De perrito con la colocha

De perrito con la colocha
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The Angie series is more of a light-weight bit of fun, don't expect any deep drama, it's not there. Any comment is more than welcome. Angie dropped Trish at Alicante airport, their goodbyes were a little tearful but not overly sad, it was more like good friends saying goodbye, yes they had been lovers for a week and a bit but both seemed content to accept that it was a holiday fling and not try and make any more of it.

Neither of them had previously been with a girl before, neither had gone looking for a girl on girl relationship, it just sort of happened. Trish was a pretty happy go lucky sort of girl, she took what life had to offer as it came along, no deep thoughts, no big deal, just go with the flow.

Angie would have said that she was the same, now, however, she was feeling a bit confused, she wasn't feeling at all down, actually she felt remarkably happy even though Trish was gone. No, it was that now she had to consider her sexuality. She'd always loved a good fuck with the right guy but Trish had definitely brought a new aspect to her love life and that needed some thought. Had it just been that one-off magic spark between two people that neither could resist, regardless of gender, or did it mean that from now on she would be looking just as much at the girls as the guys.

Maybe it even went deeper than that but she thought to herself, she didn't really want to think about that, she kinda felt okay with bisexual but outright gay? It made her feel a bit uncomfortable. This evening, I was run off of my feet, the influx of the next batch of holidaymakers had arrived.

One of the bar-staff had gone sick, another was on holiday and owner Mike was away for a darts match, so we were a bit short staffed not that I minded at all but it was somewhat tiring. The emergency stand-in was a nice and attractive girl, willing but not a lot of use, she couldn't pull a beer without gallons of froth, so I put her on collecting glasses and washing up. Even then, I had to tell her that it was fine being sociable with the punters but she shouldn't spend too much time chatting with one guy or another, she was paid to work after all!

By ten thirty, I was beginning to feel just a bit frazzled, I hadn't had a break or a smoke since before five when the restaurant had opened. Then, thank God for that, in came Mike back from his darts, he looked really happy, so I guessed the team had won. Normally, he would have stayed at the match venue to play 'killer' or whatever and not bother coming back in that evening but tonight, knowing that we were short staffed, here he was, He's good at his job and recognised straight away that I needed a break, he also asked, "New girl not a lot of cop then?" "Can't pull a pint to save her life, she seems to be good with cocktails though and she's selling them, so I wouldn't knock her just yet." I went outside, time for a well-needed drink and a fag, it felt good to put my feet up.

A super sexy voice broke into my weary thoughts, "Do you mind if we sit here?" It wasn't just the voice, when I looked up, wow! He was gorgeous, I mean like a film star, I forgot my manners and stared.

He took it the wrong way, muttered an apology and went to turn away. I jolted back to reality, "No, no you're okay, I'm sorry but I was miles away, been working for hours you see." Then I noticed the girl with him, she was just as gorgeous as he was, what a handsome couple was my immediate thought but I moved my chair around a little to give them plenty of room.

They told me they'd just arrived, they'd noticed the bar looked lively and the singer had sounded good. They both wanted a drink, so they dumped their suitcases and came straight over. He said his name was Peter and the girl was Sophie. "It's nice to meet you, my name's Angie, I'm the bar manager, I hope we'll be seeing plenty of you both, anything you need to know, just come and find me." We chatted for a bit, Peter was quite witty and very good at leading the conversation.

Sophie was a bit less forward but only a little, she had a lovely laugh. They seemed a charming couple and very well suited to each other. Yet I kind of got a vibe that Peter was paying me a tad too much attention, what with his girlfriend sat next to him. I'd noticed that neither wore any rings, so I doubted that they were married. I stubbed my cigarette out, finished my drink and went to rise from my chair.

"It was nice to get to know you, Angie, I'm sure we'll see a lot more of you." Her hand came and rested on mine, her eyes were sparkling, the smile, oh wow. Her hand seemed to linger a little longer than might have been normal, did she just squeeze my own hand? Surely not. Then her fingers sort of slid off mine, more like a quick caress than simply taking your hand away.

Peter stood, just like a gentleman should, "See you later, Angie." And I went back to work. The singer was into his final set, he was good but then, he was costing us a bomb, it was the first time he'd appeared here, I guessed it wouldn't be the last either. Peter inched between bodies until he got to the bar, "Hi, Peter, what can I get you." I asked. "I've just been told that your Sangria is the best around here, I think I'd like to give it a try, we'll have the large jug, if we may please." Now, our Sangria is made with a recipe that I brought with me when Mike took me on, he only changed it very slightly.

Was it good? I can say quite honestly, that it was by far the best in town, not just made with red wine, lemonade and a bit of fruit thrown in but a whole host of ingredients, all in small doses but it tasted delicious and it kicked a punch. Okay, it was a bit more expensive than most but it was well worth it. "The large jug, you sure? If it's just for the two of you, can I suggest you try a medium first, it is quite powerful." "That's okay, I've already been warned but hey, we're on holiday, so who cares?

No. we'll have the larger one." I gave him a smile, I liked this guy, "You've been warned." I said with a laugh in my voice. He picked up the jug and two glasses, "Anyway, you look strong enough to carry me home if I need it." There was a huge grin on his face.

