Coco pink stroking dick like a champ

Coco pink stroking dick like a champ
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I had my girl Annabelle a beautiful golden retriever since she was 3 months old.

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Annabelle has been with me for the last 6 years and she has gotten me some tough times since I had her and seemed to be my only friend when I was all alone in this sick sad world. I never neutered Annabelle so I made sure she was locked up when she was in heat so no dogs had her. I made sure my girl was a virgin. The night I crossed the line I was heart broken and I had my mind in dementia and I did not know what I was doing but after all I had found my new lover and I would rather have Annabelle than a woman who would rip my heart to shreds.

I walked in on the girl who I thought was Ms. Right having sex with her own cousin. They were naked and she had his cock in her mouth and there was no denying the situation. I slammed the bedroom door open and yelled "What the hell is going on?!" My girlfriend pulled away from her cousin's and started to stammer her excuses.

"BULLSHIT" and I yelled and said nothing else. I stormed out of the house breaking down her slide glass door and I really did not care what happened because you screw with me I screw you over even worse. I arrived home and took off my clothes and got into the shower. I sobbed and sobbed wondering what was really wrong with me and I even contemplated taking my own life.

I got out of the shower and went into the lay on the couch. I remained naked contemplating how I can end my sufferings. What would be the best way for me to snuff my own lights out that would have been quick and painless. I did not realize Annabelle had come into the room. Annabelle jumped onto the couch next to me and I started to cuddle my girl and cry into her fur. Suddenly Annabelle dipped her head onto my crouch and stared sniffing it.

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I pushed her away and scolded her "Bad Girl Annabelle do not do that!" Annabelle was so consistent and she kept on probing my crotch. I eventually gave up and let her probe.

Soon I felt her long wet tongue starting to lick my shaft and I must confess "IT FELT SO GOOD" my cock reacted to my Annabelle's licking and it stood at attention for her. As Annabelle's licking got fiercer my moans of the pleasure she was giving me had gotten louder. I shot cum so much that it literally flew across the room and onto my TV set. As I cummed my dog's licking got faster and it was only then I realized that this bitch was in heat.

I turned her ass towards me and sniffed the aroma of her doggy cunt smelt so good and I salivated for a taste. I could not help myself; I stuck out my tongue and licked the juices that were flowing out of her cunt. That dog tasted so good her juices tasted sweeter than any woman that I had ever tasted. I then allowed my tongue to gently invade that awaiting cunt.

Annabelle yelped as my tongue penetrated her but she just kept on licking my cock. With my tongue inside of my Annabelle she seemed to cum more than any woman and I enjoyed drank up every drop of cum my girl made fore me.

I pulled Annabelle off my cock and I literally kissed the dog on her mouth.

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Kissing a dog is not like kissing a woman. No kissing a dog was way better. I had Annabelle's tongue in my mouth and loved the taste of her mouth.

While kissing my dog I gently inserted my index and middle finger into her doggy cunt and I could feel her wetness and how her cunt was getting ready for me to have it. I ended my slobbery doggy kiss and I turned Annabelle back around and pushed her lower than my cock. I said "it is time, time for me to sex doggy style for real!" I do not know why I said it because I was about to penetrate a damn dog.

I slid my cock into Annabelle's wet juicy awaiting cunt. Annabelle let out a soft growl, then I slowly started pumping at her cunt, I was in pure ecstasy as I moved my hard cock up and down in her pink wet cunt, my cock was throbbing and I wanted to cum, but I stopped for a second because I was not ready to cum in sweet Annabelle.

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I finally gave in and I came. I came so much in her I wished that I could have gotten my girl pregnant but too bad a man's sperm and doggie's egg don't mix. When I finished taking Annabelle my golden girl I pulled my dick out of her.

Annabelle turned around and licked my face, so I knew that meant that she had enjoyed it as much as I did.


As I lay on the couch and Annabelle lay on top of me, I had my arms around her and we cuddled and fell asleep. When I awoke it hit me. I may never need a woman again.

I have a beautiful woman right here next to me and I know she will never hurt me as any human woman would. I stroked Annabelle's cunt and she awoke. She looked at me and I said to her with a smile on my face, "I think you are really the only woman I want and need. I thank god for you Lady Annabelle." With that I kissed her once more and told her that I loved her. I soon realized that she was not only the first dog I had but this was the first time my Annabelle had sex and I was the one to take her virginity.

I looked at my new lover thinking how soft and warm she is. Annabelle snuggled up next to me and we kissed. I opened my mouth and she knew exactly what to do. She kissed me deep with her soft wet tongue deep in my mouth.

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I lay back down and she stood over me, our tongues fought like crazy, I had never kissed a woman in the way that I was kissing my golden girl. My cock was getting hard now, and our kissing got really intense.

Annabelle jumped off the couch and pointed her ass at me. I said "you want more of what we did last night huh?" She looked at me and barked. I knew that she said yes. I put my hand on her cunt and it was already wet. She pushed hard against my hand and I instinctively knew what she wanted. I started to rub my hard cock and started to push it against her wet doggy cunt.

Annabelle soon let out a low growl and I know she is eager for my hard cock and it was her way of telling me to stop teasing. I slowly pushed my hard-on into her wet juicy cunt which felt warm and tight on my rock hard cock.

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I was in heaven with the feeling of her cunt hugging my cock. I slowly started pumping at her cunt that felt so warm and wet. I held onto her sides and pumped faster; she growled and then started to whine a bit. Her cunt started to clench, and I could feel the wetness and cunt juices drip out of her. I shoved my cock deep into her and pumped even faster. I needed to cum badly and instinctively knew she was going to orgasm. I blew a huge load of cum deep into her doggie cunt.


She was growling and whining like crazy having a massive orgasm. When our passion was nearing an end I gently pulled my half hard cock out of her dripping wet cunt. Annabelle jumped off the couch and then sat down and licked her wet cunt. I looked at her and said "hey no fair I want my share of your sweetness!" I got down onto the floor and pushed her onto her back. I knelt down and slowly put my tongue into her dripping cunt. I moved my tongue around her hot cunt.

I felt around for her clit, and started to flick it with my tongue.

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I slowly started to eat my sweet doggy girl until I felt her cum for me again. Her juices flowed freely and I sucked every drop making sure not a single drop was wasted. It tasted even sweeter than the night before. When I finished she got up and moved close to me and put her head on my stomach and as I patted her until she slowly fell asleep.