Minha amiga de micro calcinha fio dental enfiada no bumbum

Minha amiga de micro calcinha fio dental enfiada no bumbum
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It was the seventh day of her journey back home. Kaylee, a black women barely considered twenty one was wearing the only thing she had clean. A tight blue dress that stopped halfway up her smooth carmel legs. Spaghetti straps over her shoulders with her back exposed with various strings connecting each other. Her back was tone and shaped having definition. Her long nails were a little less an inch colored blue like the dress she had on. A dress that, with the high heels she wore, made her ass show beautifully round and brilliant.

Especially due to the natural arch in her back. Her black hair had few dark yellowish gold highlights and her bangs zigzagged. Before she left she had all of her clothes cleaned. She had now gone through them all, almost. She had to put her dress on after taking a shower that morning when she checked out of a middle of nowhere motel.

She was in the woods now going down some road that her GPS couldn't even find. That and her phone was almost dead. She lifted one part of her lip in anger and discouragement at her phones 6% life. Her large pink lips pump and whitish. Her large brown eyes having complimenting eyeliner and a large chest with pressed cleavage on her small waist and rounded hips. She gave a sigh.

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She had been driving all day, she was fairly exhausted. "This is fuckin' Bullshit." She said with an aggravated look at the road. She knew she had to stop somewhere and ask for directions but right now she was in what she considered hillbilly country. She shook her head seeing a wooden house up ahead of her with a few cars out front. "Fuckin' great." She said stopping in front of the house throwing up her hands, "some big 'ol stumblin' hillbilly lookin' mutha' fucka' gonna come out and molest my ass then hang me in his dumb ass tree." She opened her glove box taking her baby glock out and stuck it into her small brownish gold purse embroidered with many plastic jewels.

She kept the zipper open. She looked at the old house that time warped into a decrepit shadow of its former self as the yellow paint had peeled off with splinters showing all over. "If there is some crazy mutha' fucka' in there he better kill my ass 'fore I pump his punk ass full of lead." She said trying to overcome her petty fear with courage and faith in her glock.

She opened the door of her car ever so slightly.


She looked down seeing the end of the asphalt road and this person lawn in which the grass had died and the only remnants of it were different shades of yellow. Her bright pink tongue came out for a second to lick her slightly less pink lips. She took a deep breath as she ducked from out of her car, her cleavage ever clear. She stood there for a second behind her door as the sun was just started to hide over that horizon.

"Hello?" She yelled, not so sure of herself. The wind gave her a reply in the form of a soft glaze of coolness over her skin making it rise. "Yo!? Anyone home?!" She yelled again. No answer. She shrugged almost relieved as she began to get into her car when a voice suddenly cried out. "Hello?! Help me! Don't leave!" The voice frantically cried.

Kaylee's spine turned to stone. "Oh hell no." She said making a motion with her head. "Please! The keys under the rock on the porch! He has another set on the desk! Please hurry!" She had her hand on her key sitting inside the ignition. Her eyes frozen on her steering wheel. "Aw, fuck girl!" She said lightly tapping her steering wheel." She opened the door and got out keeping it open she hustled over to the door not able to run in her tight dress.

She kept her purse on her shoulder. She lifted the rock that was right by the door swiping the key from underneath. She heard cries of thanks you from with in and hopeful crying. She opened the old rotten door. Kaylee got inside turning around shutting the door and locking it again sliding the key into her purse.

She gasped when she turned around as her heart nearly jumped out of her chest. "Sweet Jesus." She said, she made a cross over her body with her hand, "Dear lord have mercy." She said in shock seeing blood splattered everywhere. Body parts of a girl burnt and cut up all over the room. She gagged once putting a delicate hand over her mouth. A square trap door in the far corner of the desolate room lifted slightly as chains that were nailed in accordingly bared it down.

