Cute blonde teen blows cock and gets her

Cute blonde teen blows cock and gets her
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Bobbie in the Summer of 1967 Journey of four teens in the age of discovery.

The sweet smell of summer drifted lightly through the open window as we snuggled carelessly together on the double bed. We had been there for an hour that morning like we did numerous times over school vacation.

Today it was my turn with Bobbie.

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It wasn't what you may be thinking, no we didn't have passionate sex, and she didn't have it with anyone else although she was easy in some ways up to that point in time. It was the summer of love as they called it, 1967, we liked to think we were old enough to join in but only in our mid-teens we weren't.

We ended up learning a lot from each other that long hot summer, Bobbie, me and two other friends, Billy and Tommy. Let me explain a little background.

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We grew up close, very close in a tight knit neighborhood, the four of us. Bobbie was the adventurous one, always wanting to push the boundaries a little more than they should be.

It was right after school let out that summer when Tommy told us how he and Bobbie were down by the pond fishing when he kissed her on the cheek then she clobbered him alongside the head. But then they got into a tussle on the ground rolling around together, she being stronger had him pinned down sitting on him.

At first we didn't believe him; he had a tendency to fib. But he told it in such detail we believed him. She was sitting on his mid-section twisting about as such when he pops a hard-on. At first she didn't notice it but when she did she rubbed her butt harder on it before getting up and leaving for home.

That was the start of it. So that day Bobbie and I circled the perimeter of the bed, twisting our bodies around on the rumbled bedspread kissing each other as we went. Not an abnormal occurrence at all. In fact she did this all the time not just me but with the three of us at different times of course, or at least until late August at different times.

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She had rules to follow; unspoken but enforced strictly no boy had ever touched her breasts for more than a fleeting moment before the hand was swatted away.

Maybe she knew permitting our fingers to roam it would continue into something unstoppable. She was correct in her thinking. It was Billy who spilled the beans, by accident he squealed to us that his hand unintentionally slipped onto her tittie.

When there wasn't a whack he left it there, afraid to move it at first then unhurriedly traveling over the mound he massaged it so gently, careful not to offend her.

He did not have the courage to try anything further afraid of being rejected. Now the two of us listening surely had something on our minds as to what we would attempt the next time we were alone with her. But some things don't work out quite the way you plan them. It was a hot humid day in early July, all four of us were down at the pond fishing but no fish were biting that day. Bored we sat under an old elm tree that overhung the still waters, not a ripple to be seen, not a breath of air moving about.

The sticky perspiration stuck to our bodies like a disguised slime. Boys being hot ditched their shirts but poor Bobbie couldn't, as an alternative Bobbie rolled her tee shirt up tying it just under the emerging accumulation of firm flesh of her tits. Not satisfied, ducking behind the bulky tree trunk she shed her bra to the astonishment of her friends. Well after that time flew by, what were a few hours seemed more like minutes.

It was that afternoon Bobbie showed us exactly how much she liked to push the limitations. The girl took turns with each of us, tempting us beyond reasonable doubt, making us so horny in the process I am sure we each used a box of Kleenex that night.

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But we didn't see anything wrong with it, never considered her a slut, never lost respect for her either. But what she did was incomprehensible in our young although perverted minds. Not only did Tommy start out kissing her behind the tree as Billy and I watched from feet away as his hand crept further upwards until it was planted firmly on her breast.

Neither was ashamed that we watched the spectacle. Before the afternoon came to a conclusion each of us had a turn next to her groping her young titties as our tongues did a tango. She seemed to be an exhibitionist, taking admiration from the other two gawking as she treated the one to a special reward. The next day we met and all we could talk about that morning was how she let us squeeze those precious tits over her shirt.

After that day by the pond it became a regular feature when we gathered either in two's or as a group to be allowed access to her body. But never, never was bare skin exposed or felt. Limitations and restrictions are there for a reason but likewise some think they are there to be broken. We never could decide who the first was but I do remember on that day described above while on the bed my hand wandered under her shirt, my fingers carefully working northward, pausing at each rib bone before nudging into her tits.

A hand was essentially touching something that I had never touched before. Wanting more I eased a finger under the resilient elastic until it found a little nub. She seemed to take keen interest when it was tweaked between my finger and thumb, her breathing although not ragged increased.

Definitely she was enthused with my doings. It had been a regular occurrence to crawl upon her body, to dry hump her to both of our delight, but today it was different. A lot of nerve and throwing caution into the wind my free hand unfastened each of the white pearl buttons on her shirt. Without any hesitation, before I could be cast off, I continued until her front was completely exposed. Now directly on top of her I went for broke pulling the soft satin bra over the lumps on her chest.

