Dani daniels has her way with asa akira

Dani daniels has her way with asa akira
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Finding Love Along the Tracks Chapter 6 - Kelsy's Birthday John woke up about 10 till 8 in the morning. He looked over and he saw Kelsy still asleep. He watcher he as she slept. Even though they had been a couple for over two months, his mind still had not fully comprehended the fact the she was now his girlfriend. He had loved her ever since the 6th grade, but he had a fear that she would reject him, and he would loose his best friend.

He leaned over her and gave her a light kiss on the forehead. She stirred when she felt his lips on her head. She opened her eyes and saw John looking at her with a smile on his face. "Hmmmm, Good morning, baby." She said softly, still half asleep "Good morning, beautiful," he replied, "Did you sleep well?" he asked?

"Very much so. I sleep much better when I am with you." She told him. "I am the same way, I constantly think about you when we are apart, and there have been some nights I got very little sleep." "I am not that bad," she said, "I still get plenty of sleep, but I have been dreaming about us a-lot lately." "What kind of dreams?" He asked, he was curious to know.

"Mostly involving us being married and having a family." She said, kissing him again "We don't have to wait to get married to start a family, my love." He told her. "I know, baby. I think I would really like to wait until we are married to start a family, but what happens, happens" She responded "I would to, but you know what?

If you end up pregnant before then, I would be so very happy and excited." He told her "I would be too, baby. I know you would make an excellent father" She replied "And you would be a great mother!" he told her as he kissed her again. He was a bit worried, he had never asked if she had been on birth control, after all, the two times they made love, he had cum not only in her pussy, but in her womb.

"Like I said, what happens, happens, and I could take it either way." She said with a smile. The two of them started to cuddle, enjoying the warmth of their bodies pressed against each other. They were still completely naked after their love making the previous night.

"Oh, Baby?" He said with a playful tone in his voice "What sweetie?" She asked "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" He yelled as he flipped her over and gave her ass 18 spankings and one to grow on. She screeched in surprise, and she felt his hand spanking her. It did not hurt, but it actually made her very horny. She liked being submissive. She had not told him yet, but she had a secret fantasy that he would tie her up, blindfold and gag her.


She wanted to call him 'Master.' She was working out a way to tell him. She had not figured it out, but when she did, she knew that they would have a-lot of fun. Another thing that he did not know was that she was almost ready to have a baby. She never told him that she was on birth control.

He never asked. She really wanted to give herself to him the night he took her and made her his woman. She had been afraid if she had said something, that he would have wanted to her to go on the pill before anything happened. The one thing that she did have going for her was that her periods were regular, and when they came, she was prepared for it. She knew when it would be safe to have sex, and when not to. She knew when she really was ready, that all they had to do was make love during one of her fertile days.

After John had given her spankings, he heard he emit a low moan, not one from the pain, but the one he know from when they were fooling around. Before he could inquire about the moan, the phone rang.

The caller ID said "Private". John went ahead and answered the phone. "Hello?" He asked "Hi, yes, is this John Walker?" The voice said on the other side "Yes it is, may I ask who is calling?" "Hello, Mr.

Walker, this is Detective Groat with the Kirkwood Police Department, how are you today?" He asked "I am doing fine, what can I do for you Detective?" "I was calling to inform you that Brenda will no longer have to worry about her father. When officers approached his residence, he came outside with a rifle. He fired a shot in the air and warned them to stay back, and that they had no business at his home.

The officers repeatedly demanded him to put the gun down, but he refused. When he lifted the gun and pointed at it at the officers, they opened fire. He was struck 3 times in the chest, and he was pronounced dead at the scene." He explained "A suiting end to such a low life scum." John replied. "We need you to bring Brenda to the morgue so she can identify the body." The detective told him. "When do you need us down there?" "Now, if that would be possible, the coroner has just finished the autopsy.

The sooner she can ID him, the sooner his remains can be disposed of." "Okay, I will wake Brenda up and we will be over there as soon as we can." John told the Detective. The two said goodbye and he hung up the phone. "What was that all about, babe?" Kelsy asked "Brenda's dad was stupid and pointed a loaded gun at the officers who were trying to arrest him. Needless to say, he is resting some cold stainless steel in a cooler at the morgue." He told her.

"I guess he had a death wish, loosing his sex slave and his extra source of income, I guess you getting her pregnant was a good thing since it got her out of the hands of that monster, who claimed to be her father." Kelsy said. She hid her feelings when she found out that John knocked her up on graduation night, but now that she saw what her dad did to her, and the nasty living conditions she lived in, she was more approving of the pregnancy.

It helped save their friend. "Come on, we need to get up and get Brenda so we can head to the morgue. We can take a shower when we get back, the sooner we get this done, the sooner they can destroy his remains.

I hope his soul is in Hell's hell." He said. "Hell's hell, huh? That's a new one!" Kelsy chuckled a little as she said that. Even in a situation like this, he could still make her laugh. The two of them were soon dressed, and they walked across the hall to Brenda's room. They peaked in and saw she was not there. The went downstairs to start looking for her, but they found her right away sitting on the couch watching a sitcom.

She noticed them come into the room and she got up. She went straight to Kelsy and gave her a big hug. "Happy Birthday, Kelsy!" She exclaimed "Thank you, Brenda." She replied. She was not expecting a hug. "Brenda, we got a call from Detective Grout a few minutes ago." John told her. "Do they have them at the station?" She asked.

"Well, you could say that, but he is not in a cell, he is in the morgue." John explained "Did he kill himself?" There was no remorse, no sudden breakdown, no emotion when she asked this.

To her, he was just a monster who had used her like a fuck doll. "No, when the officers went out to the house, he came outside with his gun, after a few minutes, he pointed it towards the officers and they took action taking him out." he explained.

"Brenda, I am so sorry." Kelsy said, thinking that she would be upset with hearing the news. "Why the hell should I be happy that old bastard is dead!

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He deserved it! I hope is burning in hell with Hitler sitting next to him!" she exclaimed. "I am happy he is dead, mainly because he will never get to know his grandchild! The two of them look at her with surprise. Even though he had tortured her for the past 8 years, they both figured that she would still have some sort of emotional attachment to him. After all, he was her father. "Brenda, we need to go down to the station so you can ID his body." John told her.

