices deep into her well-used womb. She sat there for a moment, literally glowing with pleasure, but she knew that she didn't have a lot of time to enjoy the moment.

She couldn't let herself fall behind. She had to outpace her rival Kate. Looking over, Nadya saw that the pregnant reality show star was now fully naked and stretched out on her bed. Without a moment to loose, the Octomom picked out another stud and led him over to her bed for another session of love-making.

Meanwhile, across the stage, the pregnant Kate Gosselin lay spray-eagled on the bed, eagerly anticipating her next fuck.

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Her second stud for tonight stood over her, his cock already quite rigid as he slathered another glob of lubricant over it. Kate just stared in awe of the monster, knowing that it would be a very tight fit. Still, she was up for this. She wasn't going to let some dumb slut like the Octomom outdo her at anything!

Gently, the porn star grabbed the pregnant reality starlet's legs and spread them, lining the swollen head of his cock up with the entrance to her cunt. She was already a little wet down there from all of this excitement, but the lubrication on his gigantic member certainly helped nonetheless.

Kate had to close her eyes and bite her lip as he started to push the enormous thing into her. She tensed up a little at first, making the whole task that much more difficult. Still, her second stud was persistent, and eventually she felt the entire length of his shaft penetrate deep into her womb. He grunted as he got it into her, and then slowly pulled out, trying to work up something of a tempo.

Gradually, the pain of being so dramatically stretched out gave way to a wave of ecstatic pleasure. Kate began to thrust back with her hips, writhing in ecstasy as the well-hung porn star impaled her on his manhood.

As she got into the fucking, Kate began to scream out obscenities, literally begging for her partner to fuck her and cum inside of her pregnant pussy. Looking over, she could see that Nadya Suleman was likewise busy. The Octomom was also spread eagled on her bed, one of her eight male porn stars fucking her juicy cunt with a truly gigantic dildo. Kate was glad that she didn't have to do that yet. Her current lover was proving more than enough for the moment. It wasn't much longer until Kate had driven her current stud over the edge.

She tightly wrapped her legs around him, milking his cock for every last drop. She felt a burning lust as the virile young stud shot his jizz into her waiting womanhood. As the second stud pulled back, letting a small trail of man juice leak out of her stretched cunt, the third lover of the night stepped in to take his place. Nadya was already hard at work on her third fuck of the night. As she lay back on the bed, her third porn star stud was straddling her chest.


He had greased up his cock with lube and placed it between her monumental cleavage, gleefully tittyfucking the middle aged celebrity whore as he pressed those huge mounds together. The Octomom really didn't care; as long as these guys shot their load, she was more than happy! The porn star stud squeezed her fake tits as he started to tense up, and then spray a sticky hot load of jizz across her chest and face.

Nadya sat up as the stud backed off, seductively running her finger through the thick coat of semen. Her index finger still sticky with a thick mass of his juices, she stuck in her mouth and licked it. It tasted good, and it really seemed to drive the audience wild. Not even bothering to wipe the layer of semen off her face, Nadya got up and quickly got back to work on her fourth stud of the night.

She was ahead of Kate Gosselin, but not enough so to relax just yet. She glanced over at her rival, and saw that Kate was now on her hands and knees on the bed, her swollen belly hanging down obscenely beneath her. Kate had arched her back and was eagerly taking her next stud doggy style. Nadya had to admit, she didn't think the pregnant blonde slut had that sort of kinky stuff in her. In fact, it was actually kind of hot! The Octomom began to stroke her own juicy pussy as the next stud approached her and stuck his cock in her waiting mouth.

While Nadya Suleman was giving a blowjob to her fifth stud, the pregnant Kate Gosselin was really enjoying being fucked from behind by her third stud. She'd never really done this kind of thing with her husband before, and now that she was free of him, she was enjoying getting to wallow in her newfound sexuality. Even so, she still wanted to win this damned thing. There would be plenty of time for hot, wanton sex later on. Before she had even finished getting fucked by her current stud, Kate called out for another one to come and fill one of her other holes.