Dumfounded, I glazed down at them in awe, they were so beautiful, the whiteness of them in stark contrast to the dark tan lines. I thought for a second I would orgasm in my shorts I was so agitated. Coned shaped with pink puffy trinkets just awaiting attention. Having no clue, instincts took control lowering my head to those mounds, not even stopping to feel them first I sucked in the nub swirling my tongue around it causing it to engorge between my lips.

From one to the other I switched not satisfying my urges or hers as I felt her heart beat increase causing her chest to expand upwards. All the time my mouth dominated her nipples my groin was particularly occupied dry humping her spread legs. The continuous grinding collected its payment of taxes at my expense, before I could restrain my actions, not that I wanted to, my body was spilling warm fluid into the white briefs that concealed the rock hard pole.

Not able to satisfy my inner desires I kept at it to her approval although my complete diligence diminished noticeably before my dick was rigid again and stayed that way until she asked me to leave before her Mom arrived home for lunch. Hidden under my clothes I was a mess.


She saw it first, my khaki shorts stained with a wet spot on the front, embarrassed I looked at the dark yellow shorts she wore finding a similar stain. But it blew my mind as her finger traced her wet spot before reaching out running her fingers over mine triggering my dick to flex to her amusement as she giggled like the little girl she was.

Well that was the start of it. I would have to figure out how I would proceed wanting that brass ring for myself. The three of us would argue extensively over who was the first to get to second base with her. Later the argument would go further. To this day I think I was first in all departments. Reluctantly I shared my experience with the others; they were quiet at first but then bragged about already having accomplished the feat.

I think they were lying. It was a week later strolling through back yards I was approaching Billy's fence when I first saw the movement behind his garden shed, cautiously backing up I spied the two.

At first a streak of jealousy crept up my spine before mitigating as I acknowledged the fact she wasn't my girl but all of ours. He had both her bra and shirt off as he too indulged in pleasure.

Standing there for twenty minutes with a hard-on while Bobbie's tits took Billy's abuse. As they backed away from each other's bodies I watched as Bobbie let the grip on his dick go. That was motivating knowing Bobbie was curious about dicks. The fragrance of honeysuckle blew in the breeze from the backyard overpowering our sense of smell.

But when my nose burrowed into the nape of her golden hair I could only smell the sugary shampoo she used that morning. It was the last week of July, a heat wave had set in, the temperature soaring, our bodies covered in perspiration allowing for an un-protested removal of her shirt.

Salty tasting sweat collided against my taste buds arousing me even more. I had no idea the day would turn out as it did. The small fan in the corner sung out a humming song as it revolved back and forth in a fruitless attempt to cool us. Today I tried something new, my shorts unfastened at the snap, zipper undone, my dick sliding against the flimsy pale green shorts she wore.

If only I could get those shorts open too. It became too warm for our bodies, the skin sticking to the others as I peeled myself from her rolling onto my back. She couldn't but help notice the protrusion distorting my cotton underwear. I was agitated beyond belief having gyrated for the past forty-five minutes against her mound almost blowing several times. It came as complete bombshell when her hand traveled southward against the wet skin of my stomach before reaching the inflamed projection.

Although covered in fabric her fingers twirled around the perimeter causing nerves to tingle as it pulsed slightly. No fool I knew what I wanted reaching down almost ripping the briefs down onto my thighs and then replacing her hand directly onto it. It didn't occur to me that day as she wrapped her fingers skillfully around it moving her sweaty hand up and down the length of it. Clumsy at first she soon had it down, letting her forefinger dwell at the crown picking up a droplet of pre-cum.

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After a few times I was well lubricated under the restraint she had on it. She seemed to sense what was about to take place as her hand rapidly rose before descending downward. About every third time it went up her fingers would twiddle just below the glans causing all sorts of fantastic sensations to run throughout my body. I had jerked off a thousand times but never had I felt anything as incredible as her doing it. Then it happened, deep in my gut before transferring to my balls sending vibrations the length of my dick as the first surge of cum exited out of the small slit.

It almost hurt as it expelled into the air flying upwards towards her body where the squirt landed directly onto her tits only to be followed by another more powerful spurt jettisoning itself out landing this time in her hair and partially on her face as the next few only oozed out onto her hand as she continued to milk it fully.

I had to stop her I was just plain sore from the experience all the while Bobbie was still giggling thinking it was the best thing ever. I wondered later if it was the first, second or third time she saw cum airborne.

