Mein dreckiges hobby kamikatzerl doppel blowjob im bad

Mein dreckiges hobby kamikatzerl doppel blowjob im bad
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I was alone late one night watching television in the living room when my uncle, Andres, 19, strolled in, stumbling, and he appeared drunk.

He was staying with us for the summer, and slept on a mattress on the floor because we had no bed for him. He saw me, but did not say anything; he just grabbed the mattress against the wall and put it on the floor and threw himself on it. He did not bother to change clothes; he slept in his Levis and white t-shirt, breathing heavily. My attention became more turned on him than the tube; since all it emanated from it was weird sound and flinching glare that illuminated my uncle's hot body as he lay on the mattress.


He was sexy, muscular, a hot Latino stud man. I was 14 years old, and discovered that men turned me on and fantasized abot them sexually. Here was my chance, to watch my uncle's sexy strong body strolled out on the floor, who was grunting occasionally.

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He nudged at his crotch to adjust himself occasionally, playing with his crotch seemed wildly sexy since he seemed half asleep, drunk. His muscular brown body contoured his manly form through his t-shirt, revealed his strong torso, muscular arms and chest and that he was all man, sexy, real cute, with his tough face; I desired him.

I marveled due the momentous opportunity, although I felt guilt with lust, and my body stirred to his presence nevertheless. I got wicked thoughts, lustful with desire to feel the bulge that seems to grow in his pants. I stared him down and out of the corner of my eyes, drooling, continuous with sexual thoughts about him.

I hesitated for moments and decided to chance it, headed slowly, and crept down to him. I lay beside him, and carefully and gently caressed his legs and his crotch through his pants, feeling his bulge.

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His Levis had buttons, and some became undone, which allowed me to put my hands through its openings, feelings his boxer shorts. I became more aroused, and more daring and completely unbuttoned his pants. I felt his boxer shorts, and began stroking his crotch more, feeling his firm cock through the cloth. His dick began to grow slowly, and became awesome, and I felt it more hard directly with my hand along his boxer shorts, stroking up down, feeling his brown uncut cock, feeling it long, in the direction that it grew, and along down his legs inside his shorts.

Suddenly, he awoke, and he appeared startled and confused and looked at me with his piercing dark brown eyes, as to say, what is up? He just nodded, but said nothing. I was scared shitless. I thought he would kick my ass for catching me, stroking his cock, taking advantage of his drunkenness, that what I was doing could kill me.

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He got up, went up to the television and turned it off, and returned to his bed. Everything became dark now. I sat still, quiet, scared, not knowing what to expect, for he was mean and cocky, a real fucker.


He would beat my ass or tell on me if he felt like it, like one time, I did not say hello to him, and he got pissed off that I ignored him, and he kicked the shit out of me. He said that next time, I best be careful to respect him, or else. I feared his meanness; he was a brute, yet I was drawn to him because his hard sexual animal magnetism overcame me more.

To my surprise, he undid his Levis, and out plopped his long dong; it was the biggest, thickest dick I ever saw. It was about ten 1/2 inches long, uncut, huge, massively strong, brown, with a meaty, juicy head.

It was truly enormous. He removed his pants completely, lies back on the mattress, and spreads his legs for me to suck it. He is permitting me his big, hard cock with full release, egging me on, pushing my head down on it.

His huge cock looked amazing, straight up high, so huge; his stiff pole was man sausage to me, and he stroked it himself, more to show me, "See, you never saw one this big, like mine?" He was manly, sexually crude, and his cock hard, straight up into the air, he acted badly; he was proud that it was humongous. I wanted to measure it, for my curious satisfaction, it was more like 10 1/2 inches or more, I thought, long and thick. It shocked me, that it was massively huge, and that he was okay with me having it; he was offering his magic tool, and treating me nice.

He made feel comfortable, at ease that it was okay. It would be our secret night together and that I was about to suck his huge cock for his pleasure and my experience. I was surprised to feel it first, his cock so big, that it scared me, and said, "Oh shit", and thought to myself, wow, what did I get myself into?" I had awoken a sleeping giant, his huge cock, he wanted pleasure, and I would try to satisfy him, since I had started that enticement.

He was horny now, he said, "Go for it and work on it". He wanted me to suck his massive man tool his way! I was astonished, now uneasy that I did not know what to do. I had never sucked a dick, especially a big dick like his. Seeing his huge dick, I thought all guys were as big too.

I took his huge cock in my hand, barely able to hold it, and attempted to suck him. My mouth could not open wide enough to suck it. It was meaty, brown, huge, thick, and I wanted it bad, to have his big cock in my mouth to pleasure it, and to taste it. I waited out and began to get used to it, and began to suck it good, with gusto, I licked his head, and sucked his stomach and hairy balls.

He said, easy. I had no experience at sucking, but I was becoming an expert with his slow direction.

I sucked it like a lollipop, since that is what I knew. I went back to licking his shaft, his balls, and enjoyed his musty smell that was sweet and desirable.

He played and stroked my head, guiding me, to suck his cock with careful ease. He moaned and grunted, said that I was doing well; soon I would be his "hyna" or "bitch". He grunted more and said, "Easy, nice and slow, make it wet for your pussy ass". Suddenly, he did the unexpected; he turned me around, brought my pants down my legs, and told me to take them off. I faced down on my stomach, my ass up to him, for his sight to veer, he grabbed it, played with its roundness, and he took his big dick and placed it in my ass; he grabbed my ass hard, holding my round buns apart, and spit on my hole, making it wet with his saliva.

He spread it all over my ass, put his dick to my asshole and began to pound my hole, going fast and hard.

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It was happening too fast, and my asshole would not budge to his huge cock. His dick was just too big to go in me all the way that quick.

I was a young kid, with a tight virgin ass, and I just grimaced to bear the pain, and waited for it to happen, to feel his huge cock enter me, to get fucked, baring his huge cock to invade me. I wanted to pleasure him and his pole, to have him score that huge dick in my ass, it was at the threshold of my virgin round ass, but it would not fit to go in that easy.

I wanted him to fuck me; feel it his cock real bad, and to have the experience that he would show me how he makes one feel that he is a man with a big cock, how it feels to get fucked by a hot stud with a huge cock, like my uncle had, and that he had fucked me. He pounded me hard some more, but did not go in all the way, just hurt me. I could hear his grunts get loud and smell alcohol on his breath, which turned me on too. He stopped, turned around on his side, and went back to sleep.

I begged him to continue and do me again, I would look for Vaseline to grease me, it would do the trick, but he said nothing. I lay beside him for a while, stroking his shoulders and muscular back in the darkness, but he did not respond, the moment was over, and opportunity for more hanging.

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I went to my room, trembling; unbelievable that I seduced my uncle and that he tried to fuck me with his huge cock. My asshole throbbed with pain from that pounding to my tight asshole and the insides my cheeks. The next day, still in pain, and embarrassed for the night before, I tried to stay clear out of his sight, but would peak at him through the main window while he worked on his car.

He was wearing khakis now. I stared at his crotch, unbelievable that what he had between his legs was a massive man tool, kept secret, and my huge secret too, from there on. I was left amazed at his huge cock. Later, I heard him call me. And I went to him. I was scared he would say something about the night before; I had begged to get fucked, but he did not mention the incident, instead he asked me to buy him cigarettes at the liquor store.

I looked down at his crotch, but no sign of his monster man tool in his pants. His manly secret remained dormant at that moment, for what he had between his legs is the biggest cock I ever saw on a man and that was my uncle's. One day I would have it again, well fantasy now, and true tomorrow.