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Lusty lass is an amazing jock sucker with tight cunt
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So we're back with part two of The Twin's in a Vineyard trilogy. We previously left off at part one after Ariel gave her brother a blowjob and got cummed in her mouth. Part Two continues with Aaron lying back on his bed. His head filled with new thoughts about his sister. Again, if you find incest stories disturbing, do not continue reading. If you have yet to read part one: Ariel's Discovery, please do as this story continues from that one.

Once again, I thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoy this sequel. I'm sorry it took so long for the sequel, hope you enjoyed it! ******* Aaron lay on his bed, feeling surprisingly relaxed and contented. His sister's actions tonight had opened the floodgates to his imagination. He pulled down his pants a little, to let the cool night air caress his now flaccid penis. He looked at it.

He marvelled at its newfound use and relevance to his life. But what he was most amused by was the fact his sister could play such a big part in its use. Ariel finally exited the bathroom, wiping her lips with the back of her hand. She walked briskly to her bed, willing herself not to look her brother's way. Aaron watched the silhouette of his sister pass the window and saw her lips glisten in the moonlight and smiled. Things have changed, for the better. The next morning was like any other, bright and warm.

Aaron woke up to see his sister's pretty face staring down at him. Aaron jumped. "Woah sis, to what do I owe this pleasure?" Ariel voice was hushed. "Last night remains a secret. Deal?" Aaron hesitated before his brain caught up with him. "Oh yea, right." He grinned mischievously at his sister. "It'll be our secret." Ariel pushed him playfully and smiled sheepishly. "Let's go get breakfast." Their dad greeted them first. "Morning kids. Sleep well?" "Yes daddy." said Ariel in her cutesy voice.

"Good, cause our grapevines need your tender lovely care today. You'll need the energy." The twins groaned as they sat down. Tending to the grapevines was never really fun. But the redeeming factor was, regardless of how hot the summer was, the air was never hot. It always had this cool tinge to it.

But their vineyard stretched for acres. So, inspecting all the grapevines was not too fun. But twins had each other.

They chatted about silly things while doing their work and most of the time they played around the vines, playing tag. Their father sometimes joins them, but sometimes, like today, he was out on business and the twins had the fields to themselves. Aaron sat down, exhausted from chasing his sister. He called out, "Ari! I'm tired! You win! So I'm just going to sit here!" He gulped in breaths of cool air, he didn't know why, but he felt a little more tired than normal today. He lay back, letting the cool breeze dry up his perspiration.

Aaron sat up. He didn't know why, but he had this sudden compulsion to look for his sister. He stood up and trudged off towards where he last his sister go. Something inside him also told him to not call out. Feeling excited for no reason, he continued his search. A few steps later, he heard a rustle. Immediately, Aaron changed his stance and tip toed to the source of the sound. It originated from behind the grapevine he was at.

Quietly, he peered through it. He saw his sister looking around suspiciously. Curious, he shifted himself and resumed his spying. Believing the area to be clear, Ariel quickly undid her jeans and dropped them to her heels. Then, giving the area a final survey, she took off her panties and dropped them in her jeans. Aaron watch the whole scene unfold with his mouth agape. When he saw his sister remove her jeans, he gulped, and a pang of emotion sank deep within his pants. Then he saw her slide her underwear down her smooth legs and felt a primal emotion build up in him.

His pants started to get tight as his manhood began to swell. The exposure of his sister's crotch was nearly too much. Physically, it did not look much. Just a thin slit between her legs covered with golden hair. But to Aaron's eyes, he saw something that called out to him, an innocent looking mound that promised eternal pleasure.

He saw his sister lift her shirt above her tummy and then spreading her two legs, stuck out her naval in Aaron's direction, and relaxed herself. It happened slowly and gracefully. First, his sister's slit twitched slightly, then suddenly a clear stream of liquid spewed out from the gap in an arc, pooling on the ground in a glistening puddle. Aaron crouched under the grapevine, watching his sister pee. Her relieved expression, coupled with the beautiful trickling of the urine striking the soil; made Aaron just want to explode.

