Double teamed and creamed scene acid rain

Double teamed and creamed scene acid rain
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"Ughh sweetie! This is why mommy told you to pack last night!" I screamed frustratingly at my daughter. Now here I was, sifting through her little suitcase at 7 in the morning, trying to find and organize all her clothe again while she was laughing and joking around with her cousin in the living room. Ah, the joys of being a mother! We had all planned on getting up and leaving extra early today, taking the 2 hour drive down, and having at least a whole afternoon and at Disney World.

Unfortunately, the good news left the two girls so excited that neither one of them made much of an effort packing up. "I swear young lady, mommy won't always be there to help you!" I said, scolding her. "Yes you will! You're mom, you'll always be there to clean up after me!" she cackled, staring at her cousin. Her laugh sounded almost evil! "How I wish she was more like her brother at times!" I thought, staring speechlessly at her.

"Ok girls, let's go eat breakfast. They faster you do, the faster we can leave and be at Disney World!" I said, hurrying them upstairs.

Breakfast went by quick and soon enough we were all scurrying around the house, getting our luggage organized into the car. We were planning on taking just two vans. The grandparents really wanted to spent time with Jessie and Liz, getting a sigh of relief from the rest of us, knowing we wouldn't have to deal with two plus hours of "Are we there yet?!" .This also meant that the second car was Charles and I, Mark and Rachel, and my sister and Chris.

We loaded everything up and were on the road right after nine, with the intention of being in Disney World by noon. I had made sure Charles' brother, Mark took shotgun.

My sister instantly recognized what I wanted and hastily engaged Rachel in conversation, sitting next to her in the middle aisle while Chris and I took the very back seats. As I sat down, I stared warmly at Lily, thanking her with my eyes. I didn't get my morning fix because of my daughter, and sure as hell was going to get it now!

Once we were comfortably moving on the highway, my left hand began crawling up Chris' leg, getting his reaction instantly. My sly smile told him to not even bother stopping me as I was not going to stop! He did his best to hold my hand, letting me feel up his cock but preventing me from doing anything too rash.

I kept my face forward, making sure no one was watching us as my hand rubbed his cock slowly. Chris, as smart as he was, reached to the back and grabbed a big beach towel to cover us up. I giggled, nodding in approval as I slid even closer to him, sandwiching him to the inside of the car. The rented van, fortunately for us, was big enough that there was a decent amount of space between my sister's seat and mine, giving me a bigger safety net to play with.

I could see Chris noticeably nervous again, which of course turned me on so much more! I caught him off guard by leaning towards him, embracing him for a kiss. Chris was trying to fight me off, but I grabbed his cock through his shorts, gripping it tightly. He gasped, almost too loudly, from the strength of my hold. I did my best not to laugh, just taking a quick glance forward before returning to kissing Chris. He tried to push me away again, but again, I squeezed his cock, this time even harder.

Finally, I felt him kissing me back, understanding that I was not going to let up. The humming sound of the van grinding against the asphalt road perfectly covered up the mild moaning sounds I was making. I had taken my eyes completely away from everyone else, letting Chris serve as the lookout as he was pinned to the corner of his seat anyways.

As much as he was complaining earlier, his hands certainly didn't show it, kneading the flesh of my thighs underneath the safety of the towel. Soon enough he was digging at my pussy, slithering his hand down my shorts. After fingering me for a few seconds, he brought his hand out, surprised at how wet it was. I smiled at him, taking his fingers in my mouth, sucking my own juices off passionately. When I finished, my own hand went back to his cock, only this time I began tugging his shorts down as well.

"Mom, mom, wait, wait, wait!" he whispered, pushing me off. "It's way too risky, could you give me a footjob instead?" he said, begging me with his eyes. I stared at him, thinking it over. I guess he did have a point, if Rachel were to turn back at all and catch me, then that would be it. Kissing Chris could at least be passed off as just motherly affection, but there'd be nothing I could say if my mouth was wrapped around his cock.

"Fine, honey!" I said, kissing him hard on the mouth. "But you better cover mommy's pretty toes up!" I scooted back, sitting on the opposite end of the seat and brought my feet to Chris' lap. He instantly covered it with the towel, hiding the incest happening below. I used my toes to find his waistband, pulling it down enough to spring his cock free. I teased him for a bit first, gently massaging the head of his cock between my big and ring toe, letting it serve as a warmup for later.

I kept Chris on the edge, watching his face grow more and more frustrated as I refused to let him cum. He seemed to finally give in by grabbing my ankles and pulling me towards him, nestling his cock between my soles. I giggled, loving how I had teased him to act so rashly! "Oh Jen, what ride are you most excited about?!" Rachel exclaimed excitedly, turning around to ask me.

She caught me completely off guard and I hardly registered her question. But as I took a glance at Chris' lap to see my feet still covered up, I quickly recovered my composure. "I'm not sure. Hmm…" I said, pondering as my feet began to stroke Chris' cock on my own. I deliberately waited a bit, enjoying the sensation of jacking off my son right in front of everyone without them knowing. "Probably the most generic: Space Mountain" I said, smiling at her.

"And you Chris?!" Rachel asked, turning her attention to him. My eyes quickly moved to my sister, subtly pointing my index finger towards Chris' lap. Lily immediately redirected her gaze there, turning back to smirk widely at me. "Yeah, honey! Which ride do you like most?" I added, quickening my pace on his cock. I was being extra torturous, wriggling my toes sexily around the head of his cock. He was already leaning forward, trying to hide the movements of my feet which were rhythmically tenting the towel up and down now.

I could also see on his face that he was doing everything he could from moaning. "I…uhm.oohh!.uhm probably the same as my mom" he stammered.

Rachel didn't seem to notice, just nodding her head with a smile. "Yeah, it is a classic. I never liked it that much though. I was more into the gentle rides." She was about to turn back around, providing Chris some relief, but I didn't have enough yet! "Oh really?! Like which ones?!" I asked, faking my excitement. I could see Chris' eyes glare at me, but it did nothing. I alternated between rubbing his balls and up and down his shaft with my toes, teasing his tip every time I got to the top.

I scrunched my soles around his cock, squeezing it tightly, letting him feel every wrinkle on the bottom of my feet.

As Rachel told, what seemed like her entire childhood experience to us, I never lost focus; rubbing my feet on Chris' cock with the sole purpose of getting him off as soon as I could. My sister, like me, had abandoned paying any attention to Rachel. Her eyes were alternating between Chris' face and what he was trying to hide below the towel.

It only took a few more seconds before I stopped moving, feeling the familiar warm liquid of Chris' cum on my feet. I smiled instinctively, looking over at Lily.


