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Sister's Surprise, Chapter 4 We slept in on Sunday, not waking up until nearly noon. Jessica stirred slowly next to me, cuddling up closer before finally opening her eyes. Her beautiful smile returned as she gazed at me, as I held her in my arms. "Good morning, sis", she said, yawning slightly.

"Good morning, lover", I returned playfully. She stayed cuddled up next to me for a while longer, as we both just enjoyed the sensations of each other's body.

"So what do you have planned for today?" I asked softly, while stroking her hair. "Absolutely nothing", she purred. "Everything I had planned to do with my sister on our first day together, we've done it: We've made love, sharing the intimate experience as sisters. We've went to the mall on a shopping spree, a rite of passage for every teenage girl. And most important", she smiled up at me, "we've made you confident enough that you can keep being Michelle".

Her head returned nestled against my chest. Of course, she was right. I did feel much more confident as a girl. It just felt right. Before, when I dressed up as Michelle, it was a fleeting sexual moment, only to orgasm, then be done.

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But the past three days changed my whole outlook. Michelle is who I was, and it was Michael that was the pretender. I knew it now, thanks to my sister.

We stayed cuddled in bed for a very long time, as we spoke of our hopes, dreams, fears, doubts, aspirations, and out plans for the future. Foremost on my mind was my body. Whenever I heard about transsexuals speak of being trapped in the wrong body, I never quite understood what they were talking about. That is, until now. We made plans to change my body as soon as possible. It was two weeks later, and I had become firmly entrenched into my life as a girl.

Jessica and I decided to live together, passing ourselves off as girlfriends. We had to hide our relationship as sisters, of course, but as long as no one pried too deeply, that secret would die with us. And my confidence grew in leaps and bounds over that time.

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I started the hormone treatment, even though I was going to get implants later. While the hormones had little effect on my chest (Jessica convinced me that whatever growth I thought I felt after only two weeks was only in my head), the pills had a profound effect on the rest of my body. I wasn't shaving as often as I used to, and when my hair did grow, it was finer, lighter than it used to be.

The hair on my head grew faster too, and I was eagerly awaiting being able to dye and style my own hair, without having to rely on the wig. I had even been out of the apartment a few times, going to the store for groceries, or picking up something from the pharmacy. And as I left the house more frequently, I started to run across people that knew Michael.

The first few times were terrifying, my heart pounding in my chest. But they just walked pass, not even giving me a second glance (unless it was to check me out). Michael was gone forever.

"I'm going to get some frozen pizzas. They're her favorite", Jessica said, gleefully preparing for her daughter's return from her ex-husband. Summer was nearly over, and that meant Tyler was going to be bring Jennifer home in just a few days. "Okay", I said, happy to be helping with the shopping. "I'll head over and make sure she has enough canned ravioli", I smiled, watching my sister push the cart to the other side of the store.

I took only a few steps, when my phone rang in my purse. I smiled, thinking Jessica had forgotten something else she needed me to pick up for her.

"Hello", I answered, putting a feminine purr on the word. "Michael?" My heart dropped, plummeted through the floor, foundation, and bedrock beneath my feet, as I heard April's confused voice coming through the speaker.

"Um, yeah", I said, trying to sound manly and quiet at the same time. Any onlookers would find it odd to hear a woman with such a masculine voice. "Listen, we need to talk. I feel horrible for the way I treated you. I don't want us to end like that. I've given it a lot of thought, and I want to work things out with you. I've deleted all the things I posted about you, and I want to make things right", her voice sounded sincere.

"You don't have to say anything. I'm going to be at Pierre's tonight at eight, where we shared our first dinner together all those years ago. If you can forgive me, I would love to see you there, and work things out. I love you Michael, and I always will". I heard the other end of the phone go dead.

I was incapable of speaking at that moment, my shallow breathes trying to get air to my lungs. I haphazardly returned my phone to my purse, and wandered to lean up against a nearby shelf. And that is how Jessica found me, not five feet from where she had left me. She asked me what was wrong, but I just couldn't respond. She gathered me up, and we walked back to the car, the cart full of pizza a long forgotten memory, along with whatever else she had planned to get.

"So what are you going to do?" her concerned voice finally broke the silence in the car. We had left the parking lot, and pulled over along a nearly deserted stretch of back-road. She faced me, eager to lend her support. It was with all my strength that I managed to relate everything April had said without crying.

