Cum shot in her mouth

Cum shot in her mouth
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"My Becky?" "I'm so sorry Micky, it just happened." "It just happened? So you two have already got together?" "Not really. We fooled around a little but nothing full on. And Becky doesn't know how I feel about her.not properly anyway." I sat there unable to process what was being said. My daughter was confessing her love for the girl that I had just started seeing. The girl that had dramatically changed the way I was living, the way that I looked at sex and love and relationships.

"You've fooled around??" "We just had a little kiss and.well nothing really." "What else did you do Emma, how far did you go with her?" I couldn't help myself, I could feel anger building up inside of me. I felt betrayed and hurt, but mainly vulnerable. I had set myself up for a fall, did I really think that I could hang on to a goddess like Becky? "We.well she was touching me.but I made her stop and told her why.

I didn't want to hurt you and she definitely didn't want to hurt you." "And?" "And.and." "Tell me Emma." I saw her blush.

Her cheeks a deep red and a lighter shade around her neck and chest. "We.just.we played with ourselves in front of each other." I sat in silence. I couldn't look at Emma so I looked at the floor. I felt myself ready to blow. I shocked myself with the words that I wanted to say. That's when I felt a hand on my back. "Go get ready for bed Micky." It was Becky. Her face was sad but determined.

Her presence calmed me enough so that I could get up and walk away without saying the hurtful things I wanted to scream. My last vision of Emma was her looking at me in horror. It was the face of someone who knew that she had got it wrong. She knew she had made a judgment call and it had gone badly. As I turned into my bedroom I glanced and saw Becky bend down and give Emma a hug.

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My stomach lurched. I sat down heavily on the bed. I remembered thinking about how great the chemistry was between Emma and Becky. How happy I was that they were getting along. I started thinking about all the times I saw them hug or be close to one another. Were they sneaking around behind my back? I couldn't figure out what Becky and I had.

What did it mean? Was it meant to mean anything? We had sex, I told her that we were making love and she liked it. We experimented. But hold on. I had no problem with Sarah, Stephanie the waitress or Stella interacting with Becky. I had no problem entertaining the idea of a threesome with one of these girls.

In fact I was looking forward to seeing Becky being pleasured by another woman. So why was I so angry that Emma, who showed only real feelings of affection towards Becky, was wanting to have that with her as well. I little light went on in my head. 'Real affection'. I wasn't angry. I was scared. This whole situation played directly in to my concerns of holding on to Becky. If Emma and Becky were to move forward then I would be left behind.

Emma is smart, beautiful, funny and most importantly the same age as Becky. I couldn't compete with that - and it frightened me. All of my inadequacies reared their ugly head's. I'm too old, too out of shape, too boring, not funny enough. I put my head in my hands. I was wrong to be angry with Emma.

She was being honest with me. She wanted to talk to me about it. She wanted to start a dialogue, to work things out. She was being a decent person and I slapped her in the face with my petty anger. I had said out loud 'My Becky' to Emma. Why was Becky mine? When I look at it in the cold light of day I am Becky's. She is the one who drives me to challenge absolutely everything I know about intimacy. I fucked up. I lay down on the bed and put the pillow over my face.

I couldn't believe that I was acting like a little punk arsed teenager. I'm a 41 year old man for god sake.

I got up from the bed and walked to the door of the bedroom. I peered around the frame and saw Becky sitting in front of Emma talking quietly to her.

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Occasionally she reached up and wiped away what could have been tears from Emma's face. I decided to let them talk. No doubt Becky was explaining things to Emma a thousand times better than I could manage. I turned back into the room and walked straight into my private bathroom and did what all men do when an emotional situation needs resolving.

I took a dump. 20 minutes and a few sprays of air freshener later I opened the door and got out of my clothes. I jumped under the covers and waited. I played a few games on my mobile phone but no amount of candy crushing or bubble popping helped. I picked up my long forgotten novel that before Becky came along I had been plowing through.

But I just couldn't keep myself interested in the narrative. So I turned the light off and got as comfortable as I could. I must have somehow drifted off to sleep and was woken up with Becky climbing under the covers. I stirred. I felt her press up against me. My half asleep mind instantly recognized that she was naked.

