Lusty oral stimulation with horny stud

Lusty oral stimulation with horny stud
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1. Prelouge It all seemed like yesterday. He, bouncing her on his knees, dressing her up in small girlish clothes and buying dolls for her pleasure and she, lovely as any five year-old. Their days together in the full blossom of the Arizona-summer, the sun shining through her blond locks of hair. Their picknicks out in the wild, tenting in the wilderness and fishing in Lake Oregon.

Memories that seemed to only had been yesterday. Funny, he thought, about how life changes, how the years passes by without you noticing it. Yesterday she had been his little girl with golden locks; today he was painfully aware of her maturing into womanhood. Her small breasts had begun to swell into the full bosom of an adult woman, her girlish figure took on curves and the hips swayed from side to side when she walked. It was hard for him, she was only thirteen and already nearing the state where she stopped being daddy's girl and becoming any mans' wet dream.

Oh yes, he had watched her come out of the shower many times, peering out thought the small crack in his bedroom door, as she came out in the hallway, a towel casually draped around her body with the swell of her maturing breasts visible under there.


His older colleagues from work, who didn't recognize her, asked from time to time for her phone number, curious if they maybe could get a free number. He sneered at them, revolted by the thought of it and the dawning of a newfound disgust that he himself found his own thought straying in that direction. After weeks and months the thoughts intensified. It was impossible to get away from her dawning features.

From time to time he caught glimpses of her naked and half naked, with sexy black underwear or bloomers and the thought about it started to drive him wild. He started to fantasize about making passionate love to her, owning her, possessing her as a thing, a toy, a receptor for his vivid seed. He imagined raping her. Picking her up after school in their little yellow Toyota and driving out of town. Stopping in a little remote place in the woods, he would start by brutally tear open her pink sweater.

Deaf to her pleas he'd continued by unzipping himself, pull down her jeans and undies before forcing himself upon her until he was sated. He began jerking off in the shower, imaging his hands in her thick black dyed hair and his groin moving frenetically back and forth thrusting against her face and lips. Hot semen spilled all over the tub as he shot his load down her imagined daughters gasping throat.

2. A long hunted prey The torture continued unabated. He got more and more distracted by his growing fantasies, fighting the images they sent him at first, but slowly he began breaking down. Eventually he had surrendered to them, welcoming the images and screams and pleasures they sent dancing around in his head and the glimpses of his daughters naked flesh they displayed. He couldn't tell what day he had decided his and her fate. One day he just left work early and drove to the 24-seven pharmacy down the road and bought a can of sleeping pills, syringes, strong smelling ether and some bandages.

He stopped by a old friends house, got him to buy some cocaine in a small plastic bag and some XTC. He put the stuff in the glove-compartment and slapped it shut before going home to prepare some supper before she got home from school. They talked some at the dinner table. She told him some things that happened in school and he in turn told her some things about work and then they finished their meals. The usual routine if it hadn't been for the pretty large dose of sleeping-pills he had crushed in a spoon and sprinkled over her portion of the potatoes.

He watched her with satisfaction and mounting excitement as she cleaned her plate with a small bit of bread and when he was convinced that she gotten most of the pills down, he started with the dishes. After cleaning the table they sat down together and flipped on the TV.

A nature documentary about the wild tigers in the Bengali rainforest flickered on the screen and in the corner of his eye, the unsuspecting daughter began nodding off.

She said something about a headache and he fetched her a glass of water and half an aspirin, smiling to himself as he did so. Ten minutes later she dosed of and her figure slumped in the sofa, head down with her cheek against her chest.

As he got up from his chair and moved over to her in the sofa, his heart raced like a wild thing and his face flustered with hot blood. It thundered in his head as he saw his own hand reach out as in a dream and slide its way up under her blouse, her skin against his fingertips electric to the touch.

He laid a arm around her, gazing at her beautiful face as the other gently freed one of her breasts from the restraining cup of her bra. Slowly he kneaded it in his hands, teasing the delicate skin round the nipple, enjoying the almost painful sensation in his groin that thudded with excitement.

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He took his time, deliberately prolonging the pleasure he felt, slowly unbuttoning her blouse, putting a breast in his mouth teasing the erect nipple with his tongue. She was fast asleep, making no sign of waking up when he tore of her blouse and began unbuttoning her. Her lips parted easily then he pressed his mouth against hers and forced his tongue into her mouth. They where almost naked now and his mind was a singe flame of burning lust. His last thoughts was the startling fact that he was about to rape his own daughter, his own flesh and blood.

