Brunette tries porn for the first time and loves it xxx here she is clad in her sexiest

Brunette tries porn for the first time and loves it xxx here she is clad in her sexiest
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NOTE About Story: This is part two. Part one was a rewrite of an old story from years ago. I hadn't planned to do the second part and there won't be a part three unless there is an expressed interest. Shouldn't That Scare me More The Second Time? By Bistander The night before, I slept horribly. I had a hard time falling asleep because of what Mark had done to me. When I did snooze, I had dreams about it. In them, my brain drew from thousands of blowjob videos I'd seen and created an alternate universe where I sucked cock like a porn star.

Whenever I was jerked awake, my dick had that bloated, about to shoot a load look. Maybe if Mark had stayed around and talked about it, I wouldn't have been so disturbed? I got out of bed, as I had the previous day, and stayed completely naked. Today was different, though, no school. That was a good thing because I needed the weekend to sort things out in my mind. My parents would be gone until late Sunday, so I could watch non-stop lesbian porn to get dicks out of my mind.

That's what I should do, except before bed last night, I watched—No, I studied deepthroat movies. I couldn't help thinking about how I had done it, and if I could have done a better job. I was thinking again about how I could pleasure myself vicariously through giving someone else head.

I started toward the kitchen. The act of walking around in the room where we ate meals as a family gave me a cheap thrill, but today I wasn't going to blow a load on the table. I looked out a window, knowing someone might see me, and it added some girth to my cock. It swung and bumped off my thighs on the way to the refrigerator. A tingle in my balls suggested I'd be hard before I sat down to eat cereal.

If milk dripped on my balls, as it had yesterday morning, there wouldn't be any hesitation this time; I'd scoop it up and put the spoon in my mouth. Wasn't that what started my problem? I ate my breakfast without dropping any, but that didn't stop me from touching the head of my dick and cradling a testicle in the cold steel.

Yes, I knew yesterday had started with the spoon thing and ended with my neighbor violating my virgin ass, but I didn't care.

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I needed it, needed anything to distract me from all the evil thoughts racing through my head. Sucking another guy's dick had changed me. My erection was at full strength when I put my bowl in the sink. I turned around, leaned against the counter and arched my back, shoving out my groin. I closed my eyes and pictured my father standing in the exact position he had been in the night I saw my mother blowing him. The sound of knuckles rapping on glass caused my heart to jerk painfully in my chest.

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I whirled around and saw Mark looking in the window portion of the backdoor. The counter shielded my lower half, but only if I stayed right there.

Mark was looking right at me. I couldn't ignore him. A dish towel was the only thing available. I held it in front of my groin. Mark had seen my dick already. Shit, he'd watched me shoot cum onto the computer screen while his gigantic cock pounded my ass, but if the whole thing had been a fluke, one random incident where two horny teenagers got carried away watching porn, then going to the door like this might send the wrong message.

I opened the door a couple of inches with my body sideways. "Shit, I can't believe this, I never walk around this way, and—" "Take it easy, Andrew," Mark said.

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"It happens, but you're lucky I'm not your parents coming home early." The thought of my mother catching me in the kitchen while I thrust my erection, pretending I was my dad, made the last bit of the blood leave my face.

"God, oh, don't even say that," I said. "Did she tell you to check on me every day that they're gone?" "No, and I'm sorry I didn't call," Mark said, "but I was outside, and it seemed easier to walk over here." Did that mean he came to see me, I wondered? Even if he had, it still didn't seem appropriate to invite him in while I only had a dish towel over my boner. Why on Earth hadn't my erection subsided, already? "What did you want?" Want, I thought, that sounded bad, like I was asking him if he planned on fucking me again.

That wasn't it, wasn't what I wanted. What did I want? "Hey, it's gonna be hot today," he said. "Thought you might wanna come over and swim." Mark is a senior, and I'm a freshman, so this had never happened before. "Yeah, okay, that'd be great." "You better wear something, though," Mark said with a chuckle. "My sister is home." After Mark was gone, I thought about his comment, wondering if I wouldn't need to wear something if his sister wasn't home?

That would be crazy-dangerous even with a fence around their backyard. Two high school boys skinny dipping together could only be viewed one way, and I wasn't that way. Whatever happened was because I had been obsessed with getting a blowjob while watching too much porn. It was a shame that I still didn't know what getting head felt like even after having Mark's cock in my mouth. Later, wearing a bathing suit and T-shirt, with a towel over my shoulder, I stood outside the gate between our yards.