Before I could stop myself, it slipped out, "I'll carry you home anytime, handsome." I managed to add a big laugh to make it sound like a joke but I think I meant it. I saw Sophie weaving her way through the throng on her way back up from the loo. Her face was a bit flushed, well I did warn them. She saw me look and she waved to me before changing direction and coming over to the bar.

"You okay, Sophie?" I asked her. "Me, I'm wonderful," she replied, "your Sangria is all that it's cracked up to be, I love it, you know we've had two jugs between us." For the second time this evening, her hand came and rested on mine, "And are you going to offer to carry me home as well as Pete? I might like that," she giggled, squeezed my hand again, then off she went. What is it with these two? I'm sure they're both chatting me up.

Very strange but quite exciting, I thought. This could get interesting. The last few stragglers were leaving and I was collecting the remaining glasses when a hand tapped me on the shoulder, it was Sophie, "It's been a lovely evening, Angie, we'll see you again tomorrow I expect," she leaned forward and kissed my cheek, then she whispered, "I think I can manage to get home unaided, shame really." She was giggling again.

Over her shoulder I saw Peter approaching, he was smiling broadly. How very odd, I would have thought he should be looking anything but happy, what with Sophie's obvious flirting with me. But he simply took my hand for a second and said, "Good-night and thank you, Angie." When I got home, I switched the tele on to catch up on the news while I had a coffee.

My mind, however, kept drifting back to my current favourite couple. I pondered on their strange behaviour but even more, I wondered at my feelings, I realised that I was attracted to both of them, they were both fun, great company and both were utterly gorgeous.

He was so ridiculously handsome and she was more than beautiful. So I decided, it looks like I am bi now. By eleven in the morning the pool was already getting busy, toasted sarnies, coffees, beers and even ice creams, were doing a roaring trade.

Peter and Sophie came in, Peter looking somewhat bleary-eyed but not Sophie, "Morning, Angie, got anything good for a headache, like some paracetamol or something," asked Peter. I handed him a packet, "All part of the service, we like to keep the customers happy," I grinned, "would you like coffees or soft drinks?" Sophie answered, "we'll have coffee please, oh, and one glass of water for Pete, he can't handle it as well as me," her eyes always seemed to sparkle, "later you can perhaps tell me what else comes with the service." Shit!

There she goes again, I was glad Peter had already walked away, "Go and sit, I'll bring them to you in a minute." I told her, a little flustered. "You're blushing, Angie, I like that, it suits you, makes you even prettier than you already are." For just a second, her eyes held mine, then she followed Peter outside to the pool.

I really couldn't get my head around these two, perhaps they're after a threesome, not my scene I don't think but then, I'd never considered it before. Half an hour later, she came back in, "Hi, Angie, the paracetamol did the trick, he's ready for a beer now, just a small one though for starters.

I think I'd like one of your cocktails, whatever you recommend, as long as there's no whiskey in it, surprise me with something nice." I got the cocktail list out and held it open, she leaned over the bar to get a closer look, I didn't know whether to look at the list or the cleavage that was now clearly on display. "What do you like, Angie?" She'd caught where my eyes were focussed and it wasn't the list, her hand closed over mine, "I think I know," she paused, longer than necessary, then laughingly continued, "something with Galliano maybe?" "Th.that's a good choice," I stammered, "not too strong for this time of the day, leave it with me, be with you in two shakes." "Ooh, that'd be nice." She giggled again as she seemed to wiggle her tits and off she went.

Fuck! She was hot and she was getting me hot, under the collar, as they say, then I thought, no, not collar, more like panties. When I took their drinks out Sophie was alone, I saw Peter in the pool, streaking through the water, God, he was good. Sophie was now sat wearing just her bikini, oh wow, stop staring I had to tell myself, it was difficult though, she had without question, the sexiest figure I had ever clapped eyes on.

"Your husband's a good swimmer," I said to cover my confusion. "My husband? Oh, you mean Pete, he's my brother, Angie, not my husband. Oh, now I see what's been making you nervous with our teasing, stupid of me, I never thought, well I'm glad we've got that sorted, you can loosen up now if you want to that is." Her smile melted me, I was all of a dither, pull yourself together, Angie, I told myself.

"Now you're blushing again, you don't strike me as the shy type, Angie but if you're not happy with the way we play, then you only have to say." "No it's okay, you're good, it's kind of fun and I don't mind, I'm used to it working here but it did have me worried when I thought you two were an item if you know what I mean." "Well, I'm sorry that I didn't think anyway, I suppose it was because he and I don't normally holiday together, so it never occurred to me." Back at the bar, I thought on what she had said, so I was right, they were both flirting with me.

The question now was, which one did I prefer to respond to? Either one, I decided, there was nothing to choose between them, let's just see which way the wind blows was my conclusion. The stockroom was downstairs, opposite the loos, I was going down to fetch a case of wine, halfway down Sophie came around the corner, heading up. I thought she would wait for me to get down but instead, she kept on coming.

There wasn't much room to pass on the stairs, so I stopped and waited for her to squeeze by. She stopped in front of me and turned to face me, I could feel her breasts just pressing on mine, I immediately felt the tingle, "I just wanted to say how brilliant that cocktail was, perhaps I could have another when you're free, Angie." Then her lips brushed ever so lightly against mine and her breasts pressed a bit more, "Thank you." With that, she turned and carried on up.