She seemed to recognized as well, covering her mouth to hide her laughter. "Oh that's awesome, Rachel! I expect this trip can live up to that!" I said, hoping my response made some kind of sense. "I'm sure it will!" she beamed, turning back towards the front of the car. With the two of them safely facing forward, Chris could finally breathe easy again, sitting back on his seat.

He looked over at me, grinning and shaking his head, but smiling. I smirked back at him, kicking the towel off us and bringing my right foot to my mouth, sucking him off cleanly.

He took my left foot and wiped my soles around his cock and thigh, covering it with his leftover cum before returning it to me. But instead of immediately bringing it back to my mouth, I stuck it near his, pushing my big toe on his lips. Chris was caught off guard a little, but didn't hesitate long, sucking the cum off gently! I had him do the rest of my toes before slurping the cum off the sole myself; I couldn't let him have all the fun!

The rest of the ride went by rather quickly. I continued to snuggle up to Chris, giving him the occasional kiss or a few tugs on his cock. I needed him to stay sexually charged throughout the day as I was far from being down with him!

"Ok, so it's almost noon!" my father in law Greg said, gathering everyone up in the parking lot of our hotel. "Do we want to go eat something now or-" "Disney World!" Liz said, getting my daughter to quickly agree as well.

"Relax girls! We still have all afternoon!" Nancy said, trying to calm the two of them down. "How about we drop our stuff off, grab a quick bite" my husband said, looking over at the two girls for their approval, "and then head over to Disney World." "Which park?" Rachel asked. "Magic Kingdom?" I suggested, knowing it was always a must-go. We all looked over each other, nodding our heads in agreement.

"So how many rooms do we need?" my mother inquired. "I wanna room with Liz!" my daughter shouted. "Yeah!" Liz exclaimed. "Uhh okay…so that's…" my father said, counting heads. "I'lll share a double with the girls. Someone's gotta keep an eye on you two!" my sister said, tickling Jessie. "And I think Chris should just get his own room.

It'll probably be a little awkward rooming in a double with your parent's, huh?!" she added, looking over at him. I hadn't even thought that far, but was ecstatic that she had suggested it. It would be a whole lot easier sneaking in to fool around without having to worry about my husband! "Chris, honey.

Does that sound okay?!" I asked. "Uhh, yeah that sounds fine" he answered, nodding his head. "Ok, then! We'll go get the rooms ready then!" my husband said, heading off with his brother to the front desk.

All ofus quickly dropped our suitcases off and had a small bathroom break before heading off to a nearby burger place for lunch. Surprisingly, it was pretty good. We left fully satisfied, ready to tackle the afternoon. "Wow! There's a lot of people!" Greg, said looking over at the fully covered parking lot.

"It's the holidays, dear! Of course it's going to be full!" Nancy said. "Let's go, already! Come on!" my daughter said, pulling her dad's hand. We all happily complied, walking quickly as the two girls guided us to the entrance. "Alright, let's just walk in a clockwise circle, no jumping around yet. We have fast passes, so the lines won't be that long. And we can always come back another day and hit up some of the rides we missed" my husband said, leading the way with the map. "Daddy, I don't want to ride anything too scary!" Liz said, tugging at her father's hand.

"Me too! Nothing too high!" Jessie added. "Ok, ok, we won't!" Mark said, reassuring his daughter. We walked around, enjoying some of the more kid friendly rides for the first two hours or so.

And even though I was looking forward to something more exciting, it was still fun just being around everyone, enjoying each other's company.

"Looks like Pirates is next!" my husband said, pointing at the line. "Don't worry girls, it's not that scary!" We all stood in line patiently waiting in the queue. And as we got closer to the front, my excitement began to build as well; not because it was almost our turn, but because I saw that the entire ride was nearly in the dark! "How many?" the guide asked us. "uh 12 total" my husband said, checking back on us to make sure. "Last 3 rows. 4 to a row" he said, pointing towards the end of the boat.

I held Chris' hand, leading him to the very last row and pushing him in first, with me taking a seat right next to him. Lily, who had been helpful all day, sat to my immediate left with Rachel next to her.

The rest of our family sat in the two rows in front of us. I waited patiently for the ride-along to start. It was very slow-moving through the water. In fact, the whole ride was designed more to enjoy the songs and scenery than the motion of the boat itself. "Dad, look pirates!" Jessie yelled, two rows up. As the conversation level of the other passengers began to pick up, I got friskier, my hand gently massaging up Chris' leg.

The entire ride was dark, with the only lighting coming from the land attractions on either side of us. It gave me the perfect chance to lean over and start kissing Chris. "hey Jen, I…oh!" my sister said, cutting herself off when she saw what I was doing.

Without even looking, I slapped her hand aside continuing to make out with Chris. "Mhmm…oh fuck! Mom… I think we should we stop" he moaned, trying to keep my hand from moving.

"Are you kidding honey! Mommy's so turned on right now!" I giggled, digging my tongue in his mouth.

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I took his hand, placing it on my thigh as I continued to kiss him. "Yeah, that's it honey! Can you feel how wet mommy is?!" I said, feeling his fingers on my panties now. "Dad's right there!" Chris whispered, looking over at his father.

"Mhmm! So is everyone else!" I said, squeezing his cock, giggling teasingly at him. It was only the temporary glow coming off in the distance that caused me to pause for a second. All of a sudden, music began to play as the wax statues started moving, singing loudly. Even I was transfixed by the scene, but only for a second! As everybody enjoyed the atmosphere, my hand started to slide inside Chris' shorts, grabbing his cock in my fingers.

"Shhh! Just enjoy the ride honey!" I whispered, kissing him lightly on the neck. I sat back in my seat, pretending to watch the scenery on the sides, all the while my right hand continued to tug Chris' cock.

He was complimenting me well, looking at the statues on his side of the boat to hide his facial expression. "I can't believe you were making out with him here!" Lily whispered in my ear.

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"Making out?! I'm jacking him off right now!" I giggled. "Don't Look!" I almost shouted, pulling my sister's shoulder back down. "No way! Are you serious?!" she exclaimed.

I took my right hand and scraped off some of his pre-cum on my index finger, slowly bringing it out of his shorts. "See!" I said, rubbing my fingers together in front of Lily, showing off the sticky white cum.

"Mhmmm!" I smiled mischievously, slipping my fingers in my mouth. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed, instinctively licking her lips! She was looking around, trying to see if this was really happening or not. "Isn't that his second time today?!" "So?! I'm just getting started!" I giggled, turning back towards Chris. He was still facing his side of the boat, so it took a few seconds before I could turn him back towards me for a kiss.

