Curvaceous maiden doggy style banging

Curvaceous maiden doggy style banging
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This is my first story, and my english might not be perfect, so give me some patience. The sunlight was ruthless. This summer really had a hangover from the spring and the moody and rainy weather delayed the delight of sunshine. Now, suddenly, the sun paid us a visit and our place was in fire. Girls where exposing lots of skin, and the mini-shorts really left an impression in my mind.

I'm by the way, 21. A fairly well-build and tall guy, but often shy and composed. It is fair to say that I've dark fantasies in my mind, even on bypassing 13 year olds and minors. But I always move my eyes away from them right before someone sees me. My friends are alot more daring. Touching and teasing every female bypasser.

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We were heading towards beach for some tan, playing soccer and socializing, even hooking up with a chick. We laid down before the sun and enjoyed the sensation of heat on our skins.We were a muscular and well-build group and we made a good figure laying there and having a ball. We shared jokes and laughs and the girls on the beach caught our attention too. But some girls are more special than others. Right next to us, a couple of metres away, two girls had us tripping on the spot.

They where both local girls, living just around the block. They where both 15 of age. The first girl, Natalia was a fairly tall and curvy swedish teen. Her round and seducing hips, ass and titties got pants on fire. She also an incredibly innocent and vulnerable face.

She was a bit of a tease and always made sure she had all the boys' attention. Sometimes, she would lay on her stomach and spread her legs slightly while she looks bypassers straight in the eye while teasing them with an innocent facial expression.

The second teen, Aisha, was an arabic hottie.


A dark-haired and well-shaped beauty, with the cutest face imaginable. But her most seducing characteristic was her personality. She laid there on her stomach, with the saddest and most needy facial expression I've ever seen.

She looked like she was in deep sorrow, while she subtedly tried to elevate her hips, to expose her ass and curves. In that respect, both girls where similar. But I felt there was something special about Miriam.

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Her body language told a story deeper than a simple tease on guys she barely knows. We all had these two girls on Facebook, but we never interacted with her, because they where so much younger. Now, this Aisha girl really looked like she wanted something, while Natalia struck me a whole less serious about it.

Suddenly, Adam, one of my close friends, gathered the balls to ask Miriam if she would like to rub one of us with sun lotion. The guys started laughing and everybody was asking the other if they wanted to be massaged. Suddenly, the fingers gathered and pointed straight on me. I was the silent and observant one.

I was a vulnerable target for pranks like these. I had to gather myself, so not to make a fool of myself. I stuttered, before I managed to ask: Aisha, do you want to rub me? She stood up immediately and grabbed the sun lotion. I removed my T-shirt, as she came closer. While in touching distance of myself, she nervously mumbled: Can I sit on your lap, before she quickly and clumsily sat right on my dick. The boys where laughing their lungs of, and the occasional remarks of me being a pedo and a pervo never failed to show up.

I tried as much as I could to live the moment and enjoy the treatment from this absurdly seducing beauty. Her apparent dark needs, considering her young age, almost made me cum in my pants. She slowly, rubbed my chest area, while looking deeply into my eyes, trying to make eye contact. Natalia watched the incident in awe, probably of the bravery, or stupidity of her best friend.

After a couple of minutes, Aisha raised herself and laid right next to me. The boys now started to loosen up, touching her sometimes and chatting her up other times. I was in my own world though.

I was determined. These girls. My fantasies. I couldn't let them slip. This was friday, night. I couldn't sneek them along somewhere and have my way with them. Someone will surely see, spread the rumour and fuck me up socially. But there is always a tommorow.

Saturday. I needed to plan this. These girls are looking for something. I was about to give it to them. The next day, after quickly eating breakfast, I walked towards the football pitch, as Aisha and Natalia always where there, to see boys play.

They probably loved the sight of it. Steamy and hot summer boys, flashing their athletic skills. As I came around the corner, Aisha spotted me and looked slowly away. Natalia then suddenly waived her arm and told me to come over.

She asked me what I was up for tonight. I told them I still hadn't planned anything, even though it was a saturday. I asked them what they had planned to do. She went nothing special. I saw my chance. "Wanna join to a friend's house? He's not home tonight, so he gave me the keys to his house, in case I need it.", I said with a murky smile.

Aisha still wouldn't look me in the eyes, but Natalia grabbed her hand and they went right behind me, towards my friend's house. When we finally arrived, I offered them something to drink and we started conversating. When the topic became relevant, I asked them if they where virgins. They first hesitated, before Aisha said that she has only been fingered and had oral-sex, but never been fucked. She came from an Islamic family, and even though they barely care about religion, being promiscious is a big no-no.

But it felt like she had hit the limit. Natalia, on the other hand have had real sex, but only with this small 14 year old kid, last year, with a dick smaller than a finger. Now, I thought, she had the company of a guy with a 16 centimeter dick, a pervert with incredible sexual desire. The rouse of sexual pleasure overtook me. I stood up, grabbed Aisha and lifted her slowly. Natalia got the point and stood up. We slowly walked towards the basement, with Aisha in my arms and Natalia walking right behind us.

When we finally came down, I laid Aisha down on a matress. She had a summer a light summer dress on, a dark red one. I leaned down towards her and zipped down the dress. I exposed her bra. She leaned her head on the left of her shoulder and looked out on the basement with deep, deep desire in her eyes. But it was like she never wanted to show it. She would try to look straight into your eyes, trying to look casual.