She rolled me on to my back and straddled me. With very little fuss she took my 'half-mast' cock and inserted it into her pussy. She leaned down and kissed me. "Becky I'm." She put her finger up to my lips, "Shhhh.just make love to me." She kissed me again. It was soft and tender, none of the usual force and lust that I had become accustom to.

She slowly moved her hips bringing me to a fully erect state. She sat up on top of me. Her toned stomach with a soft outline of her abs flexing as she now started to grind her pussy against my pubic bone. I reached up and played with her breasts. Even though I had seen them many times I was still amazed at how large they were and how solidly they sat on her chest.

You would swear that they were fake. I took as much as I could in each hand. Felt the give of her flesh under my hand.


Delighted in the feel of her nipples hardening and her breathing becoming more and more shallow. I looked at her thighs, strong and smooth. Lifting her slightly so she slid up and down on my shaft.

I always had a thing for smooth legs. Becky's were practically hairless. She placed her hands on my chest, her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip. She was increasing the pace of her bounce. I could feel the walls of her cunt sliding along my length. She was gyrating on my cock now, her clit being pushed up against my hardness. Although she wasn't losing control I could sense that she was fast approaching her climax.

She opened her mouth and let out a little sigh. At the same time I felt her vagina spasm. Her calm demeanor was betrayed by her pants of pleasure.

Her orgasm was long and gentle. As gentle as an orgasm could be. "Oh feels so nice.I love you so much." She kept sliding herself up and down my rod. I felt my cum bubbling from deep inside. Becky must have felt my cock swell. She quickly hopped off and lay down on her back. I climbed on top of her and easily slid back in. We kissed again and I began my thrusting. I found a bit of a second wind and the sensitivity went from my cock. After a few minutes of slow thrusting I knew I was only a short time away from my end.

I picked up Becky's legs and placed them over my shoulders. I brought my knees in towards her so they were level with her hips. I leaned over her causing her groin to lift off the bed, meaning I could thrust almost straight down into her. I picked up my pace until I was hammering myself into her with speed and ferocity. Maybe I could fuck away the doubts I had.

I could hear the juices inside Becky's cunt slurping against the constant intrusion of my cock. Her panting had now turned into deep ragged growls and groans which only fueled my desire to be inside her. The room was filled with the sound of our skin impacting, sweaty, sticky and hot. As my climax approached I seemed to find a way to insert myself into even more.

Her legs dropped from my shoulders and were outstretched like she was doing the splits. Still I pounded her cunt. Her face was a tangle of hair and ecstasy. She grabbed a pillow and jammed it into her mouth and let out a muffled scream.

Finally my cock erupted inside her. She orgasm'd again. As I filled her with my seed her pussy let forth a gush of liquid. I felt it push past my cock and drench my pubic hair.

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I collapsed on top of her. The sweat on our bodies instantly cooling in the afterglow of our endeavors. I could smell her perfume, her hair and her arousal. I could feel her heart beat thudding against my chest being matched by the pulse I could feel through my spent member. She kissed me. I kissed her. I rolled off and lay on my back. She rolled onto her side putting her arm over my chest and her leg over mine. We lay there in the semi dark, in silence.

"You know I love you Micky." "I do. And I love you to." "You don't have to say it." I moved my head so I could look her in the eyes, "I'm not just saying it. You are one of the most important people in the world to me. You complete me." She giggled and whisper, "Shoooow meeee the moneeey." "Is Emma OK?" She sat up a little bit, "Are you angry with me?" "For hooking up with my daughter?

I should be.but I feel like I can't." "Of course you can be angry. Did I overstep a boundary?" I realized that we were going to have this out properly. I gently moved her off me and sat up.

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"I was a shock. I guess that I am open to with voyeurism, threesomes and all that but when it suddenly involved my daughter. was a lot to take on board." "I'm sorry." "You don't need to apologize. I was a little jealous. Emma is such a beautiful girl and you get on with her so well I thought that maybe, well, maybe you'd see her as a better option?" She took hold of my hand and turned my face so I was looking directly at her, "Micky, no matter what you and I get up to you will always be my constant.

You can watch me fuck other people, men, women, both at the same time, joining in or watching and you will always be my priority. Everything we do in bed when it is just you and me is done with love and respect. Anything else is sex and pleasure. If anything happens between me and Emma it will only be if you are OK with it." "Do you want to be with Emma." "Can I be honest?" "Of course." "I want to be with her.