The chains being held together with a large Masters lock. The face of a young man peered trough looking deathly afraid. "He did all of this! He's fucking crazy, man! Please get me outta here!" The mans voice cried out again sounding like a twenty year old. She hustled over to the desk, her tits swerving to and fro, her ass bouncing with each step.

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She scattered her hands through assorted old papers on the desk finding a key. She smiled in her success picking it up. She suddenly heard a metallic click from behind her. Her heart stopped as her breathing became rapid in an attempt to start it again. She gulped down fear as she heard a voice. "Well, don't that beat all?

A little nigger bitch breakin' in my place in a little harlots dress. Mmm mmm. Turn around nigger whore. She slowly turned around, her face full of fear. He pointed to one of the few pieces of furniture in the room. A velvet looking couch that was colored an array of oranges and reds. There was a small table next to it with a lamp on top with a green cone top. "Sit'down nigger bitch." He said, the man was an older man in need of a shave, a heavier set man holding a double barrel shotgun in one hand and a bloody axe in the other.

Numerous curse words ran through her head as she slowly approached the couch, her hands raised a bit not wanting to touch anything. She sat down as he rested the axe against the wall. The light in the room was dim and the air thick, the temperature very warm. "Put yer purse on the table there." He ordered.

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She did as instructed just wanting to get out of this alive. "Ye know who that boy is?" He asked gruffly." she shook her head no, "Then y'all wouldn't know what he is then would'ja?" He said, Again she shook her head. "He's a fuckin' demon from hell that can only be killed by dismembering the sum'bitch or burnin' 'em." "You're fuckin' crazy you sick twisted bastard! He killed Cindy you mother fucker!" He cried at the top of his lungs almost in tears as he bashed his shoulder against the cellar door.

"Ain't seen a colored folk 'round these parts in a long time." He said staring at her sitting next to her as she backed away a little looking at the ground her eyes wet in fear.

"Why is that? You and yo' daddy kill them all?" She said with an almost anger but she was really just tying to be brave. He got closer to her his legs covered by coveralls touching her bare leg. "You know my grand daddy was KKK.

He used ta done tell me 'bout what he used ta do to y'all nigger folk. He used to burn the fellers, and cut they manhood off.

And if my grand daddy was the one who done caught 'em he'd fuck 'em. Right in their asses and rip there balls on with his bare hands. And he'd make 'em suck on his dick. Yeah. My grand daddy was a fuckin' queer. Didn't agree with that none so I told my pa and me and him strung my grand daddy up. But I did get one thing from my grand daddy." He said his hand slowly reaching over, "he always used to tell me 'bout the niggers ass, that a fellers was pretty round and fun and that the gal's asses were even rounder and bigger." His hand went over the top of her thigh and kept going until he felt her ass, her eyes popped wide in horror as she looked away to the lamp.

"I've always wanted to fuck one you nigger whores in one of them there thick butts. Shove a finger up that ass and shove my dick in it. He said getting closer, his hand on her butt beginning to grope it. She closed her eyes tight screaming, she grabbed the lamp and smashed it over his head. He roared in pain and anger as she turned over reaching into her open purse.

"Why you fuckin' nigger Fuckin' bitch I'll kill ye!" He cried lifting his shotgun when a loud crack sounded, followed by seven more.

The shotgun dropped to the ground with a thud. In kaylees hands, her smoking baby glock, the slide locked to the rear as smoke rose from the barrel and the chamber. Her eyes were absolute. There was no shame in her eyes as the man choked on his own blood, eight shot scattered around his chest as red bled over the blue coloring of his coveralls into large circular blotches.

He fell to his knees and then straight to his face. She set the gun down on the table going over the desk and picking the key back. "Don't worry man, I'll getchyou outta there ight?" She said as she went down to one knee unlocking the lock.

