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Amateur big boobs cock blowjobs cum mouth hd the massive tits
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The following story is for the most part true but mainly fiction. All names have either been changed or are fictitious also. Most to all stories are partly true but have been greatly embellished to bolster the stories.

However, no one portrayed in these stories is under the age of 18. I am a male I am now 31 years old.


The following story takes place when I was between 18 and 20 about my sexual experiences. Although I am very bi-sexual I am also married to a bi-sexual female who is well aware of my past. My name is Rudy, my last name begins with the letter D, therefore, my nick name is RD which everyone including family refers to me as. A little history about my background.

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My mom's name is Toni who is 39 and a cool mother and a knockout for her age. She is 5' 4", long sandy hair, blue eyes, she's fit and according to her bra size she's a 35d. She's a very good fuck and a great cocksucker, but I'll get to that later. I have a brother Samuel, Sam for short. Sam would have been 37, but he and my dad Rudolph who I'm name after died in a car crash two years ago.

As for me, I'm 6' 1" weight 180 with sandy hair and blue eyes too. I'm uncut and I have a 6 ½ cock and a girth of almost 5". With all my playing with my cock and jerking off over the years my foreskin is pretty loose and slides back and forth easily. I was also horny for guys, especially older guys.

I suppose it was a missing my dad thing or at least so my mom thought. Not that I was sexually attracted to my dad, or maybe so, whatever, I was attracted to older guys sexually. Age and looks really didn't matter either but the really good looking attractive men turned me off, therefore older, less handsome men were more to my liking. One sort was my uncle Marty on my mom's side was a vagabond who traveled around the country calling nowhere is home.

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He came to visit us a few months after me 18th birthday. He was a crusty sort and although in dire need of a bath he opted to sleep in our unfinished loft in our garage. There was running water there, and a full bath and kitchenette. He refused to cook and my mom would have me run him over whatever food we had eaten that night.

On one occasion uncle Marty asked me if I could get him some beer. I knew my mom drank on occasion and I returned to the house and told her of her brother's request. She handed me a twelve-pack and told me that he could have that. She said that Marty told her he'd be leaving in two days and figured let him get snorted on that. I returned with the twelve-pack and he took out a can and in a few gulps it was gone.


I told him he'd better take it easy as it was the last of our beer. Marty then popped open another can and began telling me of his travels around the country and the adventurers of hopping freight trains or hitching rides. Sure he told me. But you know he continued a few times he got blow jobs from a few females that picked him up.


A couple of times the old ladies husband had her jump into the back seat and do me. I was getting a half a woody just listening to him about blow jobs. He never spoke about fucking any of these women, just getting sucked. About that time my mom called for me. Uncle Marty asked me to come back and he'd tell me more of his larking about the country. I returned to the house with his empty plate and told mom of his ventures around the county, of course leaving out the juicy blow jobs although she's probably like that too.

I helped my mom with the dishes and cleaned up around the house some and being it was getting dark I asked her if I could go back the garage and talk to uncle Marty.

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"Why," she asked puzzled. "Well, mom, I said, I don't get to see him that often can't I?" "Well, ok, but you take good care of him, hear me?" Now I looked at her puzzled, and said, "Sure, OK." By the time I got back to the loft uncle Marty had finished 4 beers and was slouched out in a bean bag watching to a news station on TV. Although sipping on his fifth beer He had also stripped down to his t-shirt and boxer shorts.

The loft was more so for guest or just hanging out, so all my parents did was to throw a few bean bags around the apartment.

I grabbed a bean bag and sat Indian style across from uncle Marty who jumped in just about where he left off earlier. As he began talking of more blow jobs from the women he jumped into a few guys he met along "the rails." As he talked about his exploits I couldn't help but notice his hair balls which were obvious between his legs of his boxer shorts and the head of his cock was visible as well.

I suppose it was either me eyeballing his cock or the stories he was telling, but his cock began to grow some. So was mine. It wasn't long and his cock began to grow outside his shorts leg and for me it was like heaven to see his hard cock. The more he told his stories and watching me stare at his cock the more the stories related to men doing the sucking. Then out of the blue he asked, "RJ have you ever sucked a cock?" Without giving it a thought I answered, "Yes I have." "Who was it you sucked?" He asked.

"Lee, Er, what?" I said. "You sucked this guy Lee?" "Ah, Lee, yes, what?" I was fucking tongue tied. "You side you sucked Lee, that's a guy I'm assuming no?" "Ah yes, a guy, my friend Lee." Shit I thought, I can't believe I just admitted to my uncle about sucking off a friend. "Did you like it?" He asked.

Too late, he's fucking got me. "Yes, I liked it a lot." "How old is this "friend?" He uncle Marty asked. "He's 18 too," was my reply. "Anyone else?" He asked.

"Yes, a few guys," I said as my cock was now like rock hard bout so was uncle Marty's. "Would you like to get out of those tight jeans and let your cock get some air?" He Asked. "Sure," is all I could muster as I unbuckled my jean and dropped them along with my underwear as uncle Marty slid off his boxer shorts.

