Horny glasses gal moans like a pornstar

Horny glasses gal moans like a pornstar
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she moved and i was alone i thought i would never see her agin. i remember her face, her name, her body. its been four years form the last time i saw her. both of my brother moved out of the house. people have come and go out of that house. many girls but not her. i would go up in the same tree every day. i remember what happened that sad day i had dreams of her coming back to me.

i missed her.


i got skinny as i hit puberty my hole body changed. i was a new man when i went up in that tree i would some times masrerbate. i never asked a girl out. all thoughs years the girls turned me down they came back and asked i turned them down.

one day there was this new family that moved in next door. i was in a tree. i started to hear some one climb the same tree. so i waited then this girl came up and asked " do you remember me it was in this very same tree we had the most romatic night." i looked i was shocked i couldnt say any thing i just gave hannah a big hug and started crying in joy. " so i guess you do remember me" "yes i do" she hugged back i told her "i thought of you all the time" i siad "since i hit puberty i lost pounds and girls asked me out but i turned them down" "way" she asked.

"becuse they didnt look like" she got misty eyed. she gave me a hug and kissed me.

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we talked about whats happened in the years she moved she siad "i never went out with any becuse i didnt want to remember the pain." i looked in her eyes then asked "will you go out with me" she looked up in amazement "yes i will." we kissed each outher.

"i missed you so much" i siad she smiled. she scooted closer.

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she put her hand on my leg and moved it up and down. i got boner in a flash. she started to tease me. she stoped i was throbing for more. i looked at her and siad "please dont stop." she looked at me and pulled down my pances to where my boxer showed. she saw my throbing dick and looked her eyes got bigger.

as it grew right in by her. she started the rub me slowly and softly she siad "i didnt forget how you liked it" i smiled. she stoped and moved her hand i looked at her she was blushing.

she didn't look at me. i asked her if she was ok "yes its just been so long" (my throbing boner went down).

"please dont stop" i asked. she looked at me and but her hand on my leg and siad "it got small." "just put your hand on it" i siad she did it shot stright up i lost my train of thought for a seconed. she gigled and asked me if it felt good " yes" i siad. she pulled down her pance.


i saw her thong she was blushing agin. ( my dick got thiker and started to throb) she asked me to pull down her thong. i did. she asked me to put 2 fingers in her pussy i did. she started to rub my thorbing dick i moned.


she gigled she told me to push my finger in and out of her i did. then she came she giggled and started to rub my dick some more i moned agin i was trying to hold back but couldn't it felt to good i came mu jizm shot up and landed on the branch i told her it was getting late and i had to go we siad bye and gave each outher a hug.

the next day i was doing laps in my pull. i came up and there she was in her bathing suit she divied in and we swam for a little bit. we got out i got us towles and we dryed off she asked me to go to her house i siad yes. no one was home it was just her we went to her house we wached t.v. and we talked. we went up to her room to lisen to music i went to the bath room.

i went back to her room and she wasn't in the chair she was on the bed with nothing on i got a boner (it was thicker then last time and throbing) she told me to take off my stuff i did. we got in to her bed and she put her legs around mine and i started to make her tense. i was teaseing her and then i put my dick in her pussy. it felt so good it was the softest thing i have ever felt in my life.

i stared to go in farther and father she moned loudly then i was all the way in i came out and went back in she moned in plesure ment i got in to rythem faster and faster she came on me it felt so good i didn't come i didn't to get her pregnet. her mones where long and sexy. i was throbing wanting to come. but new i couldn't i was throbing.

she came agin. i started to go faster then what i was going she was moning alot now. i was throbing wanting to come so bad but i wanted to plesure her so i didn't i was about i felt like the the sharpest pain but yet it felt so good i went faster she came i pulled my dick out and busted i came it shout out it felt good she giggled and asked if that was my first i siad yes.

i asked her she siad yes. then she relaxed with her legs opened and then she didnt even know. i stuck my dick back in there but slowly just moveing inch by inch little by little. she moned loudly then i got a little faster then faster. she was moneing. she came agin. then she screamed i thought something happened so i pulled my dick out and asked if she was ok she siad yea it felt so good then i i told her to turn around.

she did i started to stick it up her ass she screamed in joyment it felt so good. i got faster and faster.

then i took it out i waited i wash my dick off. i closed my eyes then she started to suck my dick.

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i moned she stop. i looked she was gone so i sat up waited then after like 30 seconds she came back in with baby oil she rubbed it on my dick i moned i was happy that my first time it was her i told her that and she started to go faster it felt so good.

i came then it was the best two hours of my life then befor. she started to rub my dick agin there was a honk.

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we dashed for are clothes we go them on. and closed her door and siad hi to her mom and dad. siad hi and asked who was her new friend. it was the begging of something that was going to turn out good i hoped.