Big woman three cock boy

Big woman three cock boy
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-So you've been with older people before sweetie?- -Oh yeah, definitely I love it! Better than young guys who don't know what they are doing, and besides your not that old- -Well I'm twenty two and your fourteen babe!

I mean this online stuff is okay…but…- -But what? Come on…plz baby? I'm asking you…my parents are gone tonight until next week, how about a little preview of what you could get…- On the screen an image of this girl appeared.


Shoulder length brown hair in a pony tail. She was standing up in front of a mirror standing spread eagle completely naked. Her just budding breasts, and a hairless pussy almost made me fall out of the chair.

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Her very small naked form coupled with her being alone for at least four nights almost made the decision for him. He started to try and come up with a reason why he couldn't, or shouldn't we she replied. -Please baby…I'm really horny…- Jeff nodded to nobody but himself as he typed back. -Okay sweetie, our little secret right?- -Yes sir!- was her reply with a smiley face as she gave him the address Call me when you get here!- and another smiley face.

He jot down the information. And grabbed his keys as he knew where it was, it was just on the other side of the town. He hopped in his car and drove down towards the waiting young pussy.

It had all started when he was online on one of those teenager chat rooms. The usual bots of people asking for young girls. The usual people saying that they were those young "HOT" girls.

That was until he saw a line that said 14/f and the state he was living in. On a whim he decided to answer her. She started talking back. And from then on he started to talk with this girl for a while seeing a picture of this girl. Clean pictures at first, but each one getting more and more revealing. Until this picture tonight he had seen her topless or without a skirt, but never completely naked. They had called each other and heard each other moan as they masterbated.

Her whimpers and moans had always given him the greatest masturbation nights, they had also did stuff online, writing what each would do.


Talking ditry to each other, but up until recently she had never asked him over cause of the family being there. But now… He kept driving at a calm pace his cock already as hard as it could be. He tried to think about what they could do that night. About what they had said they would do. She had said she had been with many guys before.

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But the way she talked it was as if she was very inexperienced. Well he'll soon find out. He pulled up to her house and pulled out his phone and dialed her number. He saw movement in the front window and then her voice on the other end. "Hey Jeff! You here?!" "Yeah Erin, want me to come in?" he said smiling over the phone. "Of course idiot! I decided to put on my bikini I showed you a while back…maybe I can give you that striptease I've talked about giving…" she said her voice trailing off.

He got out of the car and knocked on the door lightly and she answered smiling as big as if she just found a new toy. "HEY!" Jeff smiled and stepped inside and was floored by how sexy this little girl looked. In her black lacy swimsuit just like she said almost made him pop right then and there. "Damn Erin you weren't lieing…a bikini eh?" She smiled up at me and took my hands towards what he assumed was the bedroom.

As they walked she slowly pulled at the strings on her bikini, not entirely untieing them but getting them looser. She motioned for the bed in the center of the room "Have a seat…the show is about to start…oh and since I'm in a bikini, why don't you strip down too?" Jeff nodded as he peeled off his shirt and dropped his shorts and kicked his shoes and socks off to sit on her bed in just his boxers showing his rock hard cock peaking through the hole.

Erin winked at him and kissed his lips and stroked his cock through the boxer just a bit as she stepped back and started to gyrate her hips as she pulled at the strings of her top. The top feel onto the floor as she blew him a kiss as she pulled her bikini bottom down just a bit to show off her bald pussy.

But then pulled it back into place as she inched closer to him. "You have no idea how much I've wanted this…I've wanted to feel that hard cock in my mouth…in my pussy…going hard and deep…" Jeff leaned up and kissed her lips hard and passionate as he pulled her bikini down a bit to tease her young pussy.

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She moaned into the kiss as she found his cock inside his boxers and started to stroke him as he played with her pussy more and more. She broke the kiss "God I've wanted you to do this for so long…" she moaned as she kept stroking his cock.

He felt his precum start to drip down his shaft as he moaned softly. "Baby, I'm not gonna be able to last…" he said as he lifted himself up and pulled his boxers off and tossed them aside.

Erin giggled a little bit as she went down his body and took his hard cock in her mouth and began to bob up and down and stopping and stroking it as she looked up at him "Cum for me baby…cum all over my face…" Jeff tried to hold back as she went back to sucking his hard cock, rolling her tongue around his head and then going up and down bobbing up and down.

She started to suck harder and faster as Jeff couldn't hold back anymore. "Damn Erin…" he said as felt it start to shoot out. Erin stopped sucking and started to stroke his cock as he began to shoot his cum all over her face and chest. He groaned as he emptied his load with one last gasp.

She smiled at him with cum all over her face "I've waited for this for such a long time, hopefully you can shoot that cum into my wet pussy baby" She pulled her bikini bottom down and laid Jeff down on the bed as his still rock hard cock stuck straight up as she crawled ontop of him.

She began to rub his cock with her pussy. She moaned as he slipped his tip inside of her. He kissed her neck as he sank more and more into her pussy. She started whimpering more and more as he kept sliding inside of her. She finally sanked all the way in as she moaned louder and louder. She began to ride him up and down moaning louder and louder. "God, fuck me! Fuck me harder!" she yelled as she kept riding. Jeff began to lift up as he started to drill into her pussy trying to go harder and deeper.

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She moaned louder as her pussy began to squeeze tightly around his cock as she began to cum. Jeff having already cummed once he kept going, continuing to fuck her tight pussy.

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Going faster and harder she was screaming in pleasure. "Fuck me! Oh God!" She laid down ontop of him as he began to fuck her pussy harder and deeper as he rammed into her.

He slapped her ass as he began to feel his cum start to build.

"Damn Erin…I'm gonna cum…" Erin kissed his neck as she began to suck on his neck whispering in his ear "Cum in me baby…cum for me baby! I wanna feel your cum inside me…God fuck me!" Jeff moaned as he felt himself cumming inside her tight pussy.

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"God damn it…" He kept his cock buried inside her tight pussy as he finished cumming inside her. He began to pull out his now semi-hard cock she stopped him.

"No, don't…just leave it in…" she said smiling as she kissed him Jeff saw her eyes glaze over as she began to fall asleep.

Jeff not exactly awake either started to drift off to sleep, but leaned over and noticed a red light on her camera. So she had been taping this entire thing? For what?

But for now…those questions were put on hold as he drifted off to sleep with a petite sexy underage girl laying ontop of him. (Please this is my first story, be gentle of your comments, maybe I'll write another?

Or an improvement But please comment!)