Captivating oral sex delights gloryhole and hardcore

Captivating oral sex delights gloryhole and hardcore
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I woke up the next morning. For the first time in my life i wanted sex. I craved it, my aching pussy needed it and it was making no attempt to hide it. My pussy lips were puffy and sensitive. My clit stood at full attention, erect and hard. The dildo was laying between my legs. In my clouded mind, fogged by my lust, i hadn't realized how truly massive it was. I picked it up and held it against my arm.

It was as long as my forearm. It was very thick too. I doubt i could fit it in my mouth. I put it up to my mouth. I had never given a blowjob before, i was always too much of a good girl. Gosh maybe Todd had been right, maybe i was too boring. I would not make the same mistake with Josh. Josh, the memory of Josh masturbating instantly flooded my mind. I closed my eyes, oh my was he huge, every bit was big as this dildo.

And his balls, the size of golf balls, and they hung loose and swung up and down with each stroke of his member. The thought of his balls spanking my clit every time he shoved his huge donkey dick all the way up my cunt, the same cunt he came from, gave me an orgasmic rush through my body.

Moisture was collecting in my crotch. My pubic bush felt like early morning grass covered with dew. My whole life i was asleep and now. now i was awake, for the first time in my life my body ached to be touched, for the first time in my life my nipples ached for a gentle tug, my pussy ached to be filled as it tingled all the way down my slit and into my forbidden asshole.

My nose craved the sent of man and the fragrance of sex. I opened my eyes. I still held the dildo up to my mouth. I slowly opened my lips grasping the head of the cock with my tongue. I felt naught, dirty and sexy. I tasted the dried on juices of my pussy and another orgasmic wave surged through my body I removed the head from my mouth and placed it between my legs i first put the head in.

"ugh" i moaned My pussy grasped the cock and i pushed the shaft farther in me, i felt fuller and fuller, the cock slide up me in places i didn't know existed. It rubbed every nook and cranny in my pussy until it bottomed out. It hit my cervix causing an eruption of pleasure to shoot through me.

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" OHH FUCKK!!" i screammed. On top of all the great pleasure created from the friction against my pussy walls, my cervix felt like a gong that vibrated my entire cunt when it was struck by the cock. I pulled the dildo out an inch and forcefully shoved it back in. "shit shit shit!!!" the vibrations hit every pleasure nerve in me.

I began pumping the dildo in me, bottoming out every time. "Ughhh fucking shit, fuck me josh fuck me" "aww aww, aww fuck josh hit me deep" "ugh yess fuckk im CCCCUUUMMMMIINNGGG!!!!" my pussy contracted pulling the dildo up in me. I just laid there as eruption after eruption shot through my pussy.

"shit this is soo fucking good!!!!" i screamed as my orgasm faded My body went from a violent wave of orgasm to a deep relaxation state as i slowly finished rubbing my clit.

I began to think about how i was going to seduce my son. I mean he was obviously horny and he had my panties, in fact he had my panties so far up his nose i don't know how he could breath, but he may have just wanted the smell of pussy well he fantasized about some slut in his grade, not my pussy. I needed an excuse to wear my slutty new underwear around the house. That would for sure get him going and if he liked jacking off to my granny panties he'd love my new ones.

I need a reason that i can't wear my clothes. An idea popped into my head. I grabbed all my dresses and skirts and ran down stairs. i soaked them in the washer and then threw them in the dryer on SUPER DRY. All of my clothes were made of delicate material and needed to be tumble dried on low, or air dried.

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After 30 minutes on SUPER DRY all my clothes were shrunk far from their original size. My dresses were much to small to wear and my skirts waists had shrunk and would not fit me. However there was one skirt, a mid length skirt with an elastic waist. I put it on, it was tight in the waist and barley made it past my ass but it fit, and fit perfect for what i needed. I put it back in the dryer. Alright check one, i can't wear those clothes anymore, what am i to do but to run around in my slutty little outfits.

