Redhead with big boobs on webcam

Redhead with big boobs on webcam
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It has been a quiet fall afternoon. The sun has nearly melted completely into the horizon, leaving only remnants of light to linger along the skyline.

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The orange glow, which resembles molten lava, makes the bright orange and red leaves of the trees seem some how richer in color. A few leaves abandon their branches and fall lazily towards a group of head stones below.

Suddenly, a bright flash interrupts this peaceful scenery as I snap a picture with my trusty camera. I have always enjoyed taking pictures of cemeteries.

And I was particularly pleased to be taking advantage of such a perfect day. I weaved in and out of the plots taking pictures of various graves and statues until the light of day had diminished too much for me to take any more. I was preparing to make my way out of the cemetery, eager to see how well the pictures would come out. I paused as I came to a head stone I had never noticed before.

It was so beautiful. Even though the light was too little for me to get a really good picture of it, I had to take one none the less.

I stepped back and peered through my camera, preparing to snap the picture as I put the image into focus. But before I got the chance to push the button, I heard something. Low murmurs that sounded almost like voices. I let go of my camera, allowing it's strap to support it loosely around my neck, and decided to investigate.

I listened closely, trying to determine where the sounds were coming from. Slowly, my feet began to move. I did not know where they would take me, nor what I would find once I was there.

As the sounds became louder and more clear, my curiosity grew. I heard a moan and froze in my tracks. Peeking from behind a large plot, I could see the source of the murmuring I had heard. My jaw dropped just a little in surprise as my eyes widened. There was a couple having sex on one of the graves. I was about to turn to get out of there before they had noticed me gawking at them. I knew it would have been the right thing to do, but I couldn't move.

I just kept watching as he grabbed her breasts while he pounded his cock in and out of her. I was becoming completely aroused. I could feel my pussy begin to twitch as it moistened.


But I couldn't.could I? I wanted to. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. The more he ravaged her body, the more I kept thinking how good it would feel to slide my fingers into my aching twat.

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I took the camera off of my neck and paused just short of placing it down. I lifted it back up and looked through the lens. 'What an erotic picture that would make' I thought to myself. I turned the flash off of the camera.

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Taking pictures was my passion and I couldn't very well miss an oppertunity like this. I began to snap pictures of them carnivorously devouring each other's bodies. Absent mindedly, one of my hands slid down from the camera and glided firmly over my breasts.

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My nipples were hard. My hand continued to travel towards and past my aching cunt. My hand slid further down my leg and then retraced it's path back up again, pulling my dress up with it. Slipping instinctively beneath my panties, my fingers began to caress the outer lips of my pussy, teasing it. I could feel my pussy become wetter. The yearning to feel my fingers plunge into my tight little hole was getting stronger by the very second. I began to breath heavily. I could feel my nipples become harder with each breath.


I lowered the camera and set it on a near by head stone as I slid two fingers into my hungry, burning pussy. My eyes rolled back into my head as I slid them deeper inside. I moaned softly as I began moving them in and out. I tried to pace myself, slowing my orgasmic rhythm so that it could last longer as I continued to watch the couple. He had lifted her up, turned her around, and bent her over the plot. He slid his dick easily back into her pussy from behind. I licked my lips. It looked so good!

I could hear the woman moaning with ecstasy. Her erotic whimpering sent shivers all over my body. I started moving my fingers faster, rougher, aiming the tip of my fingers towards my G-spot. I was on fire. I tried to be as quiet as I possibly could, but I couldn't stop myself from moaning every now and again.

I was afraid they would hear me, but I couldn't hold back any longer. I leaned back on one of the plots and thrusted my hips forward as my fingers penetrated my pussy.

My knees turned slightly inward, my legs tensed, and my eyes rolled back as waves of orgasm completely engulfed my body. I moaned louder that time as my wetness increased ten fold.

I had never cum so hard in my life! Both of my legs, not to mention my panties, were completely soaked. I pulled my hand out of my panties and whispered. "Ooh God." I looked over to the couple. They didn't seem to notice me. Breathing a sigh of relief, I brought my fingers to my lips and licked them clean. "Mmmmm" I moaned softly. Not a moment sooner, the man moaned loudly as he pulled his cock out of the woman's pussy and shot his hot load all over the woman's now open mouth.

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I licked my lips as his cum sprayed all over her tongue and dripped down her breasts. I smiled as they stood up and continued to watch as they got their things together.

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I felt pretty smug that I had gotten away with watching them unnoticed. Then I picked up my camera and prepared to leave as well.

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I took a final look at them as they began to walk away when, unexpectedly, the man turned around, smiled, and winked in my direction. I turned bright red. He had noticed me after all!

I stood there a few moments trembling in my embarrassment before I finally did leave the cemetery, eager to develope a new set of pictures. I'll never forget this night. I wonder if I'll see them next time I'm in the cemetery.