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Italian harlot gets her wet cunt hammered pornstars and creampie
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CHAPTER 3 My name is Mat, I have been help prisoner in some guys old bomb hanger he bought off ebay. I was riding my bike one day and next thing I knew I am here. I am not along I have a younger boy next to me that I can talk too. He is missing both his legs up to his torso and also both of his arms. Guess what?

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he had to eat most of it to stay alive and me too. I was brought here to help feed him (Billy) and for this mad scientist who claims to be a doctor works on a serum that will makes limbs grow back like they do on frogs.

He claims he is a good person and is only doing this for science. He isn't interested in growing our limbs back he is just keeping us alive for sperm plus he claims being a doctor he took an oath he would not kill a living person.

He is also kinda mean as he goes about it. He had me eating myself and Billy eating my body parts in a stew before he told me what it was. He put me to sleep somehow when he is cutting off my body parts because I never feel any pain. I have to admit at least he isn't into torture.

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I guess it is in the name of science they way he talks but why us? Why can't he afford to buy extra food at the store and fed us? He claims that people would get suspicious if he was to buy extra food.

Last time I was awake he wheeled Billy off to the kitchen I guessed and left me hooked to the wall with my one god arm and no legs. I should of said something, poor Billy I hope he is not going to kill him because if he does I know I will be next. When I woke Billy was in front of me thanking me.

I have been here for a long time now and Billy even longer. I wish I knew what day or month is was. I was on my first day of spring break when he captured me and brought me here. I had all my arms and legs at the time but he has cut them off little by little to feed me and Billy. Billy is only a torso that is propped up on a roll around table and sits in some kind of funnel bowl and has a clear tube forming from his penis with yellow in it.

I too feel I am like Billy but He (the man) has kept my head in a vice on a wall. I cannot look up or down. I can move just a small amount left and right. Billy is positioned in front of me now all the time. We tell each other jokes we can remember and also people we met and places we have visited. Billy is only alive because he has been eating stew that is made from my body parts but I only have one arm left. I am happy he changed his mind and Billy is still alive.

This gives me hope that we will not die from this but will wish we did. I blacked out. I was not on the wall. I was propped up on a pole right next to Billy. We were on the same table and I could rotate my head. Aww what a relief to be able to rotate my head left and right.

It was stiff because for months it has been held still looking in one direction. Me and Billy will now share the water bottle and we both have a separate funnel we are sitting in but the tube for our urine is connected together for some reason. Then it hits me the bastard cut off my other arm now I am just like Billy no legs and no arms. I start crying thinking about it and all the dreams I had come rushing in to me all same time. I loved to run and thought I would be a track star some day but now I am 100% useless.

I wish I was dead as Billy just says nothing and we both start crying.

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Billy said I saved his life. When the doctor wheeled him in the kitchen he turned on the oven and put me in a giant roasting pot.


He looked at me and changed his mind and said he was sorry to have thought that way. He said that he was going to make Mat like me and we will be placed on the same table and this will be nice for us to have someone close to talk too.

He surprised me that night. He seems so nice but same time he does mean things to young boys in the name of science. I drift off wondering if any other scientist do anything like this. Good news the man said as he came in from the other room. Thanks to Mats sperm I have found a serum that may work. He said he needs a female so he can transplant my sperm he has been working on into an egg of a young women old enough to have children.

He brought in a giant bowl of stew he had and said he found a raccoon and mixed it up with the rest of it. He had installed a timer and a valve on his funnel system so we can't eat all at once. He then refills our water bottles with fresh water and tells us he is on a search for young women and we were going to be along for some time. Then he said if he gets caught He is not giving us up to the police and we will just die on the table after about 2 weeks.

He then said for amusement for us he is going to point us at each other. Then he picked up Billy from his pole and inserted the pole into another hole that was in front of me.

we were nose to nose and the food hose is to my right and the water is to my left just opposite Billy. Then he turns on the local channel because he said he didn't want us to watch same cartoon for 2 or more weeks straight.