"The sooner you ID him, the sooner they can dispose of his body." "Good, let me get dressed, I hope they toss him into a meat grinder and feed the him to lions at the Zoo." She said as she got up.

It became apparent to them after she said this, that she hated him with a passion. I guess he never did show her anything other than his cock the past 8 years, and not even an once of compassion or love for his own daughter.

She may have been after him, was a bitch to them and even broke into his bedroom, but the life she had lived was despicable. How she managed to live like that and then put on a face in school like she was living on top of the world, and become Cheer-leading captain was beyond them.

Kelsy knew that if it was her, she would not have survived the first month. She was now starting to see her as one tough girl who would not let anything get in her way, even if it was being raped and pimped out by her dad on an almost daily basis.

Before long, Brenda came back down the stairs. She has been wearing a loose fighting T-shirt and shorts, but when she came back down, she was wearing a pink sun dress. "I love your dress, Brenda." Kelsy complimented "Thanks, It was one of the few things of my mothers that I saved after she left. I hid it because dad took everything that she had left and tossed it into the Mississippi River." Brenda explained "So, I guess by wearing that would be a slap to his face then?" John asked? "You can say that." The three of them walked out the door.

It was a beautiful July day, the humidity was low for once, and they took advantage of that. The station was only a few blocks away and was actually across the tracks from the Amtrak station. They didn't really speak as they walked. They had too much on their minds. Kelsy was thinking about how she wanted to let John know about her fantasy where he was her master, and that after this mornings talk, she was considering starting a family with him sooner than later. She loved him a-lot, and having a baby, she thought, would make them closer together.

She already knew John was ready to have a family. John was thinking more about the future. It had only been a couple of months, but he knew that he would marry her someday. He kept thinking about when it would be the right time to actually ask her. As for Brenda, she could not wait to get the ID over with and move on with her life. She had more important things to worry about, with the most important being the baby she was carrying.

When they reached the Amtrak Station, no one was there but Darrel. He never really spoke much, but spent everyday at the station. Scott and Jason usually where there as well, but the girls must have dragged them off to buy something nice to wear to Kelsy's birthday get together. John could here a train climbing the grade up to the station from the west.


He knew it was not a coal train, for once in his life, he was hoping they would not be stopped by the train. He wanted Brenda to be done with her past so she can look forward to her future. As they neared the road crossing to cross the tracks, the crossing activated. This train was moving faster then what he could here. He knew that it would not be long for the train to pass if it was moving at the track speed of 35MPH. He was right, the train was moving at track speed and wile he was disappointed that they had to wait for it to pass, he was happy to see it was just the local train that runs from St.

Louis out to Jefferson City, Missouri and back to work the railroads customers. The train consisted of 3 older 1970's built locomotives that came from the Southern Pacific and the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railway. Even though they were now wearing the colors of Union Pacific, he knew by the numbers on the side of the cab of what railroad originally bought them. Behind the locomotives were 16 or 17 freight cars, and much to his surprise and delight, an old Missouri Pacific Caboose bringing up the rear.

"God Damn, of all the days I did not bring my camera!" He explained. Brenda laughed and Kelsy shook her head. "Know you know, baby, never leave home without it!" She said "Know you are sounding like that old commercial, Kelsy" Brenda laughed. After the train had cleared, they strolled past the City Hall and over to the station. They walked inside and Detective Groat was standing just inside the door talking to another officer about a case that involved a missing boy by the name of Shawn Hornbeck.

John knew Shawn from a mutual friend, but other than that, he never really said anything more than hi. Shawn had been kidnapped a couple of years before, and the case had grown cold. (Authors note: Shawn was found safe in Kirkwood, he had been forced to live with his kidnapper at his apartment near City Hall after he went missing) Detective Groat saw them walk in and excused himself from the other officer.

He walked over to them and greeted them. "Thanks for coming over so fast, I didn't think you would be here so soon, though. Brenda, I give you my condolences for your loss, I assume that John told you everything, right?" He asked her "I don't want to sound rude, but you can keep your condolences. If it really is him, then I will be glad that rapist is dead. I will be able to live in peace with my child." She said "And with the father,right?" "He left me when he found out I was pregnant.

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He was one of those jocks from High School. I think he was just using me for my body, but he treated me so well until he found out I was pregnant." She did not want to tell him that it was John's baby, and that the child was conceived when she was being black mailed by Kelsy, John and their friends.

She did not want to get them in trouble. "Damn Jocks," he replied, "they can never take responsibility when it is handed to them. I am glad I was one jock with common sense though. Come on, I will take you downstairs." he said The three of them followed Detective Groat down the stairs, past the holding cells as they walked towards the autopsy room. Only one was occupied, and from what they could see, it was one of their ex-classmates who dropped out of school after he became addicted to heroin.

They walked through the door and they were greeted by the coroner, Dr. Dasho. "I assume that you three are here to Identify our friend here?" He asked "Yeah, I want to make sure the bastard really is dead." Brenda said nonchalantly. The doctor seem surprised by this. He had never heard anyone call a deceased body a terrible name.

But she had his reasons, he reasoned. He may have done something very bad to the girl. Dr. Dasho walked over to the cooler where bodies where kept before their autopsy's and before they go to the funeral homes.

He opened door #2 and pulled out a long metal drawer. On it was apparently the body of her father, the entire body was covered by a sheet. "Can I see?" Brenda asked "Of course, My dear." he replied. He pulled back the sheet. By the look in Brenda's eyes, both John and Kelsy knew that the body on the table was indeed her fathers.

"That's him," she said, "Do you mind if I ask where he was shot at?


Dr. Dasho pulled the sheet even farther back to expose the chest. "He was tapped three times in the chest. It was this one," he said, pointing to a wound close to where the heart would be, "that I assume was the fatal shot. It reminds me of a story from when I was in Vietnam. I had just rescued a small family from the Vietcong when the we were attacked and the father." "Thats enough, Doctor." Groat said.

"I don't think they need to hear any of your war stories." They thank the doctor and the three of them left the room and went back upstairs. "I am sorry about that, he has a special fondness of Dr. Mallard in that TV show. NSIC, CISN, SICN." "You mean NCIS?" John asked. "Yeah, that's the one.