As time passed over the next few weeks Billy, Tommy and I began a voiceless account of dealings with Bobbie, sure we talked but not in downright specifics.

Not sure why, we all knew we were getting something but guessing we were afraid the other was getting more and didn't want to be outperformed. There were times when Bobbi was not around and it happened that one of us was also missing in action.


Early one morning Tommy and I went to fetch Billy only to have his mom tell us he left a few minutes ago. Straight to Bobbie's house standing next to her window we listened to the two inside. Not a lot of talk but hushed whispers floated through the screen. It was apparent that they were further along than thought. From the dialogue they were both naked as jay birds. Billy was pleading then begging to point he was crying for permission.

But she wouldn't open her legs. Oh how we wanted to peer in at them but had not the courage. Then a loud "ahh shit" came though the screen, we knew he had creamed. A giggle from Bobbie confirmed his deed. All three of us wanted to fuck her but she had other thoughts, we knew that she loved to be humped but the legs just wouldn't open, still it was fun anyhow. Who knows how many times one of us was naked with her that long hot summer, and how many times was cum spilled onto her exquisite body?

Young dumb and stupid looking back, yes I was always full of cum and I would just unload anyplace and that included all over the fine blonde hairs of her bush. If it was a watery cum it had to be dripping down past those hairs, all it would have taken is one sperm to make it past the lips of her pussy.

Then there was the clean up when she wiped the cum off her body smearing it around her inner thighs and pussy. Lucky? Not sure. The warm dog days continue into August, on a rare occasion my Mom was out and not to return until mid afternoon leaving the house to my control. Only a matter of minutes before the two of us was naked. Today was she was different, not able to pin point it she had this ambience about her actions, exceedingly more affectionate as we romped around. Her hands embraced my head as I sucked in her nipples.


Today I spent time exploring her body kissing down to her navel, instincts told me to go further. All the way to the top of her mound, but to broaden my kisses I just didn't have the courage. It was the first time I had my own nipples sucked and she did the same going to my navel.

The thought crossed my mind she might in fact blow me as my hands casually pushed her on. My dick hard, I mean hard as I felt her warm breath on it then a light kiss on the head before her tongue made a quick swipe of it.

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It was only for a fleeting second but she popped the dome inside her mouth sucked once and then quickly came up pushing her tongue into my mouth. I wanted it so bad that day, I think she did too. Somehow she ended up on her stomach with my dick probing into her the cheeks of her ass, but as usual the legs were clamped tight. I was lubricating profusely making it quite enjoyable as I sawed into clenched thighs.

I had no idea where the tip of my dick was but she was getting tense when I pressed too hard. Realizing I was putting pressure on the entrance to the Promised Land if only she would have hunched up a little I am sure I could have penetrated her cunt. Each time I pressed she would wiggle her ass trying to get me away but all that did was make me closer to orgasm, after only a few minutes I knew it was happening, attempting once last time forcing in more as she squirmed I let loose with deluge of cum splattering her inner thighs, I kept pumping into the wetness.

I couldn't tell for sure but guessing my dick was spreading Bobbie's cunt lips before I lost firmness. We cleansed our bodies before parting. That was closest so far but it just fueled the fire wanting more, from both of us. Mid August, school would starting soon Bobbie was looking mighty fine, her clothes became flimsy almost in an attempt to entice us, it seemed as her boobs had filed out since school had let out.

It wasn't uncommon to have a three-way with her. As a group she would let a single person have their way. No we didn't fuck her but we would have her stripped naked while fishing, at her house since her parents worked, in a backyard after the sun had disappeared for the day any place that was convenient. If we weren't gutless chickenhearted cowards we might have. But being self conscious, insecure and uncomfortable with our bodies no one was about to show his hog to anyone other than Bobbie, in private.

The heat had momentally broken; a cold front from the north had chilled the air cooling us off, a welcome change. The chill caused her nipples to become small erect buttons that morning.

Both of us were increasing our state of hornieness as we intertwined our bodies. I found myself in a position of debate, succumbing to any qualms I had she voluntarily open her legs as my head vanished between them. I found the smell distinctive, different from my finger after a finger wave. Not attractive but I went ahead probing my tongue into the fleshy folds of her pussy to her enchantment.

I had no idea of what or where here magic button was located but that didn't hamper my enthusiasm or hers. Together we sucked in each other's sex organs, the crown of my dick being nursed like a pacifier as I sucked her cunt.

