Nathalie sublime beurette interressee pour passer devant la camera

Nathalie sublime beurette interressee pour passer devant la camera
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*************************************************** As usual my missus was at work and not due home till around 10:30, so I was curled up on the sofa totally immersed in my new book when there was a knock on the door. My neighbour, Jenny was standing there. "Can you do us a big favour?" she asked Every time we went away, for a weekend or holiday totalling a dozen or more times a year, they would feed and look after our cat for us.

So, I had no hesitation in replying "Of course." "My parents," she explained "were supposed to babysit for us but dad is not well and mum won't leave him. At such short notice we cannot find anyone to look after Rowan while we go to this concert at the Arena. She actually suggested that you would look after her.

We'll be back before 11. Would you mind?" I nodded. "Not at all. Of course I'll do it. What time are you off?" I asked "Got to leave in about 30 minutes at about 7" "Ok, just knock before you leave and I'll come in" "You're a lifesaver" she said, and turned to go back to her house. 30 minutes later I had collected my book and was sat on their sofa, Rowan was sat across from me, already in her night dress.

"She's had her tea," said Jenny "in spite what she may tell you. She's also had her bath and is ready for bed by 8:30" Her back was to Rowan who made a face at her mother. It was all I could do not to grin. "Thanks for doing this." She added "No problem, you just enjoy yourselves." "We shall and we'll see you at around 11" They both waved and left.

Minutes later I heard their car start and drive off. Rowan got up and switched on the TV set.

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Saturday night rubbish, aimed heavily at the younger age group. This time it was a talent show of sorts and she settled back in the chair to watch. I tried my best to tune it out and prepared to dive into my novel. Rowan was a very precocious 8 year old, always asking the wrong questions at the wrong time. The comment from Jenny was fair, she really did not need any more to eat as she was quite a chubby youngster.

I looked over at Rowan, her nightdress had ridden up and she was sitting with one leg out straight and the other at right angles with her foot against her butt. The open flap of the tent thus formed exposed her body clear up to her waist, but hiding her pussy.

At that moment, she glanced at me and must have noticed that I was looking but made no comment, just turning her gaze back to the TV. Without looking at me she moved her other leg exposing her immature cunt, then moving her knees further apart leaving no ambiguity that she knew the show she was putting on. I was entranced momentarily by that lovely sight of a mons veris that had never seen a bristly hair and a smooth pair of outer lips that covered a pink interior.

For several seconds I sat and enjoyed the view I swallowed hard and, with great reluctance went over to her chair, smiled at her, took hold of the hem of her nightdress and pulled it down her legs. She just shrugged and went back to watching the TV.


After half an hour or so of watching the TV Rowan looked at me and said "Mum's made some cakes. I'm going to have one, would you like one?" "I thought you had eaten already?" "Doesn't include cakes.

We always have some cake about this time." "OK, I'll get them.

Where do you keep them?" I asked "They're in a tin on the table in the Kitchen." She replied. I got up and went into the kitchen to retrieve the cake. Jenny was a superb baker, having trained a pastry chef in her youth so I decided she would not mind if I had one too.

I took them both back into the lounge and gave one to Rowan. She smiled and thanked me. However, she had resumed her previous posture but this time her nightdress was pulled over her knees. She happily munched on her cake and, having finished, lifted the hem of her nightdress and used it to wipe the crumbs from her mouth. Deliberate? I was not sure but, of course, her little cunt was once more exposed to my gaze.

I decided to ignore it, or at least that is what I told myself I was going to do, cannot be manipulated by an 8 year old. But I was a weak willed male and besides, I really liked the view, so I just left it alone and enjoyed it.

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This time she knew she was putting on a show, so she shifted her position several times, now both her legs were up and apart and the nightdress was pulled to her waist. The programme finished and as it was almost 8:30 I said "Ok, time to go up to bed." "You'll have to take me!" she demanded. I shrugged and got up. She did not move but put up her hands wanted to be carried.

I obliged by putting my hands under her armpits and lifting her when the nightdress was allowed to fall back to her calves. I put one arm under her butt and the other round her back.


Her arms went round my neck and her legs round my waist. I carried he upstairs to her bedroom but she shook her head and squealed "The bathroom first!" "You can do that," I replied "No, you take me." She pouted. So I carried her to the bathroom and started to turn to leave. She grabbed my hand and pulled me back then lifted her nightdress once again to her waist and spread her legs. She looked up at me so I lifted and placed her on the toilet seat. Now she put her legs, one either side of the bowl, and held up her nightdress giving me another view of that beautiful cunt.

With her free hand she took my hand I am sure to prevent me leaving. For several seconds we stayed like this, both of us looking at her cunt as she began to pee.