It was as she turned away that I saw her nipples pushing at the front of her bikini top, they hadn't been obvious earlier, meanwhile, I was rooted where I was, my eyes fastened on her ass as it wiggled up.

At the very last second, before she disappeared, her head turned to look back down at me, there was an 'I've got you' look on her face, she waved and was gone. When I took her cocktail out to her, "Someone tells me that it's your afternoon off in a bit, what do you do with yourself, anything special, if you don't mind my asking?" "No, I don't mind at all. Sometimes I just have a nap or read a book, sometimes I come down for a swim if it's not too crowded." I told her.


"Come down, what do you mean?" I pointed to the flat above the bar, "I live up there, dead handy for work. Mind you, it also means that they can call me anytime they want help and that can be a bind." "Well, if you decide to swim today, it would be nice if you joined us, we'll be here for most of the afternoon." As it happens, Mike had said that I should take the afternoon and evening off, he knew I'd had a hard night the previous day.

So I told Sophie that I was going to grab an hour or so's nap, then I would be back down and join them. Her hand reached for me, her fingers entwined with mine, "Oh, I am glad, I'll be waiting." Once more she squeezed and beamed that dazzling smile at me. I took a while deciding which of my swimming costumes I should wear, a one-piece that showed my figure or a bikini that put more of my muscles on display.

I am very well muscled from the years of humping beer barrels and heavy crates about, besides the weights I liked to chuck, mostly for my arms and shoulders. In the end, the bikini won out. I felt a pleasing glow when I saw Peter's eyes boggle as I approached, Sophie was watching him with a little smile on her face, "You look gorgeous, Angie, and your muscles, I guess you really could have carried us home," she quipped.

I was blushing again, what was it with this girl, that she unhinged me so easily, "Leave it out," I said, "You're the gorgeous one, me, I'm just Iron Lady," It was Peter's turn to join in, "Don't underestimate yourself, Angie, you're totally stunning." Now I was feeling embarrassed, "Anyone fancy a drink, it's my round?" Sophie reached for my hand, she liked to keep doing that but by now, I didn't mind, "It's not a drink I fancy," she said with a grin, "but how about we have a swim, Peter can fetch the drinks." She now grinned at him.

I could see he was about to protest but he shrugged his shoulders while Sophie pulled me after her to the pool. Straight away, I saw that she swam just as well as he did but more graceful, I'm pretty good myself, we raced the length of the pool, she somersaulted and started another length.

I called on my power and easily beat her to the end, where I turned and stood to watch her catch up. She was breathing deeply when she reached me and those beautiful tits were lifting above the surface, right in front of my eyes.

I only just managed to resist the urge to grab a fistful. "Bloody hell, Angie, I thought I was a good swimmer but your strength is phenomenal, you went passed me like a rocket." Her hands went to each side of my shoulders, feeling my muscles, then they slid down my arms, she squeezed my upper arms, "Shit, they're like steel." I could feel the sides of her hands brushing the edge of my breasts, I knew my nipples were responding, I saw her eyes glance, "You naughty girl, Angie." A finger very quickly flicked my front and pinged a nipple, then with a backflip, she swam away.

We had a great afternoon, Sophie stuck to her cocktails, Peter was on the beer and I had a small jug of Sangria, followed by another. I think it was about sixish, when, feeling just a bit pissed, we packed up. We agreed that after showering and changing, we'd meet for dinner, my treat. Our chef is very good anyway but knowing I was eating in the restaurant and with guests, he went overboard, the steaks were perfect and with sauces to die for.

Halfway through our meal, I felt a touch on my foot, I glanced at Peter but he sat totally straight-faced, concentrating on eating. Then the touch moved, I knew for sure it was his foot and he was rubbing it against mine. I didn't move mine away, well would you? Sophie sat back, "Oh wow, that was good, thank you, Angie." She placed her hand on my thigh and patted. But then she left it there, the heat from her hand burned into me, I almost writhed in my chair as my pussy tingled.

Then she squeezed and her fingers traced along the top of my leg, "Your muscles, Angie, I can't keep my bloody hands off, do you mind?" She whispered as she leaned closer. I think I shook my head as I grabbed up my glass of wine, with shaking hands I drained the glass in one. I felt my skirt being pulled up and then her hand moved to my knee, it was now on my bare skin, it didn't stay where it was for long though, because soon it was moving back up to my thigh, her fingers were down between my legs.

It stopped it's upward progress just before she reached my panties, her fingers gently caressed my flesh. Now I thought that I could feel the wetness seeping out of me, my pussy was certainly coming alive. Would she touch, should I close my legs, or maybe open them wider?

The waitress came to clear the plates and her hand went away. A feeling of frustration swept me, now I knew for sure that I wanted that touch.

My mind was made up, it was time for action. It was karaoke that evening, I usually had to sing, the punters would insist and I wasn't anywhere near as bad as most. What is it with karaoke that makes everyone think they can sing? Tonight I decided that I would keep myself out of the way, well, it was my night off.

Peter was off chatting up a young but very pretty girl so I asked Sophie, "You wanna stay here or perhaps we could take a bottle of wine up to my solarium, it's quite nice up there and it's cool." She nodded me a 'yes', so I went and fetched a couple of half decent bottles of wine from the bar.