I now knew how nervous I would have been earlier if I hadn't been so embarrassed.

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I wanted Mark to be outside. That seemed as if it would be less awkward than knocking. Even though Mark had lived next door for years, and I'd seen him at school and spoken to him in the yard, I had no idea how to act when I went through the gate. Part of me felt like I would if I were seeing a girl the day after we made out for the first time.

The rest of me wanted to pretend nothing had happened or ignore Mark for the rest of my life. I couldn't do either.

I had to see if he acted differently now. We had to discuss what happened, establish a bond of secrecy, and make sure he didn't have the wrong idea about me. Too bad I wasn't sure what the right idea was. The gate squeaked, and the latch snapped back into the closed position.

I checked the large wooden deck that surrounded the above ground pool. There wasn't anybody to be seen, but I climbed the stairs, anyway, to be sure Mark wasn't in the pool. Nobody was there, and there wasn't any evidence that they had been there recently.

I turned in a circle, gathering the nerve to knock. A door slammed. I turned toward the house. A girl that I didn't recognize at first was crossing the yard. Once I stopped watching the white triangles atop the bouncing boobs and saw her face, I realized it was Mark's younger sister. From that distance, I wasn't sure if the top was tiny or her tits were even more significant than I thought. It wasn't like I paid much attention to Tabitha.

Well, that's not true because I stared when I thought I could get away with it. Who wouldn't? Sure, she was too young to bone, but that wasn't why I pretended to ignore her. The girl's face and hair favored a young, sexy version of Peyton List, but her body was more like post-enhancements, Kylie Jenner. Too bad she was such a stuck-up, cock-tease, cheerleader. Why do they even have cheerleaders in eighth grade?

Mark's sister climbed the stair with a wireless speaker and MP3 player. She ignored me and did a cheesy, shake your stuff, dance move. It reminded me of this girl named Christina on the Internet. Back when she was supposed to be eighteen—I'm not sure she was even that old—but she had the body of a twenty-five-year-old woman, and the only thing I ever saw her do was that same goofy, shake your body dance.

Maybe Mark's sister could be the next Christina Model? She'd have the body for it in a few years. Tabitha's white bikini had a half inch border around all of the triangles, strings over her hips and around her back, but no shoulder straps.

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The bold V-shaped mound wasn't the girl's thick bush; that was made obvious by the almost see-through mesh-like material that filled in between the borders. Had she actually shaved it, I wondered, or didn't she have any grass on the course, yet? "Hi, Mark will be right out," Tabatha said and put the speaker on a table next to the wooden lounge chair.

When the girl bent over to spread a towel on the blue and white flowered cushion, her small bottoms became a thong, and what was too much pussy for a girl her age stretched the thin material between her thighs. I stared while she used her thumbs to extract it from her crack. I wanted to sigh with relief when I realized girls still excited me. "Hey," Mark said, "sorry I made you wait." I turned away from the flaunting teen and said, "No problem." Mark wasn't wearing anything except Speedo swimsuit briefs.

His pecs were hard with a lot more chest hair than I had. I cursed myself, but my eyes continued down his ripped stomach. I cruised past the tuft of brown hair below his belly button, down the grooves that formed a V, and on to the swim trunks. His package was obscenely evident in the small suit.

Shit, I licked my lips, and immediately my anus tingled with the memory of getting stretched. "It's hot," Mark said. "Why don't you take your shirt off and get in?" I wanted to, but removing my shirt now might emphasize the chubby his sister had given.

Mark would think it was because I was staring at his bulge. He'd be right, in part. I shifted awkwardly between the siblings, trying to figure out how to hide my groin from both of them. Tabitha was too busy rubbing suntan lotion over her bronze arms and legs, so I angled toward her and fumbled with the bottom of my T-shirt. "Before you get wet, put this on my back." Tabitha handed Mark the bottle of lotion. Mark said, "Say, please." With a smug grin, Tabitha said, "Kiss my ass." I wanted to volunteer for either of her commands, but Mark surprised me.

He squirted some creamy liquid in his hand and moved toward her. Tabitha laid face down, reached back and shamelessly pulled the bikini bottoms into her crack, exposing most of that glorious ass. It flexed, then settled outward, widening the deep groove.

Mark straddled the chair and glanced my way. His expression seemed sinister. No wonder he gave in without a fight, I thought. He had something planned for his sister. I smiled, hoping it'd be mean, but that was just sour grapes.