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"I don't know", I admitted. "She wants Michael back, wants to work things out with Michael", I said the name almost like a curse. "But I can't give her that. He is gone. I am Michelle, I've been Michelle for a very long time, only now realizing it".

I stared out of the car window, slowly watching the rays of the sun shrink behind a forest of trees.


"I should go an apologize to her", I said after more uncomfortable minutes ticked past. Jessica fixed me with an incredulous look, as If I had just lost my mind.

"I had been Michelle for years, while we were dating, and again while we were living together. I always felt like that was who I was.

April found out just two weeks ago, and reacted with fear and hatred. Would you be any different if you found out the person you were living with was not who they seemed to be?

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"Sorry", I quickly apologized to Jessica. Her marriage had ended horribly, as Tyler had been cheating on her for years.

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The day she discovered his affairs, she too reacted with a bitter hatred, one that left him paying dearly in child support for Jennifer, and alimony to her. "I didn't mean to dredge up old hurt feelings", I said quietly. "A thousand times", she started, the hurt feeling already resurfacing, "I would have forgiven him.

I would have torn the divorce papers to shreds before his very eyes, never to mention them again. If only he would have ever said that he was sorry.


"Yes, you should make an effort to apologize to her", she conceded. "But are you going to go as Michael, or Michelle?" There was never any question in my mind on that point. I was going to face her with who I really was. I was going to walk into that restaurant as Michelle, offer my sincere apology, and ask for her forgiveness, if not her understanding. "Do you want me to come with you", Jessica asked. "I told you, the moment the world would find out about you, I would be at your side giving you all my love and support", she reminded me, taking my hand into hers.

I was dressed in a sleek black evening gown as I stepped into the restaurant right at eight. Jessica had doted over me, making me look as good as I could. A new strapless bra held my breast forms in place, albeit a little tight around my chest, all without the telltale straps of a bra over my shoulders.

She had done my makeup again, and fixed my wig, attaching it perfectly so that no one would ever know. She asked again and again if I wanted her there. Each time I was torn in two, both wanting my sister's support at my side, and knowing I needed to face April alone.

I saw April, sitting at a table in the far corner of the restaurant, her eyes didn't see me, as she was still looking for Michael to come in. I waved off the hostess, as I made my way to her table.

I sat down, seeing the confusion on her face. It took several more minutes for the realization to come to her, "Michael?" "No", I said quietly, but with a shaky voice. "Michael is not coming.

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I'm Michelle, but we have met before". She opened her mouth, to scream, or to say something, I'm not sure which. The next words out of her mouth hit me as a stack of bricks falling to a concrete floor.

"Yes, I remember you. It's a pleasure to meet you formally", she extended her hand. I shook her hand in a daze. Was this really happening? Was she really okay with Michelle? Now it was my turn to open my mouth to scream, only for nothing to come out. "Wow, you are a knockout", she said, looking over my body. She quickly shook her head, as it trying to remember why she was here. "Michael", she started, then closed her eyes and turning her head away.

She must had been practicing just what to say for a while, so the name just slipped out. Her eyes opened, faced me again as she smiled, and started again. "Sorry. Michelle", she corrected, "I want to say that I've been an ass, and for that I am truly sorry. When I saw you in the living room, I really didn't know what was going on. I forced you out, pushed you away, instead of finding out what you were going through. I can clearly see that it was a monumental change for you", she said, indicating my current feminine form.

"I feel I need to apologize too", I started. "We lived together for a year, all the while I hid Michelle from you, I hid who I was, as if it were a dirty secret. And for that, I am so sorry". Dinner was awkward, to say the least.

Neither of us knew what to say to the other. We had both apologized, and both accepted the apologies, so there was little more to say. Even polite, idle chit-chat was excruciating. There was only so many times we could comment on the fried mozzarella appetizers, the medium-well steak that was supposed to be medium-rare, or the French Vanilla ice cream, served in a frozen chocolate cup.


Even the waiter avoided our table whenever he could. It was the end of the evening.

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April had graciously gotten the bill, and we were still sitting at the table, taking the occasional bite of the slowly melting ice cream. "I meant what I said", April offered, absentmindedly twirling her spoon in the dessert, before letting it fall to the plate with a clatter, "I want to work things out with you", she looked up to stare into my eyes, "with Michelle", she clarified. She rose from the table, then placed her hands on the edge, shaking the table a little as she held herself up.