He met the person who plays the doctor a few months ago, Rick McCallum, I think that's his name, and ever since then, he has been acting like that." Groat explained. They reached his office, and he had them come in. "Now, Miss Wacha, would you like to contact some funeral homes to make proper arrangements?" Without thinking, Brenda blurted out "NO!" This caught everyone off guard. John was sort of expecting it considering how she was treated by him.

"That bastard does not deserve to be buried, cremated or whatever. If I had the choice, I would either put his body through a meat grinder and feed him to the lions at the zoo, or throw his body body into the river so the fish can devour him" She was angry.

She had so much built up anger from the way her dad treated her, and she never had a chance to release it before. "So, you do not care what we do with his body then, do you Miss Wacha?" Groat asked.

"No, but please do me this. I do not want him to have a tomb, a grave, or anything with his name on it. Cremate his body, and throw the ashes in the garbage where they belong." For a girl with 7 or 8 years worth of anger in her system, even Detective Groat was shocked to hear these things coming from a teenager who had just lost her dad.

"If you want that to be his final resting place, in the the garbage, you will have to fill out these papers.

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Basically, they give you the power of attorny, so you can instruct on us on ow we dispose of his remains." He explained to her.

Brenda quickly signed them, and Groat gave her another form. This one was to instruct on what to do with the body. She basically put "Cremate and throw away in the garbage." They walked out of the station and started to head back to his place.

Brenda seemed so much more relieved now that he dad was going out with the next day's trash, and that she can now speak her mind without fear. Instead of going straight to his place, they decided that Kelsy needed to get home. It was her birthday after all, and she needed to get ready. She kissed John good bye and gave Brenda a hug. After they watcher her go inside, Brenda and John started to walk back to what was now, their house.

They did not say a word for most of the 10 minute walk, but he could tell that she was much happier than she was when they had left the house. As they got closer to the house, Brenda spoke at last. "John, I really want to thank you." She said "What do you mean, you have already thanked me enough." he replied "No, what I mean is, thank you for getting me pregnant.

If it would not have been for you blackmailing me, then I would still be there, being raped by that bastard and the men who paid him to fuck me. So, basically, I want to say thank you for the blackmail." She told him "It was meant to be a revenge for the way you were treating Kelsy and I, we never expected the results to be this, with your dad dead and you moving in with us." "I never expected that as well. You really are a good friend, even to some one who was such a bitch to you very recently." She smiled and looked at him.

John looked back and saw how pretty her smile was. He was tempted to give her a kiss, but he thought better of it. He did not want to ruin anything with Kelsy. He loved her. Instead, he just pulled her in and gave her a friendly hug. They reached his house and Brenda went to use the bathroom while John went to his computer. He had some pictures that he wanted to edit, and a new photo editing software that his mom picked up for him at Best Buy. He started to edit a picture of a Gateway Western Locomotive that he shot when he went with William and Darrel to Granite City, IL the a day before this whole Brenda being pregnant issue popped up.

He had heard that it was working the Wann Local and wanted to go catch it. They ended up going with William to catch it, even though he was still Black and Blue. He forgot that he was signed into his instant messenger an IM popped it. It was Kelsy. They used to talk all the time on IM, but since they became a couple, the phone became their preferred choice.

Luv2luv : "Hey Big Boy ;)" Conrail8098: "Hey there Pinapple Girl :). Why are you on here and not calling me?" Luv2luv: "I left my phone over there, can you bring it over when you guys come, and tell Brenda she can come as well" Conrail8090: "Yeah, I can baby." Luv2luv: "I also wanted to tell you something, but I did not wany anyone to here me say this." Conrail8098: "Oh, is it naughty :D" Luv2luv: "Maaaaybe :P" Conrail8098: "Then tell me." Luv2luv: "Okay, but promise me that you wont say anything" Conrail8098: "I promise." John had no idea what she was about to say, but he had a good feeling that it would be about their sex life.

They only had sex twice, and it was more than he could imagine. Luv2luv: "I would love it if I could be your sex slave, and you be my master, it is something I have always wanted to try, even before we got together, baby" John's eyes widened with surprise when he read this.

He didn't expect that coming at all! He had read some Slave and Master stories before, and some where quite violent. Conrail8098: "What kind of slave are you talking about, you mean like the torture kind or what?" Luv2luv: "Oh hell no!

I want you to tie me to the bed posts, blindfold me, and make me beg to cum. I want you to force me to call you master.

But I don't want you to hurt me or anything that will cause me pain." Conrail8098: "." Luv2luv: "What?" Conrail8098: "Nothing baby, are you sure that is something you want to do? I know how many times you cum when we have sex. You know as a master, I would have to punish you if you disobeyed me." Luv2luv: "I know that baby, and as long as its nothing that will harm me, I am okay with it." Conrail8098: "I would get to decide what punishment you would get, though" Luv2luv: " ;) You think I didn't know that, sexy?" Conrail8098: "You have thought this out, haven't you?" Luv2luv: "More than you realize, baby" Conrail8098: "Then be ready, my love, you are to be my slave, doing whatever I please to you so long as I don't cause you any harm, but I get to decide when and where.

;) " Luv2luv: "YAY! I love you baby! I am getting off now so I can shower." Conrail8098: "Ok sexy girl, see you tonight :* " John was looking forward to it now. He never did realize that she wanted to be a sex slave. He guessed that they could try it once, and if they didn't like it, they would not have to do it again.

He wondered about her, sometimes. She can be so secretive. He went back to editing his photo, but just as the program came back up there was a knock on the door. "Come in!" he said to the person behind the door. It was Brenda. She must have just taken a shower because her hair was wet and she was only wearing a towel. He had to look away from her because most of her cleavage was showing. "John?" She asked "Yes, Brenda, whats up?" He replied.

He looked up and saw that the fear had returned to her eyes, but not like before. "Do you think any guy will want me know that I am pregnant, or even want to be with a single mom?" she asked him. She had a worried expression on her face. "Brenda, I know that there is someone out there for you. I know that there are men out there who are only attracted to and date single mothers.

I know it's not me, because I love Kelsy and I plan on making her my wife and start a family with her someday. But you and your baby will find someone special. I just know it." he replied "Don't you mean our baby?