He could feel his thing completely swelled now, its volume straining the zipper of his jeans. After awhile, the trickle of urine stopped and Ariel used her finger to spread her slit a little and squeezed a last squirt out of it.

She then shook her naval a little to let the last trickle of pee drip off. Aaron nearly died there and then, that little action had caused his penis to swell painfully and he unbuckled his jeans and let out a short moan.

Ariel's head snapped up in his direction. The relieved expression was gone, replace by shock. Hastily, she pulled both her panties and jeans up, and after buttoning her jeans she edged towards the grapevine where she heard the moan. Pushing aside the vine, she saw her brother, hiding behind it, his expression sheepish. "Were you spying on me?" Ariel asked incredulously. Aaron was indignant. "Of course not! I was just looking for you, and then I.kinda found you." He finished somewhat lamely.

"You watched me pee? Ewww! You''re." "He's what?" said a gruff voice from behind her. The twin's father had returned, and was looking for them. Aaron could see his sister seize up in shock when she heard him.

Slowly, Ariel turned around to face her father. "Disgusting! Look what he did!" she jabbed her finger at his unbuckled jeans and then the puddle of urine on the soil.

Aaron was flabbergasted. He looked at his sister and then at his father. "Sorry dad. Toilet's a lil' far away and I had too much juice this morning." After a moment's pause, his father sighed. "Ah well, although I understand, it is still no excuse. I've told you kids before that these grapevines aren't your ordinary trees, we don't pee at them.

So as punishment, you would do half your sister's chores, on top of your own, for today.

And Ariel, do not help him. Understood?" "Yes dad." The twins replied quietly and when their father left, he looked at his sister. "What was that for! Now I got into trouble." Ariel was apologetic.

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"I'm sorry! I was just stunned and didn't know what to say!" "Sorry doesn't really fix the fact that I now have a 3 more horses to wash you know." Ariel was nearly in tears. "I'm sorry. I'll pay you back! I rub your legs? A backrub? Massage?" Aaron brushed her off. "Nevermind.just don't-wait.

There is a way you could make up for it." Ariel's eyes lit up. "How? How? Tell me, whatever, I'll do it. I'm so sorry." Aaron stopped walking and eyed his sister. "Anything?" "Anything." "Ok." He checked to make sure his dad had left before unzipping his jeans and pointing his erect member at his sister. "Can you do what you did last night for me again?" "W-what?


Yesterday was.eww! Can it be something else?" Ariel was clearly irked. Somehow, Aaron liked that. "Well, you did say anything.and I did save you." and he saw Ariel's still reluctant face, "and I could always tell the truth." Ariel was stunned. "You wouldn't!" Aaron smiled. "You won't know til I do right? So?" "Well." she muttered. "Open your mouth Ari." Aaron ordered, impatience apparent in his voice. Ariel opened her mouth to argue but then Aaron was overwhelmed by impulse and shoved his shaft into his sister's mouth, gagging her.

Ariel wanted to protest and pull her head away but Aaron held her in place. "Please sis. Just like last night." He whispered to her, his hand caressed her cheek. Ariel looked up at her brother loathingly.

She then closed her eyes and began to move her head in and out of her brother's penis. She used her tongue and curled it around it and her lips formed a cocoon around it, embracing it with every suck. Each movement came to her naturally and each movement made her brother moan more audibly.

Within seconds, Aaron was feeling the overwhelming sensation well up within him again. His sister noticed his facial expression and immediately withdrew her head. "Enough. I don't want that stuff in my mouth." Aaron was flustered. "Come on Ari! It was getting good! Come on! Please?" "No!" Ariel was determined.

Aaron relaxed his face. "Ok fine. You continue, I'll tell you when I'm going it. Ok? You can pull out then." Ariel looked at her brother's longing face and then wrapped her mouth around her brother's penis and resumed her sucking.

Soon, Aaron was close to his climax. He felt his fluids rushing inside him and he quickly tapped his sister's head and signalled that he was about to release his fluids.