While they were distracted, I removed my shirt. Mark laid his hands on Tabitha's shoulder blades and plopped down on her butt. His thigh blocked my view, but I imagined his massive package had to be in her ass cleavage.

I didn't have a sister, but I assumed if Mark were doing that intentionally to mess with his sister, it wouldn't turn him on. Nah, I'd have to be gay if her ass touching my cock didn't get it hard. Mark leaned into the press of his hands and rolled his groin forward. Tabitha groaned because of one of her brother's actions. I casually moved, glancing off at nothing in particular, until I knew the angle was right. I turned my head and looked down Tabitha's body into the union of her ass and Mark's crotch.

He wasn't concern about me seeing his cock and balls stuffed between Tabitha's butt cheeks. It appeared his dick had grown, folded downward over those giant balls. I imagined it had to be poking his sister's asshole. My erection stretched out, laying over toward my right hip.

Was he fucking with his sister, or trying to fuck her? Tabitha's annoyed voice squeaked, "Lower." I figured she realized what her brother was up to, but it was his hands she was talking about. Mark squirted a gob of lotion, smeared it on her lower back and said.

"Okay, done." His voice startled me. I jerked my eyes away, hoping he hadn't seen me staring. "Thanks," Tabitha said and flipped over. Beads of sweat had formed on her forehead. My eyes wandered up and down her body. The material between her legs had cut a line down the center of her plump lips. "I don't know about you, but I'm ready to get in," Mark said. When I turned my head toward Mark, I saw the last thing I wanted him to see me looking at. His dick had snaked under the narrow band of Speedo, practically around the curve of his hip.

The bulbous head was clearly outlined. Damn it; I had that thing in my throat. Tabitha arched upward in a half sit up, rubbing her tight stomach. My boner couldn't be hidden. I took three long strides and dove into the pool, swimming under the water all the way to the far end of the oval pool.

When I surfaced, gasping for breath, I threw my arms over the side and hung there. The cold water hadn't done anything toward shrinkage, yet. My bowed erection stood straight up. I pulled the elastic waistband out and freed the top half of my cock. This was not what I had expected. I thought Mark invited me over so we could talk a little bit about what happened yesterday. We'd figure out where things stood between us.

Instead, the siblings put on a freak show designed to make me horny enough to fuck anything. Mark popped up behind me. I pressed my groin against the side of the pool to hide my exposed cock.

He moved close, partially behind me and partially at my side. "Sorry 'bout that," he said and gestured toward the sound of Tabitha's pop music. "She won't bug us anymore. She's face down now, working on skin cancer." "Oh, that's okay, it didn't bother me." Hell no, I got to watch you grind your package into her ass groove.


"She's such a tease," Mark said. "One of these days it's gonna get her in trouble." What did he mean by that? "Oh, yeah." Mark changed gears. "I'm sorry about yesterday." I waited for more because I didn't know if my neighbor regretted letting me give him head or raping my virgin ass or the whole thing altogether.

He continued, "I remember the first time I did something like that. I shouldn't have taken off so fast. We could have talked some. I hope I didn't do something you regret." The truth was, I didn't know how I felt about it. Girls still got me hard, so I didn't think I could be gay. Mark didn't turn me on, but I'd be lying to myself if I said the sight of his dick barely contained in those briefs didn't do something to me.

Last night, and this morning, I had been hoping to try it one more time. I wanted to take my time and explore all of the things I imagined while watching porn. "Um, it wasn't something I expected, it surprised me, I guess, but I don't regret it." "I know you got off, I mean got off, but I still should have offered to do something for you." Mark's arm came around my waist. His hand bumped the knob of my cock; then it was inside my shorts.

He squeezed my shaft. "Ah, um, your sister," I said.


"She's probably knocked out by now," Mark said, "but it's still exciting to think she's right there while we're doing this." He shoved my trunks down.

"You have a really nice dick, big, nice and big." He stroked me slow with a loose grip. Despite all my secret fantasies, now that the high school senior was jerking me off, I was terrified.

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The odds of this girl keeping our secret if she caught us were zero. Although, knowing we could get caught enhanced the level of my arousal. My willingness to be risky, dangerous and bad also increased. "Thanks," I said, "but compared to yours, it's—" "Mine isn't much bigger," he said, and I felt it brushing against my ass cheeks.

"The angle you see yours at compared to the way you see me, makes it seem much larger. Stand sideways in front of a mirror, and you'll see what I mean." Mark pressed against my back and hunched.

