Gay porn dudes bathroom This is one of my favorite folks to have

Gay porn dudes bathroom This is one of my favorite folks to have
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CAROL became Unfaithful due to Husband's attitude Please remember that in the 60's sex was not taught in schools, publishing a story (even true) like this one could put me in jail and only doctors knew where woman's erogenous zones were.

As we experimented in our sexual lives we had to each learn the hard way and being taboo your partner usually would not tell you what was wanted.


There were many false beliefs about sex and faulty attitudes which led to repression in females. Many guys thought that when married you just hopped on and pumped away without regards to their partners feelings. At least my parents had taught me to have a regard for the women, never hurt them and try to please them whenever possible. In the early sixties I was 29 when my work took me 800 miles from home into another state. Before the trip I phoned a guy I had met through a mutual friend thinking it would be good to go spend some social time with him since I was a stranger in his town.

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Geoff asked if I had anywhere to stay which led to an invitation to stay with them for the time I was to be there. When I arrived I met his children and the wife a vivacious blond about 5' 4" and a slim figure with a flat chest little more than bumps for her nipples.

We had a great meal, finishing the wine I had brought for the meal. Afterwards we were all relaxed around the fire, feeling mellow discussing Geoff's hobbies and the odd things that were happening at his work.

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I thought it strange that Carol was left out of the conversation and whenever she would make a comment Geoff would put her down by saying we were not interested in her comments. I felt for her as she was University educated and a wise person in the legal profession who as I later discovered could talk on any subject. Later we all retired to bed, mine was on the sofa in the lounge at the other end of the house from their bedrooms.

While settling down I was thinking about the unfair and unloving way Carol was treated and felt disturbed at the way she was repressed. As I was a little horny and could not sleep, I got up to go to the toilet to rub one off. I opened the door as I stepped in, turned on the light when I got a shock to see Carol with her nightie above her waist sitting on the toilet masturbating in the dark.

I said,"Sorry." Turned off the light and backed out. Went back to the sofa. Just as I was settling down, Carol in came to me and said she wanted to explain why she was in the toilet. Geoff had just fucked her, rolled over and gone to sleep leaving her sexually frustrated. She then explained that she was a virgin when she got married she knew almost nothing about sex and on her wedding night Geoff without any preliminaries mounted her, pumped in and out.

After the pain of defloration Carol said she was just starting to get a good feeling when Geoff came, pulled off her and rolled to the side. Carol asked if he could have kept going as she had just started to get a good feeling.

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Geoff angrily told her that only whores feel good during sex and nice girls just lie there and bear it. So from that day she had to hide her feelings during sex and when frustrated afterwards go to the toilet to give herself an orgasm to relieve her frustration.

While she was telling me this she was shivering, so I asked her if she was feeling cold, when she said,"Yes." I lifted the blanket saying she come under it to stay warm and we could keep talking.

As she was getting onto the lounge her left nipple touched the back of my hand making her jump. I asked if she was alright and was told that her nipple were extremely sensitive and touching my hand had excited her and made her jump. In all this time I was feeling sorry for the way she was being treated and told her I thought Geoff had made it very difficult for her to get sexual enjoyment/ relief in her marriage.


She snuggled back into my front so I put my arm around her to hold her close and not fall off the narrow sofa. With my horniness and the thought of her sensitive nipples, I lightly caressed her nipple while holding her close.

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She pushed her arse hard into my groin grinding my hard-on into the crack of her arse. I was then told that she had not finished her masturbation and could I make love to her so she could relieve her frustration properly with my cock instead of her fingers.

We both then stripped to be skin to skin and she rolled over so we were facing each other.

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I leaned in to kiss her hard nipples that stuck out 3/4" from her chest, Carol proudly announced that she was able to breast feed all her children even though she had very small breasts. As we were warming up I ran a hand down her tummy to curl my fingers into her cunt, she lifted her leg to help with my access. Finding her very wet and open, she told me she wanted my "stiffie" in her now!

I pointed my penis down to go between her legs and slid it along her cunt lips, the wetness between her lips coating my penis lubricating it ready for her vagina. I moved down a little to find the angle where the head went into her vagina and then slowly pushed it upwards until I was in as far as it could go, giving a sensation that was intense and unbelievable. Carol grunted and exclaimed,"I have never felt this full before, you are bigger than Geoff's and feels beautiful." I started a slowly moving in and out for both to enjoy the feelings of sex with two bodies becoming attuned to each other.

Carol started moving as well to intensify her feelings, moaning and purring followed by an exclamation,"I am coming". Then,"I wish Geoff would allow me to have this feeling as it feels so right!" I thought what a waste for anyone to stop a wife having the ultimate feeling you can have during sex.

After Carol came the first time we became hungrier for each other, plunging in harder and deeper, I then sped up to bring on my orgasm when she joined in with a more intense orgasm.

As we came down from our orgasms, I stayed inside her as at that age I would stay hard through 2-3 orgasms, so holding her tight rolled onto my back pulling her on top placing her legs either side of my waist. She now rode me cowgirl style saying,"I did not know you could make love this way.


"It is so much better and I feel you are much deeper filling me to my womb." We really got into it and bounced hard up and down getting faster as our next orgasm approached thankful were could not be heard in the distant bedrooms.

Finally we reached our peaks with Carol coming first which set off mine. Carol lay down onto my chest so we could kiss, caress and talk while coming down from our intense highs. The after glow of love making lasted a long time.

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Carol then got off me and left me to sleep on the sofa while she went back to the cold marriage bed. I felt I may have woken a sleeping sexual tiger. Carol's first experience of fulfilled sex meant that whenever I was sent up to their city (3-5 times a year) she would always meet me for 2-3 afternoons of carefree, fun-loving sex/love making at the motel where I was staying.

After that first time I did not feel right staying in their home although I was often asked. These joyous meetings went on for several years until the family was moved away for Geoff's change of work. This was also my first time I was unfaithful in a sexless marriage.CAROL became Unfaithful due to Husband's attitude