He turns off the light and leaves. I never got a good luck at Billy like I did then. I could smell him too. He smelled pretty bad and his teeth were needing a good brushing. Who am I kidding I stink as much or more than him and I too need to brush my teeth. He did't seem very old but I never asked him his age. He never asked me mine so I guess it really didn't matter.

Were both slaves to some man we do not even know his name.


I noticed Billy has a very small penis and no hair. I had measured it before I was abducted and it was about 6 inches. Billy was petite like me and Guessed the doctor did for a reason. Maybe were easier to handle not sure. This feeding us our own bodys never made any sence to me. No one would of noticed him buying extra frozen diners of a roast. The more I think of him the madder I get. At least I have not felt a bit of pain this whole time except when I first woke up months ago with a giand headace.

Billy was very sweet young boy.

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He was probably the pride of his parents. I feel sad thinking they think he is dead. Maybe it's for the best because if they found him like this it would be even sadder. I could hear the TV but the asshole doctor in a hurry to leave left Billy right in front of me now neither can see it. I am listing to the news every hour to see if it mentions me.

I was about asleep when I felt this warm feeling going in me. I looked down and Billy was pissing in his tube.

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It was conected to mine for some strange reason his piss was filling me up inside. I told him to stop or slow down but he had no control. Well I started to piss too and it was going into Billys bladder now. He was full and started pissing again and yes it was going back into me. I said wait a min Billy. We need to figure this out. If we keep doing this were going to kill each other. We wondered why the doc did this to us why not make a seperate hose for each of us?

I had an idea, I asked Billy to hold his pee as long as he can and I will do the same. Then we will both go at the same time and see what happens. he agreed but said he needed to go now. I started singing some stupid songs I knew to keep his mind off it. I had him singing the song that doesn't end over and over haha but soon we were singing Barney songs. I was a bit embarrassed I didn't know any more songs but it worked. Then I had to go too really bad so I said on the count of three pee and push hard and I will do same.

1.2.3 and with that we both pushed and nothing happened for a few seconds then the hose in my penis came loose and spraying pee all over me.

I was pissing into Billy's chest and the hose was pointed up at my face. It was a small hose and when he would pee it would hit me in the face and when I would pee it went on his chest.

This was alot better but we were soaked with piss and it stunk not to mention the good doc didnt empty our waste bucket in his hurry to leave and now it was over flowing.

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It stank so bad we almost puked all day. We had dried pee all over us. soon our food ran out and our water tasted bad. This kept the smell down some as we didnt pee as much. I was listining to the news and they were talking about all the missing childred past years.

I wished I could see it but only could listen. It mentioned a boy named Mathew missing for 9 months. Oh my gosh 9 months ive been here?

It said that my parents had a million dollar reward for my safe return. I knew they didnt give up and wondered how they managed to get that much money together. We were not wealthy and my mother was a stay at home mom. My family and friends must have all put in to get me back. Then it said a young indian girl was missing off her reservation.

I was wondering if that ass hole doctor had anything to do with it. Then I started to get horney thinking of him bringing a girl naked to look at all day. I was also getting worried because Billy has been sleeping for over a day now and neither of us has eaten for 3 days. I awoke to find the lights turned on and the doctor was standing over us. He picked up Billy and put him in a giant sink and me to. here we are bobbing in this sink afraid were going to fall over and drown. We had no legs or arms to hold us up.

He put a doughnut air thing around me to keep me from falling over and washed Billy real good then took off the ring and put it on Billy and cleaned me up too.

He also was upset with his self for leaving us in such a mess. He told us he is going to fix everything soon and he will also tell us about his trip he took.

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He laid us on a blanket on the floor. I noticed he also brought home a dog.


I asked him why he wanted a dog if he is working on some new cure of what ever it is he is doing. HE said it was walking by the side of the road and he loves animals so he opened the door and he jumped in. He was a Labrador mix looked to me and it was smelling us all over. stop that tickles as it was smelling my ear.

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The doctor walked out not paying attention and the Lab started smelling Billy's privates and mine too. I thought oh no the doc better get in here fast. We were helpless on the floor. we could roll left and right but the doctor put cushion on the sides of us to keep us on the blanket as he fixed ou stand.