His cock wasn't in his Speedo. It was between my ass cheeks, sliding up and down. The water wasn't an excellent lubricant, but his fist still felt good pumping my dick. "I, ah, I might, um." "Not yet," Mark said. "I got a better idea. A way more exciting idea." He switched to massaging my balls. "I can feel how tight and ready they are.

What got you so excited? You don't have to lie; it's okay if it was Tabitha." "Well, yeah, that too," I said. "I had dreams last night, then you invited me over, and your sister—I'm not sure I should say anymore." Mark shoved his erection between my legs. The thick knob poked into my balls.

I reached under, grabbed it, pulled more of it through and rubbed it against my groin. "Go on, say it, tell me about your dreams and what you thought about my sister." What would be worse, telling him I wanted him to ass fuck his sister, hurt her, the way he had done me, or admitting I wanted to suck him off again? "Your cock and balls were on her ass," I said. "I kept thinking about how big it is, and how it felt. I kept waking up last night wishing I had done more." "That can happen, but first I want to take care of you," Mark said.

"Come on." I followed my neighbor back to the other side of the pool. When he reached the ladder, Mark climbed it backward, facing me. The front of his suit was tucked under his balls. His sack was round and full. It was the size of a baseball. I stared at the shaved balls, wanting to rush up the ladder and suck them. When Mark's feet reached the deck, and I was halfway up, my face level with his stiff cock.

I remembered Tabitha was behind him and stopped myself from reaching for it. She was still face down with that glorious ass up. The strings of her top were lying at her sides. Tabitha wasn't going to jump up quickly, but if she did, it would be my lucky day. Mark moved to the foot of his sister's chair. His gigantic cock stood almost parallel with his groin and stomach, wobbling enticingly. The music playing next to Tabitha's head seemed too loud for sleeping, but she wouldn't hear us.

With a hand gesture, Mark encouraged me to hurry up. I did. He got on his knees facing me with his back to Tabitha's feet. When he yanked the front of my shorts down, my cock sprang up and slapped my belly. To me, it sounded like someone hitting a bass drum.

Mark put a finger to his lips, "Shh," and pulled my swimsuit down my legs. Tabitha didn't budge. With my hands on my hips, I bit my lip in anticipation. My right testicle popped into the blazing hot of Mark's mouth.

I almost cried out. The left one suddenly joined the other, and I grunted. Nothing could have prepared me for how intensely pleasurable it felt to have my balls sucked. It made my knees weak. Mark's tongue darted out toward my asshole, licking the tender flesh. I tugged on my raging hard-on, staring at Tabitha's ass and the tits squeezing out from under her body. This was beyond dangerous. I was getting head in front of a sleeping girl on my neighbor's pool deck.

It put all my other dangerous feats to shame. It even surpassed that time I got a boner in church while staring at the pastor's wife. Mark's spit slickened finger circled the puckered ring around my asshole. It would have freaked me out on any day of my life before I let someone cram a cock up there.

I took a wider stance and rocked my body. Mark's finger pushed through the tightness. A sound escaped from my throat. Tabitha still didn't stir. Mark sucked my balls alternately and at the same time while finger fucking my butt. I wanted more. I wanted that cock back inside me so I could blow a load like I had yesterday. Once you started, it was so easy to continue doing things you never thought you'd ever do.

Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass were the words my porn brain wanted to yell. Mark sucked the mushroom at the end of my dick, and that was enough for me to know a mouth felt better than anything I had ever stuck my dick in. With my eyes closed, I didn't think I'd know one suck-hole from another. Did it matter then that another guy was doing it? Mark slurped, and my cock head punched a hole down his throat. I could have cum and been satisfied that I had gotten the best oral sex there was, but that was only because I didn't know, yet, how much better it could get.

Mark gulped three times and his eyes watered. He pulled back. Half of my dick glistened with his mouth juices. He licked upward from my balls to the head, circled it, and sealed his lips on the tip, sucking and flicking the slit with his tongue. My body hunched unexpectedly, jamming the purple knob back into the other boy's face. The need to climax changed my demeanor.

I wanted Mark to suck me down, take all of me, and drink my cum. The experienced, older boy sensed my growing demands and gave me two or three fingers, thrusting hard and fast into my asshole. The tight ring that had been a virgin ass yesterday was open and welcoming the violation. Mark's head boobed and each time he took more cock down his throat. He pulled back to the ridge of my dome, sucked hard, then plunged his face toward my groin. I met his forward motion with a hunch, jamming myself into his throat.

