Michelle Martinez teen pussy getting romped from behind

Michelle Martinez teen pussy getting romped from behind
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Strange as it may be but I enjoy it when my slut wife comes home with cum in her hair, hickeys on her neck and her swollen pussy lips dripping wet. She loves cock and sex with strange men and I've grown used to her coming home and going straight to the bedroom where she strips then orders me, "Clean up my mess." Although it rarely happens I prefer it when she has an affair with a man with a huge cock.

On one such occasion last summer her sister introduced my wife to a local sheriffs deputy at the bar.

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After loosening up with a few drinks her sister quietly volunteers that she heard he had a huge cock. Although my wife didn't necessarily go for muscle bound men the curiosity set in as the night wore on. She wound up going home with this man and discovered her sister was right. As she sucked his huge cock she noted that she couldn't even get her mouth on it far enough to touch her hand that was wrapped around it, definitely a first for her.

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She wondered what in the hell she was gonna do with this cops huge prick, admitting it was the biggest cock she had ever seen, even in pornos we watched. As always my slut wife had two goals whenever she's with a strange man. To soak his cock as many times as she can and to be the best lil slut fuck he's ever had.

It hurt as she rode him then he bent her over and after slamming her pussy full of more meat than she's had on any two dates she scoffed in horror at his attempt to take my wife anal.

For hours the cop used my wife like a little cum slut with a billy club closer to a ball bat in size. Returning home and walking in like she had rode a horse to get here, she climbed in bed and threw her legs apart to show me her muff. Her thick swollen lips were laid wide open, "Oh you got fucked good didn't ya hunny?" I suggested.

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I began softly licking her pussy as she began describing the night in detail. I could hardly wait to fuck my lil slut and without any hands to guide I pushed my throbbing cock toward her, it fell right in! Buried balls deep in her stretched pussy I could only imagine the girth that left my nearly 8" cock sloshing around in my wifes pussy like this.

"Are you mad I fucked a cop?" she asked. "Oh no, he did a fine job," I added. I meant it, I was impressed. It felt so wet and different than the muff I'd been banging for years.

The image of my wife being man handle by this cop raced through my head as she described how she couldn't get her hand all the way around his thick veiny cock. She seemed rather proud of her accomplishment even bragging how she continued smashing her pussy down on the length of his shaft until she was nearly in tears and felt him in her belly. Several times she stopped and took the monster in her mouth while stroking him with both fists wrapped around it.

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She couldn't wait for him to cum, it was like a big toy dick she wanted to see erupt. Moaning like a lil whore she sucked and licked his balls while continuing to stroke him. She didn't want to be pinned by his big muscular arms again. In spite of her grimacing painful grunts and groans he had been aggressively slamming her full of his enormous cock off and on throughout the night to the point of scaring her.

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She knew there was little she could do now to stop him if he got even more aggressive. She drug her tongue just below his balls as he lifted his firm muscular ass in approval.


"Yeah baby," the cop encouraged. My wife had never done this before but began licking his asshole while his balls bounced as she continued jerking his huge cock. "Oh you lil slut," he remarked. Anything to make him cum and she thought this was definitely working.

After several minutes the head of his cock was dripping some pre-cum but that was it.

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Stopping her he laid her back on the bed and grabbed her ankles. She could see his rippling chest muscles as he pushed her legs to her shoulders raising her ass off the bed.

He drug his tongue across her pussy once before he started pumping it into her puckered little asshole. She started, "Don't think you're gonna&hellip." When he interrupted, "You have the right to remain silent." There was short laughter as he retrieved a bottle of baby oil from the dresser drawer. "No fuckin way," my wife stated firmly.


With a hand on the back of her neck her forced her face down into the mattress and dipped his fingers into her pussy. He shoved his lubed finger at first slowly into her ass while she cussed and wiggled in protest. First one, then two until he positioned himself behind her with both hands forcing her shoulders down.

She was delighted when she felt his cock enter her pussy even relaxing a bit. Although she could no longer tell how many fingers he was shoving in her ass the pain was minimized by the sensations in her pussy. She began rubbing her clit as she felt she was about to orgasm when he stopped. To her horror he began forcefully pushing the head of his mammoth cock against her ass.

"Relax slut, you want it and you know it." A husky cough escaped her throat as she swore she heard the head of his cock pop into her ass. She felt the baby oil being squirted and running down the crack of her ass.


He began slowly rocking back and forth forcing the head deeper into her asshole inch by inch while tears welled up in her eyes. She thinks she momentarily blacked out because the next thing she knew is that she was being rocked to the sounds of his cock pumping her ass.

She reached toward her ass feeling for his cock.

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It was over half buried in her numb asshole now. "Tell me what a bad girl you are," he demanded. When she didn't respond he ordered again, "tell me!" "I…I…I'm your little slut." "Do you have boyfriends who fuck you in the ass?" he asked while beginning to thrust harder. "Sometimes, …" before she could finish he demanded, "Tell me about it bitch, tell me what a whore you are, tell me you like this big cock in your ass, scream you little slutbag." The screaming was easy as it felt like he was now trying to pound the entire length up her ass.

"I love your big cock, cum in me where ever you please, I wanna have your baby, please big dicked daddy don't stop." She began rubbing her pussy as his girthy cock could be felt with both holes.

She could hear his breathing grow heavier, "Please officer, empty your balls inside me, I'll do whatever you tell me, I'll suck all your friends' cocks!" Boom, the non stop explosion in her ass hit her like a ton of bricks. The muscle bound cop growled as he pumped the huge load deep inside her ass. Expecting him to stop he instead continued pumping long after her pussy and thighs were streaming with cum.

I reached underneath my wife as my cock seemed much smaller than usual inside her. I played with her gaping ass as we fucked. I knew the story she had just told me was all too real and true.

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The view from behind my wife was always awesome, with her thick but firm round smooth and tanned looking ass in the air I had cum a thousand times while staring at her tight little asshole. This morning her once tight hole looked even more inviting, stretched, shining wet and wrinkled from the cops abuse I couldn't resist licking and sucking her ass. She was such a slut and the sight of her warm wet asshole wrapped around my cock was enough to send me off after only a few strokes.

As my cum oozed out I just stayed still deep inside her ass wanting to just simply leave it in her all day. Eventually I watched my, or should I say our cum drip from her ass and slowly trickle down over her pussy lips. There is absolutely nothing on T.V. I would rather watch than my freshly fucked slut wife dripping another mans cum.