She took the lock off the chain going into her purse taking a full clip from it and going over to her baby glock taking the expended clip out, the cellar door behind her raising, she inserted the new clip launching the slide forward. She was suddenly pressed against the wall. "What the fuck?" She yelled feeling a body being pressed up against her back and a hand on her hair grasping it tightly. "You know, that old fuck had one good, good point, I also want to stick my finger up your nice fat ass, how about my middle finger goes up the big round ass, then I'll grope those big thick titties." He said, his voice not sounding right, it sounded gurtle and throaty with two other voices at least.

She then felt a hand grab a handful of her ass and something hard throughs a pair of denim jeans forcefully rub her other butt cheek. She pushed back using the wall for leverage and twisted around kicking the man back.

Her glock leveled at him. His face had screws drilled into the side of his face, one eye missing, lacerations around his neck his tongue hung out at least eight inches long and was split into two segments like a snake. His one eyes was bloodshot yellowish, an outer thin line of red circled his iris, his own eye blue but his pupil was huge making his iris nearly invisible. His chest was nearly scrapped off to wear you could see his actual ribs.

The skin and muscle from one hand ripped clean off as only a skeletal hand was in view and a greenish gooey substance that was the remnants of the muscle was left.

His blonde hair was matted and tangled in blood. His teeth filed down to points. She looked at him in horror as she screamed in absolute terror. He came forward as she pulled the trigger of her weapon. She kept pulling it until the clip went dry. He had eight new hole in his stomach and chest yet none of them even slowed him down.

The monster of a man threw its body up against her body smelling her neck as his shoulder slid over one of her tits his tongue sliding across her neck as she screamed for him to stop. One hand on her ass the other assault her large right tit.

He lifted his right hand as his skeletal one just kept groping her ass, his right hand gripped the edge of her dress ripping downward tearing the dress exposing her left succulent breast.

He went down lifting the round breast and began sucking on it viciously, his divided tongue circling around it, the two edge of his tongue pinching her nipple. She cried reaching out for anything wanting someone to help her. The skeletal hand slowly went down sliding along her thigh. It crept under her dress crawling up the prickled flesh of her smooth sexy thigh reaching behind her ass and reached forward rubbing her pussy lightly under her thong. She arched her back as his other hand smoothed over her arch.

His sharp teeth at the smooth skin of her neck. He pulled his long hard member out, it had pieces of flesh ripped from it and healed over again making pulpy notches of flesh, the head of it covered in thick shaped callus'.

He pressed it against the inside of her thigh. His skeletal hand came back going up her crack. He began rubbing his disfigured dick against her pussy through the thin fabric of her thong. She felt its dick go between her soft lips. Her legs suddenly widened in a gasp, her hands slammed to the wall. It felt her thong with its dick, it was soaking wet. She was turned on, he could feel the heat, from her folds. It wasn't her fault really. Demons have auras to bring out the side they want to bring out.

He grabbed her thong and with one fluent pull he yanked it clean from her body. He got to his knees ripping the middle of the skirt wide open as he leaned in. She cried as she cracked her empty pistol against the monstrous mans head over and over, but it did nothing. The only thing she could do at this point was press her hands against his head and try to push him away. But was to no success, one hand gripped her thigh the other bony hand gripped one of her ass cheeks as he pulled forward with his tongue stuck forward, slithering.

She closed her eyes knowing her strength was no match, her head raised, the tongue touched the tip of her folds and slowly worked inwards, the two split segments opened up her pussy lips, the rest of his tongue slid along her bright pink and glistening pussy. The v shape catching her twat and squeezing it. Kaylee gave a moan that was a contortion of a disturbed fear and pleasure. It scared her that her body was betraying her so.

The tongue kept going until it came to her slits hole and it let its tongue slip into her soaking wet pussy. Her eyes fluttered back a she gave a vibrant moan of pure lust, falling into it she ran her fingers through his tangled and bloody head of hair.

He shoved the full length of his eight inch tongue into her sweet pussy that made the demons mouth water then pulled it out and then slowly slipped it slowly back in. Kaylees hips rocked back and forth slowly letting her body weight go onto the demons face, one hand on the wall behind her as her mouth was open wide in slow steady moans.