You are the father, remember?" "I know its my baby, but I don't know if Kelsy would approve if we called it 'our' baby since you are not my girlfriend." he explained. She got a sad look on her face and she sat down on his bed.

John could tell she was hurting. He got up out of his computer chair and sat down next to her. She put her head on her shoulder and hugged him. He could tell that she wanted to cry. "Brenda, everything will be just fine, trust me on this." "John, you are the sweetest guy I know, and I am still very jealous that Kelsy has you.

I am not jealous that you are with her, I am jealous because I really wished I had a loving boyfriend like she does." "Brenda, here is one piece of advice I can tell you that my friend Dan told me. 'Don't go looking for love because it will hurt in the end, let love find you and you will be happy for the rest of your life.'" "Do you really think that is the way I should let it happen?" She asked "Of course." He replied.

"I am scared, though, I am scared that love will never find me." The look of fear was gone and a scared look appeared in her eyes. "Brenda, everyone has had love find them in some way, shape or form, so just let it happen, unless you want me too hook you up with one of my train buddies." Brenda looked shocked that he have mentioned this, but the fear that she would have to spend the rest of life being alone and a single mom quickly overpowered that feeling of shock.

"Why don't you?" She said. She really was scared to be alone, and was actually desperate to have a nice guy in her life. "Are you sure?" John asked, he did not expect her to answer with a yes right away.

"I am positive. I mean look at Shelby and Emily, they are also with guys who love trains, and Kelsy has you, so I guess I should try dating a person who loves trains." She replied "Brenda, not all of us railfans are like Jason, Scott and myself. There are some real perverts as well. One of the station volunteers is like that, and look at him, he is 69 and still a bachelor. But let me ask around, I think there might be one or two guys that could use a girlfriend." He responded "Thanks," Brenda smiled, "I am just too scared to be alone." "It's fine to be scared and alone, its a natural fear that everyone has." "I never have seen you to be scared before." She said.

"Trust me, I am scared right now, I mean just yesterday I found out I was going to be a father." He said. Then he started to think. She had revealed everyone yesterday that she had been raped repeatedly by her father. If she had not been on birth control when he got her pregnant, and if her dad had raped her the day or night before, then he might not be the father.

"Brenda, may I ask you something?" He asked her "I guess that would be alright." she replied "I have been thinking about this, but are you 100% that the child you are carrying is mine?

Did your dad rape you anything during the week that we black mailed you?" He asked This got Brenda thinking. She had completely forgotten about that. The raping had been a constant thing in her life, like waking up and going to school, that when it happened, she just let it happen because she was so used to and not even think about what she was doing.

"I am pretty sure, but with the many times that my dad raped me, It might also be his, oh god, NO! I am against abortion, but if this child is his, then I am going abort the child. I don't want his child!" She started to get angry again. "Now calm down, Brenda! No child is going to be aborted! If you want a DNA test of the fetus, then we can get one. If the child is his, then you can just simply put the child up for adoption.

And if it is mine, then all of us will help you raise the kid." John explained "Adoption?" She asked "Yes, Adoption. You know, you let someone else, like a couple who can not have children, be the parents.

The child will grow up thinking the adopting parents are their real parents, and they will never remember you." "That sure does sound better then having an abortion." She stated "Sure does!" John exclaimed, then he looked at the time.

"Oh shit Brenda, we have to get ready for Kelsy's birthday. We can discuss this more later." "I thought I was not invited." Brenda said "Kelsy sent me a message that you are invited to come along if you want, but if you are, you need to hurry up and get ready!" Brenda looked happy when she said this, but instead of leaving, she walked up to John and gave him a big kiss on the lips.

Not a kiss of a lover, but a kiss of happiness. He was caught of guard by this, and his eyes widened. "Thanks John, you have made me feel a-lot better!" Brenda said, as she turned to walk out the door. She stopped, and turned around before saying "Oh, and before you tell Kelsy that I kissed you, I already told her that I was going to if you made me feel better!" He was still put off guard by the kiss.

John got ready, and within 5 minutes he was done and walked downstairs to wait for Brenda. She did not take long and within 10 minutes, she was downstairs and ready to go. They were not going to Kelsy's house, instead, they were going to be going to a nice restaurant in Old Town St. Charles called Tony's on Main. It was going to be a half-hour drive, and Jason and Emily were going to be riding with them, as Scott and Shelby would be meeting them there, along with Kelsy and her parents.

As they walked out to the car, they saw Jason and Emily walking up. He had thought they were going to be picking them up at Emily's house. They had decided to walk over to save them some time so they can go straight there.

None of them, except Kelsy and her parents, had ever been to Tony's on Main. John looked them up, and saw that they were some-what of a fancy restaurant that had an executive chef, and hired their employee's straight of Le Cordon Bleu Collage of Culinary Arts in St. Peters. MO. He was surprised that instead of getting just a salad and 1 side with each meal, you got 2 sides, a salad plus a Pasta with either red or white sauce.

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He could hardly wait to get there, because the food sounded so good from the online menu. The drive went took a little longer then expected because of a wreck on the ramp from I-270 North to I-70 West. They ended up having to go a mile north to Missouri Highway 370 into St.

Charles then get off on Highway 94 south to get to the restaurant. When they got there, everyone else was waiting for them.

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The four of them got out and John grabbed his gift for Kelsy out of the trunk of the car, along with a paper bag as well. When they walked up, Kelsy basically jumped into his arms and gave him a kiss. He laughed and mentioned that he had just seen her a couple of hours before. They had to enter from the rear of the restaurant and walk to the front in order to be seated. The 10 of them didn't have to wait long to be seated.

When they had placed their drink orders, the girls were amazed at the atmosphere of the places, and then they saw the menus.

They did not expect to see the prices so high. John, however expect it, since he had looked over the menu before. "Compared to Mike's place, these prices are a bargain." "Who is Mike?" Kelsy asked "Oh, Mike Lang, he owns Dreamland Palace in Waterloo, IL. Its a German restaurant, and a simple dish costs about $19.00." "How do you know him?" Kelsy's dad ask.

"He is also a railfan and he sells at area train shows." "You and your trains." Kelsy sighed. Everyone laughed. Everyone ordered their food. Kelsy's parent's told everyone to order whatever they wanted. John ordered a Rib eye with Baked Potato, Corn, and a white sauce pasta. He did not care for the tomato based red sauce when it came to pasta's, Kelsy ordered a New York Strip, with the same sides, except the got the red sauce pasta.

