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A Chance Encounter Part V Later on that night, around 2200 Marie was set up in her own room upstairs. Simon was there as was Aélita, who had left briefly to help Simon close the restaurant. "How are you feeling Marie?" Simon asked concerned. "I'm doing better." I think the IV as well as the meds they have been giving me are helping.

"Aélita, did you by chance grab my phone?" "Yes I did." Getting up she gave it to Marie. "Thank you." She said taking the phone from her. Looking through her contacts he found the number Jeremy's brother had given her incase Jer was deployed or she didn't hear from him; Sending him a short txt seeing if it was okay to call, that she needed to talk to his mom.

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Shortly after the text was sent she got a reply, saying that it was fine, his mom was still up. And then asked what was up, she replied saying that she wanted to talk to his mom first before she told him. Dialing the number for Cathy, Jer's mom, she held the phone to her ear. "Hello." Cathy answered. "Hey there Cathy It's Marie." "Marie, is everything okay?" "Yes everything is fine I just called to tell you something; And to ask you something first?" "Okay, what is it Hun?" "Well, have you heard from Jer recently?

Aélita heard from Theo about a month and a half ago but we haven't heard anything since then, and I'm worried because she said she heard an explosion in the background as they were hanging up the phone." Marie could hear the sharp intake of breath as Cathy processed what she had just told her.

"No, I haven't heard from him. Which isn't very unusual until he was placed in a low security base the last time he was deployed I only heard from him twice in the first year he was gone." Marie closed her eyes and tried to fight back the sob that was coming, but it didn't work. Cathy heard her.

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"Marie tell me what's wrong?" "Cathy, I know you're unsure of me because Jer and I just met, and you have good reason to. If I was in your position I would be also. So when I tell you what I am about to tell you know that it wasn't my intention or Jer's and it was not planned it just happened." She took a breath and continued, "I'm pregnant." There was silence from the other end for a good two minutes before Marie said "Cathy?" "I'm here, just thinking." "I'm so sorry, I never intended for this to happen and neither did Jer.

We knew it was possible, because we were careless. But I didn't think I would be doing this alone. And I hate having this feeling of not knowing whether he's alive or dead." "I understand, everything will be fine, and yes I am worried because everything between you and Jer are happening so fast, but it will work out.

Just wait." "Cathy you are so sweet." "If you need anything don't hesitate to call and ask. Alright?" "Yes ma'am, I won't. Thank you." "You're welcome sweetie." Marie hung up the phone and laid her head back, "You guys know you don't have to stay right, I will be fine." "Marie we're staying." Aélita and Simon said together.

"We're your family." Nodding Marie just laid back and tried to get some sleep. Meanwhile somewhere in the Middle East 0500 "Damn It Jer, I don't like this." Theo said coming up to him. "I know what you mean. How many men do we have left?" "There are three left: Sloan, Reeves and Clock." Theo sighed.

"You know we need to try and get a hold of Aélita or Marie. When I called a month ago I was hanging up when the first explosion went off, so I'm sure she heard it and she was with Marie." "I know but it is too dangerous, we thought the first attack was just random, but these last two must be related also, which means someone on the inside is probably leaking our position. Or unknowingly is carrying a tracker. We know for sure that it is enemy fire and not our own, so anything is possible.

Until we find out you're the only one I trust." "Agreed." At that moment one of their soldiers left came running up to them, "sir there is a chopper headed this way. Friendly it would appear." "Where are Reeves and Clock?" Jer asked. "What?" Sloan looked behind him. "They were behind- are you shitting me! They're flagging down the chopper." "Then let's just hope it really is friendly and that it's not another attack.


Someone needs to send those to back to training." When the chopper landed one of Jer's best friends got out, and he was relieved. Going to the chopper with Theo he walked up to the SFC and said, "Aren't you a sight for sore eyes." His friend laughed and hugged him briefly. "Let's get out of here." "Agreed." Making sure his men got in okay he got in behind them and settled back against the wall.

Once they were in the air Jer decided to phone Marie. Unplugging his head set from the central communication for the chopper he plugged it into the satellite phone and dialed her number.

After three rings he got an answer. "Hello?" "Aélita?" "Yes, who is this?" "It's Jer. Where's Marie?" "Jer, Oh my god.

