Huge tits Nataly Camgirl sucks boobs

Huge tits Nataly Camgirl sucks boobs
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Part 3 I thought that Dad and Derek would be the only ones to use me day in and day out. I grew very attached to the idea of being their sex toy, their daily convenience. Never a day wemt by, unless Dad was away at a conference or something, that I didn't get my pussy stuffed and my mouth filled with cum. I had orgasms all the time. And that dildo I wore to school, on Dad's orders, kept me hot, very hot. I often squirmed in my seat trying to get a little more of a thrill.

ANd I thought my antics went unnoticed, but I hadn't counted on my brother Derek, or his evil little plottings to pay off his gambling debts with a little bartering. He traded me for a tidy sum he'd lost at a card game. I didn't know at the time, of course, that Daddy was in full agreement with the plan, or that Derek would never have dared set it up without permission.

No, that day, I thought my brother had just gotten completely out of hand. The school day was over, and I'd been to the girls bathroom to readjust the strap that held the dildo in place so I could walk home.

It made me walk just a little bowlegged, but it still felt good. Apparently I'd been longer than I thought because the hallways were empty of kids.

I headed down to the second floor and just as I was walking past the doors that led to the swimming pool area and the locker rooms, my brother Derek jumped out in front of me. I was startled, and he laughed. "What's the matter, slut? Spent too long diddling yourself in the loo?" "Oh, shut up," i said, thinking that the rules were only for when we were at home.

But he got angry instantly. "Don't you talk back to me, bitch. Now get your ass in here." He grabbed my arm and dragged me into the boys locker room. "My cock's hard," he said. "Strip off and get on your knees." "Not here," I protested. "Someone might come in." "Like I care," he laughed. "You're a slut cocksucker, and I want my cock sucked. Now do it, or you'll be sorry." I had become so accustomed to obeying, and my pussy so ready to be used, that I dropped my bookbag and quickly took off my shoeis, socks, blouse, bra, and skirt.

I wasn't allowed to wear panties at all anymore. So all I had was the strap of the dildo around my waist and between my legs.


Derek scooped up my clothes and tossed them into a locker, and shut it. "What are you waiting for, bitch? Suck my cock." I assumed the proper position in front of him, on my knees, though the linoleum was hard and cold. He was good and hard, and once I'd freed his cock, I immediately wrapped my lips around it. I was nervous, listening for the sound of anyone, and trying to get him off quickly so we could get out of there.

"You like my dick in your mouth, don't you?" he asked. "Yes," I mumbled, slurping away, licking and stroking. "And you like getting your twat stuffed full of cock?" "Yes," I nodded, dropping one hand to my clit. "Good, because you're going to be plenty of that." He grabbed my head between his hands, and suddenly I felt another pair of hands cup my tits. I yelped and tried to back away, but Derek held me tight, his cock buried in my mouth.

"Don't even think of disobeying me," he hissed. "We're gonna have some fun with you, the kind of fun whores like you really like." A voice behind me said, "Oh, man, this bitch is hot. But she don't need a dildo up her twat when she can have the real thing." The strap was unbuckled and the rubber dong yanked out. Instantly I felt the bulbous head of a cock pressed against my cunt lips.

"Remember guys, not in the ass. My dad wants her ass all to himself." "No problem, man. I'll poke this tight little slit. " The cock slid into me, hard and fast, forcing me down onto Derek's dick until it almost choked me. Until that moment, only my stepfather and brother had had me, and not at the same time, always separately, though they usually watched the other one doing me.

Derek fucked my mouth like a facial pussy, and emptied his load on my lips and tits. The one behind me pulled out and said, "bend her over something so I can get in deep." Then to my horror, there was yet another voice. "The weight bench.

I'll sit on it so she can suck me off while you fuck her pussy." I looked up to see that there were indeed two other boys, one black guy who was a senior, and good old Craig, the one who'd tried to feel me up before. His was the cock that had already been in me. "I didn't get your cherry," he smirked. "Derek tells me your Daddy got first crack at that tight slit.