My hand was pumping his cock fast now. I had learned how to pleasure him by just using my wrist and fingers, not letting my upper body give away what I was doing.

"Fuck, mom! Stop… stop! I'm gonna cum soon!" he stammered, squirming in his seat. I laughed, now more determined than ever to feel his jizz on my fingers! "Cum for mommy!" I said, looking around to see if anyone was watching us. I could see he was about to moan, so I quickly planted my lips around his, preventing him from screaming. Chris grunted in my mouth, drenching my fingers at the same time with his cum. I pumped him for a few more strokes, coating my hand and his boxers as well.

"Keep staring on your side" I said. "Why,is " "Just do it!" I instructed, getting Chris to obey immediately. I slowly snuck my cum-coated fingers out of his boxers, bringing them in front of me. I slurped on them loudly, causing my sister to turn towards my direction as well. "Are you…Did he cum?!" she exclaimed, not realizing at first because of the poor lighting.

"Let me see!" she said, grabbing my wrist. I let her hold me, willingly bringing my hand inches away from her face. We stared at each other for a few seconds, but before she could suggest anything, I wrapped my tongue around my index finger, sucking all the cum off and moving onto the next one. "Uggghhh!" I moaned. My sister's eyes looked almost disappointed, as if I had taken away what she wanted to do too! Catching us both by surprise, the boat began tipping forward, going down a small waterfall.

"Oh fuck!" I shrieked. I was so distracted that, in the moment, I had though the sudden drop wasn't planned, like we were in a real boat. It was only after hearing the various cheering around us, did I know that the ride had finished. "Mom, you okay?" Chris asked, looking over at me. I quickly pulled my hand away from Lily, nodding my head at Chris. "Daddy, you lied! The end was scary!" Jessie, yelled, throwing a temper tantrum as we all got off the boat.

My mother-in-law quickly went to her aid, trying to comfort her. "I don't want to go on another ride like that!" she said loudly. "Me too!" Liz added.

"What should we do then?" Mark asked, looking at all of us. "Maybe we can split up for bit" my sister asked. "I kinda wanted to hit some of the bigger roller coasters." "That sounds okay with me…uhm " "We can take the girls" my mom said, pointing to my mother in law. "I'll join you guys. I'm not a huge fan roller coasters either" Rachel smiled, holding onto her daughter. So we split up into two groups, with all the girls besides my sister and I deciding to enjoy the smaller rides while the rest of us headed off for the main attractions.

However, once we got done with just two of them, all the other men besides Chris decided to bow out, saying it was too much for them. "Should we split up again then?" I said, desperately hoping they would say yes. "I guess so" Mark chuckled. "You're our only representative left, Chris. Make us proud" my father in law joked. "No problem grandpa" Chris smiled.

"I guess we'll meet back at the front gate in 2 hours, at 6?" Charles asked. "Sure!" I said, waving them goodbye as I left with Lily and Chris. My sister and I didn't have to say a word, just smiling at each other as we walked. We took our chance and grabbed rides on Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain, screaming our heads off as we did. The feeling was exhilarating, and so free too! "Hey, the next one is Splash Mountain. Can you leave us alone for it?" I asked, whispering in my sister's ear.

I really wanted to spend some "date time" with Chris, not having to worry about hiding ourselves. "Why?" "Can you? I'll make it worth your while later!" I grinned. "You promise?!" she asked, sounding much more willing. "Yes! Just go get some ice cream or something, We'll meet you afterwards!" "Hmm. It's almost 5:30 anyways, how about I just meet you at the front doors with everyone else?" "That sounds good!

Thank you!" I exclaimed, hugging her. "Where's Aunt Lily going?" "Oh, your grandma wants her for something" I lied, holding Chris' hand. "Mom, people are " "What?! They don't know what our relationship is!" I said, playfully holding him even tighter.

I had put my sunglasses on, making it even harder to tell my age. Even with the fast passes, there was still a little wait before we could get on. I passed the time by flirting excessively with Chris, touching and kissing him constantly. We got a few stares from the people surrounding us, but mostly because of what we were doing, not because of our age difference.

"Why are you laughing honey?!" I giggled. "Those guys keep staring at you" he said, pointing to them with his eyes. It was two teenagers a little younger than Chris, sitting on a bench about 15 feet from us. They were trying to not to make it obvious, but were doing a horrible job of hiding it. "Put your hand on my ass honey!" I said, turning my back to them. Chris did as I asked, gently squeezing my ass cheek. "Are they looking?" "Oh yeah they are!" he giggled. "They're not trying to hide it all now!" "Let's really give them something to look at then!" I said, kissing Chris.

I kept my back to them, holding Chris' hand firmly on my ass. I did my best to move my head rhythmically, making it clear that we were making out. And as our kissing continued, I no longer had to hold his hand; Chris was openly grabbing my ass now. "Mhmm! Push mommy's shorts up honey!" I whispered. "They're gonna freak!" he chuckled, sliding his fingers under my shorts. I could feel my shorts gradually riding up my ass, exposing my thong to them. I felt so naughty!

Chris went even further, moving us slightly so that they could see him feeling up my tits. "Ahem! Just two?!" the ticket usher said, judging us with her eyes. "Yeah, just my son and me" I said, taking my sunglasses off to stare right into her eyes. She was left speechless, just waving her hand for us to enter. "Mom!" Chris exclaimed, his face red from embarrassment. "What?! What's she gonna do" I giggled. "So did those boys react?" "They were practically jumping out of their seats!" he chuckled.

I smiled, glad that he was willing to be a little more risky now! Splash Mountain was thrilling, and by the time we were at the bottom, both of us were very wet, especially me.

I could feel my grey shorts clinging to my legs and ass. "Mommy has to change, come with me!" I giggled, grabbing him towards the small changing stall that the ride provided at the exit. I had already come prepared with an extra pair of clothe in my purse, knowing that there would be some wet rides. "Mom, it's only for one person!" Chris exclaimed, looking around at all the surrounding people.

I didn't care, laughing as I pulled him inside. 'Mom, we can't fuck in here. It's too-" "Mommy didn't have that in mind!" I grinned, pushing him down on his knees.

I jammed his face into my pussy, waiting for my piss to exit. I had been holding it for half an hour, ever since I told my sister to leave. And now, when I released it, it came gushing out of my pussy, soaking through my shorts and into his mouth. "AUuuughhh!" I moaned loudly, relieving myself on Chris' face. He was hungrily sucking the moisture off my shorts, pulling my ass into his face. "Yes! Clean mommy up!" I laughed, letting myself go completely.