Ariel quickly pulled her head out and shifted her face out of the way just before a torrent of white goo burst out from her brother's penis in her hand. Ariel could feel the penis throb as it discharged the fluid, swelling larger than normal. She could see her brother's face flush red with pleasure. She waited till the flow stopped before removing her hand. She looked up at her brother. "Satisfied?" he responded with a few tired nods and said, "But not as good as last night." Ariel shrugged.

"Well, I dunno. I just did whatever I thought I did last night." Aaron pulled up his jeans. "Thanks sis. Come on let's go wash some horses." ***************** It was break time at the lodge.

The browns had a little lodge some distance from their house. It had a little bed, a small toilet and a little kitchenette. It was meant for temporary shelter in case there was a bad weather and they couldn't get home in time. The twins loved the lodge.

They liked the cozy feeling the wooden floor and warm lights gave. They loved watching rainwater cascade down the window.

It felt like a home away from home. The twins had run to the lodge when it had suddenly started pouring whilst they had been cleaning the horses. Their father had been nearer to the house when it rained and so the twins had the place all to themselves. Ariel went straight for the sink to wash her hands.

"Ughh. Horse poo. Gross." "Yea, at least you weren't the one actually washing it." Aaron replied dryly. "Hey! I said I was sorry already! And I already did.that." she finished quietly. Aaron's mind flashed back to earlier on. His penis twitched. Ariel studied the dazed look on her brother and snapped her fingers. "Hey! Wanna play poker?" She waved a deck of cards in front of him. "Naww Ari. I'm bad at cards, you know that." Aaron tried to brush his sister off.

"Besides, we have no chips." Ariel thought for a moment. "Fine. How about this. We play for clothes. Each round you lose you take off a piece of clothing. Top to bottom." Aaron looked at his sister. "Serious?" Two nods. " me." His sister had him to his shorts in a few short rounds.

Feeling cold and annoyed, Aaron picked up his round's cards. Pair aces. He looked at his sister. "Ari, can I give up?" Ariel smiled gleefully.

"No! But you could give up your shorts!" Aaron continued.

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"Come on. You already won five rounds in a row." He nodded to the pile of clothes by Ariel's side. Ariel rolled her eyes. "I'll raise the stakes. I lose, you take back your clothes.

You lose, you lose your pants." Then she added cheekily, "and your boxers." Aaron feigned a groan. "Come on! You probably have a good hand anyway!" Ariel sighed.

"Ok fine, I lose my top too? Come cards aren't THAT good." Another feigned sigh. "Ok whatever, I'll get ready to lose my pants then." His sister rubbed her hands happily.

"Alright then! Show your cards." "You first." Aaron pouted. "Pair kings!" she slapped the cards onto the floor gleefully. "Well sis.start stripping cause I got PAIR ACES!" Aaron laughed. "HA! Take it off!" "You tricked me!" she whined. "Fine fine, I'll take it off!" And she pulled her shirt off her head, leaving Aaron to gap at her bra. "Wow." Her breasts weren't big, they weren't small, they were just perfect humps on her chest.

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Anyhow, Ariel's brother liked what he saw. A tent quickly formed under his boxers. Alarmed and his reaction, he quickly used a hand and subdued his erection. "Ok! Another round! This is a showdown! Loser takes all! OFF!" Ariel laughed. Aaron was feeling pretty warm now, despite the rain. A primal part of him wanted his sister to lose this round, and her clothes.

But, he knew he was bad at this game. So he said, "Ok, deal me." Ariel dealt the cards and looked at her own. A smile formed on her face and she said, "How about, we raise the stakes?" "Aww, come on sis." "Loser does a dare on top of stripping!" Ariel exclaimed, her eyes fixated at her cards.

"Ok." Aaron looked at his pair threes. "I'm seriously going to lose." "Well.prepare to strip then!" Ariel giggled. And then an idea came to his mind. "Hey!" Aaron shouted. "Why is the window open? The rain is coming in!" Ariel turned. "Oh no!" and ran to close it.