But suddenly her fantasies seem to overtake her and she would look very different. I laid myself right on her and violently moved her head, so we laid there face to face. I leaned down and licked her lips with the tip of my tongue, before I leaned down even more, and kissed her.

She slowly moved her tongue between my lips. As I tried to lean back again, she followed me up to continue the kiss, before I held her head back with my right arm. I moved my left arm, down her dress, moved the dress up and slowly took of her underwear. The underwear was red, with small white hearts. I laid it between her legs, and I also lowered her knees. Natalia looked on with eagerness. I all of the sudden, laid over her diagonally, moved my hand to her crotch and put my longest finger inside, while I grabbed her upper crotch with another finger and I moved her lower body up as if it was a bowling ball.

For the first time, she released a small gasp as she grabbed my arm to slow down its motion inside and around her pussy. I grabbed both of her hands and forced them wide, while I unbuckled my shorts. I pulled down my boxers and throbbing and erect penis wabbled itself out, until it reached a straight position. Natalia, sneeked closer as she looked at my thing in awe from close distance. I lowered down on Aisha, as I tried to look into her eyes as piercing as possible. She looked right into my eyes, and put her arms on my shoulder.

I positioned my cock on the opening of her pussy. A chill went down her spine and she grabbed Natalias arm, while she wiggled her crotch and gasped for air. I had no more time to wait. I put it in. And I mean, I really put it in.

With full force and with all it's length and muscle power. I felt I stretched her, I felt I reached the bottom of her vagina, all the way to the cervix.

Her reaction was one to behold. She tightened her legs around me in panic, and grabbed my whole upper body and dragged it down on herself. Her face told everything about the thrust. Her eyes where clammed together and she grimaced with her in pain. Now I hit the point of no return. I lifted her by her hips and started fucking her like a madman. I wanted to humiliate her. For her teasing, for the way she tries to push me over the limit with her body language. Now I got her. Humping her, while her titties where jumping up and down, in rhytm with her body.

I got so many thrusts in, so deep, so hard and so fast, I couldn't fathom how she survived it. I went on, and on and on. Sometimes it would look like she was about to pass out. She gasped for air and it looked like her body got the better of her. For all her teasing and sexual seduction, now she laid there being utterly humiliated, while she moaned and gasped for air. Ahhhhhh, aaaaahhhh, aaaahhhh, hhhh, Oh God! I can't! Please stop, oohhh!

All this to the sound of flap, flap, flap, flap, flap, flap and flap in a frequence you couldn't imagine. Natalia was totally awestrucked, and surely a bit scared, as she held Aisha's hand and tried to help her out. At this point, I slapped Natalias hand away, and lifted Aisha up and lowered her into the corner as she was on all four.

I came behind her and forced towards the wall. I dipped my finger in a near-lying lubricant as I spread her butt-cheeks and circled a finger around her anal opening. After some moments, I forced on finger inside.

She let out a scream and begged me to stop. I went on until her ass started loosening up a bit. I forced her head back down and mounted her. I put the tip of my dick on her anal opening and forced it in.

She quickly raised her head and let out a scream, while she clutched to the wall. I went in and out of her ass. I was fucking so hard, I forced her further and further into the corner, until she almost was smuthered.

Her screams now rather resembled moans and she was about to get into the analsex. But she tried to hide. She tried to press her ass back, so I would move back, but I would only press back and move my dick even deeper inside her ass. I was now so deep inside of her, you couldn't fit a needle between my frontside and her backside/her ass.


As I moved my crotch back to offer another thrust, she would move her hip all the way back with me, swallowing the cock with her ass. She was making noses, flickering with her eyes and moving her head around like crazy. I again lifted her up and positioned her on top of me. This time, she grabbed my cock, put it just outside her pussy, and sitting on it.

She started riding it, while having her arms on my chest.

She was really enjoying it. Her eyes was flickering, and she was breathing heavily. I grabbed her ass and started pumping into her with brute force again.

She put her arms around my neck, lowered her body down on mine and had her face right next to mine. Our faces where now side, to side.

I continued to rip her pussy apart, slamming into her with extreme force. White, bubble-like fluid was no leaking from between our organs.

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Her steaming, pre-teen pussy was now being fucked raw. Her innocence was being ripped away. But the deep sexual lust seemed to be fullfilled.

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She was having a great time. I continued lifting my crotch up on hers, fucking her while she was on top. I felt I was about to cum, and started humping with simply unimaginable frequency.

I let go of one hard and ruthless trust after the other. I was going on so hard, her voice would be distorted when I tried to talk. She tried to say, Do it! deeper, deeper!". I went on till, my balls started clamping up and her pussy spasmed and contracted around my dick. I served her one last thrust, so deep, so hard. She was looking me right in the eye. I came inside her.

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Deep inside of her pre-teen, 15 year old womb. I held my dick, deep inside her until I emptied every drop of semen inside her. I pulled my dick out and left her on the ground. She had her eyes closed, trying to catch her breath up, while she occasionally gave me eye contact.

Cum was dripping down her teen pussy and in her sore ass. I whiped my cock of and turned around. Natalia, sat there. With her hands down her underwear. Did she really want it too?