But I was right about you, wasn't I? And I don't have to date you, just fuck you." They shoved me over to the weight bench, yanking my tits as they went, and the black guy, Gary, straddled it, his enormous shining black dick pointing straight up. He waved it in his hand. "Ever had any black meat, bitch?" he asked. "Your brother says you're not a bad little cocksucker. Now prove it." I started to back away from the monster dick, but Craig shoved me face down and spread my legs.

Gary grabbed the back of my head and forced my lips down onto the head of his cock.


It barely fit between my lips. "Start sucking, bitch, or we'll have to collect from your brother Derek after all." Derek laughed. "Don't worry guys. The little slut's easily worth the 50 quid I owe you.

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FUck her slut brains out." And they did. I was filled with hard meat, shoved in and out relentlessly. Craig roughly yanked at my tits, complaining they were too small, but Derek said who cared as long as my cunt was wet and my mouth hot. When they were both about to cum, Derek told me to flip over on the bench on my back and they all jacked off on my face, tits and pussy.

"Man, this is good," said Gary. "Really nice. My old lady'd kill me if I tried this with her. Too stuck up." "Can't help it if you're pussy-whipped, " said Derek.

"You gotta find the right kind of bitch, the ones who want it bad. Now my Dad says that's the best kind, though a few of his friends prefer a nice rape for a change. But watch this." He slapped my tits.

" Hey, slut. RUb that cum in all over you. Frig your pussy and rub it with all that nice hot cum." I was so hot by then, I didn't care that I was being used by complete strangers.

I was completely lost in the sensation of my own orgasm, digging my fingers into my wet snatch. . until a voice rang out in the locker room. "What the hell is going on here?" To my utter shock, it was the boys gym teacher, a big tough man who ran the sports department with an iron fist.

But the three boys weren't the least bit embarrassed. "Hey, coach," said Derek. "No big deal. Linda here's the school slut, hot little piece of ass, puts out for the money. How about a freebie, on us. Our treat. You want some of that. She's really tight. I know, she's my sister. And my dad shags her too. Bitch can't get enough cock so I brought over here so Gary and Craig could do her." "how old is she," asked the coach suspiciously.

"Old enough to suck cock like a whore," said Derek. "Try her out." The coach looked at me lying there on the weight bench, my legs splayed open and my body covered with cum. I could see his cock tenting up his gym shorts. He looked around as if to make sure no one else was nearby. Then he came and stood over me. "You a slut like they say? Can't get enough cock up that hot box?" Derek gave me the look that said I'd better give the right answer.

"Yes, sir. I'm a slut and I'd be grateful if you'd fuck me." The coach laughed out loud and straddled the bench, opened the fly of his shorts and whipped out a large, fat prick, already glistening at the tip. "Well, first we'll see how you suck a man's dick, and then I'll shove it right your tight fuckhole." He didn't stay in my mouth long. He was apparently anxious to get to the main attraction. He stepped back. "Open her up boys, spread her legs really wide and raise her pussy up so I can get at it real easy." They eagerly obeyed, lifting me completely off the bench completely and spreading me until I thought my legs would cramp up.

He took about two seconds to rub his cockhead in my wet, slimy slit before shoving it in, hard, without stopping. "Now, I don't wanna do the work," he said. "You boys need a little workout so start shoving this litltle bitch back and forth on my dick." And he stood there, hands on his head, letting them fuck his cock. . with my pussy. It was like being the opposite of a dildo. They were using me to masturbate their coach's prick.

Then the coach reached down and grabbed my hard nipples and yanked in rhythm with the fucking. While they did that, they talked. THe coach was obviously enjoying himself.

"You say this is your sister," he asked Derek. "How you get her to spread her legs the first time?" "My stepdad," he said. "He's a psychologist. Knows how to pick out the submissive little sluts every time. Married my mom, and now we both fuck her. Then Linda here he got started just a couple of months ago, and she's already a total cockslut. She's tight, isn't she?" "Oh, yes.

Nothing like the young stuff.," he said with a groan. Then he grabbed my hips and started to pick up the pace while the boys held up my torso. "I like this just fine. So your Dad rent her out?" "You'd have to ask him," said Derek, and I as stunned by the answer which I was sure would hav been "no." For that matter, I figured once I told my Dad about this, he'd kill Derek. "But maybe eventually.