My balls were up, ready to tuck in beside the root of my erection. I was about to blow a load down his throat. My breathing quickened even though I wanted to be quiet. I rolled my body, face fucking the gasping boy. His nose hit my pubic hair each time I plowed through his spasming throat. The overflow of throat sauce dripped from his chin and lubricated the pistoning fingers. "Ah, ah, ah, I'm—"I bit my tongue and thrust my groin.

Mark stuffed his fingers as deep as they would go and yanked his head away. I came the way I had yesterday. In all the times I had jerked off and tested the limits of my range, I had never covered a distance anywhere near the length of a girl's body. A glob of cum plopped down between Tabitha's shoulder blades, close to her neck. I held my breath, terrified Tabitha would flip out and catch us. Mark squeezed, jerked and aimed my cock while it continued to launch cum.

I got a perverse rush of euphoria knowing I was blowing a load on the stuck-up girl while she slept. Part of me wanted Tabitha to jump up, forgetting her top wasn't tied. The fourth and final burst to hit her body landed on her lower back and ass. She stirred, but never looked to see what was happening. While waiting for my breathing to steady, I noticed the wedge of material that covered Tabitha's crotch had parted the girl's swollen labia.

The thin, white fabric was darker in the crease than it was on the high, round edges. It could have been sweat, I supposed but based on the pattern of the moisture it was more likely coming out of her. In my mind, her brother's cock and balls touching her ass had spawned bad dreams.

It's a good thing she's not my sister, I thought. Mark grabbed my hand and moved it to his stiff cock. It amazed me again how big it was when I wrapped my fingers around it. The idea of having it jammed down my throat frightened and thrilled me. The memory of gagging, and the terror of being deprived of air, made my balls tingle. I wanted to give Mark the best blowjob of his life. I wanted to do everything to him that I'd like to have done to me.

Without the added anxiety of getting caught by his sister would have been my first choice, but Mark press down on my shoulder, and I went to my knees without hesitation.

Tabitha's feet were within reach. I didn't have a thing for toes, but if I were going to start, I'd suck hers first. They were short, pudgy and cute. Maybe Mark wanted to cum on them? All of the blowjob videos I'd seen played in my mind. I got lower. Mark turned a knee out and put his foot on a chair, making more room for me.

His sack was surprisingly cool on my forehead. The tight, hairless skin loosened. His balls separate, and the tingling in mine became more like stinging skin after a hard slap. I tilted my head back and let the orbs drop into my eye sockets.

He dragged his nuts down my nose until they rested heavy on my lips. I could look up past Mark's erection and see him staring down with a pleased expression. I exhaled through my open mouth. His skin slackened further, and the right testicle fell between my parted lips. I licked it a few times before sucking the sensitive nugget into my mouth. Mark groaned and tried to pull it away, but I sucked harder. Both of his balls in were in my mouth.

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He rocked, tugging against my suction. The dry spit coated shin of my cock stretched. As much as it was possible, I made a conscious effort to go slow and take everything in. My brain cycled through the memories from yesterday. They weren't traumatizing anymore. The tip of Mark's cock was slick. The bulb was smoother on my tongue than mine had ever felt in my hand. I sealed my lips around the plum and turned my head left, right, left, over and over while sucking and licking.

The taste of pool water was quickly overpowered by the salty ooze I was drawing out of his slit. The bulging veins bumped across my lips as my face descended the long thick cock. I sucked harder. Mark jerked, and the dense bulb punched the back of my throat. A conflicting cocktail of brain chemicals surging through my body. Gag, gasp, pull back were all logical commands, but I yielded to whatever fueled deviant behavior and jammed more cock into my face.

Adrenaline and lust exploded in me. My throat gulped and my eyes flooded. I was choking myself, and it made me feel more alive than I had ever felt.

Mark felt something, too, and it caused him to thrust. I tried to jerk away, but he was holding my head, so I change the angle of my neck. My throat got wider, and the urge to gag waned. The older boy was face-fucking me like we were making a porno. Deeper and deeper, I eagerly took that bulbous cock head.

I reached through his legs and held his ass, steadying myself against the brutal thrusts. My perverse nature overrode all of my preprogrammed survival instincts. I closed my eyes, and it might as well have been my dick getting serviced. My neighbor's brown pubic hair came closer and closer to my nose. I was deepthroating a high school senior, and I wanted him to blow his load straight into my stomach. Mark released my head and pulled out. A gob of throat juice dangled from his tightly drawn nut sack.