She is beautiful and sexy and I am turned on by. If she wasn't part of your life I would be fucking her as much as possible. She is everything I look for in a woman." I stared at the wall opposite me. My facial expression stony belying the turmoil underneath it.

She clocked my pain, "But Micky. I'm with you. And I am overjoyed with that. I wouldn't want it any other way. My feelings for Emma don't compare with my feelings for you. You have to understand that I love you." "It's hard to imagine that I am able to have someone like you feel the way you do about me." She snuggled in closely, "Micky you are the most wonderful man.

You're kind, funny and fantastic in bed. You fulfill all my desires and needs and always put me first. All I wish is that you had the confidence to know that I am devoted to you. I will never do anything unless it is OK with you. What happened between me and Emma was my fault. I was getting to caught up in the moment, the freedom was too much. It won't happen again." I kept looking at the wall but now was thankful for the warmth of Becky's naked body.

It felt like everything was going to be OK. Even my most unconfident leanings were being slowly put away. Her words, her devotion, her love made me feel whole. To know that this exquisite woman is in love with me was the most incredible feeling.

"Becky, if you want to be with Emma then please feel that you can. I only ask one thing. When you are here, please spend the night with me in bed." "Are you sure?" "I am. I will do my best to reconcile my feelings. As long as you love me then I am happy." I turned Becky onto her back and kissed her. I let my fingers glide over her pussy, her wet swollen pussy.

I broke from our kiss and lay down with my head between her legs. My tongue had no problem finding her clit. Four minutes later Becky's thighs gripped the side of my head as she lost control for the 3rd time that night.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monday morning. Bah. Both Becky and I had to get ready for work.

While Becky was in the shower I got breakfast sorted. I was tempted to get Emma up but she could probably do with a sleep in. Once I had got breakfast done I went into my room and got my clothes out.

Cotton trousers, blue shirt with a golf style vest should do the trick. I saw that Becky has laid her clothes out. She was going with the classic black skirt, black jacket combo and light pink shirt. I walked into the bathroom and was hit with enough steam to make a train move. "Hot enough?" I said to Becky. "Girl's gotta have a morning cleanse Micky." I took off my boxers and shirt and hopped into the shower.

Becky had her back to me and was washing her hair. I stepped up behind her and threw my arms around her. "Morning old man." "Breakfast is ready in the kitchen." I said kissing her neck. "Mmmmmm.anymore of that and we'll never get to work!" I took hold of her breasts and enjoyed their hefty weight. I then realized that I hadn't taken care of my morning wood properly and was suddenly busting to go to the toilet.

"Hold on Becky - I need to pee." I went to get out of the shower, "Just do it in here. Better than dripping water all over the floor." "In front of you?" "I don't mind," she said nonchalantly. "OK." I stepped a little to her right and aimed towards the plug.

Nothing happened. Becky stood there smiling at me, "Performance anxiety?" I seriously thought about telling her that 'it had never happened to me before' but it was all so absurd. I breathed a few times and eventually the pee flowed. So there I was peeing in the shower with my gorgeous Becky looking on. Out of the blue Becky moved so that she was standing in front of me. She grabbed my cock and lifted it and stood belly to belly with me with my cock sandwiched.

My pee continued, spreading it's warmth between our bodies as she kissed me. So lowered herself to her knees and started to wank me. She directed my pee so that it was hitting her chest. As my arousal grew my pee slowed down until it was just Becky wanking me. Once the pee stopped completely she took me in her mouth.

She hungrily devoured my length. Her artist of a tongue curling around my head and her lips sucking around my girth. Her fingers were frantically rubbing her pussy. As usual it was all too much. I felt my cum launch its first spurt into her mouth but Instead of taking it down her throat as she usually did she took my cock out of her mouth and let me cum all over her face and tits. As she looked up at me she leaned back a little and let the water fall over her head washing away my jizz.

She stayed on her knees and continued to finger herself. I could hear her starting to get herself off. "Have you finished.everything?" I knew what she meant. I could still see her efforts with her hand.

I felt the tingle return and slowly my pee started to flow again. Emma now sat down in the shower with her back up against the wall and her legs spread open. She was rubbing herself and paying particular attention to her clit. My pee was hitting her squarely on her chest.