"Does Toni, referring to his sister, my mom, know you're a cocksucker?" Wow, for the first time in my life I was being referred to as a cocksucker, and believe me I liked it. "I don't think she knows, but I sucked off a few guys she's been to bed with." "Guys your mom fucked?" "Yes." I said "Would you like to suck my cock RJ?" Since I was doing nothing but staring at his erection all this time, I answered, "yes, sure." As I leaned over putting my hand around his erect 7" but somewhat thin cock.

Before I could get my mouth around his cock he asked, "RJ who was the guys you sucked that fucked your mom?" "Well, 3 really, Mr. Connell, he's the butcher and owner at Connell's Deli. Then there's Pete Berry he works as a teller at the National Bank, and Pastor Croft at our church, just those three." "When did you suck these guys?" "I did them all this year, my friend Lee and teacher just before graduating this year." I replied. "Did you suck the guys that fucked your mom right afterward?" "No I sucked Mr.

Connell in the backroom of his store. Mr. Berry I sucked off in his car one evening on a dirt dead end road in the woods behind the bank. And I sucked off Pastor Croft in the recreation room in the basement of the church a few time." "How many times?" He asked. "Wow, don't know a lot, a real lot since I turned 18. Sometimes, we met up 3 or more times a week. He loved getting sucked." "And you, you must have enjoyed it huh, sucking off all these guys?" "Yes, I loved sucking cock," as I buried my mouth over my uncles cock and began sucking it.

"Whoa," uncles Marty says, "wow you are good." As I was bobbing my head up and down on his cock, I tried to nod yes, as if agreeing with him. That motion only gave him pleasure to force his cock deeper into my throat.

As I was going down on my uncle, I could smell his disgusting odor from not showering but really, it only turned me on more.

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Before I knew it, he lay out and rotated into a 69 position and he didn't hesitate to take my throbbing cock into his mouth. Soon we were both face fucking each other and he couldn't hold any longer shooting gobs of cum into my mouth. Between swallowing and savoring his cum I shot my load which was probably as large if not larger than his. I heard him gulp, and choke catching air before taking my cock into his mouth again catching the last of my cum as we heard the entrance door downstairs open and mom yelling up…"get decent guys I have some iced tea and desert coming.

We both were only able to get our underwear on still with half Woody's before she made her appearance at the top of the stairs. "Oops! Am I interrupting something?" She said with a giggle, and continued, "Are ladies allowed at your party?" I just laughed and remarked, "Ha, ha, funny Mom." "Well," she said do I get down to my panties too." I could only remark, Mommmm please?

When uncle Marty jumped in, "yes sis, you too or you need to go back to the house." I almost shit when right there in front of us, Mom kicked off her clogs, undid her jeans, stepped out of then wearing only thongs showing a V shaped hair piece underneath them. Better yet, she sat down Indian style and what a fucking view we had now of her camel toe. Mon just sat there know full well about us staring at her cunt. "I like the view guys?" She asked. Hell yes, said her brother.

It's like old times sis." "RJ?" she asked. "What Mom?" I asked. Laughing she said, "Do you like the view?" "Oh, yes, yes, sure Mom." Was all I could mummer. Without saying another word, I was getting a super hard-on as I could see uncle Marty was too.

"Why not show JR the real thing Toni, take off that fucking thong, hell your pussy lips are hanging out anyway," said uncle Marty. Then uncle Marty said, "RJ weather you know it or not, your Mom is a fucking slut, right Toni?" "Marty? What are you trying to do?" "Tell, RJ, tell him you're nothing but a fucking slut.

Tell him how many guys you fucked in your senior year, all the girls you ate, how many times, dad and I fucked your brains out and all the guys you fucked in front of Rudy before and after you two married." "Tell RJ about going to the funeral home to see Rudy naked after the accident and being embalmed as you sucked off the funeral director." "RJ, your Mom is a real fucking pig, right Toni?" "Yes," she replied.

"Yes what?" Asked her brother. "Yes I am." "You are WHAT?" "I'm a pig." "What kind of pig are you sis?" "A fucking PIG, like you said." By now my cock was about as hard as the largest bolder in this world and I wanted to be part of talking dirty to my Mom like uncle Marty was. To call her a slut for all the guys she fucked, even before my dad was buried she was fucking several different men like I wasn't suppose to know.

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Those nights she was sucking 3 and 4 guys off in the basement. I cracked the basement door open to hear them calling her filthy names as she begged for more.

Actually, when she removed her thong, and opened her legs some there between her cunt lips was a hole, her pussy was wide open with a hole about 2" round. I suppose that was from fucking all her life. As a matter of fact, uncle Marty told her, to pull open your pussy, show RJ just how wide that fuck hole is. Mom reached down tilted herself backward and pulled her Labia open. Yikes! She was able to hold at least a large amount of skin between both index and thumbs on both hands as she open her pussy hole now show about a 4 inch fuck hole.

My only thought was that someone must have been fucking her with tree trunks and I had a feeling that this was going to be a long perverted night with Mom and uncle Marty. Stayed tuned.