The solarium is above the main bar and completely surrounded by a chest high wall, it's secluded and it's my own private space where I do my sunbathing, in the nude of course. There was a table, four chairs, a couple of single sun-beds and one large double one. "Hey, this is a cool space, Angie, I like this, you can do all sorts up here and no one would ever bother you." There she goes, holding my hand again.

We chatted a while, she wanted to know where was good to visit, you know, the touristy bit and so on.

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What with the wine we'd had at dinner, topped up with a couple more glasses now, I was feeling extremely happy, a nice buzz if you know what I mean. I eased my hand from under hers, she gave me a puzzled look, "Just wanna get comfier, come on." I pulled Sophie to her feet and led her to the large sun-bed, the back was propped up so we could still sit upright with our legs stretched out.

As we sat, I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her body tight alongside mine, she lay her head into my neck, "This is nice," was all she said. "Tell me, Sophie, you and your brother both seemed to have been flirting with me or did I read it wrong?

Not that I'm complaining if you were." "No, you're not wrong, I'm going to tell you the truth because I don't think you'll mind. We bet each other who would be the first to get you into bed, you might have noticed that he sort off gave up to tonight, he knew that I was winning. At least, we thought so, am I right? Please say I am." I reached my free hand around and lifted her chin so as I could see into her eyes, her lips just inches away, God, but she was divine.

She had so far, always acted so confident, taking the initiative but now I saw her lips tremble, an uncertain look on her face. "Darling, you don't know how fired up you've got me, you get me into bed? I think I'll be carrying you to bed in a little while, would you like that?" "Yes I would, now will you please kiss me, Angie." My lips reached for hers and with the lightest of touches, we kissed, almost a caress of lips with our eyes still gazing into each others.

Then hers closed as her arm came to my neck and pulled me tighter, I dropped my hand from her chin and circled her waist, squeezing her to me. It was a long lingering kiss, her lips were so soft and, well. just kissable, I was in heaven. My hand around her waist found bare skin, my fingers explored her back, I was loving the feel of her skin, I could hear her purring with pleasure. I passed where her bra strap should have been, there wasn't one!

Yet I hadn't realised all evening that she wasn't wearing a bra, her tits must be nice and firm. Now I eased my tongue out and traced along her lips, they opened slightly to my touch and I pushed between them. Her own tongue met mine as her mouth opened more, our tongues danced around each other.

I moved my hand from behind her body, searching forwards till I felt the side of her breast, then my fingers cupped underneath. The hand around my neck tightened its grip and her lips pressed harder to mine, slowly I moved up, caressing on the way, then to cover her breast where I could feel the nipple hard and erect beneath my palm. While my fingers squeezed that wonderful breast, my palm rubbed across her nipple.

Her outside leg came around and over my own, her thigh pressed between my legs, then I could feel the hardness of her mound as she was rubbing it against my leg. Her lips left mine as her head rolled back, I dropped my lips to her neck, kissing and licking her all the way. I breathed in her scent, both that of her perfume and her body, my senses were overwhelmed.

I took my hand away from inside her top and reached for the top button, the first one came undone so I eased the neck wider with my lips as they drifted down.

My fingers already at the next button, and still my mouth went lower. Now it was at the top swell of her breasts, my tongue traced over both and my lips gave little sucks and kisses.

When the third button was open, a nipple found my lips, gently I blew on it until I eased my tongue to it and just touched the top. Now she jumped and gave a gasp, her hand came up to lift her breast to my mouth, "Please, Angie, stop teasing me, suck my tits." Her nipples weren't very large but they were hard, the feel of them in my mouth was wonderful, I just wanted to please her more.

Her moans drove me on, she was enjoying my touch, I needed to give her more. She was so utterly gorgeous and now, at this moment, she was mine. I desperately needed to make her want more from me. My hand went to the hem of her skirt, no finesse, I simply dragged it higher, then I was in the space between her thighs, I pressed to the front of her panties, my fingers tracing the shape of her lips. At the top of her slit, I rubbed a little harder, her hips rose up to my touch, my fingers circled the small protrusion I had found, her clit grew in size as I teased at it and soon she was writhing under my fingers.

She was pulling at my hair with one hand, the other grasping at my tits, her hips thrusting to the fingers that were playing with her, I had moved the panties to one side, so a finger soon eased inside between her pussy lips, quickly followed by another, she went berserk, her body heaving to me, her lips found my own as she kissed me hard.

Then I had three fingers, searching and playing her, "Angie, for God's sake, finger me deeper." I tried to reach further into her but I couldn't get any deeper, I concentrated a finger, probing for the spot and then she went wild in my arms, "Yes, that's it there, oooooooh fuck Angie, doooon't stop, for fuck's sake, shit!

I'm cumming," She shook so violently, I had trouble holding her, it was the most fantastic thing I had ever seen, her climax was beyond my imagination. As she came down from the high, I held her tight to me, her grip almost stopped me breathing, "There, my love, relax, I've got you." I told her.

After a while, she looked up at me, "Angie, I wanted you, I wanted you to love me. I dreamed about your fantastically muscled body but I never imagined.oh shit, I am just so happy." "Sophie, you are the most beautiful woman I've ever known, I'm so pleased that you even thought of going after me in the first place.