In that short time, Aaron quickly swapped a card. Ariel came back and sat down, cards gripped tightly in her hand. Aaron noticed spots of rain on her bra and his erection twitched again. "Alright! Showdown! 3 aces and 2 threes! I have a full house!" Ariel exclaimed in delight. "Well sis." Aaron said in a low voice. "I have 2 threes, along with those pair threes, makes a 4 of a kind! YOU LOSE! HAHA!" Ariel was baffled. "But that's not fair! My hand was so good!" Aaron feigned a sigh.

"Well, we have our lucky you lost. Take them all off!" He could barely contain the excitement in his voice. Pouting, reached behind her back and undid her bra, and letting it fall off her chest.

She then stood up and undid her jeans and pulled both it and her panties off her hips. She then kicked them off her ankles and then faced her brother with her hands outstretched.


"Happy?" More than happy. Aaron's erection was now so strong it hurt. His face was of absolute shock; his sister's full nakedness there for his eyes to take in.

His eyes scanned her body from top to bottom. They stopped at her naval. Ariel noticed his eyes. "Ok! I think that's enough." She hurriedly sat down and closed her legs, face blushing. Then she noticed the tent in his boxers. "Oh my! You got hard again!" Aaron snapped out of his trance and hurried to hide his erection. Ariel pulled his hands away.

"Don't block it! I wanna see!" and she tugged off his boxers so fast he had no time to react. His erection now stood tall in front of his sister. Bright red and swollen. Ariel giggled.

"Wonder why it gets like this?" she thought out loud. "No idea. It gets like this when I think of your body." Aaron blurted. "Really? That's funny! But I wonder why it needs to be hard and long." "You know.I think I know." Aaron raised a finger. "I think its for insertion." Ariel gave him a wry look.

"Yea. In my mouth." "No, I don't think its just that. Hey, spread your legs." He said absent-mindedly. "W-what? What for?" Ariel asked, puzzled. "Just do it." Aaron said impatiently. "No! I don't like the way you look at it." Ariel was stubborn. "Come on." Aaron gripped his sister's two legs and pried them open, amid her protests.

The legs came apart and Aaron could now see the slit in between her legs. The outer layer of skin was stretched open and he could see that there was a hole inside. Somehow, it looked very inviting to him.

"Hey! What are you doing! Close it!" Ariel yelped. Aaron instead began to crawl between his sister's legs and he pressed her to the floor. "What are you doing!" "I think my penis is hard and long because it is supposed to be put into something, and I don't think it was your mouth.

I think it goes between your legs." Aaron said matter-of-factly. "I'm feeling uncomfortable. And I pee from there! Nono! Get off!" she made to push him off.

But he pressed her down. "Come on. Treat this as the dare. I dare you to lay still and let me try this." She began to protest, then quieted down and tried to look at what was happening at her naval from her lying position. With his sister silenced, Aaron proceeded to guide his penis with a hand then fitting it into his sister's vagina. The moment its tip touched her, she squirmed. "Aaron, I feel really weird." He shushed her and eased himself into her. He felt his penis move slowly inward.

He began to feel a strange excitement. Then it hit a wall. "Aaron! Can you take it out now!" Ariel said, half screaming. "I don't understand.why I can't I go in?" Aaron wondered. Ariel had enough. She reached with her hand and pulled out her brother's penis out from her crotch. She then pushed him off her body and stood up. "That's because you're not supposed to go in! Now can we not play with our bodies? You can give me another dare. Not this." Aaron stood up, his mind was puzzled. He was sure his erection was for insertion.

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He just knew it belonged in his sister's body. But he didn't know where. "Ariel." Aaron said suddenly. "I think I got it wrong! I think I know the right place to put it!" "No, I felt really weird just now! I don't want to play this anymore." Ariel said. Aaron clasped his hands together. "Just one more try!

