Wife gives a show and gets fucked

Wife gives a show and gets fucked
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Chapter One Dwight has run off with baby Philips DNA sample and is being chased by Angela. Angela is driving after Dwight's car, she runs to it and discovers that it is Mose. "No God Mose!" She opens the door to the car. As she does this, Mose lunges out of the car and tackles Angela to the ground. "What the hell Mose! Let go of me!" she yells.

Mose picks her up and throws her into the back seat. Angela yells "get off me!" Mose puts the child locks on the car and climbs into the back seat. He then locks the car.

Angela starts to scream.

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"Don't bother" Mose says, "Dwight soundproofed this whole car years ago". Mose then climbs on top of her, rips open her shirt and yanks off her long gray skirt, revealing a simple set of grey bra and panties.

He pulls of her bra and slips her panties down her legs. She tries to struggle but Mose is much too strong. He hold her down while he admires her naked body for a moment. She did a very good job at hiding it, but under her drab work clothes, Angela had a very sexy body. Her breasts were not too large but were very perky with no sag. Her pussy was tight and shaved except for a thin strip of blonde hair above it. Her ass however, was by far her best feature.

It was perfectly shaped and extremely tight. Mose unzipped his pants, revealing a 10 and a half inch cock, already rock hard. Angela started to protest when Mose suddenly rammed his cock into her tight slit. Angela screamed as he started pumping his massive dick in and out of her pussy, which despite her fear and anger, was dripping wet. Within minutes of the brutal pounding, Angela was ready to cum.

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Mose kept pounding her like a jackhammer as he felt her juices squirt out around his cock. This turned Mose on even more as he doubles his pace. Angela felt like she was going to pass out from the intense combination of pain and pleasure. Suddenly, she had her second orgasm. Her pussy walls contracted around Mose's massive tool as she let lose her juices.

This caused Mose to reach his own orgasm.

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Angela noticed him about to finish and she yelled, "NO MOSE NOT INSIDE ME!" but it was too late, Mose thrust all the way inside her and blew his load, coating her insides with his juice. Disgusted and furious, she started to get up when Mose flipped her over and slammed her back down. He started to tease his cock around her tight little asshole.

"No please Mose!" She pleaded, "I've never had it there before!" Mose responded by slamming all ten and a half inches of his rock hard penis into her virgin asshole. He thrust in and out at a furious pace as Angela screamed from the intense pain.

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She felt as if his cock was tearing her apart. Despite this she felt herself about to cum for a third time. She screamed even louder as she squirted all of her juices onto Moses legs and balls. Mose kept pounding her for a few minutes and then unleashed his own com up into her asshole. She then passed out. She woke up, an hour later. Mose was gone and she was laying on the side of the road, her insides covered in the beet farmers sticky sperm.

Chapter Two Andy has just been reinstated as manager, and is about to have his "delicious moment" with Nellie. "The quality of mercy is not strained" Nellie said, pleading with Andy not to fire her. Andy was about to fire back with a cutting retort when suddenly he stopped. "Fine" he said slowly, "but I will only keep you under these conditions". "Of course" Nellie replied quickly, "I'll do anything you want". Andy stood up slowly and said "Oh, I know you will." Andy stood up and walked over to Nellie.

"Standup" he said sharply. Nellie was shocked, she had never seen Andy act like this. She stood up and as she did, Andy pushed up against her and moved his hands to her surprisingly supple ass, well covered by her simple skirt. She let out a surprised gasp but did not back away. Suddenly, surprising both Andy and herself, she engaged him in a passionate kiss, while sliding her own hand down towards his crotch. Through his pants she could feel Andy's dick.

It was not particularly large, only six inches long, but it was three inches thick. Nellie gasped at the cock she was groping, which was easily the thickest she had ever seen. Andy suddenly broke off their kiss, he ripped open her blouse revealing her large, D cup tits, incased in a pretty blue lace bra. He held one in his hand for a second, savoring the moment, before shoving her backwards onto the couch. He flipped her over and she got on her hands and knees on the couch.

He ripped of her skirt in one pull, throwing it onto the floor. He stepped back for a second and admired her ass. It was perfectly shaped and was so juicy and tight that he almost finished right there in his pants.

She was wearing a light blue thong that matched her bra. He rubbed his fingers against her panty covered pussy, noticing that her juices had already soaked through her thong, Andy ran his hand up the panties until he was by her ass, then ripped the thong off her, pinching her pussy and eliciting a moan of pleasure from Nellie.

Without warning, Andy shoved his face into Nellie's crotch, lapping up her juices. He then shoved his tongue up into her snatch as far as it would go.

"Stop" Nellie said, and for a moment Andy thought he had gone too far. "Lie down on the floor" she said. He did as she said, and immediately she plopped her juicy ass down on his face. He immediately resumed shoving his tongue up her pussy as she undid his pants and pulled out his cock.

Grasping the rock hard dick in her hand, he rubbed it for a few seconds before engulfing it in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down for several minutes when Andy started inserting his fingers into her snatch along with his tongue. Within seconds of this, Nellie started squirming on top of him. "ANNNDY! IM COOOOMING!!!!!!" She screamed as she squirted all over Andy's mouth and face.

She kept squirting for several seconds as Andy bucked his hips, thrusting his cock down her throat as he unleashed his own jizz into her mouth.

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She pulled herself up and squatted over his length before dropping down onto his cock. She rode his length furiously, ramming herself onto his thick cock. She then leaned down to engage Andy in another hot kiss as she kept twerking her ass on his dick. Suddenly, Andy broke off the kiss, and roughly grabbed her tits with both hands, twisting her nipples hard. "AHH" Nellie screamed in pain as Andy shoved her against his desk and spread her legs out as he viciously slapped upwards on her pussy.

He smacked her pussy five more times, each time, causing cum to squirt out of her twat onto the carpet. He then shoved four fingers into her pussy and started pumping in and out. Without warning he slammed his cock up her ass and started pounding away, while also attacking her pussy with his fingers.

It only took a few minutes for her to hit another massive orgasm as Andy also unleased another round of his sperm into her ass.


Nellie turned around and was shocked by the vicious look in Andy's eyes as he again slammed her down onto the desk and brutally penetrated her slit with his entire fist, pumping in and out causing Nellie to scream as loud as she could from the pain which was the worst she had ever felt. As the pain started to bottom out, Andy's sperm started to leak out of her ass.


Andy responded by shoving her other fist into her tight arse. She screamed at the top of her lungs and promptly passed out. Andy took a stapler and stapled one of her sensitive nipples to wake her up. She woke up still screaming and now crying from the intense pain.

He then reinserted both of his fists and fucked her to within an inch of her life. He turned her around on the desk so that her head was now by his crotch. Andy shoved his cock into her mouth and started face fucking her. "I'm ready to cum" he said. Instead of finishing however, he pulled his prick out and twisted the staple in her nipple, eliciting another scream. He then grabbed the stapler again and buried the stapler into her pussy clamping down and leaving three staples in her clitoris.

She once again passed out but was awakened by Andy violently ripping out the staples and plunging his cock into her bloody twat three times before pasting her womb with his cum. This was too much for her and she passed out again.

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She woke up in the warehouse an hour later, all alone, covered in cum and blood, and with searing pain in her nipples, ass, and vagina. Looking between her legs, she saw that both her pussy and asshole were gaping open and still squirting out blood mixed with cum. She laid back down and fell back asleep, confident in the fact that at least she still had a job. As she fell asleep, her last thought was of the revenge she would inflict on Andy.