Your brother might be so gorgeous but you're my idea of heaven and it's you that I want to fuck. So, shall we have a drop more wine, then maybe I should show you my bedroom, whaddya reckon babe." "Angie, I don't think you realise just how much that I've been wanting you, I've been lusting after you, you're muscles and your strength, I want you to love me, dominate me and fuck me, sod my fucking brother, it was fun for him but I really, really want you to love me, please will you just fucking love me.

Excuse my language but it's the way you make me feel, I do so want you to love me, will you, can you do that for me?" I stood up, then leaned down, she seemed like a feather as I lifted her and then I carried her to my bedroom where I lowered her to my bed, I began to undress. When I was naked, I stood for a moment, she just stared at me, her eyes roamed over my body. "Angie, I want to look at your wonderful body, show me your muscles, do your poses, whatever it is you do, I want to see it, just for me." It felt a little odd, standing there, arms raised with my muscles bulging, then my arms at my hips and my pecs raised up, she uttered a "Wow," then my legs rippled with hard chords before I tensed my stomach, I rolled the muscles and they flexed.

"My God, I've never seen anything like it before, it's so totally fucking wonderful." She said before lifting her arms to me. "Angie, this all started as a bit of fun, now all I know is that I want to please you, I so desperately want to make you happy, I think I've said it once but I'll say it again, I want to make you fucking love me." She reached her arms to me, shit, at this moment I loved this girl, I fell into her embrace and we kissed, now it was with passion, our lips mashing hard to each other, her hips were thrusting at mine.

I felt her hands grip my ass, fingers digging into flesh, at any other time, it might have hurt but just now, who gave a shit! I tried to be gentle, I wanted to make love to her in the most beautiful way I knew how but she bit me, she scratched at me, her legs wrapped around me and gripped me tight as she fucked her pussy to mine, she was like a wild animal on heat.

I whispered calming words in her ears, I said slow down let me lead you, then she seemed to hear me, she relaxed and her face smiled at me, "Sorry," her voice faltered, "I just need you." I pushed her arms up alongside her head, "Keep them there." I told her, then I kissed down her body, I spent an age at her tits, marvelling at their beauty, her nipples between my lips, then all over her stomach.

She squirmed at my teases, my licks and kisses, all the time groaning and begging me for more. The hairs on her mound were the finest small sprinkle, just tickling my lips, now I could inhale her scent, it engulfed me and I had to seek the source, bury myself in it, breath it in, fuck, it was so good.

My lips touched her slit, I kissed her there, now I could taste her as well as smell, that smell of her sex. I eased out my tongue and licked her only slightly showing lips, they eased aside as my tongue dipped a little deeper, on upwards, then her button, her clit was waiting for me, already standing proud from under its sheath waiting for my lips.

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I took it into my mouth, sucking hard, her mound hurt me as she surged up to my touch. My fingers found her opening, thrusting in between the lips, my mouth sucking at her clit, quicker than before, she came, her orgasm coursing through her body, not just the once but twice as I worked on her. The fingers entwined in my hair pulled me up until her lips met mine, intensely she kissed me, her lips urgent and demanding, "Angie, my love, that was so good, would you mind too much if I rested a bit, then I want to love you." She lay in my arms, shit, I felt good, I knew that I'd made her happy but I was also so aroused that my fingers found their way to my pussy.

I slowly rubbed myself, my passion building, I felt her moving but paid no attention, then I felt her hand over mine, a glance down told me that her face was inches away from my pussy as her hand was pushing mine into me.

Her fingers guided mine inside of me, her fingers making mine wank me. Her other hand went to my clit, she pulled at it between two fingers. circling and teasing, then her tongue joined them to caress the tip. Still, she thrust my hand harder and harder into me, "Fuck yourself for me, Angie, come one, fuck yourself harder." Her mouth went back to my clit, lips enclosed me and sucked, I could feel it pulsing like never before, maybe it was my imagination but it felt huge, as it throbbed in her lips.

I felt my body surging, I had no control at all and I knew that I was screaming for her. I tried to get my whole fist inside my cunt, I wanted to kiss her but her mouth was working my clit, then I was gone, in some place I hadn't ever been before. For a moment, I thought I might die, I struggled to breathe, now my body just shook, as if I were having a fit and yet I had time to feel wonder, "Fuck!" I shouted, "that's so fucking goooood," then I was cumming again.

"Enough! Stop! No moooore," I screamed but it was too late, the third orgasm hit me. I was crying, tears streaming from my eyes, Sophie came back up to my face, "Angie, what's wrong, did I hurt you?


Oh God, I'm so sorry." Weakly, I pulled her lips to mine and kissed her, then, "Baby, you didn't hurt me, you just took me to heaven." I kissed her again and pulled her tight to me. "Angie, would you mind if I told you something stupid." She peered into my eyes. "No, you're good babe, tell me." "I know it's only been two days.

Two fucking days, that's all!" Her lips grazed mine, "But I think I might be falling in love with you. Does that freak you out? If you want to throw me back down the stairs, I'd understand but as stupid as it seems, I just can't help myself.

You don't have to say anything, I don't expect you to, just let me love you, for a while, as long as you'll let me." She was right, how could love come so quick, I mean, we didn't know anything about each other, I didn't even know where she fucking lived. Shit!