My urine dripping from her nipples and streaming down past her furiously working fingers. I heard her breathing catch and then watched as she orgasm'd, drenched in the shower water and my pee. When her spasms subsided she stood up and kissed me. "I think I need to re-soap myself." I dutifully lathered up a washcloth and proceeded to clean every part of her. "Have you done that before?" I asked as I washed her back. "No.was it disgusting of me?" "Not at all.

It's just that - I don't want you to feel degraded in anyway - I mean it's not like I think I should be allowed to piss on you." "Well it is only something that I would ever do in a shower. And there is no way it's coming anywhere near my face or mouth!" "Maybe just for special occasions then?" "Yeah - it'll be a little bit of naughtiness behind closed doors." She gave me another kiss and then stepped out of the shower.

She wrapped herself in a towel and headed into the bedroom. Was there no end to her experiments? I just pee'd on someone, on purpose. Never in a million years would I think that that was something I would do.and it was hot.really sexy. I washed myself good and thorough, rinsed and then turned off the shower. I wiped away the condensation from the mirror and looked at myself.

Not too bad Micky. Slightly tired looking but my face still had the appearance of youth. No jowls and sagging neck skin.yet. I could see my torso which apart from the swell of my slight man gut looked strong and masculine. I made a decision that I was going to start running again and maybe even join a gym. But now I was hungry - and thanks to a slightly longer than normal shower a little bit late.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We pulled up to the office car park and hopped out of the car. Our mutual arrival seemed so natural to us now but we were quickly reminded of the fact that it wasn't public knowledge when Robert Redford walked past. "So you two moved in together then?" I must have turned bright red, "Umm no," I stammered, "I Beck.Rebecca walking and gave her a lift." "Relax Micky," Robert said, "Good on you two.

Just watch out for a couple of the gossips. You know that things will get out of hand if they get hold of it." We all walked into the reception together to be greeted by Sarah the receptionist.

"Hello there," she said in a breezy manner, "Everyone had a good weekend?" "Pretty busy, " Becky said giving Sarah a little wink.

"I bet," she replied. Sarah was looking lovely again. She had a very tight rather short purple skirt on with a tight fitted top that showed of her impressive stomach and waist. You could see her taught stomach outlined by the stretched material.

Her small breasts (compared to Becky's) sat high on her chest and through the material you could see the outline of her nipples slightly raised. I stared at her chest, imagining what she would look like topless. I glanced up at her eyes and realized that she had caught me looking. She blushed slightly but made no comment. I felt myself stir a little in my trousers. I made my way down the corridor to my desk area, enjoying the view of Becky walking in front of me as she talked to Robert.

Her perfect arse framed by her tight fitting mid-thigh black skirt. The morning passed quickly. A few jobs were caught up on with Carol and Malcolm.


I also got updated on the fact the Carol's church raised some money for charity in the weekend and that Malcolm's son-in-law was a liability when it came to DIY. I really wanted to tell them that I had had sex with my girlfriend in front of a stranger but thought they might not see the funny side of it.

So I told them I had a quiet weekend. On arriving back to my desk I saw that I had a text message from Emma. E - Hey Micky. So I kinda heard that you and Becky sorted stuff out. You fancy getting lunch today? I sent back a reply: M - Lunch would be good. At the Olive Tree? I hit send and looked at a spreadsheet on my screen projecting costs for an upcoming project.

A few minutes into reading it my instant messenger pinged. It was Sarah. S - Did you get a good look? I was now pretty expectant of Sarah's flirty messages.

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M - Yes thanks. Sorry I was a bit obvious. S - It's OK. Pleased you approved of the view. Not as impressive as Becky? M - Different to Becky. S - I've got some mail for you. Want me to bring it up? M - I can come down if you want. S - No it's OK, heading up anyway M - OK.cheers! I got back to my spreadsheet thinking nothing more of the conversation. A minute later Sarah walked up holding a dozen or so A4 envelopes.

She had them pressed against her chest. She walked up to Becky and started to chat to her. She stood slightly facing me as she talked to Becky. Her side profile was as nice as ever. Her short skirt clung to her arse and her strong shapely legs looked magnificent. She finished up her conversation with Becky and then turned directly to me. "So I've got a couple of bits of post that you need to sign for Mr. Important." Carol and Becky laughed at the name. She made it look like she was sorting through the mail but when she moved the envelopes away from her chest I saw that she was no longer wearing a bra.