Where's Theo; is everything okay?


Hold on I'm gonna try to wake Marie up." Jer hear shuffling as she got up and then he faintly heard a beeping sound that sounded like a heart monitor. What the hell was going on? Why did he hear a heart monitor. Then he heard Aélita speaking again. "Marie, baby wake up Jer is on the phone. Sweetie come on wake up." "What?" He heard Marie groaned out. "Jer is on the phone." Marie took the phone. "Jeremy?" "Yes, it's me oh god I miss you so much." "I miss you too." She said sleepily.

Jer heard the beeping again. "Marie where are you?" "Ummm," "Marie, what's wrong." "I'm in the hospital. I was dehydrated, couldn't keep anything down. And Jeremy, there's something else." "What hun?" "I'm Pregnant." "You're pregnant, are you sure?" "Yes, they did a pee and blood test when I came in. They've kept me overnight for observation because I haven't been able to keep anything down for a week, not even water." Jer rubbed his hand over his forehead, god he was going to be a father.

'I love you Marie." "I love you too." "I can't talk much longer; I'll try to call again as soon as I can take care of yourself, and call my mom if you need anything." "I already told her and she said the same thing.

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Can Aélita talk to Theo?" "Yeah hold on. Remember Marie that I love you and I will be there for you and our baby." She heard some shuffling then a beep sound.

"Aélita?" "Hold on Theo I will give her the phone." She replied then handed her phone to Aélita. "Theo?" Aélita said. He chuckled. "Yes babe." "God I have been so worried about you to.

That last phone call scared me." "I had a feeling that you heard the explosion. But I was hoping you hadn't." "I did. Are you alright?" "I'm fine Jer is fine. Are you okay though?" "I'm fine. I've just been worried about you and Jer.

And now Marie; she's in the hospital." "What's wrong with her?" "She's pregnant." "Wow. That's crazy. Now I have something to hold over Jer's head though about always getting on to me about being careful." Aélita laughed. "Yeah I guess you do." "Well babe, I have to go it was good to hear your voice.

Gives me something to look forward to, I miss you." "I miss you too Theo." After she hung up the phone she laid it on the bed table again, and looked at Marie. "They're okay sweetie." Marie nodded wiping a tear away from her cheek. "Yeah I know. And I am so happy." Aélita nodded agreement. "Try to get back to sleep, remember they are running tests in the morning." Nodding Marie curled up on her side and closed her eyes. At the same moment Jer was leaning against the wall of the chopper with his eyes closed, when Theo poked him.

Looking at him he saw Theo signal for him to go to channel three. Switching over he said, "What?" "So Daddy, how do you feel?" Theo smiled. Jer just shook his head punched Jer in the arm. "I feel scared. And not like the scared you feel out here." "Hey, I'm sure every expecting daddy is scared shitless. You're no different. But you know what this means right?" Knowing Theo it was payback. "What?" "This means I can forever give you shit about not being careful, after all the times you got onto me." He chuckled.

Jer saw that one coming but he deserved it. And honestly this was the first time he felt happy in a while. "Yeah I know." He smiled. Switched back over to channel one and closed his eyes again; signaling the end of the conversation.


Later That Morning for Marie Around 1000 Am "Aélita I'm scared." "I know baby, but Simon and I will be here when you get back." "What about the restaurant?" "I gave Anh the keys to open, I think she has a pretty good handle on everything, and both Michael and Sam are coming in to cook/serve." Marie nodded.

"Good, I think that's great." "Yeah, and if all goes well you'll be able to take more time.

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You're gonna have your hands full with a baby soon." Marie chuckled, "I can't believe that I am going to be a momma." "Have you called your aunt yet to tell her?" "No, I don't know how to tell her. And I have a feeling she'll be disappointed in me." "Why would she be disappointed in you, you're a grown woman, you own your own restaurant, that hasn't had any bill collectors come knocking on the door yet.

Even though your relationship with the father has been brief, he's a good man that will support you and the baby or at least help you out if things go south between you guys. You have a good head on your shoulders Hun and your aunt should see that." "I hope you're right. I'll tell her later when they are done with the tests." "Good." Aélita kissed Marie's forehead then stepped back to the let the nurses push her to wherever it was they were going to take her.

