Young midget twinks and gay men small penis movies porn Ian Gets

Young midget twinks and gay men small penis movies porn Ian Gets
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My memories of my early childhood were not pleasant. While some people wish they could go back to their carefree childhood days, I look at childhood as something I survived and lived to tell about. I recall my first few years on the planet as being in the middle of two parents who spent most of their awake moments arguing and fighting. The fights often became physical, no doubt fueled by my fathers alcohol abuse and my mother's addiction problems.

They finally broke up when I was four years of age. It would be the first time I could recall that I was able to get a peaceful nights sleep. When my parents broke up my mom was six months pregnant.

I was sent to live with my father by a quick judge's ruling because of my mother's addiction problems. It was ruled that she was not the best choice of a parent for me to live with. Once I left her house and Danville, Pennsylvania, I never looked back. I didn't even find out that she gave birth to a baby girl until years later. I had a sister I never knew and really had no interest in getting to know.

I seriously tried to erase all connection with that town and that part of the family and had no interest in doing otherwise. My father took me out to New Jersey to begin our new life. He had a sister out there and some other family he wanted to be closer to. It was also a bit easier to find work, which was a definite plus. My father actually tried hard to be a good parent after the divorce, perhaps trying to compensate for the bedlam that passed as my early family life.

He nearly gave up drinking completely and worked hard to make a good life for him and myself.

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My thoughts of my mother and that part of the world were soon far behind. I wanted to keep it that way. My father did take advantage of his newfound freedom though.

For the first few years of his bachelorhood, he did have a fairly steady stream of girlfriends. It wasn't until I was almost a teenager that he became really serious about one woman. Denise shared a lot in common with my father, so it was not surprising they would eventually tie the knot.

Both were single parents who had been married to spouses with serious addiction problems. Her husband was an abusive alcoholic who abandoned her and left her with two children. She had a son Steve, a year older than myself and a daughter that was a year younger than me. It was her daughter Marcia that would prove to be the person who would have the biggest effect on my life.

She entered my life shortly after I had reached puberty. I was fourteen at the time.

When I first met Marcia, I actually thought of her as a bit of a tomboy. She seemed a bit rough and was constantly acting out. When I say tomboy, I really mean that in a good way. The type of girl who was not afraid to get dirty once in a while. The type of girl who was not afraid to hang out with the guys. Oh yes, that would prove to be very true.

Her acting out I thought a bit tiresome at first. She seemed to constantly crave attention regardless of the costs. When I first met her, while my father and Denise were still dating, I thought it just annoying.

Once she moved in however, I found it quite intriguing. It only added to her many charms. Having her in the house during my adolescence was a distraction, to say the least. In a relatively short period of time, this tomboy went from ripped jeans to designer jeans. Her once short haircut she let grow out so that she now had long, flowing blond locks with a slight natural curl. Her natural blond hair color perfectly complimented her big blue eyes.

Her body had seemed to hit a bit of a development spurt as well. Her breasts grew round and firm. Her perky nipples seemed to press against the fabric of everything she wore. What she wore seemed to change as well. Her clothing became more and more revealing and there was no way that this adolescent boy living under the same roof was not going to notice. There was no question that I was starting to have feelings for my step-sister.

The question was what to do about it. Marcia, or Marcy as we called her, was developing a bit of a reputation in her teen years. I had heard various tales of her sexual escapades, including stories of her with other girls. How much of it was true, I really was not sure. The one thing I knew was that she was occupying my thoughts more and more.

If my dad knew, he would kick my ass no doubt. If my step-mom Denise found out, I would be out of the house immediately. The threat of getting kicked out certainly was not enough to get me to stop thinking about Marcy.

I did the usual teenage dating, but was admittedly a bit shy around girls. I often found myself thinking about my step-sister while masturbating. I was fascinated by her. I wanted to get closer to her, but I didn't dare. I really wanted to know everything about her. It got to the point where I found myself going through the laundry hamper looking for her panties just so I could smell her scent while thinking about her.