He laughed when he thought about it; it was his right! It was his right to spill his seed in the woman who had once been spurred by it. It was a circle coming to a full house and with that last though, he tore of her white undies, parted her silky white legs and slid himself down between her thighs. The prodding, thudding member finally found it's mark; the lush, moist pussy lips of his daughter and he drove the catch home.

She groaned and moaned, troubled in her sleep, but he didn't care now. He where consumed by the lust that burned in him and he thrust deeper and deeper with his face buried in her neck, teeth grinning against her skin in withheld pleasure, harder and harder until the meaty shaft of his cock where buried deep inside her tight snatch.

He pounded into her, grinding his abdomen against hers like a madman and to the sound of shooters laying down magnificent tigers in Bengali, the groins of a man i Arizona spasmed, he found his mark and shoot the hot load home and laid down a long hunted prey. 3. Bedtime By the forth time he had spilt his seed, he was sated and drained.

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The sofa made a hideous sucking sound as he slowly withdrew, drenched in sweat and fluids, from the moaning body of his daughter beneath him. He kissed her fully on the mouth once more before he got up and pulled on his clothes, collecting her in his arms and carried her up the stairs to her room.

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He cleaned away most of the sweat and blood mixed seemed between her thighs, slid on some fresh underwear and tucked her into bed. He took a last look on the small figure lying under the covers before he turned out the lights, closed the door, brushed his teeth and went to bed, more relaxed than he'd ever felt before in his entire life.

He woke in the middle of the night with an urge so strong he had never felt before. The thing between his legs where hard as rock and it seemed impossible that something that meaty could possible get that stiff and erect.

He touched it gently with his fingers and felt it's veiny presence thud down there under the covers. He laid there in the darkness wondering if he really should do it. Maybe the numbing effect of the pills had worn off by now, maybe she was awake, hurting from the brutal deflowering of her virginity.

It suddenly dawned on him: he had taken his 13-year old daughters virginity in a fit of lust and madness. He was troubled by the thought of it and trouble turned to despair and panic as he went though the scene bit by bit.


The planned drugging, the wait, the teasing and the final brutal assault. As he laid there thinking about it, he noticed that he had begun stroking himself with his fist. Suddenly the though of his vile crime against his young, drugged and defenceless daughter didn't seem that bad to him anymore. As if he watched himself from above, he saw himself get out of bed and naked go down to the kitchen.


He wasn't himself anymore. It was as if something else was controlling his thoughts and mind. Something older, more basic than anything else on earth, telling him what to do. It told him to get the strong ether from the medicine-cabinet, a scissor and a heavy cloth.

Having acquired that, it told him to make his way up the stairs again. He drenched the cloth in ether, the foul, strong smell of it made his mind reel as he slowly pushed the half closed door open and stepped quietly inside the sleeping daughters bedroom.

He removed her covers slowly, gasping at the sight; she looked astounding there on the bed. Her tanned, well trimmed body laying spread eagle against the white, clean sheets. Carefully he sat down beside her on the bed and just watched her, soaking up the beautiful view she presented to his eyes. He turned her over on her belly without waking her up, placed her head and arms on and around the pillow and pulling her white panties, he snipped them of her with the scissors.

They smelled of her scent and that alone almost drove him mad with lust. Harshly he parted her legs, spread them out as far as he could and positioned himself above and behind her. She raised her head, her mouth forming an O of surprise as the meaty head of his rock hard shaft prodded and parted the lush lips. Easily and slowly sinking in this time, feeling her twat grip around his hard cock like a wet, throbbing fruit, he waited for her groan once, twice before clamping the cloth over her nose and mouth.

She struggled for a while, her eyes growing big and her body squirming under his as he held her fast, riding her movements, following her with his rod inside her as she moved her ass back and fourth. He enjoyed her struggle, enjoyed feeling her helplessness as his body and weight pinning her down under him, making her subject to his will and though tightly clenched teeth he pressed himself against her.

She jerked one last time, her body spasmed in a futile attempt to throw of the weight, almost dislodging his cock from her temple as she did. Then her eyes rolled up and her eyelashes began to flutter and she sank down, unconscious, against the bed.

