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Hot big ass latina chick brunette Jynx Maze gets anal fucked
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Fbailey story number 729 And Her Sister Makes Three My wife was twenty when we got married and twenty-one when we had our first daughter. She was so cute that we did it again each year for three more years.

At twenty-five we had four of the most beautiful daughters in the world. That was because they took after my wife…one of the most beautiful women in the world. She was just as pretty as any Playboy Centerfold or Super Model…and it was all natural, every inch of her. She has an older sister Janet that lives clear across the country and lives with her wife. Yes, she is a devoted lesbian. They are very happy but of course her parents don't understand and have disowned her.

We only get Christmas cards from them once a year, nothing else. My wife also has a younger sister that is just as pretty as she is. Carrie was fifteen when we got married, she was my wife's Maid of Honor, and she got married a couple of months ago.

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It was a whirlwind courtship. She had only known the guy for a couple months when they ran off to Las Vegas and got married.

They hit a jackpot and went to the Bahamas for a month. When the money ran out so did he. For the last few weeks she has just hung around the house feeling sorry for herself. As a way of cheering her up my wife decided that we were taking her up into the mountains to a cabin for a week.

We were taking more alcohol than food, even though I don't drink. My mother-in-law took the kids and we were off. Five hours later we were parked outside the cabin, there was snow on the ground in the higher elevations, and so I started a big roaring fire. A few hours later the two women were pretty wasted. The roaring fire had it quite hot inside. The girls would go outside to cool off and then come back in again.

They were not pleased with the outhouse.

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It smelled really bad. They were afraid of the wild animals too, so I had to go with them and take the flashlight. The more they drank the more often they had to pee and the less they cared about their privacy. Of course I had seen my wife pee a few hundred times but not my sister-in-law. At first Carrie tried to hide behind a tree or a bush but quickly she needed my help to keep her from falling on her ass.

I got to hold the roll of toilet paper too. After just a few times I was aiming the light right at her pussy. It had stubble all over it. She told me that she hadn't shaved it since the jerk had taken off…she also had not had sex in that time either.

My wife was squatting right next to her at the time and said, "I get it more than I need it. Suppose I share him with you." To my surprise Carrie said, "Fucking A." After we went back into the cabin the girls got naked and then decided to put on a couple of baby doll nighties without the matching panties.

The nighties did not even cover their pussies and the tops were transparent, so it hardly made any sense to wear them in the first place. They kept drinking and I kept throwing logs on the fire. Soon my wife said, "Honey, you better fuck her before she passes out." Carrie said, "Hell, you can fuck me after I pass out if you want too." My wife said, "Don't tell him that. You'll wake up with a sore butt." Carrie giggled and said, "It won't be the first time." My wife asked, "Who did you let butt fuck you?" Carrie said, "Bobby Fisher for one." My wife said, "Oh my God, that pimply face kid down the street." Carrie said, "Yes, and his older brother, and his father too." My wife said, "You're shitting me." Carrie said, "No I'm not.


I'd go down there and let them all take turns on me. First they would do my pussy and then they would do my ass." My wife asked, "How old were you?" Carrie giggled and said, "Fifteen!

I had their cum in both of my holes when I walked down the aisle at your wedding." Again my wise said, "You're shitting me." Carrie said, "Not at all. I kept going down to their house long after I graduated from high school.

Rob is at college now, Bobby is married, and their father is a fat drunk that can't get it up anymore." My wife reached over and pulled Carrie's nightie up over her head.

Carrie said, "That's your cue buster. Get it up…get it out…and get that sucker in me." As my wife removed her nightie I got undressed. Together we arranged a sleeping bag on the floor in front of the fire, I threw a log on and my wife laid her sister down on the sleeping bag.

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I watched them kiss. Then I watched my wife finger fuck her sister and rub the shit out of her clit. Cum was oozing out of her pussy when I got down there. Then my wife aimed and pushed my cock into Carrie. That was exactly what I needed at the time. I could not keep from cumming in her too quickly. However, my wife sucked me hard again so that I could put it back in Carrie.

I saw a flash and looked over at my wife.

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She was smiling at me and holding my digital camera. She moved around and took several from different positions. Finally Carrie asked, "What do you think you're doing?" My wife replied, "If I know my husband, he will want to relive this moment over and over again. He certainly has enough pictures of me naked." Carrie said, "Then he probably needs some pictures of you and me together…like we used too…when we were younger." I asked, "How young?" Carrie said, "I was thirteen and she was eighteen when Janet got to try lesbian sex with her." My wife added, "Yeah but it only lasted a few years.

You were fucking me and Carrie was cleaning out afterwards. That was when I realized that I liked your cock enough to marry you." Carrie said, "I miss licking your pussy after he fucked you." My wife said, "Well this week we will lick each other after he fucks us." Carrie said, "That's a deal." I started pumping into her for real.

It felt good and I really wanted to cum. Actually I wanted to watch my wife lick my cum out of her sister's pussy. When it started to flow it did so in forceful spurts. I filled my pretty sister-in-law until it started to pour out. As soon as I rolled off from her, my wife had her face right in there licking away.

I saw the way she enjoyed licking that well used pussy. I had a full week of that to enjoy.


I could hardly believe that my wife was encouraging me to fuck Carrie. I could certainly get used to it. What was it she had said…I get it more than I need it. Suppose I share him with you. Well, I sure had that to look forward too. I almost forgot to use the camera. That week in the cabin was eight more days of nudity, drinking, and fucking the two sisters. After that Carrie would come over to sleep with us once or twice a week. The End And Her Sister Makes Three 729

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