She leaned forward, "I love you, Michelle, and I always will", she said, then leaned over to kiss my lips, before rising again, and leaving the restaurant. It was a quick kiss, nothing salacious or provocative about it. Even an outside observer wouldn't think anything of the way we shared the kiss, except to note that it was two girls.

April and I had kissed a thousand time. Our first kiss had been little more than a quick peck on the cheek, "for luck", she stated, right before one of my track meets.

Our first real kiss had been after our first date, as I awkwardly walked her up the cement path to her parent's house, nervous that her father was spying from the window, a shotgun in hand, as we shared a tender kiss on the porch. And once we were ready, we shared a kiss as lovers, as we both lost our virginity to each other. But even with all that history, the kiss we just shared was different than all the others.

It was electric. Jessica was still up when I got home, just as I knew she would be. "10:30", she glanced at the clock in the kitchen, "I guess she didn't just splash water in your face and storm off". She smiled, despite herself. I could feel the jealousy in the room, almost stopping me from entering and sitting down next to her.

She was wearing the same little white robe that I had noticed on our first night together, but this time kept it cinched up, hiding her cleavage.

I braved the atmosphere, as I stepped further into the room, nearly fell down next to her, and took a firm hold of her arm as I cuddled close to her.

In that pose, I began reliving my night, reciting everything April and I talked about. I had no idea why, but I didn't tell her about the kiss. "So, are you going to do it", I could hear the hurt in her voice. And as much as I wanted to comfort her, to reassure her as she had for me over the past weeks, I couldn't.

There was so much for me to think about. Being with April offered possibilities I could never have with Jessica, all because we were sisters. It was a tempting offer, one I couldn't just dismiss off hand. "Don't leave me". Jessica's voice was barely a whisper, nothing more than the sound a light breeze makes as it slips past your ears. I wasn't even sure I heard the word, more than I felt them.

My head looked up, and I saw the tears welling in my lover's eyes. And with that look, my heart was made up, even if my mind wasn't. "I will never leave you", I whispered back, trying to make her feel my words, as she made me feel hers. I craned my neck, my lips coming to rest against hers, and with their touch, April was a far and distant memory. We held each other, as the annoying clock in the kitchen sounded as a shotgun blast with each movement of the seconds hand.

But even if the world were ending each time the clock ticked and tocked, I wouldn't have cared while wrapped in my lovers arms. Jessica squirmed, then rose, seemingly regaining much of her composure.

With a single hand, she kept me in place on the living room couch. She stood before me, as she undid the ties of her robe, tossing it off of her shoulders to fall in a pile behind her. "Just look at me", she said, and again I felt the words more than I heard them. My eyes were drawn to her face.


She tried to smile, but even the half-hearted grin made her whole body glow. Her blue eyes were glazed from the tears she was fighting, and her dark hair framed her face, before she pulled the fingers of her right hand through it, securing it behind her ear. Her lips were full, but unadorned with any lipstick. In fact, she was au natural, forgoing any cosmetics. My eyes traveled to her neck, my mind imagining the spot where my lipstick had been smeared on that day in the mall, as my lips nibbled at her nape and earlobe.

And I saw her breasts. I again marveled at their size, especially compared to her petite frame, as they rose and fell steadily with each breath she took. Though her breasts were a slightly lighter tone, there was no sign of a tan line. Her tiny areola was as bubblegum pink as her nipples, as they now stood erect from her chest.

And for the first time since seeing them, I wasn't jealous. I merely realized hers were different. I was going to have my own soon enough, and I didn't need to remain infatuated on hers. I broke my gaze from her breasts, and travelled even further down her body, resting on her toned, flat stomach. With effort, I could make out the hints of her abs, all while she kept her feminine curves.

And like her top, there was no sign of a tan line, even as my eyes met with her hips and pelvis. I could see that she had recently shaved her mound, the area smooth, and without bumps. She kept her legs together, disappointing me slightly, but I was still able to see where the shadows fell, and where the lips and folds of her pussy lay. Her thighs and legs were strong and powerful.

She worked out at least once a week to keep herself toned and fit. And all that effort was now standing before my eyes. I even took notice of her feet, and how each toenail was painted with a red gloss, matching perfectly her fingernails, the same color on my fingernails.