I thrusted my pussy into him, pushing Chris until he hit the wall of the stall, causing a big thud. Even when I finished peeing, I held Chris' face on my pussy, making sure he sucked off enough of my piss so that my shorts were only damp instead of dripping wet. "Do you like how mommy tastes?!" I teased, taking them off. "Mhmm!" Chris answered, nodding. "Show me! Open your mouth!" I said, staring at him.

"That's it honey! Make mommy proud!" I gasped shoving my piss-soaked shorts into his mouth. "Anyone in there?!" A man asked, knocking on the stall door. "Just one minute, almost done!" I said, keeping my eyes on Chris. "You'll have to clean mommy's feet later than!" I giggled, putting on my clean shorts. I helped Chris quickly get back on his feet and took the wet shorts back, happy that he had done a good job.

"It's almost 6 honey. It looks like we have to go meet back with everyone else" I said, pouting my lips. "I wish it lasted longer too!" he answered, hugging me as we walked. We held each other romantically, making our way to the entrance to meet everyone else. "So, do we get dinner here and stay longer.

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Or do we head back to the hotel?" my father in law asked. I was already tired. After the long morning car ride and then an entire afternoon walking around, the thought of lying down on a bed was more than enticing. Luckily it seemed I wasn't the only one with that thought as my mother and Rachel quickly recommended that we call it a day too. And despite some minor protesting from Jessie and Lily, the adults, for once, actually got what we wanted.

By the time we got back to the hotel, it had just turned dark. All of us were exhausted, and hungry. And when I got into my room, I couldn't help but plop down on the bed. It had been such a fun, but tiring day.

My husband, meanwhile was talking with his brother outside our hotel room, laughing loudly. I guess after splitting up, they had a much calmer day. "Your dad and mine asked me to go to a local bar and enjoy some games and beer. So, could I-" "Yeah, no problem" I answered. "I think I'll just grab something to eat here with the kids then." "Oh, I think they're with your mom, mine, and Rachel. I heard them saying they were just going to go get some tacos" my husband said.

"Ok, then. Great!" I said. "I'll find something to eat downstairs in the restaurant then." "Sounds good, dear. I'm off then!" Charles said, heading out the front door. As soon he was gone, I pulled out my phone, texting my sister to come to my room. "What's up?" she asked, after I opened the door for her. "You want to watch Chris and I?" I teased, knowing her answer already.

"Uh, yeah!" she said sarcastically, parodying a South Valley accent. I giggled. "Stay in the bathroom. This mirror is huge. You'll be able to see us easily!" I said, showing her where to stand as I pulled the cabinet door open, exposing the full length mirror. I closed the bathroom light, leaving her in the dark but the rest of my room brightly lt.

"Can you see?" I said, sitting down on my bed. "Yeah! Everything!" she exclaimed. "Good! I'm about to show you why I got that toe ring you were asking about!" I opened my door before taking a comfortable seat on my bed, resting against the two large pillows by the bed frame as I texted Chris.

"Hey mom, did you want to get dinner?" he asked, opening the door. "In a little bit honey. But mommy's feet are tired and sore after a whole day of walking" I said, exaggerating the sadness in my voice. "Come and take care of it!" "Sure, mom!" he said excitedly, moving to the foot of the bed and sitting down. Chris slowly untied the laces of my left shoe, gently taking it off and bringing me immediate relief just from it being free.

I didn't even have to ask before Chris brought my shoe up to his nose, inhaling deeply. "AUuggghhhh!" he moaned, shutting his eyes in ecstasy. I had been walking around in the sneakers all day, sweating for hours in them. There was no doubt that they were drenched in a stinky and musky smell by now. "Mommy's waiting honey!" I said, teasing my foot in front of him.

"Uh uh uh, not yet!" I said, stopping him from taking my sock off. I smiled at him, knowing he would understand what I wanted. Chris took a hold of my foot, gasping from the thick moisture on my sock already. "Suck on mommy's feet!" I instructed, pushing my toes in his mouth.


Chris complied wholeheartedly, his mouth sucking loudly. I could hear the sweat on my socks being absorbed by his tongue. "Auuughhh fuck!" Chris moaned, savoring the taste. "That's it! Now lick mommy's soles!" I exclaimed. "Uuggh… mhm! That's mommy's good little fucktoy!" I moaned. "Ok, now you can take mommy's sock off!" Chris smiled brightly, gently sliding it off my foot, as if he was unwrapping a delicate Christmas present.

"Do you like the way mommy smells?" I teased, pushing my toes at his nose.

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"Is it stinky enough for you?!" I said, slapping him with my foot. "Oh, fuck! Mom you smell amazing! Can I suck on them?" he asked, pleading with his eyes. "Take mommy's other shoe off first" I said, dangling my right foot in front of him. Chris repeated the process, sniffing my shoe loudly after he took it off.

Only this time, I used my feet to shove the shoe deeper into his nose, forcing him to really get a strong whiff! I heard a distinctive moan coming from the bathroom, my sister no doubt! Luckily, Chris seemed too distracted by my feet to hear. "Go ahead and take mommy's sock off" I said, placing my right foot in his palm. Once he had both my socks off, he brought my feet together, raising it up to his nose to sniff.

His face looked like he was in heaven, inhaling the aroma off the tip of my toes. "Mom, could I suck on them now?" he begged. With my sister watching, and most likely fingering herself at the same time, I wanted to show her just what I could do with Chris. For a few seconds, I just kept my soles on his face, teasing his mouth and tongue. "On your knees!" I said, pushing his face back.

Chris instantly got off the bed, kneeling down at the side. I had to move, repositioning myself in front of him. I brought my right foot to my nose, inhaling the scent. "Mmm, mommy's feet stink! Are you sure you want to suck on them?!" I teased. "Yes! Please, mom!" "Open up your mouth!" I said, bringing my right foot towards him. "Keep it open!" I said sternly. I stuffed my big toe in his mouth, hooking the inside of his cheek and pulling it to the side.

Chris grunted, noticeably from the pain, causing me to laugh as I slapped him hard with my left foot. As the strike landed, my toes got caught up in his mouth, causing Chris to begin sucking. "Did mommy say you could do that!" I shouted, pulling my foot away.

"Open up again!" This time I shoved my entire right foot in his mouth, laughing as he gagged on them. He was obeying my orders though, using every ounce of self-control he could muster to not clamp his lips and tongue around my toes. I glared madly at him, choking him with my right foot as my left one danced on his face. "Now you can suck mommy off!" I instructed, getting his tongue to respond instantly.