One day I recall very distinctly. I was seventeen years-old at the time. I was sitting in my room on my bed masturbating. On the bed was a Playboy magazine open to a picture of a girl I was imagining to be Marcy. A pair of her panties lay nearby. Marcy suddenly walked into the room to ask me something. I thought to myself, this could not be good. I immediately stopped what I was doing and prepared for the worst.

To my surprise, my step-sister didn't say a word. Instead, she started walking slowly towards me with a big, sly grin on her face. She bent over and took my stiff cock in her right hand while looking me straight in the eye, never saying a word. She gripped my member tightly and began to stroke it with long, firm strokes. With her other hand she undid her tight jeans and began to finger herself through her panties.

As her stroking continued, I could feel the tension building down to my toes which were curling in my sneakers. Marcy continued to finger herself while stroking me harder and faster and I could see a wet spot forming around her fingers as she pressed them into her teenage lips through her panties.

I could hear her soft moans as I closed my eyes and tilted my head back. I shot my load all over my chest. When I opened my eyes, I was greeted by the sight of Marcy standing over me with a big smile on her face. She dipped her right index finger into my cum and touched it to her lips. "Mmmm…tasty." She said with a huge grin.

She then looked down at the panties lying on the bed next to the Playboy magazine. "I think you could use a fresh pair of those." She cooed. She then proceeded to slide her tight jeans down with a distinct wiggle in her hips that was making me hard all over again.

She then reached down and pulled her jeans completely off. Marcy began to slide her panties down past her gorgeous thighs and legs.


When she pulled them off past her feet, she held them up for a moment and then tossed them onto my face with a giggle. She then picked up the old panties off the bed and her jeans from off the floor, turned around and sauntered out of the room. I never said a single word. From that time on my relationship with my step-sister would never be the same.

How could it be? My fascination had escaladed to a near obsession. Although we had a sexual encounter that day, our relationship had still not become sexual. A couple of months later, I was peering into her room through the keyhole in her door. I could see her bending over her lingerie drawer and holding up various pieces of lingerie.

Her round breasts hung down over the top of her under things while her perfect butt pointed my way. I could hear another voice in the room, but could not see anyone else through the key hole. In a moment, I realized it was a girl's voice. I tried to position myself more comfortably, perched on one knee as I continued to peer through the key hole. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the other girl in the room.

I could see my sister holding up various bras, most very sexy lace affairs, and trying on some of them.

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It was as if she was modeling for the other girl. Sometimes she would squeeze her breasts together and do a little dance. I was getting so aroused watching her through the key hole, I had to unzip my fly and pull out my cock.

I started to stroke myself as I continued to look through the key hole. I could hear a faint buzzing sound coming from the room as if the other girl had a vibrator.

My thoughts were running wild as I peered into the room perched on one knee, my hand firmly on my cock. I got so excited I bumped my head on the door knob. "What was that?" I heard the other girl ask.


I could see my step-sister look my way towards the door. I quickly got up and ran towards my room, my cock still hanging out of my pants. When I got back to my room, I got on my bed and tried to look nonchalant. Several minutes later Marcy appeared in the doorway wearing only a red lace bra and matching panties.

"So, did you like what you saw?" She asked with a grin. I tried to plead ignorance, but it wasn't working. "Well," She started, "Would you like to get a better view?" I sat there speechless.

Marcy reached down and grabbed my hand and led me back to her bedroom. When I walked into the room, I was greeted by the sight of a hot looking girl with short red hair and big green eyes sitting on the bed completely naked. On the bed next to her was a vibrator. "This is Pam." Marcy said as the girl on the bed giggled, "Pam, this is my step-brother Brian." "Hi, pleased to meet you." I managed to stammer.

"We agreed you can look but you can't touch." My step-sister explained. Pam just giggled some more. "You can just sit there and stroke that big cock of yours." Marcy grabbed my crotch and gave it a tug as she said that.

Then she joined Pam on the bed.