At that moment, I realized how desperate for air I had been and how jacked up on adrenaline I was. I trembled. Mark said, "I want it the way I did you yesterday." He got down on his knees in front of me, facing Tabitha's feet.

The girl was still face down and oblivious to the immoral behavior happening behind her back. I still couldn't believe she could sleep with that music playing right next to her head. Once Mark was on his hands and knees with his ass in front of my cock, it dawned on me that I had never fucked anyone in the ass, but I had seen dogs do it, seen tons of porn, and knew what Mark did to me yesterday. His hand came from between his legs with the juicy slime I left on his cock and balls.

He smeared it between his ass cheeks, poking a finger into the center of the small, brown ring. "Do me," he said. The head of my cock pancaked against the slick, puckered ring.

Mark applied more spit. The slippery, warm flesh made my cock surge with enforcement. I jammed it against Mark's asshole. It collapsed, caved in, and my dick head was encased in something that was hotter than I hadn't expected.

I hunched. Mark grunted. It felt better in his ass than it had in his mouth. I shoved more dick into him. Mark groaned and grabbed the end of the lounge chair. The suntanning teen didn't flinch. His stretched asshole clung to my dick, then folded in when I plunged into it.

Mark pushed back. Gwen Stefani sang: "Drive back baby to me, fast in your car I'm here waiting, crash into me real hard. . " The force I use to drive the full length of my cock up Mark's ass was overkill, but my entire body had stiffened with purpose. I needed to fuck, fuck, and fuck it until I satisfied my primal lust.

We were like dogs fucking in the backyard, except even cold water or a screaming girl wouldn't have made me stop. "Now you know you're qualified You're in the pole position Put it in first gear, step on the pedal and drive fast." I wanted to stand up for more leverage, but I couldn't make my body stopped fucking, so I grabbed Mark's hips, pulling him against my violent thrusts.

He was jerking his cock with the same brutal urgency. I could feel his ass pipe convulsing, clamping down and releasing. My balls stopped swinging and throbbed with a building orgasm. The idea of revenge hadn't crossed my mind, but I was fucking Mark as if I hated him for what he had done to me yesterday. Mark pushed up and leaned back against me. I couldn't ram with a full stroke anymore, but I kept hunching, sticking my bloated cock straight up into his body.

The tunnel I had bored into him clamped down on my dick. I pushed up like I wanted to lift him on my cock. Mark's body arched and his head hit my shoulder. As much as the sane me didn't want to have the middle school girl know I was fucking her brother in the ass, the evil me rejoiced when Mark's first load flew through the air, landing in the groove between her cheeks.

I hunched like I had more cock to give him. Mark thrust his groin and slammed his fist down against it. Like a heat-seeking missile, a large streamer of ball juice pelted the white mess. It was a direct hit on her pussy. It enthralled my perverse nature. I wanted to pull out of Mark's ass and shoved my dick into the unsuspecting cock-tease.

Mark got up and left my ass juice stained erection bobbing. He straddled his sister and milked the rest of his orgasm into Tabitha's ass crack.

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At that point, I figured it didn't matter, or I didn't care anymore, so I pumped my dick while knee walking forward. At the foot of the chair, I forced my stiffness down, aiming it straight out. Mark stepped to the side, turned towards me and watched me send another load onto the sleeping girl.

It wasn't as much cum as the first time, but I got a lot of it where I wanted it. It wasn't as good as I suspected shoving my squirting prick into Tabitha's cunt would be, but my semen melting into the girl's bikini quenched an urge that I didn't know I was capable of having. Her pussy lips and slit had to be wet with our combined orgasms. It felt wrong and evil, yet so satisfying.

When Mark and I were cooling off in the pool, I asked, "Aren't we going to get in trouble when she wakes up?" Mark shrugged. "A bird could have crapped on her, but she won't know the difference unless she tastes it." I analyzed his words.

Nobody would taste bird shit. Did that mean Mark knew Tabitha had tasted cum or knew what his cum tasted like? Before I could form a reply, Mark asked, "You wanna fuck her?" Was that a rhetorical question? The expression on Mark's face was probably the same one he had yesterday right before he crammed that giant dick into my tight, virgin asshole.

There wasn't any sarcasm in his tone. His question generated a dozen more in my mind. Foremost, did he mean right now? Second, would his sister be an awake, willing participant? It would be dangerous to answer; I thought and nodded.