Getting fingered till i cum

Getting fingered till i cum
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Intro: Hey, this is the story of a boya prince in fact, who went through his life not understanding the feelings he had for men. By one boy's actions this is going to change. The story is of a young boy up to the point of being a teen. (If the story goes well then it will continue further in age but I don't expect it to) Soon the boy's aspect on life will change. Soon there will be someone to hold his heart.

This is a romantic tragedy much like Hamlet. (IMPORTANT: DUE TO RECENT CHANGES IN PROCEDURE AND RULES I HAVE CHANGED THE AGE OF MY CHARACTERS. The rules state that there is now a limited age for young adults. The lowest age that your characters can be is now 16.

As for respect for the rules I changed Nicholas from age 11 to 16. I also changed Merrick from 13 to 17. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Rules are Rules. Thanks.) I am obligated to say that this is a HOMOSEXUAL story, it also contains sexual actions between YOUNG BOYS, if you are offended by these subjects then I greatly suggest that you move on in your search for an appealing story and leave this one. This is a safe site for all walks of life and imagination. Please show respect. Later this story will feature possible twists and turns.

PLEASE BE AWARE that this is a story, there are no true intentions, this is completely false but contains real life actions and situations that people in this world are capable of.

Just for future reference, be prepared for the worst and the best. If you wish to read about me, I have a specific "story" on both the forums and in my directory for you to read. Thanks. Now on with the story. Hi, I'm Nicholas. I am prince of the country known as Zodiac. I am 16 years old. When I look in the mirror I see a sad, feminine looking boy, who has black hair and blue eyes. You would think that those features ran in the family.

They don't. I do have some features from my parents. From my mother, I have soft pale as snow skin, medium nose, perfect teeth, and small lips. From my father, I have a slim an fit body and the family blessing. Most may think of me as a spoiled, rich kid, but I know that I am the opposite. I hate money. I hate fame. I hate my family. I'm raised by my uncle. He is the most cruel ruler in the world. He is much like a dictator than a respected king. His name is Kain the czar of the west.

When my father mysteriously died he took the throne. My aunt, oddly the nicest woman in the world, the queen of Layona, is the foundation of our new kingdom.

She is the one who raises me. My uncle only raises me when I do something wrong, or he is angry at the world, more so than usual. With these people, my life will change forever.

It starts with my family sitting in the throne room. Kain had just finished a speach on how he is now invoking a curfew in the city. My aunt was in the middle of speaking to him about how foolish he was being when a guard approached our throne.

"Your majesty, you have a guest this evening who wishes to speak with you". Kain stared at the guard like he was annoyed at this sudden inconvenience. "Fine send them in". The guard left then a man entered the room, behind him was a boy, he looked about 16-17, he had brown hair and green eyes. He had on commoner clothes which made his slim body look a little more defined.

He had a slight tan and oddly enough he was staring at me. Kain spoke with authority "Why have you approached me commoner?". The man spoke attentively with a slight nervous tone " Your majesty, I am going to join your army soon and I am a single parent." Kain growled "Get on with it?!" the man flinched and spoke again "Sir, my boy here cannot join the army with me and I wish to ask that he work for you, so that he will be safe when I am gone" the man looked down at his boy who shared his expression of sadness, they obviously had a very harsh argument about this, because the boy still had a slight hand mark on his cheek.

"Hmm. What would I possibly want with a sewer rat of a boy?." the queen interupted, "My love, please, this man is going to serve you in your army, please give him some respect knowing that he is placing all of his faith in you to save his son.

This is a great honour. He can be a servant . or something of use" Kain laughed "HAHA! Your lucky I love you or I would have you beheaded woman!" staring at the man he giggles" Fine! your boy will be a servant of my nephew.

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He needs more experience with slaves." I stared down wondering why he would give me a servant. The man smiled and said his goodbyes. Hugging and kissing his child then finally leaving. My uncle dismissed me to show him his quarters and meet my new "slave" as he put it. I stepped down and walked into the kitchen motioning for him to follow me. He walked after me into the kitchen.

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When we entered the kitchen I turned around and asked him his name. He spoke in an outgoing tone "I'm Merrick, I'm 17, and I am happy I get to serve you and not his majesty." I giggled asking him "Why is that?

Oh, by the way, If you ever need anything ask. ok?" He smiled at me "I think its because he is a tyrant and you are amazing! What would you like my first order to be?" My aunt entered the room "Niko, It is actually almost time for supper, go get washed up. Merrick, you assist him." Both of us blushing I spoke "You want him to help bathe me?" Normally I have lady servants in the room while I bathe. They bathed me since I was little and seen me naked plenty of times so I never worry about them seeing me.