I didn't even know her surname. And yet she'd said she was falling in love with me, it was crazy to be thinking that way. I wasn't ready to be saying anything similar to her. Okay. she was brilliant company and I was captivated by her beauty and she was as sexy as hell, I'd do the easy thing for now and just go along with her. "Sophie, you couldn't freak me out, I'm so happy that we've got together but well, be careful okay.

I didn't ask before, but you are staying with me tonight aren't you?" "Yes please, if you want me to of course." It didn't cool down very much that night, so we slept without any covers. I woke early, her hair was tickling my nose as I breathed, she was still wrapped in my arms, her head in the crook of my neck. I placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, she didn't stir, nor did she as I eased my arm out and laid her head back to the pillow. I stood beside the bed, my eyes feasting on her body, I wondered how anybody could be so beautiful, everything was perfect, I couldn't find a single fault.

What did she see in me? That was the question, she could have had anyone she chose. I didn't have an answer, so decided that I was wasting my time even thinking about it. I brought fresh coffee back to the bedroom, then fully opened the shutters. A beam of sunlight covered her body, it was as if an angel had appeared.

Again, I couldn't help it, I just stared down at her. Suddenly, she gave a huge stretch, with her arms above her head, her stomach hollowed and her breasts lifted, her eyes opened to look at me, "Do you like what you see? It's all yours, you know." Her hands came down to fondle her breasts, she pointed her nipples at me.

"Much as I'd love to play, lover, I've brought us coffee then I have to go down and clean the pool, why don't you shower while I'm down there, I'll have one when I've finished." She pouted her lips at me, "Oh spoilsport, but I know you've got a job to do though, so I won't try and tempt you, not yet anyway." It was a daily job cleaning the pool but I didn't find it a chore, that early in the morning, it was peaceful and I always enjoyed it.

Today, however, was different, all I could think of was the girl upstairs waiting for me, there was still time for some more fun before I had to open the bar.

There was no sign of her when I was back inside but I saw her clothes were still there, I found her on the solarium. She was lying naked on the sun-bed, catching the morning sun. I did it every time I saw her body, her total perfection mesmerised me, I stood there, drinking her in. She reached up and raised her sunglasses, to peer up at me, "Hi lover, are you just going to stand there, why don't you come and give me a kiss." "Sorry honey, but I'm all horrible and sweaty, I've gotta go and shower." "I can see the sweat, Angie, it's dripping off of you, please will you come and rub your sweaty body all over me, I want to feel you just like that." She lifted her arms to me, I dropped my shorts and panties, tossed my top aside, then I lowered myself on top of her, my body sliding on hers.

Her hands went to my back, feeling my sweat, rubbing and massaging. Drips were landing on her face, she smiled up at me before licking her tongue to clean the sweat from my face. "Oh. Angie, I love every bit of you, even your sweat tastes lovely. Love me now, then I'll take you in the shower." I rolled off of her and onto my side, turning her to face me. For a while, we simply lay gazing into each other's eyes. Finally, I brought my lips to hers, it was a beautiful and loving kiss.

Our nipples stiffened as they rubbed against each other, our breasts sliding in my sweat. Her hand came up and cupped one as I did the same. We both squeezed and caressed each other, I could feel her body was tensing so I knew she was feeling as fired as I was. Her free hand was sliding about between us, exploring my stomach and hip, I felt it going lower before rubbing at my mound, there she tickled and teased about, as a finger occasionally brushed above my clit.

She pressed a hand between my legs finding my wet lips, a mixture of sweat and the juice now seeping from within. I heard myself groan at the touch, wanting more, I wanted her fingers inside of me. It was a little awkward when my hand went down to her pussy, a tangle of arms at tits and pussies. I didn't wait too long before easing my fingers in, she followed my lead, at last, I had her probing between my lips.


We both heaved our hips at each other, forcing our hands hard to our holes. Her lips eased away from mine, I saw the look of lust on her face, "My God, Angie, I fucking love the feel of you and what you do to me, I want to taste you." All in one movement, she pushed me flat and then turning herself, she straddled my body, it was the merest moment before her lips were searching for my clit.

Her pussy was just inches above my face, I didn't waste too much time in admiring the view but reached up and grabbed her ass to pull her down to my mouth. My tongue licked her slit before teasing in, I pulled her down harder as I lifted my head in an effort to reach deeper inside.

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She was by now sucking feverishly on the button that her fingers had exposed as she held my flaps open and pushed the hood up. Then I felt her tongue stroking over it at the same time as fingers were again pushing into me.

I could feel my heat, rapidly rising, my hips were lifting up to meet her. I tried hard to concentrate, to bring her to a head as she was doing to me, it was difficult, I was now striving for my climax, intense feelings now surging through my body.

I moved my lips to her clit, a thumb reaching inside her pussy and my fingers rubbing between the cheeks of her ass.

The cheeks gripped at my fingers as I touched her tight rear hole but then they eased apart as I pressed a little harder. Her pussy left my mouth as she heaved her hips up against my finger, with a final press, my finger slipped inside, her hole gripped my finger as I pressed deeper, Then her mound banged back to my mouth, her clit seeking my lips.

She went still as her body stiffened above me, the cheeks of her ass were tight around my fingers, her clit was pressed hard into my mouth. Furiously, I worked her, my tongue, mouth and fingers going at full speed, sucking, flicking and fucking her everywhere. Her legs were shaking alongside my head, her pussy bouncing on my mouth.

