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Extreme thick cocks gay blowjob xxx Explosions  failure  and
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The following story is real with one exception, I have changed the names of those involved. While I was at secondary school, Year 9 onwards (age 13-16) I had weak legs so every PE lesson I only had three choices; swimming, gymnastics or the weights room. This term as it was closing in on summer I quite fancied going for a swim, which also meant…Ms Writ.

Ms Writ was unlike most of the other teachers. Most of the other teachers were 50-60+ but Ms Writ was easily in her mid to late 20s.


She had pure white straight hair that reached her lovely, round butt and a bust big enough that she couldn't do up all of the buttons on her low-cut blouse. The best thing though was she never wore a bra and always wore tight and thin tops. For the first class I put my bag in the changing room, removed my shirt, trousers, shoes and socks, swapped my glasses for goggles and rushed out to look at Ms Writ, When I exited the changing room my jaw dropped.

Standing before me was Ms Writ wearing a white one-piece swimming costume which barely contained her ample bust and drew attention to her erect nipples.

She had her hair in two ponytails, one on each side. The lower half of her costume offered hardly any coverage; the front was a thin bit of fabric which barely covered her pussy and round the back was a piece of string which went right up her arse, emphasising her bubbly butt cheeks.

The other great about Ms Writ was she tried to be a friend first and a teacher second, so I made a joke about Harley Quinn being in Baywatch, which got a laugh causing her breasts to jiggle. My hands went to cover my crotch, Ms Writ noticed this and told me to get in the water before everyone else arrived. 'Everyone else?' I questioned. 'I was the only one in there.' 'The girls will be joining us' she explained 'and lucky for you, some of them have skimpier suits than me.

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I looked her up and down and jumped in the water shouting 'I dought it!' The first thing I always do in the pool is hold my breath underwater. I was under my for around 2 minutes and when I raised my head above water to breathe I saw at least 20 girls sitting by the pool with a look of complete shock on their faces. Ms Writ was right, some of the girls had one-piece costumes on but some of the more developed girls had tiny bikinis on.

I stood there with only my head above the water hoping the girls couldn't see what was happening below the surface, my shorts were getting tighter. Through the silence all I heard was 'I told you so' said by Ms Writ, followed by 'in the water, ladies.' As the class got in the water my penis grew harder and larger, the sight of these girls, my classmates wearing little to nothing in front of me nearly sent me over the edge.

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As I was watching the girls I never noticed Ms Writ swimming up behind me, she placed a hand on my shoulder, winked at me and said 'what did I tell you?' I just stared at her with both eyebrows raised and nodded. Ms Writ looked down, noticed my rod and started whistling. 'I think it's time I started the lesson' and swam off.

The rest of the lesson went smoothly as I tried to ignore the girls.

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After we were finished and were getting out of the pool I was struggling and so I was aided by Ms Writ. After climbing the ladder I thanked Ms Writ and couldn't help but stop and stare, because it was wet Ms Writ's costume had turned transparent. I stood there with my mouth wide open, staring at her nipples.

She tried to hurry me to the changing room but her eyes glanced down and she licked her lips. I looked down and peeking through my shorts was my penis, stood proudly to attention with the head covering my belly button and an inch or two of shaft showing. She quickly guided me to the changing room and ran into the store cupboard. I waited minute and went over to the door, which was now closed so I pressed my ear against the door, all I could hear was Ms Writ moaning. Was she masturbating? I lowered my shorts a couple of inches and started stroking my shaft.

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After a few strokes I remembered it was lunchtime and I could go in the changing room and take my time, I went in the changing room (without pulling my shorts up), jumped in the shower to rinse my hair (and remove my shorts) and hurried back to my bag.

I grabbed the towel on top of bag, put it over my head and felt in my bag for my glasses. Finding them I put them on and removed the towel, I was about to start masturbating when I noticed something.

5 of the girls were changing in the male changing room because the class was so big! Rather than disappearing my penis just stood there as I sat there watching 4 girls looking at me wearing nothing but towels and the fifth one, Rachel sitting next to me completely naked.

Even though they were all in their early teens all 5 of them were pretty big up top. The 5 of them then went into a huddle and started whispering, when they were done the rest of removed their towels and continued to get dressed. Temptation obviously got the better of Rachel who started rubbing her breasts and pussy whilst watching my penis.

As my penis twitched she started to finger her pussy.

'I can't take it anymore' sighed Kat as she placed her towel on the floor and ordered me to lie on it, so I did. Kat then stood over my penis, lowered herself and guided my full 9-inches into her very tight pussy. Beth then got on top of me, 69 position, Amy kneeled between my legs and started licking my balls, my shaft and Kat's ass.

I started to lick Beth' pussy and she in turn licked my shaft and Kat's pussy. Rachel stayed where she was and Zoe had gone over to her and was licking her pussy. With my nearest hand, I reached over to Zoe's pussy and inserted two fingers, instantly moaning with pleasure.

After a few, slow bounces Kat's pussy tightened as she started to scream, she was having an orgasm! This caused me to cum inside her. Kat stood up and my cum leaked out of her pussy and trickled down her legs. Beth sucked the cum off my penis while Amy licked the cum off Kat. 'Have fun?' a voice behind us enquired, it was Ms Writ, she had been stood there watching us.

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The girls all hurried to get dressed and leave. I meanwhile took my time because I had noticed something; Ms Writ was still wearing her swimming costume and had her bag behind her.


As the final girl left I sat on the bench and my penis began to soften. I put on my shirt and watched Ms Writ dry herself. She then removed her costume causing my penis to go hard again. I watched as heshe put on a garter belt and black stockings. She then looked over at me and asked 'could you help me do these up?' I just stood there and nodded. I walked over and she leaned forward saying she couldn't do up the back ones. I fastened them noticing my penis was millimetres from her pussy.

I fastened them and she put on a very tight white t-shirt and a black mini-skirt. She then took out a black G-string from her bag, placed them on my penis and told me to keep them.

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After she had put on her shoes, sexy black high-heels, grabbed my penis and pulled me closer. She then said to me 'next time I'll play and you watch.' Upon hearing this coupled with what she was doing I immediately blew my load all over her skirt. 'Another!' she cried removing her skirt.

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She held it up to her face and licked it clean. She put it back on saying it will be our secret.