My eyes slowly strolled back up her supple body, locking again with her eyes. The glazed look of a woman about to cry was gone, as if it were never there, or simply dried by the fire I saw now. "You're beautiful", I said, having no other words to describe the creature bared before me.

She pounced on me, her whole body falling on mine, laying me flat on the couch as her legs straddled my hips, and her lips pressed against mine. The fire that had been in her eyes was now consuming both of us, threatening to engulf us in unbridled passion, as we sought to fuel the flames. Our tongues battled each other, violently seeking a victor in a war were there was never going to be a loser. Our hands feverishly embraced each other: Mine falling across her back to leave red scratches as my nails were dragged across her delicate skin.

And her hands grabbing at the evening dress I wore, pulling it, threatening to rip it to shreds in her efforts to disrobe me. "Oh, Michelle, I love you". I knew she hadn't spoke, her lips still occupied with my own, only stopping for gulps of air, the only sounds either of us capable of were soft moans.

But still, I heard her words in my head as clearly as I hear a bell knelling across a town square. Her hands were unrelenting, unceasing until they had pulled the dress from my body. I have no idea if she had ripped it off, or merely willed it off, as soon it was in a pile next to her own discarded robe.

With that obstacle removed, she concentrated her efforts on my panties, easily pulling my clit free from the silky confines, all seven inches of it now resting hard against my smooth mound. She lowered her hips as she straddled me, resting my clit along the folds of her pussy, taking care not to penetrate herself.

With her like that, I could feel the heat radiating from her thighs, warming my clit. Then her hips shifted, moving forward, causing my clit to slide backwards. I could feel the head of my clit rubbing sensuously at the entrance to her womanhood. She shifted her hips again, this time my clit sliding up nearly the entire length of her pussy, become slick with her juice, as her excited clit was dragged down the length of my shaft.

She moaned at the sensation, but never breaking our kiss, never retreating from the battle our tongues were fighting. She shifted again, repeating the motion, this time causing a moan to escape from my lips, as her clit rubbed against mine.

She repeated this motion, again and again, faster each time, essentially rubbing her self closer to climax against me, as my clit became drenched in her wetness. And then it slipped. With all the lubrication she was providing, my clit had no choice but to slip inside my sister, inside my lover, to both of our surprise. It was in that moment, as her eyes widened at the sudden intrusion, that our battle of tongues was over, and long forgotten.

She sat up, my clit sliding in even further, as she licked her lips, then bit down seductively on her lower lip. My hands slipped down to her hips, resting there, holding her tightly, guiding her efforts as she slid up and down on my wet clit.

"Fuck me, my sister", she called out. She bounced vigorously on my clit, as the sensation of our climaxes were about to erupt. Our bodies crashed together again and again with a building force. "You're going to be a mommy", she screamed, moments before she became locked in her 'forever' time, as her body tensed, ready to be gripped by her wild climax.

My own 'forever' time stretched out into lifetimes in that single moment. My heart embraced her words, knowing exactly what they meant, long before my mind could comprehend: My sister was pregnant with our child.

And my heart couldn't have been happier. In the throes of my 'forever' time, I was with my sister in the delivery room, holding her hand tightly, she screaming loudly, as she brought our child into the world.

Jessica was laying on my chest, heaving uncontrollably as she came down from her explosive climax. My eyes looked again where we were joined, and I saw my cum oozing out from between us. I had no recollection of the orgasm, my 'forever' time stretching even beyond what I thought was possible. "I'm pregnant", Jessica said through gasping breaths as she lay on my chest, a worried look crossing her face, as if she thought I didn't hear her, or that I didn't want to hear her.

"I'm going to be a mommy", I repeated her sentiment from moments ago, an unpreventable smile overtaking me, as my eyes teared up with joy. In that moment, I felt a overwhelming love I never thought possible.

An undying, unconditional love for both my child, and my lover. "I'm going to be a mommy", I said again, elated at hearing the words. I placed my hand to her stomach, eager to greet our child, while still in the womb. "Hi there", I cooed in a baby-talk voice, causing Jessica to laugh. "You're going to have two mommies", I continued, ignoring her laughter, "and we both love you very much". I kissed my lover again.

Of all the ways I've kissed, and been kissed in my life, nothing ever compared to the intimate experience we shared in that singular moment. Our spirits, our very souls, became intertwined through our lips, forged permanently together with a force beyond lust, beyond passion, and even beyond love.

And once combined, the new soul was the essence of our togetherness, never to be parted again.