She moaned loudly, then my face was soaked as she came, it seemed to last forever, I heard her shouting, "fuck, fuck, fuck!" Then suddenly her mouth clamped back on my clit, I was almost there anyway, so she only took seconds to bring me to a peak, I revelled in it as it washed over me.

Somehow, my brain had the sense to tell me to be careful when my legs raised up and my thighs clamped around her head, I didn't want to hurt my baby. For an age we lay where we were, gasping for breath, the sweat pouring from us and mingling together. The delightful aroma from her sex in front of my nose. Eventually, she turned herself and came to lie on top of me, her fingers lightly tracing over my face, feeling the wetness, "Is that me, Angie?

I thought I felt it, I've never done that before. It's you, you're so special to me, you're giving me feelings I've never experienced," she kissed me, "Thank you, lover, that was so wonderful." "Sophie, it was special for me as well but to bring things back to reality, I've got to shower and get ready for work, I mean, I can't say I was held up by the traffic if I'm late, can I?" We only had a little fun in the shower as I was already in danger of being late and I didn't want to risk a whole load of upset holidaymakers waiting to grab their pool-side chairs, as well as the Spanish workmen who came for their morning coffee break.

Today I would be doing the morning and evening shift, ten until one and then back at five, officially ending at twelve but there was no real finish time, if the punters were spending, then we were open. Mike always made it up for me, either with a bonus in my pay or extra time off.

Sophie gave me a gorgeous kiss at the bottom of the stairs, a couple of early arriving builders gave us a whistle, then she took herself back to her villa, promising to meet up at one. It was barely an hour later when I walked from the kitchen with some toasties and there she was sat at the bar with a coffee. "I thought you said one? But it's nice to see you all the same." I said to her.

"I couldn't stay away from you until then, I'd rather watch you working than not see you at all, you won't mind will you?" "Lover, if I had someone as beautiful as you sat at my bar every day, do you think I'd complain, anyway, I was missing you already." My half-joking words had her beaming my favourite smile.

"By the way, where's Peter?" "No idea, it doesn't look as if he's been home, so I guess we both got lucky last night." Just like yesterday, she was back to her giggling again. Although it was steady, I wasn't rushed off my feet, so we had time to chat a bit between customers, it made for a very pleasant morning for me. I asked her if she had any plans for the afternoon, she didn't, "No, I'm all yours, why do you have something in mind?" "Yeh, I think we'll take a drive, I'll have a picnic made up, there's somewhere nice I'd like to show you if you're up for it." It was just under an hour's drive each way, so I'd be pushing it fine to be back for work but we could do it.

I was loading the car when Mike came out, "Going anywhere nice, Angie?" When I told him, he only took a second of thought, "Take your time, as long as you're here by seven, okay." "You're a dear, Mike, thank you." He grinned as Sophie joined me, "dirty sod," I said as I stuck my tongue out at him.

We both laughed, Sophie blushed, it was the first time I'd seen her do that. We were heading for the latest reservoir they'd made, it was where they had recently flooded a previously almost inaccessible deep valley, only a few footpaths created by the locals with their goats went down into it.

They had built an access road for construction traffic which had not been open to the public, it probably still wasn't but now it was all finished, no one seemed to be around to chuck you out.

More importantly, the public didn't know it was there, I'd discovered it by accident, my inquisitive nature insisting on finding out where the road went.

The twisty road leading down went through a couple of miles of thickly wooded hillside, mostly silver birch I think, I stopped at the point where the lake first came into view.

"Oh my goodness, Angie, it's so beautiful, I've never seen anything like it." Where the road ended at the lakeside, they had built a small boat jetty and there was a covered over boat tied up there, for their inspections, I supposed.

A couple of hundred yards to the right, there was one area where the grassy land sloped gently to the water, it was to here that I took Sophie and we spread our blanket. She sat gazing around, the scenery was indeed breathtaking.

The only sound was from the birds attracted by the water, the only movement besides the birds, was from the dragonflies skimming and hovering over the lake.

"You'd never know this was here, it's so dry outside of this valley, it's just incredible, I'm so glad you showed me." I'd brought white wine today, a Faustino Vll, a lovely crisp and dry Rioja, okay I know you've probably only seen the red variety but believe me, they also do this superb white wine. It was sat in a cold box, along with chicken, ham cheese and grapes and other salad stuff. And of course, there were lovely crispy fresh bread rolls.

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We sat side by side, leaning back against a convenient rock and ate our lunch, I hadn't felt quite so content for a while, I loved that I could share with this beautiful girl beside me. She didn't mind me smoking, I lit up a cigarette and relaxed, enjoying the wine.

She shuffled down and then lay her head on my lap, her eyes watching me, a little smile on her face. For a while, her fingers moved lazily over my stomach, just lightly feeling. She paused at the lowest button, then with two fingers she unfastened it before moving up to the next. Her lips came to my stomach, feathering across my skin, her tongue tickled at my belly button, while her fingers worked on the next button.