Chris moaned loudly, holding my ankle still as he slobbered all over my feet. His tongue explored wildly between every crevice of my toes, even the tips of my nails were not ignored. "You better do a good job, honey! Mommy want's the smell completely gone!" I ordered, slapping him yet again. "Yes, mom!" he said obediently, moving to my sole now, licking the entire length of my foot. I let his tongue clean me off nicely for a few more seconds before shoving my heel into his mouth, forcing him to suck on it.

I laughed loudly, sounding almost evil, even to my own ears. When I felt satisfied, I took my right foot away and replaced it in front of him with my left, letting him repeat the same actions. "Hmmm, looks like you did a good job honey!" I said, sniffing my clean foot.

"Thanks, mom" he said happily, his drool dripping down his chin and onto my toes. As I watched him work passionately, I pulled my shorts down, gently rubbing my pussy. "Did you want to eat mommy's pussy as well?" I teased, seeing Chris stare at my fingers. "Mhmm!" he nodded, rushing forward.

I giggled at his desperation, bringing both my feet next to my pussy, allowing his mouth to alternate. With his lips buried in me, I took the chance to glance at the mirror, trying to see my sister. Knowing she was safe as well, Lily took a step out of the bathroom to show me. She was bottomless, her right hand pumping through her pussy while the left one was pinching her nipple hard. She had even gagged herself with her thong in attempt to hide her moans.

It looked so incredibly hot, especially the contorted look on her face! "Oh you thought this was hot, just wait and see!" I thought, smirking at her. "Get on the bed, honey. Lie here" I said, pointing at the foot end of the bed. My sister quickly stepped back into the shadow, hiding herself as Chris was now much closer to the mirror and could easily have seen her if he looked.

But, I wasn't about to give him that chance. I walked over to where his face was and slid my shorts and thong off, leaving my ass bare. "Scoot closer to mommy" I instructed, pulling his hand. "Mommy's going to use your face now!" "Yes!

Please sit on me!" he said, causing another moan to come from the bathroom. This time Chris seemed to notice as his head was about to move, but before he could say anything or get up; I sat down on his face, smashing him back on the bed. Any curiosity he had about Lily's moaning was gone, replaced by his own. His tongue darted inside my asshole, pushing it in deeper and deeper. I didn't give him any slack, sitting down on his face as if he was nothing more than just a chair.

"You like that, huh?! You like mommy's sweaty asshole in your mouth, don't you?!" I teased, wriggling my ass. "Such a good little fucktoy!" Chris could only grunt, his hands clasping around my thighs to keep me on his face.

"Come out" I mouthed to my sister, causing her to take a step out of the bathroom. She walked out hesitantly, carefully surveying the scene before realizing that there was no way Chris could see anything with my entire ass on his face. Lily was still in shock by it all, staring speechlessly at what I was doing with Chris. "Keep still!" I said, slapping him on the shoulder.

When I felt Chris stopped moving, I began grinding on his face, dragging my ass and pussy over his waiting tongue. I picked up speed, staring at my sister the entire, as a way of saying "Yeah, I am doing that with my own son! And he loves every second of it!" Lily gasped again, this time her eyes looking behind me.

I turned back to see Chris had pulled his cock out, stroking it furiously as his tongue continued to pleasure me. I laughed loudly, grinding even harder on his face. The combination of everything was sending me close to the edge. I could feel my orgasm building, and oh so badly did I want Lily to see Chris lap at every drip of juice my pussy could give. "Are you ready to be mommy's toilet?! Mommy's about to cum!" I screamed.

Chris grunted loudly from my words. I could feel his tongue work even faster, pumping in and out of my ass. "Oh Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Here it comes!" I screamed, lifting my ass just an inch off my face so I could blast Chris with my squirt.

He immediately opened his mouth, inviting as much of it in as he could. He was able to catch a good amount of it, but even more covered his face. When my squirting ended, he was drenched, yet he still pulled me back down, hungrily trying to get more. I could only stare at my sister, sitting in my post-orgasm euphoria, letting her digest the scene in front of her.

We smiled at each other, just enjoying the moment. I quickly motioned with my hand for her to return to the bathroom, getting out of sight again. And just as I was about to turn around and finish Chris, I noticed he had beat me to it. His cock was already limp, with just a tiny bit of cum around his shorts.

I guess it's only fitting after what I had put him through already! "Oh my god mom!" he panted, wheezing for breath when I got off him. I lay down next to Chris, with my head by his legs, exhausted as much as he was. "You ready for dinner?" I asked. "Yeah, I'm hungry as shit.

Where to" he asked, still recovering his breath. "Let's just go to the diner by the hotel lobby. I want to go dip in the pool later" I answered. "Ok, mom. Whatever you say." I sat back up, helping clean Chris' cock off with my mouth before sending him on his way to go change. "Enjoy the show?" I asked rhetorically, walking to the bathroom. "I.I don't even know what to say" Lily said. I guess for the first time she was left speechless! "Well I'd start by putting your clothe back on!" I joked, seeing her still bottomless.

She laughed, grabbing the shorts on the bathroom counter and sliding them back on. "That was hotter than anything I've ever seen on the internet" she answered blatantly. "I…I…" she stuttered, looking nervously at me.

"You what?" I smiled. "I wanted it to be me!" she blurted out. "I'm sorry Jen. I'm just being honest! Please don't get mad!" I laughed a little, already knowing that she was going to say that.

I didn't blame her; any woman probably would've wanted to after seeing how strong I came. "It's okay, sis. I understand. I mean I don't know if I'd be okay with it happening, but I understand you'd want to" I said, smiling genuinely at her. "I know. But I want to so baaad now!" she exclaimed, making us both laugh.

"And the way he worshipped your feet! Ah!" she moaned. "Yeah, he likes that a lot!" I answered. "I never had a kinky side for it, but after the first time, I couldn't get enough of his tongue on my toes either!" Lily pouted her lips at me.

"I didn't mean to rub it in!" I exclaimed, slapping her arm. "How about when we go to the pool you ask him for a foot massage!" "Really?!" she shouted, her eyes lighting up.

"Could I?!" "Yeah! I'll pretend to doze off. I want to see what he does!" "You're not worried about him liking mine more?" my sister teased back. I giggled at her joke. "There's no way that'll happen! No matter how hard you try!" I said, confidently. "Let's go grab dinner then! I can't wait!" Lily said excitedly. I quickly changed into my 2 piece swimsuit and put a on a pair of regular T-shirts and shorts over it before heading off to Chris' room and getting him.

