Mature real mother daughter lesbian incest japan

Mature real mother daughter lesbian incest japan
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My story starts off as normal as apple pie and America. (first names will be used to hide the identity of the following.) My name is Matt, im a freshman in High School.


i have long curly brown hair that guys love about me. i weigh around 180 lbs but its all muscle because of the fact I work out every day after School. I have a height of 6'2 FT tall with deep blue eyes. enough about me now about my lover. My lover Justin is about 6'3 FT tall and very skinny.


he always wears these sexy jogger pants to school with a t-shirt and occasionally a sweatshirt. I would say that he is about 120 lbs all muscle like myself. I love to be around him and he doesn't know that yet but he will soon learn. It was 6:37 when i got on the bus to head to school. when we picked up Justin he went to the back of the bus where i am. he then sat down and said "hey matt yawn. im tired as fuck this morning" i then said " i know what you mean dude".

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while we were sitting on the bus in the back alone he began to fall asleep on my shoulder! i then started to get a boner and thank god he didn't see it.

my entire cock was throbbing and making my shorts stick way up. while he was asleep i began to rub his leg with my hand out of pure lust. when we finally got to school i woke him up off my should and we laughed it off because he fell asleep on me.

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when we got to school as soon as i walked in the door some random guy yelled out "hey matt i herd your a fag!". my face got red so i ran to the bathroom to splash some cold water on my face. shortly Justin walked in and said "those guys are such jerks to you" i said " I dont know why though". as i was splashing watter on my face Just reached over and put his arm around my shoulder and said "its okay if you are gay matt it wouldnt make me feel any different of you" i then said "oh no im not gay for sure" he then said to me that i never would have expected him to say " matt i just wanted to let you know that im Bi-sexual" i was so happy i could of been jumping up and down but i just said " Oh my god thats so sweet Justin".

i could tell he was really happy because when he lent over to give me a hug i could feel his hard on throbbing against my thigh.

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i looked down and said " you must be really happy to tell me that Justin" he got really red and blushed allot. when me an Justin finished PE we headed for the showers and they were completely empty so we went in and started to shower together in the same shower. we always showered together because we washed each other bareback in the shower.

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when i was washing justins back i started to get a hard on by just looking at his nice tight ass when i lent over to wash his shoulders my 9'0 cock slid in between his cheeks he jumped a little and i said "OMG im so sorry!" he then turns around and puts one finger on my lips and says "shhhh, its okay matt" and then leaned in and kissed me on the lips long and hard as our tongues were licking each others he was holding my ass firmly in his hands.

we then headed out of the showers and got dresses and didn't say anymore of the matter all day. on the way home from school Justing asked me if i was doing anything after school. and i told him i wasn't so we decided to hangout at my house. when we got to my house my mom and dad were gone and the house was empty.

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we went up to my room and sat on my bed. we talked about what happened at school and he said he wanted to finish what we started.

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before we did anything i had to get this off my chest i said to Just "i really am gay" he jump toward me and hugged me long and hard. i was falling in love.


he then began to kiss me. he took my shirt off and slid my pants off i was sitting there on my bed in my boxers getting a hard on as justin went to the bathroom when he came back he had his ass all lubed up and told me to lube my cock up for the bareback sex he really wanted.

i didnt take much time to lube it up and get ready to pound his ass in.

he was about to sit down on my dick as the head of my huge cock was peering through his tight ass he let out a loud moan i didnt want to hurt him but he pushed his ass down my long shaft. i was thrusting my huge cock in and out of his hot tight ass i was so hard. he began to scream "HARDER!!

HARDER!! HARDER!!, FASTER BABE FASTER!!"as soon as he said babe i knew this wasnt the last time. i was about to cum when i tried to pull out but he made sure i didnt take it out. i shot wave after wave of cum in his ass i was lying there with my dick in his ass and he was getting off my hard erect cock he layed down on my chest and i turned him over and said " i got to get you done now" so i started to suck his erect cock in my mouth it tasted soo good of his pre-cum. i felt his long hard cock start to swell in my mouth as he started to moan like fuck!

he shot wave after wave in my throught. so sweet. after we just had the best sex of my life we were outside on the front step of my house his mom was in the car and he said to me " matt i love you to much to stop loving you, i want to be boyfriends.


if you dont want to then you dont have to." i then said as i was hugging him in my arms "justin i love you so much you make me so happy i never want to leave you". he then said " ill see you tomorrow on the bus then" he was walking away when i grabbed his hand and made sure his mom was looking and began to kiss him. he was loving it. he didnt care if his mom saw or not we were tongue kissing and everything.

and right as he was about to walk away i grabbed his ass and said out loud so loud his mom could hear. " i love you babe" he said " love you to honey".

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he was in for it with his mom but i didnt care and neither did he. ---the end