There was certainly nothing in the rules that prevented that sort of thing. Her stable of porn stars were more than happy to oblige her request.

The next in line stepped forward and climbed onto the bed. As he looked down at the pregnant reality star slut getting fucked in front of him, he whipped out his cock and began to jerk off.

As soon as he got hard, the stud -- her fourth for tonight -- popped his cock into her mouth. Kate began to suck him off, trying to deepthroat his cock as she got fucked from behind. She was becoming surprisingly good at oral sex. The former reality star mom was enjoying being publicly double-teamed on live television, but more importantly, she knew that if she could get them both to cum that she would be caught up with her rival, that damned Octomom bitch.

But Kate really was enjoying the sensation of being filled from both ends. She was getting pushed between the two well-endowed young men with each and every thrust. The pregnant Kate Gosselin closed her eyes and enjoyed the waves of pleasure that were wracking her body. It was so hot being used like this!

A small trail of saliva dribbled down her mouth and onto the bed. She was lost in ecstasy. so lost, in fact, that she didn't even notice how fast Nadya was moving ahead of her. The Octomom slut had satisfied her last stud and was moving on to the next one. Number six, in fact, and it was the well-hung black porn star who had given her the lustful look earlier. Nadya knew that this man wouldn't be an easy one to satiate. Nadya sat back on the bed, wondering which of her holes the porn star was going to fuck.

"I'm going to pound that big fat ass of yours Octomom," the porn star said. "Ohhh," Nadya replied playfully, "Bring it on big boy! I love getting fucked from behind!" Nadya Suleman almost regretted saying those words as soon as the man took off his belt and let his pants drop to the floor.


He was hung like a fucking race horse! In fact, he far exceeded any of the other men she'd fucked tonight in both length and girth. But the Octomom was more than up for a challenge. Bending over, she presented her big, curvy ass to the stud. He reached over and slathered a layer of lubricant on his monstrous cock, and then pressed the tip of his member up against the entrance to her butt hole.

This was actually the first anal fuck of the night for either women, and when Kate looked over, she was absolutely dumbfounded by the sight. Even a seasoned and well-used whore like the Octomom must have trouble taking a gigantic monster like that! Nonetheless, she watched as Nadya took a deep breath and arched her back, trying to accommodate the onslaught of her stud's enormous black porn star cock. The brunette mother of eight was breathing heavily with each thrust as he tried to get more and more of his impaling shaft down her asshole.

Kate Gosselin watched breathlessly as the slut kept getting her ass stuffed by the cock, getting aroused by the little moans of pleasure that she gave out. She had to admit that the entire scene was both hot and surreal. She stared in awe as the cock-hungry brunette whore's fake tits bounced with each of her porn star stud's little thrusts.

But then the pregnant reality star bitch didn't have much time to think about it, because she was already being fucked by her next stud herself. In her pregnant condition, Kate found that the most comfortable position she could managed was lying on her back, with one of the pillows underneath her for added support.

The blonde was once again spread eagled as her latest stud penetrated her juicy cum-filled cunt. She'd long since lost count of how many men she'd pleased tonight but it had to have been a lot. A coat of semen from other men had built up all over her face, neck and heavy milk-filled breasts. She could still taste the sticky man seed in her mouth from multiple blowjobs. Hell, it was stuck in her hair, and some of it had even gotten into her eyes for crying out loud.

The pregnant, cum-soaked blonde lay back on the bed as her latest porn star stud fucked her deep in her cunt. He put his hands firmly on her swollen belly for support, slowly rubbing them across Kate's sexy middle aged body.

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When he got to her sensitive breasts, the porn star squeezed them firmly. It almost pushed Kate over the edge. He certainly wasn't holding back. The reality star slut knew the feeling all too well when the stud finally started to approach orgasm. She was completely prepared when her stud shot yet another load of cum into her waiting pussy, adding another layer of juice to coat her womanhood.

As she sat up to try and catch her breath after such vigorous love-making, the last stud put his hands and her shoulders and stopped her. "Uh-uh," he said, "We're not finished yet." Kate was a little surprised. The rules never stated that the men had to cum only once. All they said was that she had to satisfy eight men. Apparently this stud wasn't quite satisfied yet; and he was completely within his rights to demand she fuck him until he was!