Her eyes closed, she turned her head crying an orgasm. Her hips still gyrating on its face, feeling the long slick tongue so deep inside her and to so slowly, teasingly pull out. She felt the skeletal hand gripping her ass and releasing just to grip it hard again.

The hand then started to move, it inched into her shapely crack, the tip of its middle finger slipped into her asshole as she gasped in surprise. The finger then pushed further in as she gave more of a gurtle moan. Her cry one of lust, "Oh! Fuck you you mutha' fuckin' bastard, fuck me with your tongue you ugly son of bitch!

I love it shove finger up my asshole you know I fucking want it! Finger my fucking asshole you fuck!" She cried feeling overwhelmed as another orgasm riveted through her body, this time it was so great her toes curled. He took the tongue from her pussy a final time setting her on the ground her came up grasping her cheeks and open mouth kissed her, letting her taste her own juices on his tongue, he pulled back licking her lips.

He stood above her as she went to her knees, her dress ripped in various places.

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"Gimme that fuckin' cock, I want it in my mouth." She said, looking up at her captor grasping the monsters member. She put his member between her tits as she slowly began to lift and lower herself. The demon smiled cruelly as he slapped her across the face with his left hand. The bones making the hit hurt a lot more. She clenched her teeth as her lips raised around her teeth in anger, but he loved it, and the demon knew it. She began to go faster on his dick as he hit her again. "Ugh!

Is that all you got you fucking pussy!" She said as her slit began to drip. He hit her again as she looked up at him smiling this time. She then licked her lips slowly, seductively. He took the member from her firm breasts slowly wrapping her lips around his head. Her tongue began to circle his bumpy head. She then leaned into it grasping both sides of his pants she didn't need to balance how far back it went with her hands.

She wanted all of it and never gagged anyway. She took the full length of the nine inch cock down her throat and held it in her throat barely going back and forth less then an inch for several seconds before pulling it out. She then began to vigorously jack the beast off with a growl, a strand of saliva on his head leading to her bottom glistening lip. She stuck it back into her mouth slurping the member as she let it stab the back of her throat. Every time making a throaty wet noise as the hard dick pressed against the soft pallet of her throat.

She took it out to breath rubbing the member against her face and licking it up and down. She stuck it in back into her mouth sucking hard and vigorously bobbed her head back an forth. Her cheeks pressing agains the pulpy fleshy dick. She took it out of her mouth. "Keep sucking." The demonic voice commanded, She stood up looking the beast in the eyes, she wrapped an arm around its neck, her other hand reaching down lifting one leg up to its waist.

She began to kiss its multiply slit throat. "Come on baby, you know you don't want my mouth no more, wouldn't you rather have my soft wet pussy pounding that big thick dick?" She whispered, "then after your done you can shove that thing in my ass and watch a real whore moan for you." She began to rub her groin against him. It threw her back against the wall. It came forward turning her around and pulled her waist out, he slid his shaft along her dripping slit.

She moaned softly as her cheeks went rosy. He slowly slid himself into her. Letting her absorb the full experience of his disfigured shatter as the bumps of it slid against the soft sensitive walls of her pink silk. One of his hands reached around grasping one of her large firm breasts, pinching her nipple. She grabbed her other one grasping it full on and squeezing it with fury. Her legs were spread wide for the demon. The demon smacked her ass with its other hand.

Its other hand released her breast now grasping a handful of her hair he leaned back. The demon then began to ram her viciously. His balls covered in self applied studs rammed her twat. She growled in a pained pleasure as the unique dick reamed her.