She licked me beneath my breasts, not missing a spot, now she could push my top completely aside and she lay her head back down to my lap, to watch her fingers exploring the contours of my breasts. All the time she smiled, she gave an almost silent giggle when my nipples grew under her touches, a little pull between her fingers and they stiffened instantly. She raised herself a little so her other hand could get at the catch of my shorts, she eased the opening wider so as her lips could kiss me, her fingers trying to pull them lower.

I raised my hips as she tugged, "Angie, you're not wearing any knickers!" "Yes, I guessed you might find out, sooner or later." Soon, she had pulled my shorts right down and off, as I went to move, she pushed me back, "No, just let me." Was all she said and lay between my legs. With both hands, her fingers came to the flaps of my pussy, She just softly played with them, her eyes fastened on them, I heard her mutter to herself, "So beautiful." Then she was pulling them open, wider and wider she held them apart, her gaze peering inside.

She gently inserted one finger until she touched the little hole, "Is that where you pee from? I haven't really looked before." She continued her exploration as I slouched my body down a bit further until she said, "I can see all the way inside now, Angie, your hole just opened the tunnel for me." "What is this, an anatomy lesson or whatever you call it? You gonna just look at it all day, or are you gonna do something for me?" But I laughed.

She wouldn't be rushed though, slowly her fingers moved, touching me everywhere. I sensed what was coming next, a finger and thumb pushed at the fold of skin at the top of my slit, lifting it clear, "Hello, look what I've found," her finger came and started to rub, wobbling it from side to side, "I think it needs a kiss, what do you think, Angie?" Now I reached for her head, pulling her face into me, "Time to stop talking to it, it needs sorting out." Once, she kissed me there, then her lips took me between them as she sucked a for a while.

I felt her tongue begin to flick and then circle around. My hands went back to the ground, lifting my body to her. I knew I wouldn't last long at this rate, I still wanted to feel her fingers inside of me, "Fingers now please, baby." She didn't keep me waiting, she was pushing into my pussy with more than she'd done before, it felt like her whole hand stretching me apart.

Fuck! My head hit the rock, shit! Then I was cumming, with my ass high off the ground, her other hand helping to hold me up, she blew my mind, I was totally out of it, fuck! It was so good. I collapsed back to the ground, shattered. She came up and straddled my thighs, her hands holding my face as she planted kisses, over and over.

She didn't stop until I had calmed, "Did I you like that, Angie, was it good?" "Sophie, you don't need to ask, you do it to me every-time, it was just too wonderful to put in words, it was.well, it just was." She went and fetched us a glass of wine, "I think you might need this." I sat up straighter again so I could drink. She stepped forward to bring her body inches from my face, then slowly she raised her skirt, "Guess what," she asked, "no panties either." She pushed herself to me and spread her legs wider, she only had to lower herself slightly before her pussy was at my lips.

I took hold of her ass as my mouth went to between her legs, I went straight for her clit. Her hands gripped my hair, her legs and hips fucking her pussy against my probing tongue, "Angie, finger my ass like you did this morning, I like that." Soon I had reached a finger and it was burying itself deep inside of her rear hole, "Now try another please, you won't hurt me." For a moment she stood still with her ass pushed back as I pressed in, another alongside the first.

She said, "Yes!" Then returned to fucking my tongue.

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"Fucking hell, Ange, I'm going to squirt again, this time I can tell, hope you don't miiiiiiind." Then she was cumming, her mound now grinding my face, I was soaked with her cum dripping down my chin onto my tits.

She was now leaning on my shoulders for support, I went to draw away, "No don't stop, there's more, finger me quickly," she was cumming again, her legs shaking violently as the orgasm ripped her.

Slowly, she lowered herself into my arms, her face at my neck. I rocked her from side to side as she clutched me. I heard her whisper, she wasn't talking to me, "Shit!

I love this woman." Then she sat up, "Angie, I love you so much." I started to speak but her lips came to mine and she kissed with intensity. As her mouth came away, her fingers covered my lips, "Shush," she said, "just hold me, don't speak." When she rose, again she fetched the wine and refilled my glass, she placed a finger back to my lips, then chinked her glass on mine, "Thank you for such a lovely day out and there's no need for you to say a thing, I don't expect you to, just as long as you're happy to have me around for my holiday, I've still got nearly another two weeks," she giggled again, "think you can stick the pace?" After a while, I saw she was in deep thought, "What's up?

That's a very serious look." I asked. "No, nothing's up, I was just wondering, if I asked you to dance with me tonight, would you do that, or would it not be right, in the bar I mean? I'd understand if you feel you can't." "I tell you what, I'll know when I'm free for a while, so I'll tell you, I take it you'll be sat at the bar anyway, Oh, and don't worry, Mike's cool with whatever I do." The rest of her holiday seemed to fly by and then we were saying a tearful goodbye.

This time, there was a difference, I didn't want her to go. But then, she was only going to settle things back home, she'd be back in about three weeks. She turned to go but I pulled her back, "I love you, Sophie, hurry back please." She stood as if in shock, "Angie, you've said it, oh, thank you, it means so much to me to hear it at last." People, some looking shocked, others smiling watched as we hugged and kissed.

At the aircraft door, she turned and waved, I waved back as a tear rolled down my cheek. I drove back but detoured into town on the way, I needed to order a double bed and some decent curtains, perhaps a tablecloth would be nice as well, the mental list just got longer but after all, I had a lady moving in. God, I was happy. The end.