Everyone ordered some sort of steak except Brenda. Instead, she went for a half rack of ribs. She claims that she had been craving them recently. After they ordered, John spoke up. "Mr. Carter, would you mind if I gave Kelsy her present now?" he asked "John, How many times have I told you, do not call me Mr. Carter. Its Frank. And yes, I would love to see what you got my daughter." He said. Then he spotted something on her finger that he did not notice before. "What is that on your finger, Kelsy?

When did you get that.wait.never mind.did John propose to you!?" He was surprised. No one else had even noticed the ring that John had given her yesterday. Everyone was so focused on Brenda, and never even took notice until Frank told her something. "No, dad, he did not propose. It is a promise ring, he has promised to ask me to marry him." She replied. "Let me see that!" Her mom insisted. She took Kelsy's hand into her's and examined the ring.

"Oh, my, that is a pretty stone. It matches your eyes, honey." She said. "Oh, and John?" "Yes Mrs. Carter?" "Its Morgan, John, please, stop calling me Mrs. Walker," she started, "but, I do expect you to follow through on your promise, or you will have to witness my wrath!" "You do NOT want to see her on a war path!" Emily said Jason looked over at his girlfriend. "I take it that you have seen it?" "We both have," Shelby butted in, "We were there when the last guy gave her a promise ring, then broke up with her a few days later." Everyone starred at John, and it made him very nervous, with 9 sets of eyes peering at him.


You don't expect me to dump her, do you? I have no intentions to." He said "You better not be, for everyone's sake!" Kelsy said as she gave him a kiss. "Come on, Bro, lets see what you got her." Scott said "You know, I am quite interested in seeing what you got her too." Her dad said. "I know!

Its baby clothes!" Brenda said All of a sudden, all eyes were on her, and then stared right back at John. "Oh, Shit." He sighed. "I might have to do some explaining on that one, Brenda." He told her. "HAHA!" Brenda laughed, "I was only kidding, I only wanted to break the tension! Besides, if it is anyone who needs baby clothes, it will be me!" Everyone except Kelsy's dad started to laugh, he just gave John a mistrusting look.

John got the gift out and set in front of her. Only he knew that there were four layers of boxes, each one wrapped as well, to frustrate her to no end until she got to the gift. She started to open the gift. She was a little disappointed when it was a plain brown cardboard box. She used the knife that came with her utensils and cut the tape. She looked inside to see the the next box. "Oh, Funny guy, are you? Placing my gift inside this box?" She said out loud.

She pulled out the 2nd layer of the gifts and unwrapped it as well. She repeated the same steps as she had before. Again, when she looked in, there was the 3rd box.

"Seriously, John!" She complained, "I swear, I am dating a prankster!" Everyone started to chuckle when she said this. She went ahead and opened unwrapped the 3rd layer, and when she saw what was inside, she gave him a dirty look, There was the forth, and final box that needed to be unwrapped.

"What the hell, John! I am going to get you back for this!" She said with a mixed voice of anger, yet she was trying not to laugh. This time, she would see what her gift was.

She unwrapped it, and when she saw what was inside, she gasped. Everyone at the table thought there was yet another box to be opened. She let out a squeal of delight and gave John a big hug.

Everyone started to tell her to take it out. She pulled out the final box, and they were all surprised to see what it was. It was the Nikon D40 that John had bought her. "Thank You! Oh John, I love it!" She cried out. Frank looked over at John and gave him a smile. "I thought you would, that is the same camera that I have.

I have seen you use your phone to take pictures of trains, so I thought I would give you a better camera" He explained. "I am going to be taking so many pictures of you, baby!" She said as she leaned over to kiss him.

"You know, I have more for you, you never asked what was in the bag I brought in." He told her. "I was figuring that it was a model for Scott." She said. John lifted the bag from the floor and handed it to her. When she opened it up and saw that inside was the other lens, she smiled even bigger.

He had gone all out. Inside was the 55-200 Nikon lens to go with the camera, and also a 2 GB memory card. "I told you not to spend so much on me, baby." She told him. "You are worth every cent of what I spent. I wanted to get them for you, because I know how much you love my camera." He replied "Not as much as I love you, baby" She beamed. The food arrived and everyone dug in.

It was a good meal and everyone laughed and had a good time.

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Brenda and Morgan talked to each other the most, mainly about pregnancy and what to expect when the baby is born. She told Brenda that she would love to Babysit for her if she ever needed a sitter. Jason and Scott talked on and off, they kept getting distracted by their girlfriends.

They did not seem to mind though, as they loved their girls. Frank didn't really say much, except that he was very happy that John is making his daughter very happy. He approved of the relationship and he knew that John would not do anything stupid to hurt her. John and Kelsy were busy talking about her new camera.

She was excited and could not wait to try it out. John promised that he would take her track side in Illinois that weekend so she could. Kelsy could not wait that long, and soon had the camera ready to go. It only had a 50% charge on the battery, but that still let her take some pictures. She ended up taking a-lot of pictures of everyone during the dinner, and her favorite subject was John.

Morgan told her to put the camera away and told her to wait until they at least got back. After dinner, Jason and Emily elected to ride back with Scott and Shelby, and her parents went back home since they knew Kelsy wanted to spend some time with John.

They knew that she would not be home that night. After about a half an hour walking up and down 2nd street, John asked Kelsy and Brenda if they would like to take a small walk.

They both agreed and they walked towards the Missouri River. The crossed the street and started to walk down the abandoned railroad right-of-way of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad that was now part of the Katy Trail that ran from here in St. Charles out to Sedalia, Missouri. After they had passed the poorly restored MKT Wide Vision caboose, the old Katy St. Charles Station and the old Decatur, IL built Wabash caboose, which of course Kelsy photographed, they made their wait down to the river.

It was about 1/10th of a mile but with the girls, it seemed like forever. Once they reached the river, Brenda spoke up. "Hey Kelsy, can I talk to you for a second?" "Yeah, whats up?" she replied "Can we talk alone for a second? This is private and I don't want anyone else to hear." "No problem, John, could you wait here for a little bit, okay?" She told him John gave her a kiss and told her to hurry back.