If it doesn't work we'll do something else. Deal?" Ariel looked at him. "Fine." She dropped her hands to her sides. "What do I do?" Aaron got excited again. "Turn around and bend over." She went over to the bed and did so. "Now what?" Aaron went over his sister and stretched open her bum. There was a hole there.

"I found it! Here, kneel over the bed, I can't reach it." His sister complied. Overwhelming with excitement, he quickly went behind his sister and once again tried to feed his erection into his sister's behind. The hole stretched open slightly, but it was too tight. "Hey sis," she looked back. "I need you to wet my thing for me.

Can you suck it abit?" Ariel sighed. "Alright." She turned around. "Let's get this over quick." She held his penis in one hand and then put it in her mouth to suck.

After a few seconds, Aaron pulled out in spite of himself. "Ok, thanks, turn around again." Ariel turned around and lay face down on the bed, clearly bored. "Alright, here goes." Aaron said as he put the now lubricated shaft into the hole again. It stretched and admitted his member. With a deep breath, Aaron thrust his hip inward. In went all the way in. Ariel's muscles sensed the intrusion and immediately clamped tightly on it, sending a million jolts of ecstasy throughout Aaron.

It felt so good! His hips began to instinctively move in and out of his sister. The feeling was different for the girl. The sudden penetration came as a complete shock.

Ariel's face changed rapidly from that of boredom to one of shock and pain. Her brother's penis was painfully stretching her anal muscle and it hurt as hell. Her abdomen burned with pain and she screamed, "AHHH!! IT HURTS!!! TAKE IT OUT!! TAKE IT OUT!!! " Aaron was thrown into a state of panic and pleasure. His penis didn't want to come out, but at the same time, he could see his sister thrashing in the sheets, screaming for him to.

Brotherly instinct forced him to pull out. But unfortunately for Ariel, her anal muscles were gripping the shaft so tight that it prevented it from being removed completely. It was stuck. With every effort to pull out, Ariel involuntarily squeezed his manhood even harder, he began to feel increasingly aroused. But at the same time, he was worried about his sister, who was crying.

"It's stuck! It's too tight!" he said desperately. "Just finish it! Make it come out! AHH!" Ariel cried amid sobs. Aaron reacted quickly and willed himself to ejaculate. He moved faster, moving in and out of his sister rapidly.

The fuzzy excitement increased, but so did his sister's screaming. After another agonizing minute for Ariel, she finally heard her brother say, "Ari Ari! I'm-I'm.coming!" and then she felt the familiar swelling of her brother's member. She then felt a sudden spurt of warmth being injected into her.

She shuddered in pain as her brother moaned and dumped his goo in her. Aaron was exhausted. He lay on his sister, stroking her smooth back as he felt his penis deflating inside her. "Are you ok?" he asked her gingerly before slowly removing his penis.

Ariel's body relaxed as the member was removed from her. She was still sobbing. "Just.get.away from me." Aaron backed off. Just then the phone rang. "Hello?" he answered. "Hey kids! The rain has stopped! Ground's a little muddy. I'll be coming over with the horses, be there in 5!" said his father over then phone. Panic. Aaron immediately rushed to put on his clothes.

His sister was naked and lying on the bed, white fluid dribbling out of her anus. He went over. "Ariel!


Ariel! Dad's coming! Quick get dressed!" She ignored him. Perplexed, he pulled her upright to press her bra against her breasts and then stretching them behind her back.

He then pulled her shirt over her and dropped her to find something to towel the goo from her bum. "Kids!" the twin's father called. Aaron froze. For a second.

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Then he gave up finding the towel and put her panties through her legs and just pulled it over her butt. A dark stain formed immediately. Aaron had just put on his sister's jeans when his dad popped his dad in the door. "Ready to go?" he then saw his daughter's prone position.

"What's with her?" "Erm, nothing, she just ate a million year old cake and her stomach just reacted. I think she's fine now. Just a little weak. I'll ride her home." Aaron lied. "Ok, come on! Mum's cooked something real nice today." Aaron scooped up his sister and guided her out of the lodge.

End of Part 2