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I found a chair and did what I was told. I unzipped my pants and started to play with my erection as the two young girls started to kiss. Marcy bent over Pam as she laid on the bed, her long blond hair engulfing Pam's face. Pam reached up and unhooked my step-sister's bra unleashing her perfect round breasts. Marcy's nipples were teasing Pam's as she got on top of her. The two girl's breasts were soon pressed together as they started to make out.

Marcy soon reached back and relieved herself of the panties that were the last barrier to her complete nakedness. My cock was so hard at this point from the sight of these extremely hot young women getting it on before my eyes. I had to slow down my strokes to keep from exploding almost instantly.

Marcy soon reached for the vibrator that was lying on the bed next to Pam. She turned it on and the soft buzzing sound filled the room.

She then took it and teased Pam's womanhood delicately, stroking her soft pussy lips in a slow up and down motion. Gradually she began to stroke her opening deeper and deeper.

Pam's juices were making the vibe glisten in the dim lighting. Her soft moans were beginning to drown out the buzzing of the vibe. My step-sister soon stopped kissing Pam's lips and breasts and positioned herself squarely between the other girl's legs. With Pam's legs spread wide open, Marcy slowly inserted the tip of the vibe into her tight, moist love canal.

I could hear the changing pitch of the vibrator as Marcy began to slowly ease it in and out of Pam. She then reached forward with her free hand and began to trace circles around Pam's clit. Pam's moans were rapidly increasing in frequency and intensity. Marcy started to move the vibe in and out with a regular rhythm that was clearly gaining in speed.

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I was feverishly stroking my cock in time to Marcy's increased thrusts with the vibe. Marcy bent over Pam's crotch and replaced her fingertips with her tongue and lips as she began to suck and lick Pam's button.

Pam's back arched in passion as her moans turned to screams. Her undulating body and facial contortions left no doubt she was climaxing.


I came on myself the same time, with little effort required. Marcy pulled the vibrator out of Pam's sopping wet pussy and started walking over to me with a big grin on her face. Soon she was standing over me, completely naked and looking quite hot.

"Here, wanna sniff?" She asked with a giggle as she ran the wet vibrator under my nose. I sat there motionless wanting to say I wanted to do way more than that but seemed unable to talk. "Be a good boy and head back to your room." Marcy said as she ran her fingers through my hair, "Us girls have some things to do." I got up and did as told. As time went on, the scene I just described became more commonplace and eventually I was allowed to join in on the festivities. Marcy and I became a regular item, and it was not uncommon for her to invite one of her girlfriends to join us.

As soon as I became eighteen years-old I moved out of the house and got my own place. A year later, when Marcy became eighteen, she moved in with me. To any casual observer, we were just another young couple living together. I wanted it that way.

Although the sex was good, make that great, I still had certain guilt feelings in the back of my mind about living with my step-sister. None of our family knew, which is one of the reasons we did not move out of the house at the same time.

Marcy continued her wild ways, perhaps even more so. It was not uncommon for her to invite another woman we met while out back to our home for a night of wild sex. It would seem that any guilt feelings I had about living with my step-sister were being eroded away by the sheer delight created by the many nights of sex with her and another woman.

As time went on, it seemed that all thoughts of our past family life were completely overshadowed by our newfound bliss. Until one night when I was twenty-one years-old.

"You got a phone call while you were out." Marcy informed me. "Oh yeah." "It's your cousin Nick." Marcy started, "He's getting married and he wants you to be in the wedding." "Cousin Nick?" I had to think for a moment. It was years since I heard the name. He was a cousin on my mother's side. I hadn't seen him since I was a little kid. "He wants you to be in his wedding. I think it might be fun." Marcy stated. "Oh, I don't know." I started, "I haven't seen any of those people in years." "That's the point.

I was talking to him for a while. You have a sister you never even met. Did you even know that?" Marcy said. "Yes, I heard." I said somewhat unenthusiastically.

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"Come on, it might be fun." "Since when are you so family oriented?" I asked. "Since I met you." Marcy exclaimed as she put her arms around me.

"Well, maybe." I started, "Let me think about it." Life as I knew it was soon about to change… Stay tuned for Chapter 2.

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