He threw away the stinking piece of cloth, wiping his hand clean of the stench from it on the covers and reached down between his legs. With a up jerking motion and a determined thrust he gain all the ground he had lost as he put it all back inside her again. Slowly at first, then faster and faster he rocked against her, the cheeks of her ass slapping against his groin, wet with sweat. He rose up, dragging her ass and hips with him in one powerful embrace as he forced her to meet him in quick jerking motions.

He could feel the wet, slippery core of the fruit clasping his cock, contracting around the swelled head of his cock and looking down on her intensified his actions. Her perfectly round ass, his dick disappearing between her thighs, the arched back and the face on the pillow with parted lips from which moans and groans of pleasure escaped. Everything turned dizzy, his body froze as a chill had passed the room and all rational thoughts where replaced by one though and one thought alone: In, In, IN!!

They everything when black. He lay panting over the body of his daughter. His cock where still buried deep within her flesh and he dripped with sweat. He lay still, feeling the warm wetness of her embracing him as they lay just so, collapsed on the bed.

She moaned quietly in the dim light and he could feel himself grow soft. His body had shaken like an earthquake, it was hot and cold at the same time and he had imagined himself being on fire, no, the entire sky was on fire and everything beneath it.

It was the most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced. He felt his limp cock slide out of her dripping wetness and lodge it in between the roundness of her butt. He lay like that, resting for a while before getting up and removing the stains and pools of semen he had left on her, patted her on her cheeky ass before pulling the cover over her and sneaking back to his own bedroom. He slept peacefully for the rest of that night.

4. A first time When he met her the following morning he was relived; she didn't seem to have any recollection of what had happened last night. And if she did, she make no sign about it. She though she might have another period, she was hurting between her legs. He only smiled and said she could stay home today than if she wanted to. She decided to go to school anyway, he drove her there and promised to pick her up after school.

He watched her walk thought the doors of the building, not swaying her hips as usual, because of their adventures last night. He smiled.

He was glad. The bell rang and she came storming out with the rest of the kids. She looked radiant, even after yesterdays drugging and came skipping down the isle with her bags in one hand and her books in the other hand. She jumped in the car, slammed the door shut and began blabbing away about the events of the day.

She'd met a boy in school and was in love, she told him, but assured him also that she'd always be "daddy's little girl." He smiled on the inside: "Yes, and soon you'll prove it also.slut!" as he pulled of the freeway and drove onto a smaller road which would take them out of the city and down the road to their summerhouse, a remote place in the woods. When she asked about this, he simply said it was going to be a surprise and she asked no more questions and continued to zip on the soda, spiced with two XTC-pills, he had given her.

Ten minutes later he had gotten the strange light in her eyes he'd wanted and pulled off onto a smaller road. It slithered here and there before he looked back, turned the engine off and put the key into his pocket. when he was confident that no one where going to look for them there, he casually put his hand on her thigh and slid it down between her legs. Her eyes grew wide but she didn't make a move or even try to voice any opinion. She just sat there watching him with a million stars in her eyes and the faintest traces of a smile on her lips.

He reached up further under her skirt and pressed a finger against the slit of her pussy, feeling the slit between her lips and the young firmness of them as he began rubbing them up and down. - "Daddy. what.what, are you. doing?" Her voice of someone who's mind is slowly and peacefully drowning in a river of narcotics. - "Fingering your clit, dear." He pressed his hand harder against her, pressing his middle fnger up against the dampness of the slit.

". do you like that, dear?" She did say anything but her eyes spoke and he could feel her parting her legs a little bit more, allowing his hand to reach up higher. He pressed a little harder and say her parting her luscious lips slowly. - "If you like it, say that you like it. Say it." He said in a demanding tone to her, but not unpleasant. - "I. I like it." She stammered, her legs parting a little more.


- "Say: I like it when you finger my clit daddy. Say it." - "Uhh. I, I like it when you finger my, my. clit. ohh, daddy!" He looked up from his handiwork between her legs and caught a glimpse of parted lips and half closed eyes.

He caught a fistful of her hair and pulled her head towards him, her face close to him. - "Oh, you do, do you? Only sluts like it like that. dirty little sluts!" He whispered in her ear, hearing her panting heavily. "Are you a slut?

Daddy's little slut?" He could feel her meeting him, thrusting and lifting her groin, pressing it against his hand. - "Ahh, ohh. ahhhhh.ohh, daddy!" - "Well, answer. are you daddy's little slut?" - "I am. ohhh. I am daddy's little. little.

little slut. I am his slut." - "Say it louder! Louder, your Slut!!" - "Ahh. I AM DADDY'S LITTLE SLUT!" She where clenching her eyes tightly, grabbing hold onto the seat and door handle as she struggled to rub herself against his teasing hand.