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At this point I lost all my self-control and put my free hand between her legs allowing that stream of pale yellow liquid to run over my hands for what seemed like an eternity. When she stopped she let go my hand and pulled a wedge of toilet paper off the roll and handed to me. "Wipe me?" she demanded "No," I replied as used it to wipe my hands "I have a better way than that. I'm going to lick you clean." "Really?" "Yes, really" I picked her up and carried her to her bedroom and laid her on her bed.

Then I lifted her nightdress over her waist once again exposing her pretty hairless mons. Gently I eased her legs apart and put my head between her legs running my tongue over the inside of her thighs tasting where the urine had splashed. She giggled "That tickles!" I did not reply I was just enjoying the salty taste of her piss and the extreme close up view of her cunt. Then I ran my tongue over her pussy lips lapping up all the splashed liquid.

I paused and asked "Do you want me to stop?" She shook her head but said nothing so I lowered my head back between her legs. Now I pushed my tongue into her little crack up and over the small bud of her clit tasting the astringent juices leaking from her vagina. I moved my right hand between her legs and inserted my index finger into her little channel. She shivered and pushed back against my finger. With my left hand I unzipped my fly and took out my cock with no little difficulty as by now it was upstanding and hard.

So now I was using my tongue on her clit, finger fucking her with my right hand whilst wanking furiously with my left. I felt her lift herself on one elbow and her legs came together forcing my head out from between her legs but trapping my finger in her cunt. "What you doing down there?" she asked and I saw her eyes go wide as she looked at my cock. "Wow, what's that?" she asked. Now there was no hiding it, so I sat up and allowed her a good look at my engorged cock whilst I moved my hand up and down its shaft.

"That's big." She said. Thanks for the compliment I thought, but it really is only average, though it must look huge to an 8 year old. "Can I touch it?" she asked pushing my hand out of the way. I leaned back allowing her hand to encircle my erection. Her tiny hand was cold but the feel of it on my shaft was like electricity and as she grasped it, it throbbed.

Then, taking her cue from what she had seem me do, she began to slide her hands up and down my shaft whilst I put my hand back between her legs and slid my finger back into her vagina. She spread her legs and wiggled into a more comfortable position allowing my finger to slide all the way in.

I could feel the small membrane of her hymen and it was not long before my cock was all but ready to spurt. "I'm going to cum." I said "What's that?" She asked. I said she asked questions at the wrong time. "Just watch my cock." I said, and at that, my penis pulsed and a jet of white fluid erupted, most of which landed on my trousers, the rest running over her hand which she quickly pulled away.

I continued to ooze semen for a couple of seconds. "What was that?" she asked "That is what makes babies." I replied. There was no sign of comprehension so I went on. "If I put this" I said indicating my cock, "where my finger is now, when I cum that travels up to your womb and a baby is made" "So, if you put that in me, I'd have a baby?" "Well, not at the moment, no.

You are too young to get pregnant, that is a few years away yet. "So you could put that in me then?" "I could" " And I wouln't have a baby?" "No" I said tentatively She lay on her back.

"Go on then." She said My cock was starting to go down. What I had done was bad enough but I was not in the least bit sure if her cunt was big enough to take my cock.

She was obviously a virgin so it knew would hurt her and there would be at least a small amount of blood. "No, I don't think that will happen." I said "I'll tell mum if you don't." She said "You must never tell anyone what has happened here." I said horrified "I won't if you put that in me." She replied nodding her head at my cock. She put her hand on my half hard cock and immediately it started to grow again.

I ran my hands over her soft thighs and played with her little vagina. "Wait a minute." I enjoined her, "just wait there a minute. My mind was made up and I put my cock back in my trousers and went back next door to fetch a towel.

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I stood in front of her, she lying there, her legs spread wide with her cunt exposed and removed my trousers and pants. My cock was once more fully erect and her small hand went out to encircled it again. I lifted her ass and put the towel under her, then put my head back between her legs intending to use my tongue and saliva to lubricate her slot. Much to my surprise her crack was wet and running with juices, so I thought "Here goes nothing," and positioned myself between her little legs.

Carefully I placed the tip of my cock at the entrance to her cunt and looked at her. "Are you sure about this?" She just nodded. I pushed my cock into her. She winced a bit as her pussy lips closed over the head. My penis was in an 8 year old child and amazingly it felt good.

"I'm going to push more into you now. It may hurt for a bit, but that will soon pass. Are you ready for it?" She was biting her lip but again, the only response was a quick nod of her head. Pushing once more a couple of inches of my cock was swallowed by her cunt until it butted up against her hymen. Gently but firmly I pushed a little harder.