The two of them walked a little ways so he was ot of earshot. When they were sure that he could not hear, Brenda turned to Kelsy and gave he an odd look "Whats up with that look, Brenda?" Kelsy asked "I don't really know how to ask, and I expect you to say no, but I really wanted to ask this." She said "Ask me what?" "Well, a couple of weeks ago, before I found out I was pregnant, I realized that I was becoming more and more horny.

I could not figure out why. I masturbated every chance I got when my dad was not home, but that was not enough, and I could never get off when either himself or one of the men he brought home fucked me.

Now that I think about it, I realize it was because I am pregnant. I guess I am one of those girls who get much more horny when pregnant" "Okay, but what are you asking?" Kelsy asked. "Well, I was wonder.that maybe, I don't know, I don't know if I can ask this." "I think I know what you are going to ask.

You would like to have sex with John again, am I right?" She asked Brenda looked down, She did not want to hurt their relationship, but there was no other guy right now that she trusted more than John. "Yeah, that's what I was going to ask, but if you say no, then I will drop the subject." "I mean, I don't really approve of it. I know he would be hesitant about it." She continued "Like I said, Kelsy, if you don't want me to, then just say it." "Would it help you out?

I mean, would having sex with scratch that itch you need?" Kelsy asked "Yeah, it would. I mean, he is the only guy that I can trust right now, and I don't know how much longer I can last without someone being in me." Kelsy though about this for a moment. She wanted to help her friend, but she did not want to risk loosing John to her. After a couple of minutes, he replied.

"If it really does help you out, then I guess it is okay, but you know, I don't want you to take advantage of that. I don't want to loose him, he means the world to me, and I would never forgive you if you stole him from me." "I won't, and I don't want to ruin your relationship with him. I know he means a-lot, and I don't want to steal him away or have him fall in love with me." Brenda said. "He does, he is the one who really makes me happy." Kelsy commented with a smile. "I know, and I want to find someone that will make me as happy as he makes you." "Listen, you will find that someone.

I will agree to let you have sex with John, as much as you want when I am not there. However once you do find someone you know you will marry, you can no longer have sex with John, he will once again be off limits. Please do not wear him out, I want him too, you know." Kelsy said with a bit of concern. She was not really approving, but she hated to see her friend in such misery. She knew that if she was in the same boat as Brenda, either Emily or Shelby would let her borrow one of their boyfriends to satisfy herself.

They had talked about it before, and since then Emily has borrowed Shelby's boyfriends a few times, and Shelby has borrowed one of Emily's. They knew it was only to scratch an itch, and they both knew that it would not be all the time. They had extended the same off to Kelsy, but since she had been a virgin until recently, she had no need to borrow one of their boyfriends. "Thanks, Kelsy. I will make sure that I will not hurt either of you, and I will make sure he pleases you more then me.

Would you mind if I had him tonight?" Brenda asked. "Go ahead, I know you need that scratch itched, but please, just do me one favor, then Brenda." "Anything." "Let me have him first tonight, then you can have him.

I will be there to explain why you are naked in his room." Kelsy said. "That would be so much better then me having to explain, otherwise, he would be putting that video of me on the internet." Brenda replied. "True, so very true!" Kelsy commented. The two of them finished their conversation and had a little laugh. They knew that John was in for one hell of a surprise that night.

They walked back over to John. He was sitting on the ground watching the river flow by. He was relaxed, he never thought that watching the river flow by during the evening would be so relaxing. When the girls came back over, he got up off the ground, bushed himself off and took Kelsy's hand in his. They walked for a while down the river for a while when he suggested that they head for home.

They both agreed and walked back towards the Katy trail to head back to the car. Kelsy had her hand in his as they walked, and it seemed like Brenda was smiling more then she had been all day. "I wonder what those two were talking about." He thought to himself, he never knew that he would have such a surprise when he found out later what they had been talking about They got in the car and they started to head back to Kirkwood.

The drive went smoother this time. They made good time. There was no traffic heading south. The entire trip back, the two girls were talking about babies and what she should name hers. They got a laugh when they mentioned "John Kelso Wacha" after both John and Ashton Kutcher's character in "That 70's Show", Micheal Kelso. John rolled his eyes at that comment, but smiled at the same time. About half an hour later, they reached his place. As the three got out of the car, the two girls started to giggle.

He didn't know why. Just a girl talk he thought. As they walked in, Kelsy gave John a dirty smile and a wink. "Baby, can you go upstairs and wait for me, I won't be long." She said in sexy voice. John knew what she meant and smile.

He knew that she was in the mood and really wanted to him. He wanted her too and could not wait to ravage that petite body of hers.

He went into the kitchen, grabbed a Mellow Yellow and then headed up to his room to wait for her. Once he was upstairs, Kelsy turned to Brenda.

"Okay, if you really are serious about me loaning you to John, then I want you to wait by his door. I will keep it open so you can hear us. Yes, we will be having sex, and that should get you worked up by listening to us. When I scream that I can feel him cumming in me, that will be your cue. Come in 5 minutes after I scream that." "I can do that.

Do you think he will enjoy the surprised?" She asked "If he is like any guy, then yes, I think he will enjoy having two girls in the same bed, even though I won't do anything except watch the two of you. I will have had my fill of him already." She explained. The two girls laughed and they started to head up the stairs.

When they got to John's door, she gave Brenda a wink. She opened the door to his room and went inside, She did not close the door all the way so Brenda can listen for her cue. When Kelsy walked into his room, she saw that he had already removed his shirt. She walked over to him and gave him a hug from behind. "Hey there, beautiful." He said as he turned around. He could see in her emerald eyes how much she wanted him.

Even though they had amazing sex the night before, he knew that they would again be doing the same thing that night, and probably every night that she came over.

John moved in and kissed her full on the lips. She responded to the kiss by wrapping her arms around his neck and sliding her tongue into his mouth. He wrapped his arms around her waist and they started to kiss with even more passion. Within a couple of minutes, they both were really into each other and getting very turned on. John separated from the kiss and moved back. He lifted her shirt over her head and then went back for more. He started to suck on her neck and this caused her to emit a low moan.

He knew that she really enjoyed it when he sucked on her neck because that was one of the things that really turned her on. She put a hand on the back of his head to encourage him to keep doing what he was doing.