- "So you are a slut, eh?! Well do you know what little sluts like yourself do?" - "No. no I, I don't know." She confessed, her eyes watering with drug crazed lust. - "They suck dick! Here." He reached down and unzipped himself and presented his long, blood swelled pole of meat.

Her eyes grew wide in a mixture of fear and wonder as she was it. He grabbed her tighter by the hair and tugged her down towards his groin. ". now put it in your mouth." - "But, but." - "Suck it Slut! You are mine! You are mine and you will do what I tell you!! Now open that cumcatcher and swallow my big dick!!" He said and thrusted her face closer to the thudding meat shaft.

He felt hot, round and fully lips close around his dick and he showed her how to move her head up and down with her lips along and around the shaft, tongue whipping over the supersensitive head. In a long series of thrust he spent himself in her mouth. He didn't let go of her head until he felt she had swallowed all. He rolled up her sleeves and took out the little bag with cocaine.

She didn't need more, but he did, so he shot them both up a trip to cocaine-heaven and after feeling the sensation gripping him, he forced her out of the car and stripped her down. Bending halfway, her head resting against the driver seat, standing with her knees on the seat with her ass out though the open door, he slipped out of his clothes and came to her.

She could feel his presence behind her, a strong hand closed around her neck, forcing her down with her chest into the seat as something thick prodded her ass from behind. Suddenly it came to rest against her anus as powerful fingers pried her cheeks apart. In one agonizing thrust the meaty head of his cock logged itself in her and the feeling of pain and pleasure mingled in the drug crazed bareback fuck she received as he laid in all his weight and with small but great thrusts came deeper and deeper into her flesh with his rod.

She clenched her teeth, it was red hot agony, like a burning metal rod had been thrust into her flesh. It was pure pleasure and she moaned like a whore as he assaulted her again, and again and again. With a firm grip round her waist he directed her down over his pounding member. He went like a machine, no, he _was_ a machine. He moved like a piston inside her, his cock sliding now without effort inside her flesh and he snarled between gritted teeth: "Do.


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like. it.Slut.?" - "Ahh!!" - "You fucking cunt! You love it!! You are a real Bitch!!" - "Ahh!!" - "A horny Bitch, that's what you are!! Bitch that likes to take it up the ass!! Take that Bitch!!" - "Ahh!!" - "And This!!" - "Ahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!" - "And That!! Take it all!!!" - "OHHH.don't stop!" After three hours they went home again.

On the way back as they where driving home, she leaned over, kissed his ear, still flying high on wings of cocaine and pulled down his zipper and took him lovingly in her mouth.

They had to stop two times so she could prove to him with her young 13 year old body, that he was her daddy. She didn't disappoint him.

5. The days of years The bell on the door ringed and when he opened a young man stood outside the door. He smiled and asked for the daughter and if she was home. She was and he was asked into the house and they sat down in the living room. The boy was a boyfriend and she had become a girlfriend and now they wanted to go to a party together. He said ok, as any good parent would do and she ran up to her room to get ready.

When he had talked to the youth some more, he got up and went into his daughters bedroom. Clothes where lying everywhere and she stood in front of the mirror, trying out some of them when he came close and grabbed her.

She looked into his eyes and without a word he embraced her, pulled her white silk-trousers eagerly from her body and threw her down onto her back on the floor. Kissing her ruddy lips fully he squirmed down his pants and underwear with so we could free himself and began prodding her with his eager member.

Parting her thighs wide and clasping him in her own embrace she reached down with one hand and guided him home. It was fanatic mating, a powerful display of sex as he thrust in her over and over again, manically urged on by her scratching nails and nibbling teeth. He came almost immediately, pulled out, turned her around harshly and made her go down on her knees with her arms resting against the bed as the entered her a second time from behind.

One and a half hour later they came down again. She had taken a shower where he had joined her and entered her again.

Then she had sucked him hard and he had again taken her, this time from behind in the ass as she rested against the edges of the bathtub, biting down on a towel to dampen her screams of pleasure.

He stood in the doorway and set them off. They waved and he waved back. He though about the days when she had been just a little kid, a little doll. Time does fly by; he though, went back in and closed the door behind him.