She stiffened and emitted a small gasp when my cock tore through her hymen and another couple of inches slid into her. I waited until her body relaxed, just leaving my cock to soak in her vagina. Her breathing became easier. "You ok?" Another nod. "Do you want more?" Again she nodded.

I eased my cock back until, once again, only the head was in her then pushed slowly back into her. Her cunt was wet and tight and clasped my cock in its comforting embrace. I began to stroke back and forth each time my cock going a little deeper until almost the whole of it was disappearing inside. Rowan just laid there, eyes closed as I fucked her until, after a few minutes she began to push her hips to meet my thrusts.

There was no way I could hold back my climax for long but I gritted my teeth as I wanted this experience to last. My breath shortened as my cock began to pulse and I jetted hot, thick semen into her, flooding her womb. I held it there while I waited for my orgasm to subside and me penis began to deflate.

"I felt you cum in me." she said, quite matter-of-factly. I smiled and asked "You Ok? Sure it did not hurt too much" "No, that was fun" she said.

"Can we do it again?" "Not now," I said "We'd better get you cleaned up. I think another bath is called for." She pouted again but I got up and went into the bathroom and began to run the bath. I collected the towel and wiped most of the spilled fluids off her cunt and my cock and put the towel to one side. There were a few minor blood stains but nothing serious at all.

I intended to secrete the towel, wash it at my convenience, returning it to the cupboard to leave no evidence.

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There was now enough water in the bath to bathe Rowan so I stood her up and pulled at the hem of her nightdress when she lifted her arms to allow it to be pulled over her head.

For the first time I could see the whole of her naked body, chubby she was, but not fat. Fleshy little thighs came together and the slit of her cunt disappeared between her legs. Her small, flat chest sported pale areolae with tiny pick nipples over which I placed my hand. The little nubs were rock hard. Either they were always like that or she really had enjoyed the experience. I picked her up, placed a quick kiss on her lips to which she responded, carried her to the bathroom and stood her in the bath.

I allowed her to sit gently to become used to the heat of the water and picked up the soap. I lathered her all over and she sat in silence seeming to enjoy the sensation.

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I bade her kneel so I could wash her ass and cunt taking the moment to slip my finger into her again making her wriggle. Having rinsed the soap off her I turned my attentions to my cock, soaped my hands and began to wash it. "I want to do that." She said I handed her the soap whereupon she lathered up her hands and began to wash my penis her hands roaming all over the shaft and down to my balls. Once again my penis began to rise. "Why don't you get in with me?" she asked. I shrugged, threw off the rest of my clothes and joined her in the water.

She stood and faced me lathering my shoulders. My cock continued to stiffen and she looked down, then looked into my eyes and smiled then tried to sit on my cock. It missed by a mile so I held it still while she crouched and wriggled her behind until it the tip was at the entrance to her cunt then she impaled herself onto it. My cock is not big, but now she was sat on my legs with six inches of cock inside her.

I lifted her up and let her down when she took over, bouncing her little body up and down on my cock. After several minutes she closed her eyes and I felt her cunt contracting. She was approaching an orgasm!

Then she shivered as her cunt pulsed around my cock and she panted. The feel of her cunt grasping my shaft pushed me to another climax as, once again, I jetted cum into her body. She threw her arms around my neck and said "That was lovely. Can we do it again?" It was a long time since I had three ejaculations in the space of an hour or so and it was not likely that I would get another erection.

"No," I replied "I think that is enough for one evening, we really ought to get you into bed and asleep long before your parents get home." However, I did push my fingers into her cunt one last time, but on this occasion, I just wanted to remove any semen that my leak from her in the night.

I got out of the bath, found the towel she had used earlier and rubbed her dry.

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I used the soiled towel to dry myself off a much as possible. Then I slipped her nighty back on, laid her on the bed and kissed her carefully on the forehead. Or, at least that is what I intended to do for she lifted her head so the kiss was planted on her lips.

"It's sleep time now" "Ow." She pouted "Save it for another time.

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OK?" I asked "OK" she smiled, closed her eyes and took hold of my hand. I sat there for some minutes and waited until her grip relaxed. She was asleep so I tucked her arm under the duvet and quietly left the room.

The TV was still going downstairs so I switched it off, curled up on the sofa and picked up my book. I could not seem to read the words.


A standing cock has no conscience they say and that had been proved more than true tonight so I was worried about the consequences. As it turned out there were none. Rowan did say nothing at all to her parents and our friendly neighbour relationship continued as before. But with one major change. When Rowan knew the missus was out of the house for a period, she would make any excuse to visit, whereupon she would shuck her knickers and present her cunt to be fucked. Then she found a boyfriend and the visits stopped.

For a while anyway.