Negra culiona vino por mas

Negra culiona vino por mas
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Hey all, I haven't written In a while but hopefully I will have more time to do so from now on. Thank you for all the comments on my last series about a year ago, I get what you were getting at now and will hope to change that. Please leave a positive rating if you enjoy this story and I will talk to you guys later. Oh and one more thing, please no kick me @bullshit.pissoff, it's not helpful for anyone. I'm sure other readers and authors will understand. This entire story is a work of fiction, the places and people are made up by my crappy imagination.

Please enjoy :) -------------------- Rest in Pieces "Incoming mortar fire, 11 o'clock" I yelled as insurgents poured onto the battlefield. Explosions erupted behind my squadron. The desert horizon shimmered in the heat if the Iraqi summer. We darted into opposite buildings in the small town of Akheid. After an intense bombardment of mortar fire it eventually ceased. ---------------- My name is lieutenant Amy Jones of the East Sussex regiment. From my title you can probably tell that I am in the army.


I was doing a short service commission which led to the biggest change of my life. Not only does battle scar you physically, but mentally. I learnt that the hard way. Not wanting to be arrogant but I must admit I am attractive at the young age of 25.

With 34c breasts and a tanned body from my tours of the Middle East, I do look good on a dress. However most people see me in uniform which doesn't highlight my assets and when I'm in battle, it's the only time I feel validated as a woman.

I will never forget the battle of Akheid. ----------- My fellow squadron leader was nestled into the building structure across the street from me. Not only was she a colleague but my best friend. It was unheard of to have 2 women in charge of a squadron, our nickname was, "the pussy platoon" Joan was her name.

"This is Zulu one nine, requesting immediate are back up over" I radioed back to command. "Affirmative, helicopter support in route, move to extraction point 577 896 over" "Roger that, out" "Alright listen up everyone" I yelled.

"Heli support is on its way, set up defensive positions. We are getting an emergency evac in 200metres south of here in 15 minutes, all we need to do is hold out, ready?" This was met by large cheering and "aurahs". I heard the same speech being given by Joan next door. Our squadron consisted of 2 light machine gunners, 6 riflemen and 2 medics.

Split directly in half between me and Joan. "Carter, set up your LMG in the window, Med, cover him, the rest of you take cover on the roof and kill as many fuckers as you can" The first 10 minutes was a Taliban slaughter fest. My SA80 rifle chattered away at the sea of men charging over the brow of the horizon. It was all going so well. The first explosion knocked me off my feet and left a curled into a ball in the corner of the room. I watched in horror as another shell shrieked through the air and land 10metres away from me.

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The floor crumpled beneath me and my limp body crashed downwards. I regained consciousness god knows how long after I was knocked out. I slowly got to my feet and looked at my surroundings. I threw up when I saw what was left if my squadron. Blood was splattered all of the walls and I'm pretty sure I saw someone's hand before I blacked out again.

The next I woke was different, I was on a patch of straw with something lying beside me. I rolled over to see Joan sleeping beside me. I shook her awake. "Where the fuck are we?" Joan said groggily.

"I have no fucking clue" We seemed to be in a dark room with no windows and a steel door. I got up and tried it.


It was locked. I examined my injuries, some how I had escaped with a few cuts and bruises, with one long, jagged cut that looked like it needed surgery. It was the same film Joan's case. We were both wearing some sort of raggedy poncho made of rough fabric.

Suddenly two bearded men burst through the door and dragged us outside. There was no point fighting as they had us in arm locks, and had guns at our temples. The next couple of days flew by in a flurry of cold ice showers, electrocutions and beatings. After a week of non stop torture the main man who had no name but who all of them called, "the cracker", sat us down and spoke in broken English.

"You two could show the men round here what it's like to be hard, they wouldn't know. I am very impressed by your courage to keep your knowledge licked up despite my efforts. That is why this morning I officially gave up trying to get information out of you" Joan and I looked at each other and hid a hopefull look. "That is why this man is here" he said as he gestured towards a hooded man in the corner.

"Good luck"said the Cracker as we were both dragged away. "From now on you obey me, any complaints and it will get worse, I own you and you are no one, understand" grunted the hooded man. "From now on I am master, you two are slave 1 and 2.