This boy was a different story, Not only was he a boy, but he never seen me naked and now he had to assist me! My aunt looked confused "Nico, he is no different from any other servant. Well, except for one, he is a personal servant. That means that he will follow you everywhere you go and assist you in everything you do. Now go wash up." He stared away blushing like he didn't wanna do it either.

I walked up the stares in the kitchen, not looking back at if he was following me. I opened the door to the tower and into the bathroom. The ladies weren't there. I was now even more embarassed because I had to have him assist me in bathing ALONE! I felt a strange hand on my shoulder. I flinched and looked behind me. AH! He was trying to take off my clothes! "Sorry my lord. I was only assisting you in removing your clothes." I blushed and turned back around and began to unbutton my clothes.

Merrick stood behind me and slid my shirt off. He did something really odd though. He slid his hands down my arms and pulled my pants down. I covered my private parts staring down beat red.

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Hoping he didn't see anything I slipped into the tub. Merrick giggled at me " You know. Were actually not different. So there is nothing to be ashamed of." I looked up and growled "I am a prince of Zodiac!

I am not ashamed." I looked away wondering what he meant by that.

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He sat there staring at me smiling. He Giggled at me. I then spoke out loud "What?!" He chuckled " Your very silly. I can tell your embarassed.

Haha. If you want I can show you that we are very similar?" I tilted my head curious. I asked him " What do you mean.?" He obviously thought that I understood what he was talking about because the question surprised him.

"Umm. well. You and I. our body looks similar. You don't have to be shy. We are both boys. We both have a penis." I stared wide eyed and understood where he was getting at. He was trying to say that he was going to get naked to! I was shifting in the bubble bath nervously now. "Here, I will show you." He began to unbutton his clothes.

He slipped off her shirt revealing a soft thin body that had a slight muscular sense. Then he began to remove his pants. He lied to me! His didn't look the same.

His was bigger.


and was sticking straight up! Did everyone's look like that? Is he wierd? OR am I wierd?! I stared at it and yelled " You lied to me!!! It looks way different. Yours sticks up! Why does it do that?" He stepped into the tub and giggled "It means that I am happy. I did not lie to you.

Are you not happy?" I looked down wondering if he was telling the truth. I am very happy but mine never does that.

"I am happy. Mine doesn't do that though." He giggled and reached down into the tub and touched me gently "I mean your body has to be happy. I can show you. watch." I blushed wondering why he was touching me. He started to rub his hand on the inside of my leg.

What he did next startled me even more. He moved closer and kissed me! Then I felt something odd. a weird sensation between my legs. I looked down and my dick had doubled in size and stuck straight up. "How. How did you do that?!" He smiled " I made you happy." I smiled. this boy made me happy? He is a boy though. Why would a boy make me happy? Before I could think any more he reached down and started to rub my dick. I moaned. It felt good.

What is this feeling? He giggled " I can make you soo happy that you will love it. Is it ok if I make you happier?" I was confused. he said love? Does that mean I will love him? I wanted to keep feeling good. I wanted to be happier.


So I said what was on my mind. "yes." He leaned in and kissed me again. Rubbing my dick softly leaning into me. I was feeling so odd. I liked it. It felt good. Pleasuring in fact. He caressed me rubbing harder. I was starting to feel so good that I began to moaned alot. He was smiling. Was he happy to?

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I reached down and grabbed his. His was hard and warm. I started to do what he was doing. When he started to moan then I knew I was doing it right. I started to breathe heavy moaning hard. He bit my lip and that made me more happy.

Soo happy that I think I had to pee. " I .I. have to pee." He giggled and kept rubbing.

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"Ugh.please.ugh.ugh.ahhh!" I started to tense up and when I did It felt soo good. When I looked down there was white stuff floating in the tub. IT wasn't the bubbles. I kept rubbing him and then he tensed up to and lifted out of the water. His dick was in my face and it shot the same white stuff all over my face. "What is that!?" Merrick bent over and licked it off my face. "Its cum. Its what comes out when I make you really happy." I leaned back breathing heavily.

He started to wash my body.

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Then he kissed my cheek and we got out the tub. We dressed and didn't say another word to each other until dinner. END OF PART 1 (sorry about this mess of a story. I just need a story to buy me some time for my grand event. My main story will be much much much better in grammar, spelling, and less confusing.

Please leave me some nice comments. Love ya! Thanks for reading. Til next time.)