"Bend over honey," he told Kate, "I want to fuck your ass! And if the Octomom can take that big black monster, then I'm sure you can manage to take my cock!" Kate Gosselin looked over and saw that Nadya was still trying to take all of her big black stud's cock into her asshole. To her credit, she'd managed to get the greater length of the monster up inside of her, and he could now work up something of a pace with which to fuck the wanton whore.

She was working up quite a sweat though, and she hardly looked all that comfortable yet. Kate realized that she didn't have much choice in the issue, so she rolled over and got on her hands and knees on top of the bed. Raising up her ass to present it to the stud, she could feel some of his semen still spilling out of her gaping cunt. The man slapped her roughly on the ass.

She wasn't really blessed with the voluptuous curves that Nadya on the other side of the arena had, but the pregnant Kate Gosselin nonetheless had a very spectacular and firm looking ass. Especially for a middle aged soccer mom like her. Turning around to try and see what was going on behind her, Kate saw that the porn star was sporting a rock hard erection once again, and that he had spread a generous portion of the lubricants onto his cock. She could feel the tip of it pressed up against the entrance to her asshole, and at that moment she knew a portion of the agony that Nadya was feeling.

Instinctively she tried to tense up, but her horny stud wasn't going to be deterred so easily. Roughly taking hold of his pregnant fuck slut's broad hips, he began to increase the pacing of his assault on her butt.

Kate tried not to cry out as he penetrated. She looked over at Nadya, who was still only mid-way through her ordeal, and she felt better. Soon, she started to grow accustomed to the feeling of having her ass filled with a huge, throbbing cock. But there was no way that she would be able to accommodate something like the enormous cock pumping in and out of the Octomom's shapely ass.

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Trying to make it easier for her, the stud reached over and picked up one of the dildos. Not one of the large ones, but rather a decent medium sized plastic cock. He snaked his arm around behind her and began to play with her sticky, cum-filled cunt. It certainly made the whole experience more pleasurable for the middle aged starlet.

As she began to get into the fucking, the porn star stud gave in and finally shot his load deep into her bowels. It stung a bit, but he just lay there for a while afterward, which was nice. And then, he pulled out, his cock dripping with jizz. Kate sat up and let some of it leak out from deep inside of her. The moans of pleasure from the other side of the arena indicated that Nadya was finally getting to enjoy her rough ass-fucking at the hands of the well-hung black porn star.

The crowd was going wild, cheering her on as her anus stretched to fully take in his massive member. However, as he thankfully came and shot his load deep down inside of her, the announcer chimed in with a shocking revelation. "Ladies and gentlemen," he announced over the loudspeakers, "This is unbelievable!

We have a tie! Each of the women has managed to satisfy all eight of their studs, and they aren't even close to being tired, are you ladies?" Both Nadya and Kate shook their heads.

They were both naked and covered in a thin sheen of sweat and semen from the excessive fucking, and even though a couple of hours had passed, neither of them was ready to throw in the towel just yet. "Well then," the announcer continued, "Since neither Kate nor Nadya is willing to concede defeat, and since they've both taken on eight well-hung porn stars, why don't we switch them off? Nady'as guys will get to fuck Kate, Kate's guys will get to fuck the Octomom!

What do you think of that?" The porn stars all cheered, spurred on by the excited cries of the audience. Since the announcer had given them the go-ahead, they walked over to the other side of the arena and traded spots.

And first up was the black porn star with the enormous cock who had just ass-fucked Nadya's big fat butt. He grinned at Kate, and then laid the pregnant middle aged cunt down on the bed in preparation to fuck her. Just looking, he knew he probably wouldn't be able to fit up her ass, even after it had already been stretched and lubricated for him by the previous stud. Meanwhile, Nadya wanted to get through this ordeal as quick as possible.