He reached around her and unfastened her bra, while at the same time, she reached down between them and started to rub on his crotch. She could feel that he was starting to get hard in his pants, even semi erect, he still felt huge in her small hand. She pushed him back for a second so she could fully take off her bra. She loved the look on John's face every time her breasts came into view. He pulled her in for a hug and he could feel her perky little tits against his bare chest.

The nipples were already hard and he could not resist any more and kissed his way down the her neck and the top of her chest on his way down to her nipples. He kissed around her nipples and this started to get her going even more. She loved it when he sucked on her nipples. When he finally took one into his mouth, she let out a moan. It felt great when he did that.

Every time he did, it made her even wetter, even if she was already soaking. As he sucked, he took the nipple between his teeth and gently bit down while playing with it at the same time with his tongue. She never felt him do this before, and it caused her to moan. She placed a hand on the back of his head again so he would not stop, while at the same time, moving one of his hands onto her other tit so he could pinch and play with it. John could tell she was enjoying what he was doing to her.

He alternated his mouth from one tit to the other, always playing with the other one as he sucked. Pretty soon, her breathing was getting heavy and he knew that if he continued, she would make cum.

He loved making her cum while playing with he breasts. He had only done it once other time, but since that time, he had always wanted to do that to her again. Sure enough, after a few minutes, he could feel her tense up as her orgasm hit and she let out a little scream of pleasure as it hit. It was not a powerful one like she had when he went down on her or when his cock was buried in her, but it was an orgasm never the less. After her orgasm passed, he reached down and hooked his fingers into the waist of her skirt.

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He pushed it down so that she was just in her panties. He knew he wanted to go down on her pussy, and he could smell the sweet aroma of her pussy. He picked her up and laid her down on the bed, where she immediately spread her legs open to give him access. John did not hesitate as he crawled in between her legs, he kissed up her right thigh on his way to her love hole.

This caused her to let out a little laugh because his lips were brushing against her in between kisses, and it tickled her a little bit. He reached her panty covered pussy and gave it a kiss right where her pussy lips were.

"Baby, make me cum with that mouth of yours. I can't stand it anymore!" She almost begged. He could not resist the love of his life begging him to make her cum. He pulled the crotch of her panties aside and started to give her pussy butterfly kisses. She really loved it when he did this to her, because even though he was teasing her a little bit, she could feel the warmth of his lips and the tickling it caused every time he kissed her.

John could see her pussy lips opening for him from how wet she was. He gave her pussy a lick from top to bottom, then took her exposed clit in between his lips. She grabbed his hair as he sucked, and within seconds, she had a powerful orgasm, this time she squirted a tiny bit and john immediately licked it up, tasting her pineapple flavor that he loved so much.

John was surprised at how fast she came. She had never come that fast before when he went down on her, but he still loved it when she came on his mouth. He wanted her to return the favor, but when he looked up into her eyes, he knew that she wanted something else. "Come here baby, I need that cock of yours in my pussy." She told him with a very sexy, low voice.

John got up and took his pants and boxers off. As crawled back between her legs and up her body, he decided that he did not want to take her panties off because for some reason, he wanted her to keep them on while he was pounding into her.

For some reason, he thought that was very sexy since the crotch would prevent his cum from leaking out of her. She pulled him in for a kiss and she could feel his cock through her soaked panties and she let out a slight moan when she felt his cock against her.

"Don't you want to take my panties off, baby?" She asked "No, I want to make love to you with them on." He said as he kissed her again. "I want you from behind." He got up so she could get on her hands and knees. When her ass was sticking up in the air, he could see that they were a new pair from Victoria's Secret. He moved behind her and started to hump his cock against her panty covered pussy.

She let off a moan and reached down between her legs and moved the crotch to one side so he could have easy access to her. John took this opportunity to rub his cock along her now exposed pussy and he could feel on his cock how wet and turned on she was. He was just as horny as she was, he felt like he was harder then he had ever been before. Before long, he couldn't wait any longer as he lined his cock up with the opening to her womanhood.

He slid into her in one movement, and when she felt him penetrate her, she gave a load moan. She could feel his entire length once his cock had bottomed out into her womb.

She could feel every ridge of his cock as her pussy squeezed onto him to give him maximum pleasure. "Oh god baby, I love how big you are and how you fill me up. I wish you could stay in me forever, love" She moaned. "I love being in your pussy baby, I love how wet and tight you are. I love how my cock goes deep into your womb." He replied as he started to pump into her. He started at a steady pace and and soon, she was constantly moaning his name.

He grabbed her hips as he thrusted into her. She felt this and she responded by thrusting her hips back to meet each of his thrusts as she was trying to get his cock deeper into her. "Faster baby, give it to me!

Give me your cock!" She begged him. He gripped her hips harder and and started to go faster. This really got her going and she started to cum hard.

He could feel her cum as she squirted onto his balls. John moaned as he felt this as he loved it when she squirted. To him, it was the best feeling of all, well, the second best.

He loved cumming in her even more. She was moaning even loader, and every time she came, she let out a silent scream as her body tensed up. She did not care if anyone heard. She was starting to see stars as she was enjoying his cock buried deep in her.

She could feel his cock pounding into her womb and this had her cumming over and over again. A few minutes later, she got to that point where she was in a constant state of orgasm. She screamed his name each time she peaked, begging him not to stop. "Don't stop baby, don't stop, come on baby, cum for me, cum in my pussy baby, I need it in me!" She begged John did not want to make her wait, and started to pound faster and harder into her. She was at the point where she was cumming so much that her pussy never stopped squeezing him.

It was constantly gripping tighter and tighter his cock as he fucked her hard and fast. "Baby, I am going to cum soon." John announced "Yes, cum for me, cum in my pussy, let me feel it, oh god, baby, I wish this would never end!" She cried out in passion. John started to go as fast as he could to give her what she wanted. After a few minutes of hard fucking, he could feel his cum starting to boil in his balls. He knew was very close, and within seconds, he could feel his cum race up his shaft.