Her eyes rolling back as she moaned like crazy and was overwhelmed orgasm after orgasm. It felt the pressure on its dick every time she did. Her hips rode up and down with purpose as her voice cracked in an orgasm where she switched to rounding her sexy ass on its dick feeling its studded balls smacking her pussy. "Fuuuuuck! You're so fucking deep its incredible! I want you deep inside of me please fuck me harder." She cried, the monster mounting her like an emperor, one hand firmly pulling her hair, the other hand slapping her ass repeatedly on both sides.

Her knees suddenly buckled under another orgasm that she couldn't control. Her body was pounding so hard in pleasure that she was gasping to catch up.

But the demon wasn't done with her yet. It lifted her off the ground wrapping an arm around her waist it had her off the ground as it aimed its dick right behind, and above her quivering legs. It jutted its body forward diving its soaked dick into her asshole. She cried out in a pained moan as her arms were by her face against the wall.

He dived into her ass pressing her sexy round ass cheeks against his dick and against his hips. He pulled out diving back in hard. She gasped lifting her legs and curling her toes. Her large tits pressed up against the wall under her chin almost. Her tits circled the peeling stained wall paper with faded gold flowers. She felt its tongue go up the middle of her spine. It caused her to cum. She moaned loudly and smiled as her fluids dripped to the floor. She spread her legs outward as the demon quickened his pace in he asshole ramming her within an inch of her life.

She loved it. Feeling his large long bumpy dick go into her tight little asshole inch by inch. Every inch it crawled into her she moaned feeling the tickling of pleasure as she came again. She screamed as loud as she could upon another thrust and feeling it burst inside of her ass.

It sprayed like a hose into her ass and kept going giving her shivers and multiple orgasms. It pulled out turning her around exploding a second time the black cum sprayed her again all over the tits and splashed her as it drained like a river down her stomach. She gasped as her hands slid up her chest sliding her hands up and down her tits. She looked up at the demon with her tongue hanging out as the barely transparent white cum dripped off her tongue.

She slowly brought tongue back into her mouth swallowing the mouthful. She came forward as the semen flooded the floor.


She wrapped her large succulent lips around the members head sucking on it hard drinking the last few drops as they came went into her mouth. Her tongue licking around its head and flickering at the entrance of it dick.


She went back to her knees sliding jizz all over her beautiful luscious body. The demon gave an evil grin as it walked over to the wall where the bloody axe was. Fear suddenly went into her. She slowly started backing away on her ass, the demon walking towards her. She felt something behind her.

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It was cold. She grasp it pulling it around. It was the shotgun. She lifted the shotgun as it lifted the axe. Yelling "Join us!" She fired once, one arm buckled at the elbow as it fell to the ground. The next shot went off with the pull of the other hammer and trigger. The axe went to the floor as arm flew. Kaylee growled kicking the demon in the chest staggering it back when it tripped over its own cum.

She stood up and on her heels went over to the axe picking it up it stood over the demon. "Wait! Please stop!" The mans face was back to normal, his skin had no marks or cuts. "I'm ok now! You cured me, I can't believe it you saved me!" He said happily, "Really? I did?" She said confused, "Kaylee!

You saved my me from--" "Wait!" She said slowly lifting the axe again, "how do you know my name?" He didn't respond, "HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?!" She screamed, he suddenly gave her a weird little grin. He went demonic again roaring at the top of his lungs, "I'LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL!" She swung with the axe and kept hacking and hacking at the monster until it severed into thirteen pieces. She dropped the axe walking over to the assorted papers on the desk.

She picked up a few of them seeing picture of people dismembering demons and burning the remains or burying them. She then remembered Cindy's body was burned after dismemberment. It made her wonder.

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She turned around as the demonic head stared at her. She started her car placing the head of the demonic man, with noticeably less teeth, between her legs and immediately started smiling pulling into the road.

She drove down the road having set fire to the house and taking anything of value. Including the papers on the desk and the shotgun. "You know that was the best fuck my little ass ever had. I wonder if I can make a slave one of these monsters or somethin'." She smirked as she pulled the head inward feeling its tongue go deep into her pussy.

She liked her new toy.