Her tight shirt was revealing the outline of her small but pert breasts with her nipples standing out proudly. She held the letters in a way that no one would be able to see what I could. She played the part well.

Talking as though nothing was happening while I stared with my mouth hanging open. With her free hand she handed me the letters and then quickly gave her nipple a pinch through the material making it standout even further.

I was transfixed by the vision. I absentmindedly signed on the form she gave me and handed it back to her. She covered up her front with the letters and walked off down the hall.

I immediately messaged Becky. M - Sarah didn't have a bra on! A few seconds later the reply came back B - Oh the shock! Woman these days! M - You don't understand. She had one on this morning but caught me looking at her. B - Maybe she liked you looking? M - Well she was very keen to show me how hard her nipples were!!!! I saw her look at me across my desk.

B - So you just going to leave it like that? M - Should I go down and see her - she is still dropping mail off around the office. B - See where it leads?

M - You OK with that? B - Only if you tell me all about it. I got up out of seat thankful that I was not pitching a tent. Becky looked at me and gave me a wink. "I think Sarah forgot to give me one of the letters." I announced. I saw Becky shake her head and stifle a laugh. I walked away thinking how ridiculous my little 'ruse' was. I saw Sarah walking towards the door to her reception and I called her name.

"Sarah, I think you forgot to give me a letter." She turned still holding a letter in front of her. She moved it to the side a little so that I could see one of her breasts, her nipple still erect.

"I must have left it in the sorting room.

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Have a look." I walked alongside her. I made sure no one was looking and as she walked through the door I placed my hand on her arse as though I was guiding her through the doorway. She gave no obvious reaction to my touch. She walked to the door that led off her reception area and opened it.

She walked in. the room was small and slightly cluttered. I followed her in. She turned around and I took my chance. I pushed the door closed and lifted her shirt from the bottom up. She raised her arms to allow the material to move up her body.

As I thought, her belly was defined with abs and slightly tanned. Her breasts were small and soft but had escaped the pull of gravity for now. Her nipples were rock solid and I greedily engulfed one of them in my mouth. I put my arms around her slight frame and pulled her in closely. I heard her moan softly as my tongue danced around her thick nub. I felt her hands at the back of my head pushing me onto her. Without much concern for the fact that we could be walked in on at any moment I pulled her skirt up and felt the tight hard skin of her arse.

She was wearing a g-string so I had her whole arse to play with. She stepped back a little and spread her stance. I bought my hand around to her front and felt the warmth of her pussy as my hand engulfed her groin. With one quick motion I flicked her panties aside and placed my finger at her opening.


She let out a gasp as my finger pushed past her lips and into her very tight hole. Then her work phone rang.

That bloody work phone. "I need to get that Micky." she said breathlessly, pulling her skirt back into place and her t-shirt down. She picked up another letter and put it to her front and walked out the door. I could see that no one was in reception so I thought it was best to sort myself out and head out of the cupboard before anyone got suspicious. I walked out after a few minutes holding the envelope and waited by the filing cabinet.

Sarah carried on talking and then hung up. She spun around on her chair and faced me. "Well Micky. That was very nice." "Shame it had to stop really." "Well it doesn't have to, although I would prefer it is in a slightly more private place next time." "That could be arranged." "And perhaps with another person as well?" I was a bit confused, "Um.not me?" "Oh definitely you.but maybe a certain young girl that you may or may not have already been intimate with?" "Becky?" I thought for a second I saw Sarah blush.

I wasn't sure if it was arousal or a touch of shyness. "Is that terrible of me asking?" "I'd need to ask her if she's OK with it." "Would you please Micky.

I have been fantasizing about her for the last few weeks." "Ha - I'm just the warm up act huh?" "Not at all - but as you know I lean far more towards the female side than the male side." "Well I'll ask her." I looked at her puzzled, "You know that you didn't have to go through all of this to get to this point." She gave me a demure little smile, "Oh I know, but it seemed like so much more fun. You have lovely fingers by the way," I laughed, "Thanks Sarah.

I'll sound Becky out and see what she thinks." "Thanks Micky." I walked out of reception and into the men's toilets to wash my hands.

Amazingly when I smelt Sarah's juices on my fingers after she had left me in the cupboard there was no aroma at all. Everything about her body was clean and tight. I was hoping that Becky would say yes.I was looking forward to seeing Sarah naked. I got back to my desk and was immediately hit with a message from Becky. B - Well???? M - Well what? B - stop playing. Anything happen? M - Not a lot. Just a bit of a fumble. But I have something to discuss with you.