In the meantime, if you wanna have a little fun with my mom, she's really submissive, takes any size cock in any whole, and likes a little tittie abuse, know what I mean." "I like it doggie style with a big-titted bitch," said the coach. "I think you're going to get an "A" in phys ed, Derek. Now put her down so I can shoot this in her pretty little mouth." Derek eyed me and said, "OPen wide, slut .


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get it all, just like Dad taught you." The coach seemed to cum forever, squeezing out every drop for me to swallow. Then he wiped his dick on my face. "you know," he said, turning to Derek. "You don't suppose this little btich needs a shower." I knew I did, covered with the cum of four different men, so I couldn't figure out why that was funny when they all laughed. "Sure," said Derek. "Shower room's the perfect place." I soon found the humor in it for the guys.

They told me to lie down on the cold tile floor and suddenly I was looking up at four dangling cocks. They aimed their weapons at my pussy.

"Now," said Derek, "you start firgging that slutty little pussy and you'd better come by the time we're done. I still wasn't clear, but my hands flew to my cunt, because I still hadn't gotten off, not completely. Imagine my surprise when four jets of hot pee poured over my slit. "Keep going," warned Derek when he saw I was about to protest. "You get yourself off, bitch, while we relieve ourselves."To my deep embarrassment, I did just that. The hot streams slamming against my wide open, puffy cunt lips, my clit, the humiliation of being pissed on, it was the biggest orgasm I'd ever had.


My whole body shuddered with pleasure, out of control pleasure. They watched me writhing around, moaning, and finally turned the shower on to rinse me off.

They they sat on a bench and watched as I toweled off. Finally Derek retrienved my clothes and of course made me reinsert the dildo and strap it in firmly. The coach shook his head in amazement. "I gotta have me some more of that," he said. "I'll ask my Dad." "He's gonna kill you for this," I whispered to Derek, but he sneered at me.

"I don't think so. Whose idea do you supposet this was?" Later that night, when Dad called me down to this study for his evening cocksucking, he told me had a surprise for me, something he wanted to watch on video while I sucked him off.

But first he put me on my hands and knees and inserted his cock into from behind. Then he flicked on the TV and started the video. And, there I was. .


. spread wide open and being banged by the high school gym coach. . and again. . masturbating myself under a golden shower. I was mortified, buy my Dad leaned over as he fucked me and said, "I enjoyed it very much, watching on closed circuit, and recording it all with those security cameras.

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It was a delight to see you being used by your brother and his friends. And the coach of course.

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And you enjoyed it too, didn't you, my hot little whore? I had to admit, with Daddy's dick buried in my pussy, and the sights and sounds of my gangbanging in the background, that I had indeed enjoyed it very much.

"I'll bet you don't even remember how many times you came, do you?" "No, Daddy, I don't." "There's no limit," he said.

"And we're just getting started. Think about, my little slut. Those boys had you for just 50 quid, the coach had you for free. But you were doing what you were born to do.service a man. That's what you are. . a hot pussy, a talented cocksucking mouth, and a tight ass that Daddy's going to fuck very soon." I heard the soft clink of metal and he dangled something in front of me.

It was a leather dog collar with a metal ring on it. "You've earned this, my sweet slut, and pretty soon you're going to meet some of Daddy's friends. You'll wear this collar, and my leash. And you'll be the finest sex toy they've ever seen." He fastened the collar around my neck, and then resumed his fucking.

"Hmm, " he said, rewinding the video. "I really like that part where the boys just fuck you up and down on coach's big rod." He paused. "Objectifying is a lovely concept, don't you think?" He twisted my nipples.

"You'll have to learn more about humiliation. There's an art to it. I wont be satisfied until you've fulfilled your potential. Which reminds me, you have an appointment with a friend of mine, a gynecologist. It's time you had a checkup, and he'll give you a very special sort of exam, not the kind your average girl gets. You see, Linda, we have to keep raising the bar.

Now turn around and swallow my cock while I enjoy the rest of this show." I lovngly took his thich shaft deep into my mouth, into my throat, wanting to serve him, be his forever. And I'd do anything he asked, no matter how humiliating, because I'd discovered that was my turn-on.being Daddy's slut.