Stockings tranny gets ass rammed

Stockings tranny gets ass rammed
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Abigail awoke on a beach she remembered the storm and not much else, I must have slipped over board she thought. She was still wearing her canvas trousers and white t-shirt but had lost her shoes. She picked herself up and brushed the sand out of her brown hair and looked out to sea, her green eyes pick up nothing.

She was twenty-four, fit but not muscular and was five foot seven inches tall. She looked around the beach it looked to be your average deserted island with palm trees and such like, for some it would be paradise, but not for her she already had her paradise her yacht, in fact that was its name.

She loved the water that's probably why she joined the marines. Suddenly she heard a noise, an engine a car, not so deserted she thought. She headed through the undergrowth towards sound and found herself on a dirt track the truck skidded to a halt less than a foot in front of her. The men who got out didn't look friendly, she turned to run but even with her train they had a truck and she was on foot.

The men caught up with her easily. Two grabbed her and threw her into the truck. They had put a bag over her head preventing her from seeing anything but she could tell they were staring at her ass, imaging her naked, she imagined that it would be too soon before they saw her nude. They got to where ever they were going and she was forced out.

They guided her into a building. When they took her hood off she found that she was in some sort of cell. She sat on the floor and waited. While she waited she thought about where she was, her last position was between Indonesia and Australia and the men looked like Indonesian so she could have floated far.

Then three men came in. They opened door and enter each of them with a large bulge in their pants. Abigail got on her knees and the men got their throbbing boners out. Just as one grabbed her head "stop!" The voice had an American accent. A white man came into view wearing a pale suit and sun glasses. " piss off" he ordered. After they left he entered the cell "on you feet" She stood up and he slipped in behind her "I'm sorry but this is the only way" he whispered sliding his hand up her t-shirt and cupping it over on of her C cup breasts "my name is Carter I'm CIA and in need your help "Sargent Abigail Edwards royal marine corps" she retorted "The leader of these men is a Riley and he has a massive hard on for brunettes" he said slipping his other hand down her trousers.

She felt his fingers massage her pussy through her underwear. "What can I do?" "There's a resistance to Riley and his boys all we need is a little information, it will be dangerous and you'll have to use your body" She had to admit that this danger and mystery made her horny it also help that his dark feature made him quite handsome. "I'll do" "Ok, this one is for the boss" She was put back on a truck and taken to a harbour. There she taken onboard a yacht. Her yacht.

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The yacht only had two desk and could only house three people. She climbed down the the second deck which opened up in the areait was laid out the kitchen on one side and seat next to the stairs on the other, to the right was the main bedroom, which sat in the ships nose, to the left were three smaller rooms,a store room, the bathrooms and the other bedroom.

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Abigail went into the bedroom and was left there to wait. While she waited she rummaged through her drawers and found a set purple lingerie.

She stripped down and used the small sink to washed herself. She was just putting on the bra when Riley walked in. He was around six foot the same as Carter but with blonde hair and blue eyes.

He was built but not overly and had a salesman like charisma about him. "I was just" she started "Trying to look sexier" he said taking the bra and throwing it to one side "no need babe" he gentle pushed her on to the bed, he took off his jacket and tie before climbing on top of her.

He ran his hand of over her round breasts. They were just the right size to get his hands round "they're perfect" he said. He squeezed her left breast, leaned in and started to suck on her nipple.

With this other hand he pushed aside her knickers and inserted two fingers into her pussy. Her pussy was already hot and wet "you ready for me er" "Abigail " she said he removed his fingers and tasted her "you taste good Abby, let's get these off" he said indicting her knickers, she lifted her legs up and he pulled them down her smooth tanned legs and threw them into a corner.


Then she stood up and help him off with his shirt. "You know I think your going to have to stay nude while I'm around" he said gripping her ass while she undid his shirt "lied down on the bed" he told her. She lay on her back legs open ready for the missionary position and watched him undress. He pulled down his boxers and his eight inches flopped out, solid as a rock.


He finally climbed on top. She was ready and horny. He pressed his cock up against her lips "what do you want me to do?" He asked "you know" she replied "Remind me" She hesitated, he moved to climb off "fuck me" she said "Sorry what was that" "I want you to fuck my brains out" she said surprising even herself.

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He pushed his entire length in to her. She let out a gasp of pleasure finally his dick was in her. He started off slow pulling out only leaving the head in before slamming it back in. Each time he slammed it in it sent a wave of pleasure rolling up her body. "Faster" she begged He sped up and so did her moans only broken my her say "fuck me baby" he was fucking her so hard she was sure the the whole ship was rocking.

She wrapped her legs around him as she had her second organism.

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Sweet poured down her face as on large wave of pleasure swept over her. He stopped leaving his whole length in her as he lent in and locked lips with her. Holding the kiss he started move his hips slowly moving in and out but that was enough she broke off the kiss and start moaning softly. "Wow you are very sensitive down there aren't you" "Uh-huh" "I think it's my turn" he said stopping "Ok" He roll onto his back and she knelt over him, pushed his his head of his penis through her lips.

She place her hands on his chest and took in his hold length in one go. She start glide up and down his shaft, leave him free to touch her smooth body.

He gasped her tits, much like her pussy her body was on fire. He loved her tits they were a really nice size not to big and not to small, he pinched he nipple and she let out a little yelp. "Sorry" he said move his hand to her small ass. He gripped her soft ass checks slid his fingers down her.

He gently probed her ass hole with his middle finger. He finally pushed it all they way in. She it was tight very tight, as in virgin tight.

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"still got your anal virginity?" He asked rhetorically She nodded, board he decided just to sit back. Abby was breathing heavy, her eyes, and sweet was pour down her body. She varied the speed to keep him from coming to soon. Her pussy was dripping wet. She had felt his finger her ass and heard his question but she was focus not climax. She opened her eyes and found his looked up at her.

"You can go you know" he said at which point she collapsed next to him. After five minutes "round two" he asked, she nodded "doggy style" he suggest. Abby got on to her hands and knees and he positioned himself behind her. He gripped her waist to give him better leverage. This time he when all and started off fast, he was tried of play games and he had other things to do.

Abby didn't and he knew, she was already giving off moans of pleasure as he shaft flew in and out of her. It didn't take long for her to feel him slow as he felt himself climax A white sticky stream erupted into her pussy and he let out a satisfied moan. He collapsed next her a smile of his face.

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"that was fun!" he half shouted "yes it was" she replied moving down and licking his cock clean. " I think there's some on my balls" he said. She took his ball sack in her mouth and sucked them clean "good girl, now go get cleaned up" Abby climbed into the standing shower in the little bathroom, she was tired, filled with cum and was still a little grubby from falling over board.

She let the warm water washed it all away. She felt dirt for enjoy that but she had and he wasn't as bad as Carter had made him out as. She stepped out refreshed but still questioning what she was doing.

She dried herself and when back to the bedroom. She was surprised to find it empty. She found a loose beach dress and pulled it on along with some black knickers and went to find him.

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She found him coming down the stairs a butt plug in his hand. " I brought you this so we can stretch your little ass hole a bit" he said like he had bought her a present. She bent of the kitchen side so he could insert it.

He pulled down knickers and gently pushed it into her ass. She didn't find it uncomfortable it just felt weird. He then clipped a metal collar around her neck.

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"Just in case you want to go a shore this will insure that my men know you belong to men" he explained. After that he left, Abby wondered into the bedroom and collapsed on the bed, it had been a long day and who knew what the next day would bring. For now she was a fuck toy and she had no way of helping Carter, yet. This is my first story so been nice with the comments, pointers and tips would be great.