We walked down to the diner, being joined by my sister a little later than I expected. The food was quite pleasant, although the service was a slower than we would've liked. Or maybe it just seemed that way since we were all so starved. But as soon as we finished, we headed off to the indoor swimming pool. The smell of chlorine hit my face mercilessly, almost causing me to reconsider.

But the entire room was heated nicely, very comfortable to walk around. Given the size of the hotel, there was an expected amount of people there as well, ranging from young couples to families alike, all here just to enjoy the holidays. "Let's go over there. There seems to be a few empty seats!" I said, pointing across the pool. "Mom, look there's night lights on the edges" Chris said surprisingly, pointing to the ledges.

"Oh yeah! I was wondering why it seemed like the pool was glowing" my sister said. "I'm gonna go for a swim" Chris said, peeling off his shirt and jumping into the pool. "When can I ask him?!" my sister shrieked, as soon as Chris was out of hearing range.

"I dunno. When he comes back I guess?" I said, giggling. "Here put on some sunglasses and pretend to sleep!" she said, handing me them "What?! It's night time!" I said, looking at her dumbfounded. "Oh come on, Jen! Don't ruin this for me! I might only get this once chance!" "Fine!" I said, feigning dissatisfaction.

In reality, I was just as excited as her to see what Chris would do. I did as Lily asked, putting them on and lying down comfortably on the pool chair, at an angle that I could still see everything in front of me. She was waiting restlessly, fidgeting around in her seat as she read her e-book. Finally, in what seemed like forever for both of us, Chris returned back to our seats. "Is my mom sleeping?" he whispered, drying himself off. "Yeah, I think she dozed off" Lily answered, looking over at me.

"How's the water?" "It's nice. It's really warm!" he smiled. "I'll have to try it in a second then!" she said, reaching into her purse. When I saw her pull out a bottle of lotion, I almost laughed, giving myself away. It was brand new too, still having the sticker on it!

That must've been what took her so long to come to dinner! I watched as she began casually applying it to her thighs, making her way down to her legs. Chris' reaction was exactly as I expected, his eyes staring at his aunt, unable to resist. He kept glancing over at me, seeing if I was watching him or not, but he couldn't tell through the sunglasses.

My sister was pulling out all the stops too! Her red bikini, that had looked very plain when it was just me and her, was now all of a sudden showing more of her cleavage. She had pulled her top lower on purpose!

Lily was only an inch shorter than me, but I had to admit she had amazing tits. I was always jealous of them growing up. Even when she was Chris' age, she was already my size, and I was 8 years older than her!

It was only after having kids that I had caught up. But being younger, they were naturally perky even without the help of yoga or exercise. And now those same tits were pouring out of her top, trying to seduce my son!

I watched as my sister teasingly brushed her long black hair too, smiling up at Chris as she did so. I had no idea she was going to do this. In a way, I guess it was my fault when I challenged her by saying she "could try as hard as she wants." I guess she took that statement literally!

I wasn't really worried about Chris' feelings, knowing that he was true to me. It was simply his teenage libido that was causing his eyes to wander up and down his aunt's body. And I trusted my sister more than anyone else in the world, so there was no jealously at all.

More than anything, I was getting turned on watching her have this effect on Chris! "Hey Chris while you're up, do you mind applying the lotion to my calves? I'm a little tired from the day and just want to relax a bit" she said, handing the bottle to him. Chris looked over at me. I could see the struggle on his face. He didn't want to betray me but also couldn't exactly turn down his aunt's request without giving away what we had going on. "uhmm Okay, aunt Lily" he said, taking a seat in front of her.

I watched Chris intently, his hands gently squirting out some lotion and applying it to my sister's left calf, massaging it tenderly. He was doing his best to stay away from her feet, but I could tell his eyes were only staring there. My sister had learned fast too, she was wriggling her toes right in front of him, trying to draw his attention!

"Do you mind doing my feet too, Chris?" Lily asked politely, trying to hide her excitement. Chris nodded. I could see him take a big gulp and exhale deeply as his hands slid on the bottom of Lily's soles.

"uugghh" my sister moaned softly. "What?" Chris asked, looking up in surprise.


"Oh nothing! It just felt nice!" she said. "Please continue, it feels really good!" Chris smiled, feeling a little more relaxed after my sister's comment. I could tell from his face that he was getting more into it now, slowly losing sense of where he was.

He was no longer checking my reaction, only focusing on his aunt's feet and how far he could go. He started out very innocent, mostly just spreading the lotion on her soles and ankle, with the occasional attention paid to her toes. But as my sister complimented him more, he grew more confident, his hands squeezing and scrunching up her soles. His fingers also delicately slid between each of her toes, teasing the tip of each one with his touch. "Ahh it tickles!" my sister, giggled.

"Don't stop though!" Chris smiled, happy that she was okay with it. "Your feet are really soft Aunt Lily" he stammered, his face turning red. "Thank you!" she beamed. "Your hands feel nice too!" Chris was no longer applying any lotion either, giving into his foot fetish almost completely. My sister was trying to take it farther, ever so subtly pushing her toes closer and closer to his mouth. I could see Lily inching her head forward every time her toes made progress.

Chris' face looked to be in agony. He wanted so bad to just in give in to his temptation and suck on his aunt's toes, but he resisted. I wasn't sure if it was because of me or if he was scared of what Lily would say. Regardless, I felt proud that he didn't, yet wished so much that he did!

Maybe it was for the better, as there was no way I could stay quiet if he did start sucking on them. "I think…I think I got it all" Chris said, taking his hands away all of a sudden. "I'm gonna wake my mom up!" he said, rushing towards me. He looked so nervous! Chris gave my shoulder a gentle shake as I pretended to wake from my nap. "Uughh? Did I fall asleep?" I said, faking a yawn. "Not long, mom. Do you want to go in the water?" he asked. "In a little bit honey. I'm going to call your grandma and see how your sister's doing" I said.

"You go ahead first." Chris quickly jumped back in the water, trying to keep his eyes away from his aunt. "Oww!" I squealed, feeling Lily's hand across my arm. "I was so close!" she shrieked. "Why does he have to love you so much!" she exclaimed, breaking down laughing at the end. "I told you it didn't matter!" I shot back, gloating. "Would you have been angry if I did?" she asked, looking at me sincerely for my answer.

"No. I was getting turned on" I smiled. "Does that mean I could?! Please Jen! I was so tempted to just shove my toes in his mouth!

I could tell he wanted it too!" she begged. I looked at my sister, wanting it to happen almost as much as her. "That's up to you. If you can find a way, sure!" "YES!!!!" "But, but…but, I want to watch" I grinned. "Ok, fair enough" she nodded.

