Cum on spreading pussy and sexy white stockings

Cum on spreading pussy and sexy white stockings
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Jill was a sex machine and she had the body for it. She had 38DD tits, a slim waist and 36 inch hips with a but that stuck out perfectly. Jill fell in love with anything sexual from the moment her uncle taught her how to give bolwjob when she was 8.

I know it sounds sick, but Jill said she loved the way a hard dick felt in her mouth, especially when it exploded that hot cum. I tried to keep her satisfied, but it was hard (no pun intended).

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We would by vibrators. She liked those. We bought dildos. Only the big ones for her. I even let her fuck me witha strapon. She loved the control. She even fucked two of my frinds at the same time right in front of me. She loved it when they fucked her pussy and ass at the same time. I knew I needed to do more to satisfy her huge sexual appetite.

So, I looked in a swingers magazine and found a group of black guys who were specialists at gang bangs.

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They said they would bring ten guys and fuck Jill senseless. I arranged to meet in a nice hotel with a really big room and I brought the video camera. I figured if she was going to really get fucked, I wanted to be able to watch it at any time. I told Jill about the plans and she was game. She said, "I want to really get freaky.

I want some really weird shit." The doorbell rang at the hotel and all ten black guys slowly walked in the door.


Most of them were fine specimens, but a couple had beer guts. Their bulges were impressive, even I noticed. I figured JIll was going to really enjoy the night. Jill got on her knees in the middle of the room and she was immediately surrounded. They whipped out their dicks and she started sucking and stroking with everything she had.

She would suck one and stroke two others.


I was impressed. they said not one of them was under 9 inches and after seeing, I believed. One guy who wasn't in the suck pile said, "Hey dude, where is the bathroom?" Jill stopped sucking and said, "Bring the pisser to me.

I want to experience hot piss in my mouth." This guy walked over to Jill and grabbed his dick for about 5 seconds.

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I knew he was letting the piss build up. As soon as Jill opened her mouth, he released his piss and had perfect aim. The huge piss stream filled her mouth and she tried to swallow but tons ran down her chin and allover her beautiful big breasts.

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When he was done, he shook the piss droplets off in her mouth. Jill said, "That was hot. I have never drank piss before. Anyone have any more?" Two more guys stepped up. Jill said, "Let that piss go." Both guys let thier piss streams go into her mouth. Jill swallowed like a trooper but so much piss was running down her body in a beautiful yellow stream. One guy laid on the floor and Jill took the clue.

she climbed on his 10 incher and start fucking him. He must not have minded the piss because she kissed him deep when she started the stroking.

On cue, another guy bent down behind Jill and started working his dick into her ass. She exploded immediately. "Shit these dicks feel good.

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I am going to CUUUUMMMMM." She started thrashing with these dicks in her, but there was dicks to be pleased. Two guys positioned their dicks close to her face and Jill obliged them by alternating her blowjobs between the two guys. the rest of the guys were stroking themselves enjoying the show. Jill must have cum three times before the guy in her ass pulled his dick out and shot all over her back. She had white cum spots dotting her back. Quickly another guy took his place.

He started fucking her with hard, fast strokes. Her ass was being stretched to the limit, but she liked it. The two guys with their heads in her mouth were stroking furiously. ONe guy said, "Here it goes." Her loeaned his head back and start firing his cum in JIll's mouth. This set off the other guy in Jill's mouth and he started blowing his load in Jill's mouth. But Jill was a blowjob expert and swallowed both loadslike she had done it all her life.

The guy underneath pulled his dick out without warning and shot his load all over Jill's pussy, ass and the guy's dick in her ass. He came when he felt a load hitting his dick. But he did not pull out. He shot his load deep in JIll's ass and she moaned in appreciation. Jill said, " I wnat these other five guys to stand around me, jerk off and give me a wonderful bukkake experience." All five surrounded her and began to stroke their dicks.

Jill would suck one then another. But these guys willingly storked their cocks to cover Jill in cum. The first guyu started to cum andshot a string of cum right over JIll's face. BY habit, Jill took his cock in her mouth and swllowed the rest of his load. The second guy shot her in the side of the face. Jill turned toward the shooting dick and gladly accepted his load all over her face. The third guy shot his load on JIll's face, but she let his cum onto her chest and neck.

guy four and five both exploded on Jill's tits and covered them nicely.

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Jill took the cum and would wipe it on her finger and eat it. One guy told her that since she was such a slut, she needed the ultimate sex experience.

She laid on the bed and this guy libed up his hand. He started fucking her pussy with 3 fingers, then four, then five. JIll's pussy was stretche dfurther than she ahd experience. A great orgams washed over her body. The guy said, "Now are you ready for the real experience." Jill replied, "Do it.

Strecth my pussy." The guy psuche his hand really hard and it disappeared into Jill's pussy. Jill looked like she was having convulsions she came so hard. The guy then made a fist inside her pussy and started to pull out. You could see that it looked like his fist was stick even though he was trying to pull it out. JIll was screaming from her continous orgasm.

His fist began to slowyly emerge from Jill's pussy and popped out suddenly. Jill was in ecstasy.

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Her pussy had never been so filled and so sulfiiled. She decided she would do this more often. I

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