Taking a lesson from the sexy pregnant mom on the other side, she decided the best approach would be to take on two men at the same time. Calling two of her new studs over to her bed, she bent over and let one of them fuck her well-used pussy from behind while she popped the other one's cock into her mouth. Her thick, collagen-filled lips wrapped around the porn star's huge member and she began to suck on it with wild abandon. The curvy older brunette woman was getting pushed back and forth between the two well-hung young porn stars like a fucking ragdoll.

Each of them was fucking her with as much force as they could muster. Pregnant Kate Gosselin was still struggling with the big black stud on the other side of the arena. She was thankful that he hadn't tried to fuck her up the ass, but even fitting his monstrous cock into her pussy was a challenge.

And she'd already been pretty thoroughly stretched out tonight. The pregnant blonde soccer mom spread and pushed her thighs, trying to make it easier for the well-endowed porn star stud to squeeze his cock into her tight cunt, but it was by no means an easy fit.

She closed her eyes. There was even a trail of sweat working down her brow as she tried to get as much length of his cock into her womb as she could.

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Especially in her condition, Kate was a little worried about possible complications with her pregnancy. Fortunately, this well-endowed black stud was being far more gentle with her than he had been when he fucked the Octomom's curvy round ass. Her was extremely patient, taking hold of her well-toned thighs to try and give himself a little more leverage as he fucked her already jizz filled pussy.

Once he had gotten a reasonable amount of his enormous cock into her gaping vagina, he started to work up a tempo, fucking her slowly but steadily. A surprising amount of semen from her previous lovers was spilling out from the sides as he fucked her, but neither of them seemed to mind all that much.

The Octomom had a slightly easier time. Her idea of taking on multiple studs at the same time had worked out in her favor, but soon they were crowding around her, all of them eager to experience her different (but all quite used up) holes. A new stud was fucking her cunt from behind, using the cum from the previous stud as lubricant, and she was still sucking one off.

Two more had come up beside her. At first, Nadya tried to jerk them both off, but it required far more skill and coordination than she possessed.

Instead, she was content to just alternate between them and let the rest simply jerk off. She already felt a few dribbles of man juice spilling over her curvy middle aged body. It was very hot. And it was just what a fame-hungry whore like her wanted! But what really surprised her was when one of the porn star studs somehow managed to squeeze in behind her, lining the tip of his rigid cock up with her gaping asshole.

And then he did it. He slipped in, fucking her ass while two other studs fucked her throat and cunt. She opened her eyes and took in a quick gulp of air as she felt him enter her, accidentally inhaling a little drop of semen. She choked a little but managed not to gag. Her asshole was still a little rough, but after the ordeal with that big black stud, anything else going up her ass couldn't possibly be any worse.

With all three holes now stuffed with cock, the Octomom kept milking them. She was an utter cum slut now. Their wild orgy continued well into the night, and after a couple more hours both of the celebrity whores had worked their way through the entire string of all sixteen well-hung porn stars. In fact, some -- no MOST - of them had cum multiple times in both women.

Both Nadya Suleman and the pregnant Kate Gosselin were hot and sweaty, covered in the semen of well over a dozen men, and they were still eager for more. The promoters really hadn't plan for it to go this long, nor had they counted on the stubbornness of women.

Especially when said women are celebrity fame whores. Still, they were under contract, so they could force the two depraved women into just about anything. The announcer decided that they may as well use this to their advantage, and invited some of the men from the audience into the arena to fuck the two lusty middle aged sluts.

A couple dozen more men queued up, eager to fuck the women in multiple holes. It was messy, as both women's vaginas, asses and mouths had been filled with cum, but few would pass up on such an opportunity. But as the night wore on, the men slowly but surely became exhausted, while both Kate Gosselin and Nadya Suleman remained as cum hungry as ever.

But what really surprised everyone was when the Octomom made her way over to the center of the arena, sat down in the bed beside the pregnant blonde, and kissed her. Kate was stunned by this sudden turn of event, sitting back in shock as the brunette whore eagerly made out with the pregnant reality show starlet. She felt her hands, still sticky with the jizz of a dozen or so odd porn stars and complete strangers, rubbing over her body.