Stay at mine tonight? B - Definitely. With that we both got back into our work and soon lunch was upon us. I told Becky that I was going to have lunch with Emma.

She told me to have fun and that she was going to have lunch with a couple of the girls from the Tendering department. I walked out to the car park passing Sarah on the way through reception and letting her know that we were going to talk about her proposal tonight.

She smiled and clapped her hands. I really hoped Becky said yes. I drove to The Olive Tree bistro and saw that Emma had already got a table by the window.

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The Olive Tree was a small place. 12 tables dotted around an old courtyard that now had a modern glass roof over it. The food was rustic Mediterranean and whenever I ate here I found it hard not to get the minted lamb burgers with a tzatziki sauce. It really was divine. Emma sat waiting and got up when I walked in. She was wearing a slouchy jumper that hung off her shoulder and a pair of tight black jeans. I couldn't help but appreciate how pretty she looked.

"Hi Micky" "Hey sweetie, how's your day been?" "Well I may have spent a little too much in the shops. But I'm sure I can find a friendly Dad who can throw me a bit of cash." I cocked my eyebrow, "Reeeeally?" The waitress came over with our food, "Minted lamb?" She said in a thick eastern European accent. I looked over at Emma, "You remembered?" "Of course." We sat eating the food.

The conversation was light and breezy about her shopping and her heading back to school. I knew she wanted to talk about her bombshell that she had dropped but I though after the food would be a better time. I cleaned up the last of the spilled tzatziki with the remaining bread and decided to put Emma out of her misery.

"Sooooooo Becky and I spoke about your revelation." Emma hunched down a little in her chair almost like she was trying to reduce exposure of any part of her body that might get hurt. "I'm sorry I reacted the way I did," I said. "I shouldn't have got angry with you. I seem to be doing that a lot lately." "Well I was out of order." I raised my hand for her to stop, "No Emma you weren't out of order. You were completely the opposite. You were being honest and I was being aggressive.

I think I have told you before that I struggle to see how someone like Becky would choose me to be with when she could have anyone. Emma was about to say something but again I put my hand up, "Let me finish please Emma. You are exactly the type of person that I could see myself losing Becky to. You are a wonderful person, loving, good looking and funny.

It is obvious that Becky likes you and wants to have more than just a friendship with you. Two months ago this whole scenario would have driven me into a downward spiral of confusion, bitterness and cheap bourbon. But over the last few weeks I have embraced a new lifestyle.

And it's difficult to get right but I am learning that there are many kinds of relationships." I continued, "I love Becky. I love her in a way that I didn't think was possible. I want to share her, I want to see her experiencing pleasure. And I am starting to realize that it doesn't have to be me giving her that pleasure." "Are you saying what I think you are saying Micky?" I lowered my voice.

I thought announcing to a restaurant of strangers that I was giving my daughter permission to start a physical relationship with my girlfriend would not be, shall we say, welcomed by all. "Emma, if you and Becky care about each other enough to start a relationship then I give you my blessing." She jumped up from her seat, came around the table and gave me a massive hug. Others in the small room stopped and looked.

Some gave me the dopey smile that parents give other parents when a child shows emotion towards them. I think their facial expressions would have been infinitely different had they known the real reason for the hug. "I do have a few rules though." She sat down and composed herself, "If Becky is staying at my house when you're around then she sleeps in my bed." "Fair enough." "My plans take priority over your plans." "Totally agree." "No fooling around in my bedroom." She laughed, "OK." "The next one is important Emma.

You must realize that due to the 'arrangement' we have there are going to be some awkward times. We have to promise each other in the spirit of this not quite traditional relationship that you and I keep an open conversation with each other and Becky.

There are going to be times where we walk in on things that we perhaps might not want to see or things we don't want to hear.

I plan on having as much sex with Becky as possible.that means we will be loud, have multiple partners engage in roleplaying and other things that might not be to your taste. You need to make sure that you can handle that. Your old man is reborn, and he likes sex, especially with Becky. Do you understand?" Emma looked me in the eye, "Totally understand. No being shy, everything in the open." "Absolutely everything." "Thanks Micky." "No need to thank me. was your olive salad?"