Vintage african american sean michaels and persia

Vintage african american sean michaels and persia
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It was a hot sunny day in July. My friend Amy and I were on holiday after our A-levels. Amy had as usual worked out some wonderful sex adventure for us, and had invited me over to her house. My mum dropped me off, and once inside the house, Amy gave me a huge snog against the door.

"Isn't this fantastic?" she said. "A whole day alone in my house with you! I've got a really great surprise for you. Come up stairs." I followed her up to her room. She closed her window and drew the curtains. "What are we going to do?" I asked her. "Wait and see. Help me move my rocking chair over to the bed." It was a large rocking chair, with a cushion tied to the seat.

We moved to the end of the bed, which was one of those without nasty wooden bits at either end which you can bang your knee against. "Stay here a minute," she ordered me. I sat on the bed until she came back again with a kettle. She plugged it into the wall and turned it on. Then she reached under the bed and brought out a huge bottle of cheap vegetable oil. "Follow me," she said. We went into the bathroom and she began to undress.

"You too," she said, when I just stood watching her unveil her body, "and then get in the bath." I did as she said and sat down in the bath. She climbed in as well with the bottle of oil. "Close your eyes," she said and giggled. I did as Amy said and then she poured the entire bottle over both of us.


"That was nice dear," I said. "Would you like me to rub it in for you now?" "Yes please darling." So I slowly ran my now oily hand through her dripping hair, turned straight an dark brown rather than it's usual wavy golden-brown, down her shoulders, along her arms, then over her back and her belly and supple waist, teasingly on her inner thighs. Then I reached up and circled her breasts with the tips of my fingers, round and round in a spiral ending in her nipples before giving her bossoms a quick massage.

That finished I reached down to her pussy and tenderly put my finger inside her and began to masturbate her slowly. After a few minutes she slithered around so she was facing me. "Not yet darling," she said. "Make sure my arsehole is well oiled though and I'll do you." Ah, brilliant, I thought.

I love anal sex, especially with Amy and her large shapely buttocks.

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I did as she said and lay back to relax as Amy ran her hands over my body and finally slowly masturbated my oily shaft, but only until I was fully aroused and my dick was rock hard. "Okay, now carefully get out of the bath," she said. Luckily it was a small bathroom so we could reach the door without slipping on the tiles. After that it was carpet so we were safe. Inside Amy's bedroom it was hot and steamy thanks to the kettle, so we began sweating immediately.

"Kneel on the bed," she said and reached under the bed. I knelt at the end of the bed facing the rocking chair as Amy brought out a large reel of thick material. She rapped a strip around the bed and my legs to hold them in position without slipping. With another strip she tied her ankles together then she climbed on to the rocking chair facing away from me and tied her feet to the rungs of the arms so that they were held in place.

Then she curled herself into a ball so that her large cheeks were spread apart exposing her beautiful inviting oily anus. "Tie my arms to the back of the chair please Jack," she said. I obediently leaned over her oily, sweaty back and tied her hands to the chair. "I know what to do now Amy," I said, my member already erect and rubbing her ass. "Go on then, I don't think I can bear the suspense." she replied.

I grabbed hold of the rungs at the back of the chair and pulled her towards me, forcing my penis slowly through her tightest hole and then all the way in, with Amy screaming all the time. I lent over her and whispered in her ear: "was that as good for you as it was for me?" "Definitely, but keep going!".

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I rocked the chair backwards and forwards several times until my hands slipped from the rungs and I gripped her tits instead. From then on I pumped from my hips, entering her again and again. Both of us were screaming and breathing heavily. I was near to orgasm, so I stopped. "Are you ready baby?" "Yes yes yes, quick I'm there!" I entered her again and this time her scream ended in a sigh as she climaxed.

I kept going for three more fantastic entrances, with her grunting and me shouting, then I ejaculated. My head fell on to her greasy back as I squirted her full to over flowing with powerful jets and it kept dribbling out after that.

Semen squirted out and splattered my balls and dripped down her leg. It was one of the most powerful orgasms I'd had for ages.

We stayed in that position for five minutes afterwards panting heavily, until Amy told me to untie her. I did and then disentangling myself from the strip holding me as I did so, I lifted her on to the bed. I withdrew from her and rubbed the excess cum on her back.

We relaxed for a while and then, after twenty minutes of lying together and without quite knowing what I was doing, I rolled her on to her front and my face down to her semen-packed anus.

I circled the opening with my tongue and then pushed my tongue inside.

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Her body jerked with surprise and then she began to make pleased noises as I licked out her arsehole. I continued for ten minutes until she gave a little sigh as she orgasmed again. "Don't close your mouth love," she said as I withdrew my tongue. She got up and we walked slowly to the bathroom were I washed my mouth out before we went back and fell asleep together.

*** "Bye, see you later," Amy said as she shut the door behind her parents. Turning to me she said: "Okay, we've got three hours.

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Come and see what I got in the post this morning." She led the way up to her bedroom and locked the door. Reaching under the bed she pulled out a box which she opened. Inside was a set of eight battery operated vibrators, starting at 2cm thick and going up in 1 cm intervals to 9cm. "Can you try them out on me dear?" "Okey dokey," I replied and we both stripped off. Amy lay down on the carpet with her legs spread wide open.

I selected the 2cm vibrator to begin with, licked it, slid it inside her and turned it on. I moved it around and explored her with it. Soon she was moaning with pleasure and near to orgasm, so I turned it off and pulled it out. After she'd got her breath back I did it again, this time with the 3cm one. I continued like this up to the 5 cm one, which fitted her really well, so I pumped it in and out for a while, before moving on to the 6cm one.

Now it was getting to a very snug fit, and she was wriggling all over the place.


I went up to the 7cm and she had to hold her legs apart for it to get in, so it was to hard to pump. I leant over and sucked on her hard tits. I removed that one and then, with a little difficulty, squeezed in the 8cm. "Are you sure you want to go up to 9, Amy?" "Yeah, this one doesn't hurt yet," she replied between gulps of air.

Her whole body was shiny and slimy with sweat now, and her face had gone bright red. I removed the 8cm and picked up the 9. Then I reached under the bed and took out the lubricant she kept there. I rubbed plenty on her pussy and the electric dildo, then pushing as hard as I could, with Amy screaming all the way, I inserted it in her and turned it.

"Ah, yes, yes, yes!" she cried, convulsing, about to orgasm.


I quickly took it out and she went limp with disappointment. I rolled her on to her front, squeezed some lube on her asshole and started again in her butt.

This time she was a tight fit at about 4, but I kept going until she screamed at 7cm. Before she came I took it out. "Why won't you let me go?" she cried. "You have to do it to me first," I replied, and bent over for her. She got up and oiled me. Then she took the 2cm vibrator, covered it in lube and stuck it up my arse. She turned it on and a huge hot sensation ran through my body.

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She took it out quickly and put in the next size. She continued up to 6cm, but this was a very tight fit, so she turned it off but left it in. "Put mine in now, please," she said. So I squeezed the 9cm into her vagina and the 7cm into her anus.

Then I climbed in top of her. We turned the vibrators on and kissed each other, clinging together as hard as possible. After only a few seconds we came, wriggling and convulsing and shouting. This continued for a whole minute. I shot semen right up between our bodies and over her boobs with eleven fantastically powerful squirts and then it kept running out afterwards.

We lay together looking into each others eyes for ages as the vibrators in our asses gradually came out. I turned Amy's vaginal one off but left it in.

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Then I put my head just above her boobs and we fell asleep.