While Aélita and Simon waited for Marie they started planning out a schedule for everyone that way Marie wasn't working so hard at the restaurant. The way they worked it Aélita would be there every day to handle paperwork in the morning and serving in the evenings, the days they had Anh working she'd work open to close. Their main cook Michael would work every day open to close, which was his choice already.

By time Marie came back they pretty much had everything figured out. Marie smiled at them as she got back into her own bed. "What have you two been up to?" "We've created a schedule to help keep pressure off your shoulders. We don't have you working at all, but knowing you you'll come in anyways, but we have enough people that you can just sit at a booth and fiddle with your recipes, or in the back to help cook or again fiddle with your recipes." Aélita paused.

"I'll be handling all the paperwork in the mornings and helping serve in the evenings. The Days Anh works I have her working open to close. Don't worry I gave her every other day so she has time to study, and as always she can study while we're slow." Marie nodded, "Okay." She wasn't even going to argue. She knew it was useless. "They said I may have to stay another night." "Why?" Simon asked. "They didn't tell me just said they were going to look at the tests and make a decision." "Then I guess we wait." "Y'all don't have to stay, I'll be fine.

Go home, shower, change clothes go to the restaurant." "We're not going to leave you alone." Aélita said firmly. "However you're right we do need to go home and change as well as shower. So we'll take turns." "If you don't mind Aélita I will go first I need to feed Albus." Simon said referring to his German Sheppard. "That's fine, give him our love." Once Simon was gone Aélita said. "Now I will go wander and give you some privacy to call and tell your Aunt." With a sigh Marie nodded her agreement.

"Alright." Picking up her cell as Aélita walked out she looked up her Aunt's contact info and pressed call. On the third ring she answered.

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"Hey Aunt Sarah." "Marie, how are you doing my dear?" "I'm… Well, not good I guess." "Sweetie what's wrong?" "I'm in the hospital right now, there isn't really an easy way to tell you this Aunt Sarah, and I feel like you will be disappointed in me, but I am pregnant." "You're pregnant?" "Yes." "Who's the father?" "His name is Jeremy, He's 32, and a Sgt First class in the Army and he's special ops.

He's currently deployed right now, he's from Colorado. And I love him, even though it is so soon." "Okay." "Okay?" "Yes okay, Marie you're 26, and you own your own business I couldn't be more proud of you and your accomplishments. Is this a little unexpected and unplanned of course, but shit happens." "So you're not mad?" "Not at all, am I a little uncomfortable with the situation, yes. But I'm not going to berate you because you made a small mistake.

Cause again shit happens. But you just need to know this is a big responsibility. Which I also believe you can handle because you are able to handle the responsibility of the restaurant." Marie smiled to herself and thought God I love you Aunt Sarah, "when are you going to be able to come visit again?" "Do you need me now?" "I wouldn't mind having you here, I'm actually in the hospital right now, they admitted me because I haven't been able to hold anything down for a week or so not even water.

I found out when I came into the ER yesterday afternoon." "I can be there tomorrow. Work is at a stand still and as always my work can go with me." "I love you Aunt Sarah." "I love you too, sweetie. I'll see you tomorrow and rest." "I will." Hanging up the phone she laid her head back and closed her eyes.

She was still laying like this whenever the doctor came in to see her. "Marie are you asleep?" "No." Opening her eyes she sat up. "Well some of your results are back." "Go Ahead." "Have you ever been diagnosed with diabetes?" "No." "Well, your blood tests are showing you as a pre diabetic if not already at least a type 2.

However it could very well be because of the pregnancy. So we're thinking about keeping you here and have you on a special diet to see if anything changes." She paused and looked up at Marie.

"How are your eating habits?" "Well I'm a chef, and I own my own restaurant, so I am always around food. Sometimes not very healthy but I am working on making a healthier restaurant. Now saying that do I eat like an obese cow, no I maintain my diet as best I can I have days where I splurge here or there, but yes I do just grab whatever is available, most times, whether it's a bagel or some fruit.

When I have actual meals they are the ones I am testing for recipes." "Okay, I would like you to make a list of the foods you make, and we'll get our nutritionist up here to talk to you about them, and what you can do to make hem healthier for you." "Alright.