I went back to my room. Another round with cockzilla sounded fantastic, but i needed to focus. I looked at my phone. I had a text from Josh. He said he would be home by noon. Shit, it was already eleven. i ran to the bathroom and grabbed a razor.

i put a generous amount of shaving cream on my pubic mound. I had never gone completely shaved down there but the drapes no longer matched the carpet and i had no choice but to take it all off. It looked nice smooth and shaven. It revealed my nice stomach muscles that formed a "V" down between my legs into my vagina. I then hopped in the shower to get all the morning sex smell of me. I washed my newly smooth pussy extra good, it felt so nice in my fingers.

I got out and dried off. I sprayed some fruity fragrance spray on me that smelled like delicious strawberries, i wanted to lick my own skin.

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Next was makeup. i put on a lot of dark blue/black eye shadow, creating the smokey eye look.


Then i did my lips in sparkly pink lip gloss. My smokey eyes, lip gloss and shaved pussy made me looked more like a 28 year old stripper then a 38 year old 5 year virgin mother (although if that dildo could talk im sure it would have something to say about m being a 5 year virgin haha). I looked at the clock, 11:55am.

Just in time. I ran down stairs for the final touch. I grabbed an ice cube from the ice maker and lifted it to my nipple, i swirled it around. The cooled ice on my sensitive nipples took my breath away. I achieved my goal though, my nipples were now swollen and erect.

i headed to the washing room which was just to the left of the front door. I stood with my back to the washroom doorway waiting in anticipation for my son to pop through the front door and see me ass naked, this was phase one of my seduction. My heart was pounding and i could feel the moisture in my cunt. I heard the door nob twist. This is it i thought. The door opened and i put my head down in the drier as if i was searching for some clothing.

My ass was straight up in the air facing the door way. I heard him take a step in. My heart raced even more.

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I took a glance back and could see his shadow in the door way. He took another step and his face appeared in the doorway.

He opened his mouth and then closed it before making a sound. I stood up and turned around and looked up, then down, and then a quick double take as if i was surprised to see josh.

"oh my god josh im sorry, i didn't know you would be home this early, look away" i purposefully made a poor attempt to cover myself and lets face it 32G's aren't very easy to cover anyway. "OH! sorry mom" josh said "No sweetie it's my fault i just got out of the shower and all my clothes were in the dryer and i came down here to get them and they all shrank in the dryer and don't fit" "i need to go up to my room sweetie, don't peak yet" "i won't mom" i grabbed the mini skirt and walked out of the room.

I could see josh sneaking peaks and see his cock growing in his pants which turned me on all the more. As i walked by him i let my erect nipple slip between my fingers and then i ran up stairs.

I went up to my bedroom and my adrenaline was pumping. i just ran by my son nude. I put on a sleek black thong and the mini skirt. The skirt was so small that the thong came out above it giving me a whale tail. I went to Josh's room and grabbed one of his "wife beaters" or so he calls them.

I slid it over my head and forced my boobs into it. my right boob then shot out the side. I managed to get it back in but man were they smooched. And my cleavage was shooting out the top. My nipples were still hard and sticking out through the thin fabric. I checked myself in the mirror. I looked like a grade A slut, boobs popping out everywhere, mini skirt, the whole 9 yards. I went down the into the kitchen where Josh was. "sorry about that sweetie. And i guess im going to have to go around the house like this until i get some new clothes, so sorry you have to see me like this" "No problem mom, what'd you do to you hair?" "I got it cut, i thought it was time for a change, why?

Do you not like it?" "No it looks good, it makes you look. you know. hot" "Oh why thank you sweetie but hot is no way to describe your mother, maybe beautiful?" "yeah thats what i meant" I could see Josh eying me. Every move i made his eyes scanned me head to toe, boob to ass. "How bout i make you some lunch" "ok thanks mom" I went to the refrigerator and opened the door. I went on my tip toes pretending to look on the top shelf. Josh's eyes were glued to me as my skirt was riding up as i stood higher.