With one more deep thrust, he buried his cock to the hilt, as far as it would go into her, and fired his load of cum deep into her womb. "OH GOD YES! BABY, CUM IN ME! GIVE MY PUSSY YOUR CUM! YES! I CAN FEEL YOU CUMMING IN ME! OH JOHN! YES!" She cried out. John held his cock as deep as he could until he finished cumming, his cock twitched every few seconds, making her jump, but a minute later he pulled out of her and rolled onto his back.

He wished that this time, his cum would give them a child of their own, but he could only wish. She laid down on her belly and smiled. She could feel his cum deep in her and leaking out of her pussy and into the crotch of her panties as well. She knew that the way that he came, that they could start a family almost right away, because he always came a-lot, and knew that since he was healthy, his cum would be very fertile.

She really did want to have a family with him, but she also wanted to get married fist. She had a hard choice to make. After about 5 minutes, she finally spoke. "Baby, I love it when you fuck me like that. I really do love you" she said. As she said this, she noticed movement from the corner of her eye, she knew it was Brenda. "I love you too baby, I will do anything to make you happy." he replied "Oh, you would, would you?" Said a voice coming from the door.

John looked around and saw a naked Brenda standing before him. He was very surprised that she was standing there, naked, in front of both Kelsy and himself.

"Brenda, what are you doing in here, and why are you naked?" He asked. "I think Kelsy can explain that more, John." Brenda replied as she sat down on the bad and looked at him. John looked over at his girlfriend and she gave him one of her cutest smiles that he loved so much.

"Remember that talk she wanted to have when were in St. Charles?" She asked him "Yeah, what was it about?" he replied "She asked if I wouldn't mind sharing you, at least until she found someone of her own." She said, giving him a kiss. "What do you mean sharing me, do you mean a threesome?" He asked.

"No, not a threesome, I will just watch, but I said I was okay with it. She has been very horny since she found out she was pregnant. However, I won't object to a threesome down the road." She responded. "And after hearing the two of you, I am soaking wet, John." Brenda told him as she crawled up to him. She smiled at thim and took his cock into her hand started to stroke him, She could feel the dry cum on his cock and Kelsy's cum as well on his balls.

"Are you really sure you want to share me, baby?" He said as he looked over at Kelsy. "Don't I get a say in this?" He was not sure if he wanted to have sex with Brenda again. All Kelsy did was give him a kiss as he could feel Brenda straddle his waist, and in a matter of seconds, she had his cock lined up with her soaking wet pussy and sat down, with his cock penetrating her deep inside her.

"It's alright baby. I gave her permission to use that huge cock of yours to help her out. She can have you whenever I am not here, and sometimes, I will either just watch your cock pound her, and I know I will join you two sometime." She told him as she gave him a passionate kiss.

John was flabbergasted. He never thought that Kelsy would be so open about sharing him with their friend. But before he could think about it more, Brenda started rocking back and forth, grinding her clit against his cock. "Oh god, He is so deep in me, Kelsy" Brenda moaned when he bottomed out. "I love how big he is! He buries himself deep in me as well, I love the feeling when he is deep inside me." She replied.

She looked back over at John. "Honey, this is just for the sex, no romance, no strings attached, nothing but pure sex, just make me cum with this huge cock of yours and I will be happy. As long as I get off, that's all that really matters." Brenda told him as she ground her clit against his crotch.

He surprised her when her grabbed her hips and tried to push his cock deeper. She let out a yelp as he did so, and she could feel hi as he thrusted his cock upwards into her body as rocked back.

This caused him to reach even deeper into her. Kelsy watched as her boyfriend let Brenda ride his cock. She could still feel his massive load deep with in her. She knew that she was safe this night, so she could feel better about letting him shoot his cum in her, but she decided that after her next period, that she would give him one of the two things he wanted, a family.

As she watched him fuck Brenda, she remembered that he was already going to be a father, since he already got Brenda pregnant. She wanted to share his cock and cum with her as much as Brenda wanted him. "God John, you are so huge! If I could, I would never stop fucking your cock!" Brenda moaned. "Brenda, you are so fucking wet. I don't know if I can last much longer!" John exclaimed. He knew that he had just cum, but being inside another pussy while Kelsy watched made it even hotter for him and he was even more turned on.

He had never been in this kind of situation, and it was having a big effect on him. He was starting to like this idea more and more about having two lovers. "Go ahead, baby, cum in her pussy, I want to watch your face when you do." Kelsy whispered in his ear. She then kissed him on the lips. She then turned her attention over to Brenda, and she watched her boyfriends cock slip in and out of their friends dripping pussy. "Cum in me! Please! Cum in my pregnant pussy!

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Spray our baby with your cum!" She cried out. She loved having his cock in her, and she knew what Kelsy got to enjoy on a more personal level. She knew she would be able to use his cock to help her get off, but that was about it. The words "Cum in my pregnant pussy" drove him over the edge and he grabbed her hips and held her onto his cock.

He felt his cum shooting through the shaft his cock and rocket into her. She felt his cum splash into her, and this made her launch into a massive orgasm, and she screamed as loud as she could when it hit her hard as they both came together.

Kelsy saw the look on Johns face he he shot his load deep into Brenda's pussy. It was the most erotic thing she had ever witnessed. She had seen him cum in her one other time, when they black mailed her, but she did not get a good look on his face as he shot his load into her, the load that got her pregnant with his child.

Once he finished cumming, Brenda rolled off to the other side opposite of Kelsy. He was satisfied. He never thought that he would fuck Brenda again, but he just had, with Kelsy's permission, and while she was pregnant to boot. Kelsy saw the look of pleasure on their faces and smiled. She leaned over to give John a kiss and she looked into her lovers eyes. "I love you John, I really do. I hope you don't mind having sex with Brenda as well as me" She said.

" I love you too baby, and if it makes you happy, then I am happy." He replied with a kiss. He looked over at Brenda. "I love having sex with you, Brenda." He kissed he as well. "And I love it when you cum in me." Brenda said, she was exhausted from her powerful orgasm. She was in a blissful state as she could feel his cum leak out of her. John looked over at Kelsy, then over to Brenda.

He had two of these beautiful girls laying next to him. He knew that having sex with Kelsy was going to be a constant in his life, but he knew once that Brenda found herself a loving boyfriend, she would be off limits.

He had no idea how long this would last, and he might as well enjoy it as long as it lasted. He thought about the night they just had, and pretty soon, they all had fallen asleep.