Is there anything else?" "Everything else looks the same as last night, dehydration playing a big part in everything. I'll be back later to check in on you." As she was walking out Aélita was walking in with Simon. "What did she say?" "They're going to keep me a little longer looks like I may be diabetic, but they don't know if it's me or the pregnancy. So they're gonna try a diet on me and if I works, I'm to discuss what to do with a nutritionist." Both Simon and Aélita nodded, "Well, let's prey for the best.

What did your aunt say?" "You were right about how you thought she would react." "See I told you." "She'll be here tomorrow." Aélita laughed, "Well of course she will be. I should have seen that coming." Marie smiled. "I think I am going to try and nap now." As Marie was closing her eyes to rest, Jer and Theo were getting off a plane in Germany at one of the Air Bases in the South.

"I'm going to try and call Marie again." Jer said as him and Theo, sat down in the lounge/break room in one of the Hangers.

When Theo gave him a look Jer added, "I'm not going to tell her that we are probably coming home, because that isn't for sure yet, but I want to know how the tests she was having done today went." With a nod Theo leaned back and closed his eyes.

Putting the satellite phone up to his ear Jer waited for Marie to answer, hoping she wasn't asleep. "Hello." "Marie?" "Yeah, Jer is that you? "Yes beautiful it's me; I wanted to see how everything was going." "Well, the tests are showing that I may be diabetic, but they don't know if I was before I got pregnant or if the pregnancy is causing me to show signs of it.

So they're keeping me a few more days for observations." "My mom is diabetic." Jer said a little worried. Praying it wasn't so and that their child wouldn't have to go through everything that his mother has had to go through. "Have you told her yet?" "No I just found out about thirty minutes ago. I was actually trying to take a nap, but its okay I don't mind hearing from you." "You should get some sleep Hun." "I will after I am done talking to you.

My Aunt Sarah will be here tomorrow." "That's good, I'm glad, how did she take the news?" "She took it better than I thought she would actually." "That's good. I Love You! And I miss you with everything I have." "I Love you too, and I miss you!" "I have to go; I'll talk to you again as soon as I can." "Alright, be safe and come home to me." "I will." When Jer hung up, he looked over at Theo who had the biggest grin on his face.

"What." Jer said. "Oh nothing, just can't believe how sappy you turned into." "I think I'm going to marry her." "Of course you are." "If I didn't know you I would think you meant that as a bad thing." Theo chuckled. "So when do you think we're gonna find out what's going on." "I have no earthly idea. But I hope it's soon, they're keeping Marie in the Hospital longer. They think she may be diabetic and they don't know if she was one before she was pregnant or if the pregnancy is causing the symptoms or what." "Damn bro, I sure hope she gets better soon." "Me too If we do get sent home, I'm going to marry her before we are sent away again; even if I have to Drag Emery into her Hospital room if she's still in there to preside over it." "Oh that's romantic." Theo chuckled.

"We'll have whatever kind of wedding she wants to have after the baby is here, but for now I want to get it done any way possible, so I can work on getting her into my benefits, so incase I am gone I know she will be able to take care of things like having a doctor's appointment or even when she goes into labor." "I can understand that.

"It may be a while 'til they can get her added to my benefits also. So I want her to at least have access to the base so she can take care of anything that needs to be done, I'm sure she has insurance, but I'd rather make sure she does for sure and isn't having to pay for much." "Bro I get it." Theo said and paused.

"I think I may actually try something with Aélita, and you know how I am I don't like to get close to anyone because of our job, but there is just something about her." "She's perfect for you if you want my opinion." Jer joked. "Yeah she kinda is." Jer leaned back to close his eyes again when he heard someone walking up to him and Theo.

"Gentleman." Theo and Jer stood and saluted their First Sgt, then sat when given the at ease command. "Sir." Jer replied. "We're sending you guys home for a brief period, not sure how long so whatever you need to get taken care of get it done quick. We aren't too sure what was going on out there, but we'll find out.

We may have to get NCIS involved, but as of right now you're just on temporary leave." Both Theo and Jer nodded their understanding. "Good, you're dismissed, there will be a plane leaving in 15 Minutes to take you home." Not wasting any time they both thanked the First Sgt grabbed their packs and headed for their flight home and back to their women; both with a smile on their face.