The Octomom felt up Kate's swollen belly, and gently played with her heavy milk-filled breasts. And Kate Gosselin could taste the semen in Nadya's mouth, sharp and salty. But. it was also kind of hot. Throughout the night, Kate Gosselin had found herself looking over at her rival, watching intently as the other woman was fucked on the bed by a string of huge cocks. What had started as a rivalry, as seething jealousy, had soon given way to something.

something else. Kate had begun to think that this whole thing was actually pretty hot, and was getting wet watching Nadya get fucked in every hole by her porn star studs. Moreover, she'd also built up something of empathy for her former foe, knowing what it felt like to get penetrated by so many men with huge cocks.

Returning her attentions, the pregnant Kate Gosselin began to rub her hands over Nadya's curvaceous body. Reaching over and grabbing one of her enormous boobs, Kate managed to get quite a reaction out of the Octomom.

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She had to hand it to the woman; even though her tits were obviously fake, they were still pretty nice. And then Kate snaked her hands down over the Octomom's naked middle aged body, continuing down until she reached the woman's well-used pussy. Nadya moaned in pleasure, continuing to make out with Kate even as the pregnant blonde MILF toyed with her sopping wet cunt. It was stretched and more than a little sore from the night's long activities, but it just felt so damned good having a woman feeling around down there.

Kate kept up, and began to finger fuck the brunette's sticky cunt, provoking an even stronger reaction out of her. The Octomom lovingly ran her fingers through Kate's signature short blonde bob, enjoying the gentle feeling of the woman's hair on her fingers. Kate pulled away, breaking their embrace and laid back on the bed.

Her perky and larger than usual breasts and pregnant belly were exposed to Nadya. It was an extremely arousing sight. The Octomom leaned over, tracing her index finger over Kate Gosselin's pregnant belly and tracing a line down into her extremely sensitive and over-sexed womanhood. Kate was still covered in a sticky coat of drying semen, and some was even leaking out from her cunt after the rough fuck from the black stud, but she was obviously getting wet from Nadya's tender ministrations.

The knocked up reality starlet simply leaned back and gasped as she felt Nadya's skillful fingerings exploring her, probing the very depths of her womanhood. She spread her thighs, letting the Octomom go deeper and deeper. Soon Nadya was on top of her, and Kate and the cum-covered brunette slut began to make out. Their sticky hot bodies writhed around on top of the bed like a nest of mating snakes. They explored every part of each other's bodies.

curvy, silicon breasts; full round thighs; pregnant swollen belly; and of course both of their sticky, cum filled pussies. Everyone else present -- the porn star studs, the announcer and even the audience -- stood back in awe. It was a truly spectacular sight, seeing those two middle aged celebrity moms, covered in jizz and sweat, making out with one another on the bed.

Nobody quite knew what to do or say at that point, but fortunately, the cameras continued rolling, filming the entire spectacle on their cold, impartial lenses. Cameras flashed, cellphones were taken out, and everyone tried to preserve this intense, sexually-charged scene for the rest of eternity.

And sure enough, several months later, an exclusive DVD release of the event was put out. Millions of copies were pre-ordered over the internet. This was the most famous event of the century, and pictures and video of it literally flooded across the internet. Several months later.

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Nadya Suleman sat sprawled out on her sofa, wearing nothing but her soft linen bath robe, which did practically nothing to cover her luscious cleavage. It felt good to finally take a nice warm shower and relax. She languidly stretched out and picked up the remote, turning up the volume on her new TV.

She had popped in the now legendary porno tape that her and Kate Gosselin had recorded back then. That whole event had helped pay for her new house, new furniture, new home entertainment system; pretty much everything she now owned in fact.

And for some reason, the whole experience still made her feel so. horny. As a scene of her being double-penetrated by two extremely well-hung porn stars came on, Nadya slowly slipped her fingers in between the folds of her robes and began to rub her fingers over her sexy middle aged body.

She toyed with her pussy, fingering it gently as she started to get wet and musky down there. Closing her eyes and throwing back her head, she moaned gently as she masturbated.

