Brunette slut enjoys anal dildo and big cock

Brunette slut enjoys anal dildo and big cock
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all my stories are true and they were great when they happened but this one is only a fantasy that one day i hope cums true.,,,,,,,,,,,,, **************************************** Mother/Daughter ********************************************* My best friends sister and her daughter came up for a visit to my area to see family and friends.

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They are from Florida and the return to New jerseywas a nice trip for them, especially after her divorce last year.I have known Kerry since we were little, I have spent many times over her house growing up, they were the "liberal" family, I had my first beer there, first party, first girlfriend/sex over there . Their mom and dad were the "kool"ones. I have seen his mom topless sunbathing in the backyard numerous times and it was no big deal to them.when kerry called and asked if her and maggie could come and see us, I said sure, we can spend the day out on my boat.My wife was called into work andcould not join us.

when they arrived i was floored maggie was stunning, long blond hair, tight body, suntan and kerry looked hot as ever also.We huggedsaid our hellos then we headed to the boat.It was just the three of us and I was happy as hell!

I found a nice quiet cove and anchored there. we had afew beers and caught up on old times. Kerry and maggie were chilling in thier bikinis, and they looked stunning!.after some time in the sun, I asked Kerry "truth or dare?" she said truth, I asked her if she ever thought about me in a romantic way?

she said yes!

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She then asked me truth or dare I said truthshe asked if I ever masturbated thinking about her, I looked her right in the eye and said YES. she turned red and maggie now sat up and joined in the "game"I asked her another question and she took dare, I told her to go topless, she took her top right off. She had nice full size tits with hard nipples stickingstraight out. I then took the dare, she asked me to take off my suit. I paused then slid off my bathing suit.

My cock was semi hard, they both kinda laughed and were staring at me.Maggie said it was her turn to ask me a question and I took the dare. She told me I had to suck kerrys tit for 30 seconds.

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I went over to her and leaned into her and sucked her nipple,as i was doing this my penis was hanging between her knees. She squeezed my cock between her knees off and on againas I sucked her nipple. When I was done and stood up my cock was rock hard and sticking straight up.


Maggie said I guess he likes that mom.Now it was my turnMaggie took the dare, I looked at kerry and said maggie has to put suntan lotion on me so i dont burn.down there.I squeezed some lotion on Maggieshands and she cupped my balls and cock and rubbed it all over.

I was so hard my dick hurt!She was working my cock and balls with both hands and it felt awesomeKerry was just watching and smiling ear to ear. after a few minutes I was close to cumming, and said so. Kerry went over to maggie and took off her top and said we dont want to ruin your top.

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Now I was staring at maggies tits as she worked my cock and balls and then kerry pressed her tits against my back. That was too muchand I shot two ropes of cum onto maggies chin and tits.Just as I finished, Kerry kept rubbing her tits on my back and then she stuck a finger into my asshole and moved it around. I was hard again in seconds and then less then 2 minutes I felt a weird feeling and then I shot probably the biggest load i ever shot in my life.It seemed like i shot load after load after load, all while Kerry kept wiggling her finger in my ass.When I was finished poor Maggie wqs completly covered in my cum, all over her face, tits and hair.I scooped some of it up on my fingers and fed it to her and she licked it all up.After composing ourselves we all jumped in the water , me naked and them toppless.

We swam for a bit then went home.

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Since my wife was working late I offered to take them out to dinner. My motive was to fuck them both, especially Maggie she looked so young, fit and totally HOT!I could only imagine what it would feel like to be inside her.When I went to pick them up I was dissapointed to only see Kerry, she said Maggie was going over to see her cousins.Kerry looked great in a short sundress and heels.

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I kissed her and that lead to some deep kissing and groping then we left for dinner.We were like two school kids immersed in each others company.After dinner, drinks and catching up on lost times, I Took her back to her hotel I kissed her goodnight and she pulled me in tight for a deep deep kiss. Next thing I know I have her dress over her head. and I have my mouth on her wonderfull tits again We both fall on to the bed and I dive into her pussy and eat her out, her pussy was soooo wet and I just kept lapping up all her juices Just as she starts to tighten up and orgasm I plunge my hard cock deep into her with one thrust.I grab her legs and put them over my shoulders as I fuck her.

She then gets very loud and wraps her legs around my waise and pulls me into her deeper, telling me to fuck her deeper and harder. Her quivering pussy sucks my cock in deeper and its all I can take, I pull out and want to cum all over her tits, but she takes me in her mouth and takes my full load down her throat.As we lay there just holding each other Maggie walks in.


Great now I am thinking I will get to Fuck her ( which I am dying to do). She comes over to the bed kisses her mom then gives me a kiss, then she goes into the other bedroom to go to sleep.I wanted her to join us, but I didnt push it.I fucked Kerry again, this time I was load, grunting and groaning and talking dirty hoping Maggie would.

hear us and come out. It didnt take me long to blow a load knowing that maggie was in the next room listning to us.We cleaned up, took a shower together then we said our goodbyes.I am so looking foward to the next time we meet up again.