It went about an inch or two above my ass. I could see the bulge in Josh's pants growing. I finally came out of the refrigerator with a bowl of macaroni and reheated it. I got a fork and took the meal to Josh. As i placed the bowl on the table i "accidentally" dropped the fork.

"oops" i said I turned around so my back was facing Josh. I was going for broke.


I bent over straight legged to get the fork. My ass was in plain view of Josh about 10 inches from his face. Only a thong covered my forbidden fruit from Josh. I held the pose and then Josh surprised me. He touched my ass and i jolt up. "Josh what are you doing" "Sorry mom it was an accident" "well you can not touch your own mother in those places, i mean i let the peaks you were sneaking in the washroom slide, but not this" "I didn't sneak peaks mom" "whatever you say honey but i understand your at that age of curiosity and its normal to want to look at the female body even if its your mothers, so you can have a glance here or there but don;t make a habit of it" "Ok mom whatever" The bulge in Josh's pants was enormous, I could see the outline of his think 9 inch cock.

I got transfixed well looking at it and it was very obvious i was. I was getting weak between my legs. "Mom even if i was sneaking peaks i think were even now" I snapped out of my gaze at Josh's cock "Sorry sweetie just got caught up in a thought." I leaned over so that my cleavage was right in his face "I'm going to go up stairs and mastr. ehm" i cleared my throat "Take care of some mommy business. Remember what i said, don;t make a habit of looking at me and definitely don't look in my room, that were i take care of my personal business" I leaned over so that my boobs brushed his face.

I could tell i really had him going, his pants were twitching. I did a sexy slow walk away adjusting my skirt once to give him another view of my ass.

There was no doubt he was going to be outside my bedroom spying on me well i play with myself. I walked into my bedroom. It had double doors and i closed each of them about 85% leaving about an 8 inch opening in the middle.

I stripped down to my thong and hopped on my bed. I hear foot steps up the stairs and sure enough they stopped at my door.

I closed my eyes and put my head back so Josh wouldn't worry about me seeing him. I began rubbing my right nipple. I pushed my tit up to my face and gave it a few licks. Chills went down my spine. I took a peak out of my eye and there was josh sitting outside my door jerking off. His cock was as big as i'd remembered. It had a large deep blue vain making an "S" shape up the top. Fuck did i want that vein in me, grinding up my love canal, tearing my sloppy wet cunt up.

I let go of my tit and slip my hand into my panties shoving a finger up my pussy i arched my back "Ugh. yess" i moaned, putting on a show for Josh. I began rubbing my clit from outside my panties, i figured Josh would be digging later for them anyway and he had never had cum stained ones. "Oh yes, get it nice and wet" I took another peak at Josh. He was furiously stroking his big throbbing cock now, the vein was bulging. This made me so wet and horny i need my dildo.

I grabbed it off my side table which was out of Josh's view. I could see his eye shoot open. "yes, momma needs a nice big, thick cock" i moaned i moved my panties to the side and jammed about 4 inches in.

"OH FUCK!!! YES i loves big fat cocks" I screamed with no regard for my volume, shit the neighbors could hear for all i care. i started pumping it in and out, in and out "Fuck yes fuck me deep and hard" i started thrusting my hips into the dildo I gave a peak to Josh and he had gotten less worried about getting caught and come more into view.

I just kept going pretending not to see him. "Shit hit the back of my cunt with that big dick" The view of his massive cock in plain sight put me over the edge as i pounded the back of my cervix "oh yes.oh fuck yess.OH FUCK YESSS!!!! IIIMMMM CUMMMMMMINNNG" I gave Josh a minute to escape as i came down from my orgasm. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I took off my panties, they were soaked in my cum. I threw them by the bedroom door. I turned on the shower and then went back and looked by the door.

My panties were gone.

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