"Well I'm going to call mom and check on Jessie. Here's another chance!" I said, pointing towards the pool. Lily smiled at me, tugging her top down a little more, before jumping in. I called my mom, happily finding out they were going to see a movie with the girls. Great, even more time with Chris now! I quickly scanned the pool, finding my sister and Chris at the opposite side, before joining them.

"Mom!" he said excitedly, noticeably more relaxed with me here too. "The water IS really warm!" I exclaimed, dipping my head underneath. "Oh Chris, you have something on your hair!" my sister said, walking towards him.

"Here let me get it!" Lily stared mischievously at me. I was wondering what she was doing then I saw it; she was pressing her tits into his arm! It looked accidental at first, as if she really was trying to help him. But I could tell there was nothing on his hair, she was just using it as an excuse to get closer to him. Chris was trying to move away, but the more he did, the more my sister chased after him.

"I didn't get it yet!" she laughed, catching him and holding him in a hug. She held him tightly, rubbing her tits blatantly across his arm. I could see her purposefully moving her chest side to side! "Ok, there!" she said, picking up nothing. "oh.uhm thanks Aunt Lily" Chris said, his face turning a little red.

"So where is Jessie?" he asked, trying to change the subject. "She's at the theatre with your grandma. And your dad and them is at a bar, so I guess it's just us for a bit" I smiled. "oh that looks fun!" my sister said, pointing at a kid who was sitting on his dad's shoulders.

"Could I try Chris?" Chris looked bewildered, glancing over at me for guidance. "I get next!" I shouted, letting him know it was okay. "Ok, get down a bit!" my sister said, pushing Chris' shoulder's down. I watched his head disappear underwater, and my sister, with a huge smile on her face, slowly climb on his shoulder.

It was quite a sight when I saw them rise out of the water together. "Hahaha, whoo!" my sister yelped, causing others to look at her for a second. She held Chris' hair tightly, using it to stabilize herself. "Chris hold me up! I'm gonna fall otherwise!" Chris' hands reached up, holding onto Lily's knees.

But being as devious as she was, Lily stuck her tongue out at me, moving his hands higher up so that they were firmly on her thighs. "Now march!" she joked, pointing forward. Chris laughed, taking a few steps forward.

Lily had crossed her feet together, bouncing them slightly on his stomach at first. And even under water, I could tell that she was trying to touch Chris' cock through his swimming shorts! I could see him struggle a bit, if only to make sure that her feet didn't accidentally bump into his hard-on. And as much as I wanted to see what would happen, I didn't want Chris to be embarrassed, at least not in public.

"My turn, honey?" I said, looking at Chris. "Sure. Aunt Lily?" he said, looking up. My sister gave me an evil stare, reluctantly diving to the side and getting off. "That looked fun! Mommy's turn!" I said, grabbing a hold of his cock underwater.

It was rock hard, just like I expected! I used the same method as my sister to climb on his shoulder, sitting down comfortably. Now it was my turn to show Lily how it was really done! Immediately, I took his hands, but instead of bringing them to my thigh, I brought them to my ass, supporting me that way! I could feel his index finger inside my bottoms, inches away from my asshole!

"Go ahead, move honey!" I said, touching his body with my feet at the same time. With the safety of the water covering us, my toes began digging inside his trunks, trying to find his cock. Chris fought me a little, but I held his hands firmly on my ass, not letting him stop me. Unfortunately, his trunks were tied on too tight and I was forced to play with his cock outside of them.

As he moved around, I had the urge to pee again. I was going to just go in the water, but now sitting on top of his shoulders, I couldn't resist. I began letting out my stream, pissing on Chris' neck and the back of his head. I could feel his body react, realizing what was going on. But he did a good job accepting it, letting my piss trickle down his back.

I had no idea if anyone else could see, but I doubted it. As I peed, I grinded my pussy on his neck, trying to pleasure myself at the same time.

"Mom, are you almost done?" he whispered, when we had walked far away enough for my sister to not hear. "Almost honey! Loosen your trunks a bit!" I said, tugging at them with my toes. "But, mom-" "Just do it!" He did as I asked, letting my toes finally feel his bare cock.

It definitely felt weird underwater, as I was hardly able to feel its texture at all. Still, I massaged the head of his cock between my toes, tugging at it gently. "Fuck, that feels good mom!" he said. "Set me down for a bit!" I said when we reached the edge. Chris turned around to let me comfortably slide off his shoulder and take a seat on the ledge.

I took one quick glance around to make sure no one else was watching before turning his shoulders toward me and plunging his face into my pussy. "Can you taste mommy's pee?!" I whispered, laughing. Chris didn't stop me, his tongue sucking loudly on my bikini bottoms, tasting me through the fabric. "That's it honey! Make sure mommy's clean!" I said, grinding on his face for a few more seconds before pushing him off.

I didn't want to get carried away too far now! Chris surprised me though, diving his head right back, trying to get more! I let him, staring at my sister, watching as she gradually realized why we weren't moving anymore. She looked almost furious, furious at the fact that I was reaping all the benefits of her flirting from earlier!

"You taste so good mom!" he moaned. I giggled at his excitement. "Let's head back to you aunt before she notices anything!" I said, climbing back on his shoulder. I looked at Lily, waiting for her reaction.

She didn't change her gaze, just shaking her head. "That's what you get for trying to top me!" I thought, proud of myself. It did feel slightly wrong that we were using Chris to compete with each other, but I could tell he was getting a huge kick out of it as well. We fooled around a little bit more in the pool, getting less and less risky as it emptied. Finally around 9, we decided to get out of the water as well, returning to our seats.

As we dried ourselves, I could still see my sister being her ever persistent self. She was bending over, drying her feet extra slow and casually bumping to Chris on "accident" with her ass. I enjoyed watching Chris squirm, so instead of trying to help him, I stepped behind him, pretending to not notice, and sandwiched him between us and the two pool chairs on his side. I could see my sister rubbing her ass more and more on his leg, trying to maneuver herself so that she could grind against his cock!

Chris was staring forward, trying to think about anything but his aunt's bubbly ass touching him. I had to admit it was as funny as it was sexy! "Mom. Could I…could I get through" he said, pointing past me. I couldn't come up with a good excuse to keep him there so reluctantly stepped aside, upsetting my sister immediately.

"I'm going to keep trying! He'll cave at some point!" she said, looking at me. I laughed, pondering who would actually give in first. "No taking things too far, or without me there!" I said, sternly. She nodded her head in agreement. "I know, Jen. Thanks for being so cool about it!" she exclaimed, hugging me.