Just then, the door opened and Nadya jumped up instinctively. "Hi honey," said Kate Gosselin as she entered, "Oh don't mind me! You can keep playing with yourself if you want. In fact, I'll even watch!" The Octomom just laughed. "I wasn't expecting you back so early," Nadya said, "So how did the meeting go?" "Just fine," Kate replied as she took off her jacket and began to unbutton her floral print blouse.

Nadya looked over as Kate Gosselin slipped out of her clothing, exposing her perky breasts and flat, well-toned abdomen. She'd practically just had her latest baby, and she was already back in shape. The Octomom looked over the blonde's sexy and well-toned middle aged body.

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Not bad at all! "The studio executives said that our movie is selling very well," the naked blonde said as she sat down beside her newfound lesbian lover on the sofa. "And what about doing a sequel," Nadya asked as she untied her robe and let her fake tits pop out. Kate just picked up the remote, fast-forwarding the DVD to the beginning of their previous make out session. She began to finger herself as she watched Nadya making out with her on the screen.

God, that never really got old, did it? "I think that's a given," Kate said as she looked over at the Octomom. "Lovely," Nadya replied as Kate grabbed her enormous fake boobs, "Just. lovely." The two middle aged celebrity moms began to make out with each other, passionately wrapping their arms around each other and feeling up each other's bodies.

Kate pushed her tongue deep into the Octomom's waiting mouth, enjoying the subtle but delicious taste of another woman. And then, she gently squeezed her lover and pulled away.

"You know," she said coyly, "They told me they have some interesting ideas they wanted to run by us. very. interesting. ideas." And then she continued making out with her middle aged lesbian lover, their bodies writhing around each other and entwining on the couch. There would be plenty of time for Nadya and Kate to talk about those ideas that the studio had run by her. Plenty of time. The following year. Since the sexual competition between Kate Gosselin and Nadya Suleman had been such a huge financial success, the studio had no problem putting on a follow-up event to keep cashing in from it.

And, if anything, the second orgy was even bigger and more grandiose than the previous one. The arena was packed full, the tickets selling out almost immediately, and pay-per-view making a killing off the whole thing. The fact that select VIP ticket holders were guaranteed a chance to fuck the hot middle aged celebrity moms certainly didn't hurt matters either.

Everyone in the world knew about how members of the audience had gotten to participant in the competition that time; and many of them wanted their own chance at one or both of the women. But the truly brilliant part of this was the gimmick that was used to sell this competition. The audience cheered wildly as both women entered the area. Both Kate Gosselin and the 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman were once again pregnant! Eight months pregnant, in fact, and their bellies were ridiculously stretched and swollen.

And to top it off, both of them were no pregnant with octoplets too, thanks to the wonders of fertility drugs and in vitro fertilization (and a newly passed law which let doctors perform such procedures on their patients).

The two pregnant celebrity whores slowly and carefully entered the arena, accompanied by wild cheers and cat calls from the audience. Kate Gosselin was barely clothed, a simple bikini top straining the contain her gigantic milk-filled breasts, and a loose skirt wrapped around her waist. Her naked and extremely distended belly was exposed for everyone to see; indeed, pregnant with octoplets, she was almost barely recognizable as the former reality star mom save for her familiar short blonde haircut which she still wore.

And her task was made all the more difficult by her high heels, which she could barely walk in. Somehow, miraculously, she managed to get to the center stage. Nadya Suleman's outfit was equally impractical, but at least she'd had some previous experience carrying octoplets inside of her belly.

She was clad in thigh high leather boots, and wore nothing more than a loose dress of shear black fabric draped over her heavily pregnant frame. One could easily see through the soft fabric, exposing her curvy breast and pregnant belly to the cheering audience, and leaving practically nothing to the imagination. Nadya made her way over to the center of the stage and put her arms around her heavily pregnant lover.

As the announcer read off the list of porn stars and explained the event, Nadya and Kate began to make out with one another. Already hornier than usual from the hormones raging through their bodies, the extremely pregnant middle aged whores could barely contain themselves.

They were already wet with excitement. This was going to be a very fun night.