Slut that desires pain gets totally fastened up and tortured

Slut that desires pain gets totally fastened up and tortured
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Before we get to far into things let me give a brief descripion of my love.

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She is a perfect girl next door with gorgeous features. Big soft lips, cute little nose, long dark hair and an adorable mischievous grin. She's about 5 and half feet tall give or take and has curves to die for. An absolutely amazing set of big tits, capped with nipples that are just begging to be sucked and teased.

She has a skinny waist that leads down to an absolutely perfect big juicy ass, hips, and soft smooth legs all of which I love to sink my teeth into. Her skin is a beautiful soft white that's neither to light nor too tan. And last but not least is her pussy. So fucking hot, wet, creamy and tight. And when you're deep inside you can feel her flexing the walls and massaging your cock from the inside.

It's absolute heaven as she slowly milks out every last drop of your big hot load of cum while she keeps begging for more. I couldn't tell you exactly when it started but something about seeing bdsm equipment seemed to excite her.

It lit a fire in her and she just had to explore and experience it for herself. She wanted to be a bad girl, she wanted to be teased and punished. To be tied up and made to cum and squirt until her body gave out. To see what it would feel like to be used for hours by my cock until I had pumped her so full of cum that it would start to overflow and spill out of her pussy. I do remember the first time she was tied up and left defenceless.

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I was free to caress and tease every inch of the perfect body as she grew hotter and hotter. Her pussy completely soaked by the time I even got to give it my full attention.

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Watching my adorable little girl struggle against her restraints as I cause her body to have climax after climax. We had a lot of fun playing with the riding crop. Smacking her legs, ass, and even some light swats on the naughty little engorged clit of hers. She had some submissive qualities to begin with but after she tried on her first set of leather restraints and we did some role play of me dominating her she realized how into it she really was. Now she requested spankings, she begged to be tied up, teased, and fucked mercilessly.

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But I think my favorite part of all of it was that she started calling me daddy. Now that we have some backstory we will begin.

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I was coming home from out of town and I hadn't seen my naughty little girl in a very long time. We had both been fantasizing about all the things we wanted to do to each other and neither of us could wait to live out every single dirty thing we had talked about.

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She was picking me up at the airport and I already knew what she was going to be wearing and what I'd planned to do to her. She said she'd be in her schoolgirl uniform which meant a short sleeve white blouse, red tie, red plaid skirt, white stockings, black shoes, no panties or bra and her long black coat so no one besides the two of us would know what she had on or lack there of.

I told her to park at the highest level of the parking garage and away from as many people as possible.


She met me at baggage claim with a big smile and we shared a hug before making our way back to her SUV. "Did you find a secluded space to park sweetie?" I asked.

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"Yes daddy." she responded her pussy already starting to get wet with anticipation. "Good girl." I whispered. We got in the elevator by ourselves and began our trip to the top of the parking garage. As soon as the doors closed I took my left hand and slid my fingers through her hair pulled her close to me and we began to passionately kiss while I backed her up against the elevator wall.

I quickly opened her coat and broke the kiss to get a look at her sexy body all dressed up for me.


"Do you like it daddy?" She asked with a wicked smile. "Of course baby, you look fucking amazing." I said as I slid my right hand down from her neck to her chest where I paused to give her big perfect tits a squeeze before I sliding it down her stomach and up under her skirt.

I immediately found her soaking wet shaved pussy and began to massage her clit. "Oh fuck daddy!" She moaned as her legs began to get weak grinding her pussy even harder into my fingers compounding the pleasure. "Such a naughty girl, already dripping wet for me I see." "Fuck yes daddy, I've been waiting so long. Don't stop daddy, God please make me cum." I immediately sank two fingers deep inside her sopping wet hole and curled them tight to apply pressure to her g-spot knowing it would make her lose control.

Her legs began to get weaker as an orgasm approached "Yes, just like that, don't stop, don't stop. Please daddy, fuck I'm gonna cum for you." I knew the elevator was almost to the top so before she could finish I quickly pulled my fingers away causing a disappointed sigh before bringing my had up so she could watch me lick and suck her juices off. "God I've missed that flavor" I said and before I could finish she leaned forward and engulfed my fingers in her mouth licking and sucking them to clean off the remaing cum.

"I can't wait to taste you either daddy" she said causing my cock to twitch as the bell rang and the doors slowly slid open and we composed ourselves to walk to the car.