" "Fuck you" spat Joan. With unbelievable speed he wiped out a baton and beat Joan across the head. Before I could react he had turned around and belted me aswell. I didn't feel pain but the world faded away, the lights dimmed and then I was plunged into darkness.

As I came too again I heard cheering and loud laughter. I slowly sat up and looked around. I seemed to be in some kind of cage inside a cave with hundreds of people crowding round jeering at Joan and me. My clothing felt lighter, I looked down and discovered Joan and I were in some kind of lingerie, it was obvious that we weren't the first to wear it. "You can hear them" said the hooded man, "they haven't seen tits in ages, let alone have sex. You may be good at lying, but how good are you at pleasing these men so much that they don't end up beheading you on camera?

The choice is yours, satisfy them or end up on a stick outside in the desert. It's up to you" he said smugly as he disappeared into the crowd. Joan and I looked at each other in horror as we came to understand the hopelessness of our situation. I looked over at the next cage where there were these poor two girls fingering each other as men lined up outside, paying the guard at the gate and waiting for their time in the cell with the two hostage girls.

A slamming of metal on metal brought us round as the annoyed crowd slammed there guns against our cage. "Better do something" said the hooded man as he appeared for a brief moment from behind our cage.

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Joan and I looked at each other and swore to each other that what was about to happen would only be because of our survival. We tentatively leaned forwards and kissed on the lips. This was met by a roar of approval. I leaned in again and passionately kissed Joan. Despite being straight, part of me had always wanted to do that. Her hands roamed around my back and played with the strap of what my bra thing was. Eventually it fell off and because of my natural instincts, my hands clutch my chest to conceal my breasts.

The crowd went wild in anticipation. Joan then did the same and we both slowly counted down from ten. On 3 we turned to the crowd and on 1 we released out chests. The gathering went Berserk and slammed against the cage. I then noticed a tiny smile in the corner of Joan's lips. From then on I ignored the crowd. I let them just fade away so I could concentrate in the task at hand.

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Before she could react I tackled Joan to the floor and kissed her neck and collarbone. Her hands stroked my thighs and I lowered my head down to her bosom. I took a deep breath and tool her beatiful nipple into my mouth. I felt her moan and with my other hand I tweaked the other nipple. Her hands wrapped around my waist and pulled our crotches together. As I nibbled on her tits she ground against my pussy, my slight moistness increasing by the second.

Joan aggressively flipped me over and spread my legs. I lifted them straight into the air and pulled them together so she could easily pull off my weird panties. They slid off and I showed my trimmed pussy to the world.

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Joan immediately got to work my licking her fingers and rubbing my slit. She delicately placed her lips on my clit and sucked hard. I whole new world opened in my mind as an entirely new sensation overcame my senses.

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Almost immediately I felt myself spasming and convulsing in pleasure. Before long I came. Not to brag but I am a very good squirter, juices flew everywhere from Joan's face to the front row of the crowd.

The sound of the door opening brought me back. About five men entered the cage and shut the door behind them. All of them naked. The first came up to me, picked me off the floor and thrust his member into my mouth. Before I could react he was fucking my face, a tear rolled down my cheek and landed softly onto my tits.

Another man picked up my rear and drove himself into my pussy. The shock hurt as I had to adjust to his size but luckily he wasn't huge, only around 5 inches. In the corner of my eye I saw Joan suffering the same fate. All the men swapped at regular intervals and after least half an hour of constant fucking and blowjobs the action ceased.

The men left the age and the door was locked. I looked up and saw the crowd dispersing. I was covered in cum, from head to toe, it was in my hair, on my tits and I could feel it dripping out my sore pussy and wide open mouth. Joan looked identical to me, in a cum covered state. We were dragged back to another cage, more secluded and with food, water and a straw bed. "You ok?" Joan asked.


"What does it look like?" As I broke down in the corner. "Don't worry, I went through the sane as you, but look what I stole from one of the guys!" She pulled out a heavy key. "Let's try it" she said. I checked for guards and she put the key in the lock, she turned it and the door clicked open.

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