Peaches stripping and masturbating in lingerie

Peaches stripping and masturbating in lingerie
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All names have been changed. Hope you enjoy the first part of fantasy. It never seemed possible for me to love two people at the same time. There was Charles, the guy who had my whole world; we lived together, we were thinking of starting a life together. And then there is James, the guy who came into my life, loved in all the ways Charlie did but it always seemed more. The passion when we talked was so high that my pussy got wet when he would say hi. The passion for Charlie was different, the love of your life passion, my heart flutters when I see him, I giggle when he texts.

Don't get me wrong, I always want to have fuck Charlie, but we aren't that crazy and it's the same all the time. With the James, every conversation turned into sexting and I would become horny and hungry for him, mind you, only saw him naked once, but was hungry to see him and fuck him again.


But I knew Charlie would never let me, till I told him, it was my fantasy. Having both my men, at once. It was a month before my 24th birthday and I was talking to James, getting all hot and horny like I always do. Our conversation going back and forth about the dirty dreams we have of each other.

Trying to not make it noticeable to Charlie across the room that my pussy was soaking wet and all I wanted to do was finger myself to the words James was saying.

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"I wish I could fuck you again" I said to James. "These dreams don't do justice to that amazing cock." And James's cock is amazing, 9.5 inches long, 2 inches thick, and he knows how to use it. Both guys know how to use their cocks. They aren't guys who are like "yeah I have a big cock, you can just bounce yourself up and down on it." They use their love sticks and make love to the pussy they are given.

Spreading the lips, playing with the clit, going quick and then slow.

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You can feel the muscle when it's deep inside you. "I wish I could too, but Charlie would never allow it" James said. "If only I could have both of you at once," I say, "being faced fucked by one of my loves and eaten by the other. I'm wet just thinking about it!" "That sounds so amazing," James answered, very surprised by my statement. "I would totally be down for that if it was your greatest fantasy." "Oh, how it would be!" I reply.


"But Charlie would never share me, especially with you." "Maybe if I tell him that it is my deepest fantasy to have both of you at once, maybe he would consider it for my birthday!" "I guess you will have to ask my dear," he replies. "I just want to eat the fucking pussy again." That night, because James got me all horny I decided to relieve myself on the 9 inch cock that I had in bed with me.

The difference between the two men is Charlie is fuck hard and fast, multiple times. James is more of, let me make love to your pussy. Sex with Charlie is four or five arounds of fast, mind blowing, and rough fucking. While sex with James is two or three rounds of love making, they last hours, you have sex all day and night. And when you're done you want to do it again because it's that amazing.

"Can you fuck me with long, slow, deep strokes?" I ask Charlie. "Can we make last awhile?" "Why would you want to do that?" Charlie asks. "Thought you liked it hard." "Oh baby, I do like it hard. But I want to try something different. I want to make love to your cock not just fuck it.

Can you do that for me baby? Please?" "I guess, fine," Charlie rolls his eyes and slides his stiff cock into my pussy. "There how's that?" "Slower baby, make love to my pussy." After a few minutes I give in, "okay fine, and just fuck me!" Charlie pulls himself out my pussy and flips me over so I am on my hands and knees and plows himself into my pussy from behind. "Oh fuck yeah!" he moans. "Know this is sex! Nice quick thrust, driving it in deep!" and after a quick few minutes he moans, that he is coming.

"Yes baby, make me cum, I want to cum!!" and he cum's all over me. Charlie rolls off me, gives me a kiss goodnight and rolls over and goes to sleep. I fall asleep to the sounds of his snores and the dream of being fucked by James. The next morning, I text James telling me about the very sexy dream of doing it on the beach when I tell him the good news. "I am going to ask Charlie to let me have you for my birthday!" I say with excitement.

"You're actually going to ask to fuck someone else?" "Well I am asking to have both of my men as once, but then telling him I want you all to myself after." "He is never going to go for that." "Well he doesn't have a choice, he either says yes and joins, or he watches me ride your big amazing cock!" "Well I guess if that is your wish, I have no choice but to give it to you.

You dirty whore ;)" "Oh you know it baby <3," I reply. "I will call you in a bit." Later that day, Charlie and I were sitting watching TV, and I mute the TV and I turn and look at him. "I know what I want for my birthday." "Oh and what would that be?" he said annoyed. "I already got your gift." "It's nothing you can buy me," I say with shy smile. "I want you to make my fantasy come true." Surprised he looks at me and says, "Oh?

And what would that be?" Shyly I reply, "I want you to let me fuck James. I want you to sit in the corner and watching his cock going in and out of my tight pussy." Before he can even reply … "then while I ride him, I wave you forward so I can suck you off while he fucks me!" I sit on his lap and continue "and after I cum on his big cock and on your big cock, I want you to be okay with me spending the night with him." "Wait!

What?" "I want to spend the night with him," I explain. "I will come home to you, I always do. But I need a little adventure. I little change. " "It's not that I don't love you, or love fucking you.

But I need a change. I want, I need a new cock in my pussy.

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I need, I want to be fucked differently!" … "and you can't give that to me what I want sexually, but you can give me him, who can give me what I desire. " "You want me to let you spend the night with a guy you slept with back in the day, and who has feelings for you?" he asks, very confused. "Yes." "Hell to the fucking no!!" he yells. "He is not getting anywhere near your pussy!" "But I want him in it!

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No! I need him in it!" I yell back. "You don't want to grant your girlfriend her one wish, her fantasy?" "Because I am not sharing you with anyone!" "Babe, I'm telling you openly that I want to have you watch me be fucked by another guy. I am telling you I want you to fuck me while I jack him off.

I'm telling you, I want to feel your fingers in my pussy along with his cock. I want to cum so much that not only you can do it. I need another cock in the picture." He was quite. "Can you please give me that? Can you give me the pleasure of another cock inside of me for my birthday? Can you give me the fantasy of having your face between my legs and cock in my mouth? Please!!!" I think I freaked out so much that he needed to get away from me.

While Charlie went to wrap his mind around my request that I text James telling him. "I told him, I need your cock in my pussy more then I needed food." "What did he say?" James texted. "I think I freaked him because he didn't say anything, he just left. Went on a drive." "Well I want him to say yes," James says, "I want to fuck your pussy so hard." "Oh crap, he's home. Brb!" I sit on the edge of the couch waiting for Charlie to say something.

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"So this is what you want? You want me to share you with him?" "Yes baby. That is what I want," I reply with a smile. "Ok," he finally says. "You can him the day of the party and that's it." "Really!!!" I scream "Yes…" He said yes, but I never really thought he was 100% about it. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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to be continued .