It was at that moment I understood today would be my day. All good things come to an end but this would be replaced by something much greater. The coolness of the morning air blew across my back from the open window as we rearranged ourselves. On my elbows focusing deeply into the blue eyes my frame covered hers as my lower body collapsed between her long legs.

My dick had swelled enormously, the skin stretched tightly, jaunting straight out as it explored unfamiliar territory.

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My left over saliva on her pussy lips made for easy grazing as it slid across the inflamed cunt lips, the heat from our groins radiated as my dick skidded past its mark sliding up onto the fine hairs on her mound.

Diligence pays off, after numerous futile attempts my dickhead was in a happy place, precisely at the perforation it searched for. With a little space between our torsos, still on my elbows there was a enthusiasm showing in her eyes as her hands reached for my backside drawing me in closer.

It split her slippery cunt lips passing just inside them as her grasp nudged me deeper, the head was no more than out of sight when I felt the intense warmth surround it.

I wanted ram it home after waiting most of the summer but thought better not wanting to scare or hurt her. Instead I cautiously pressed downward gaining a sensation of intense constriction before passing through it until my nuts were resting on the brown rosebud of her anus. Her eye had a watery tear form at the corner as she mouthed the words "it's OK". I had entered a world unbeknown to me, never in my short life had I that much contentment, her cunt compressed around my hidden shaft, staying in that position for a minute just taking in the moment before gingerly retracting slightly.

A minute later my dick was being extracted and re-submitted on a recurring basis. Her body had since relaxed from the tense state from the first penetration, her knees bent with her calf's riding alongside my legs, her arms now grasping around my mid-section pulling me tightly against her well-developed frame.

I felt a chill against my ass as small gust of wind blew in through the open window, but I was quite warm in the inside now that I was fucking for the very first time. I knew all too well that I had to take it slow or I would be busting my nuts too soon.

It was the most incredible feeling sawing into her pussy like that, over and over I stroked pausing somewhat to let the urge pass. But it was her body that was the most agitated, her legs now riding high in the air, her arms traveling reaching down to my ass pulling me inward as her body rose from the crisp sheets meeting each stroke I made only to journey back up to clutch my torso tightly.

It was becoming too intense; I knew I was well on my way to final gratification. You get that feeling you have gone a little too far but you can't or not willing to hold back any longer, lust has won the game as your body picks up speed.

I didn't go like a jack rabbit but absolutely was polishing my knob at a faster tempo. Lost in passion my prostrate was ready to burst when my dick began the spasms. On the last downward impalement I strained to force myself in deeper as time stood still for a second as I felt the first wave of my orgasm rise bulging the big vein as it headed for the exit. I will never forget that day or the marvel of that first rope of cum splattering against her cervix.

As the first shot was firing it occurred to me although a little late, that Bobbie might actually get pregnant. To my demise all I could think of was Bobbie with a swollen belly, immediately I pulled back quickly rising to my knees, grabbing furiously at my dick pumping on it as leaned forward spraying her body with several good ropes of cum. The look of content on her face as I unloaded it all told the story, she was hooked on this, she would want more and I hoped it would be sooner than later.

I didn't pay much notice of the deposit that was probably in her uterus by now, I wasn't interested if she did swell up like a balloon, and I still had some obsession of wanting more.

Laying my body down onto hers feeling the warm spunk spread between us my dick searched and located her cunt. With one effortless push it entered her, quite distinctive and unique this time around being noticeably greasy as I began a slow and conscious rhythm. I only wished I could have regained the stamina of a few minutes ago, but I was a mess totally wiped out form the encounter. After a few minutes my flaccidity was gone, she was still too tight to enter with a softening dick.

Rolling off her I took in the sight of her gorgeous body as she lay in front of me, still pure in my eyes but her spread legs showed the tainted cunt. The lips slightly parted with a insignificant whitish collection of sperm on them.

Not even cooled off after the episode we heard the two before they ever arrived, Billy and Tommy were here. Scrambling for clothes trying to get them on managing to dress just as they began knocking on the front door. It wasn't until that night when taking a bath I noticed it, I am still not sure what it was but the base of dick had a negligible crusty coating of dried of dried cum on it, but it appeared dark, almost a burnt brown or red.

I cannot be sure if it was from her cherry. Later Tommy, Billy and I would argue on who took it, but in my eyes I did. Epilogue: more was to come to all of us, pleasure, excitement and greed. Bobbie was the best thing to happen that summer of 1967, and it would continue well into the Fall of that year.

Any suggestions on how to continue this story? Maybe the others watch out of sight while she gets fucked? Maybe there is sloppy seconds involved? Maybe she gets pregnant? Maybe she has a threesome?