I could feel her tits being pressed against my side. "Shouldn't you being saving that for your nephew!" I joked. "Wow, how long has it been pouring like this?" I said in surprise, walking out of the pool and seeing the massive rainfall coming out the lobby window. "Just started m'am" a hotel employee said. "It'll last a while though." I reached for my phone, calling my husband to see if he was back yet. "No, we're still at the bar. It's pouring outside, I don't think it's a good idea to leave" he said.

I could hear the phony sound of disappointment in his voice, but I didn't mind too much. "Ok, just come back afterwards" I said calmly, hanging up. "Dad?" Chris asked. "Yup. He'll be back later tonight" I said. "Do you want to go watch a movie or something?" I asked. "Yeah, that sounds fun!" my sister exclaimed. "Sure, that sounds fine" Chris answered. "Outside or…?" "Let's just go to your room.

We can order a movie from there!" I said, clicking on the up button of the elevator. We all quickly changed before rendezvousing at Chris' door. I was glad to see his room was set the same as mine; one large queen sized bed in front of the TV with just two small sofa chairs scattered at a table on the left.

I dimmed the lights and plopped down on the bed. "Come on honey!" I said, patting down to the spot beside me. I made sure to take the inside, forcing Chris to sit down on my left, next to where Lily was seated. "Oh, your daughter's back" Lily said, flipping through the selection of movies. "Is my mom there?" "No, but relax Jen. She'll be fine. Liz is there too" Lily said. We decided on a classic comedy that kept the mood light and happy.

"I'm gonna get some popcorn!" my sister said, digging through the hotel room's mini bar. She heated up two bags in the microwave, handing one to Chris and I and keeping one for herself. I snuggled up to Chris, feeling that he was already a little on the edge as he took glances at his aunt. To help him a little, I pulled the blanket up to our waist, giving us some cover.

For the first few minutes, we all just sat watching and enjoying the movie. But soon enough, my kinky side returned. My left hand, which had stayed outside the covers, slowly moved underneath, feeling towards his cock.

Chris let me gently rub it outside his shorts, moaning softly every time I squeezed it. He did an admirable job of keeping his eyes on the movie, not giving anything away. Well that's no fun! With my hand not having the effect I wanted, I began sliding it inside his waistband, fighting through his struggles and firmly wrapping my fingers around his cock.

I pumped him gently, feeding him popcorn at the same time with my right hand. While Chris' eyes were still focused on the movie, I sat back on the bed frame, staring at my sister to let her know what was going on. She shook her head at me, mouth slightly open, frustrated that I could do to Chris what she wanted for herself! It made me giggle, sticking my tongue out to tease her.

"So did you have fun today, Chris?" Lily asked, trying to make light conversation. "Yeah, it was a lot of fun!" he said, turning to his aunt and smiling. "And you?" "Of course she did! Your aunt was yelling all afternoon on the rides!!" I joked, answering for her. "Oh please, sis! I wouldn't be talking, you were every bit as loud as me!" she exclaimed, telling the truth. "Still, to answer your question Chris, yes it was a lot of fun!" she smiled.

"Just really tired, especially my feet" she said, grinning at me. "It's still a little sore. Chris could you give me another massage?" she asked, slipping her feet out of her flip-flops. "uhmm…uh" Chris stuttered, looking at me. Even though it would stop me from messing around with Chris, I still wanted to see it! "He's great at them!" I smiled at Chris. "Go ahead honey!" I said, pulling my hand back above the blanket.

My sister happily moved her sofa chair closer to the bed, allowing her to put her feet on his lap. Chris was still hesitant, his hands nervously holding on to her foot and only gently rubbing it.

Now it was my turn to pretend nothing was happening as I kept my concentration on the TV, laughing loudly at the jokes. Lily copied me, trying to make Chris comfortable with what was going on. It took a few minutes, but gradually he loosened up as well, watching the movie while his hands massaged Lily's feet. Every once in a while he would look down, marveling at what he was doing.

"He is good!" my sister exclaimed, looking past Chris and at me. "I told you!" I smiled, kissing Chris on the cheek. Even in the poor lighting, I could see his face had turned a little red, but it came with a smile too! It seemed our words of encouragement really put him at ease, because his hands were much bolder now. He openly played with his aunt's feet, no longer massaging, but just enjoying the feeling of her toes and sole in his hand.

I was getting so turned on watching him, and I could tell my sister was feeling the exact same way. And whether he knew it or not, he had pulled his aunt's feet even closer to him, rubbing her ankles and even her calves. I looked down, seeing my sister ever so slightly pressing her heel rhythmically up and down, exactly where his cock was!

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I had no idea if she was pressing hard enough for Chris to feel it or not, but it looked so sexy from where I was sitting! My right hand had slowly found my own pussy, rubbing it lightly as I watched my son grope my sister's feet right in front of me. "Ooops! You dropped one!" Lily giggled, feeling popcorn hit her foot. "Here you go!" she said picking it up between her toes and holding it up. "Thanks" Chris mumbled, holding his palm out to catch it. "Let's see if you can get it up all the way!" I laughed, throwing another one on Chris' lap.

My sister's smile widened, her toes immediately reaching to pick it up. She grabbed it without any problem, slowly bringing it towards Chris' mouth. He looked over at me for permission, which I gave to him with a big smile. Not afraid anymore, he reached forward with his mouth and plucked it off her toes, only lightly brushing his tongue against it. I could tell my sister was just as disappointed as me. "Doesn't count Lily.

You used almost all of your toes! Pick it up using only two!" I exclaimed, letting her try again. it took a little longer, but she was able to carefully grasp one between her big and ring toe. This time when she went to bring it up for Chris, she pushed her foot forward slightly just as Chris' mouth approached her, causing him to swallow a few of her toes. "Uugggh" my sister moaned softly.

Chris was caught off guard too, but still gladly removed the popcorn with his tongue, teasing Lily's toes in the process. "Ahh, there's still butter on them!" she shrieked. "Get it all off!" she exclaimed, pushing her foot forward again. I giggled loudly at her expression, causing Chris to do so as well. This time he openly moved forward, taking my sister's toes in his mouth. He slurped on them, slithering his tongue between her big and ring toe, cleaning off the butter.

But as we kept laughing, especially Lily, Chris kept her foot in his mouth, sucking on the two toes lightly. We all knew he wasn't cleaning anything off anymore, but neither my sister nor I said a word, just watching as Chris sucked from her big toe all the way to her pinky.

"Good job!" she exclaimed, "And here's your prize!" she exclaimed, holding up her left foot with another popcorn ready. Chris happily accepted it, holding my sister's foot on his own now as he slurped on her toes again after eating the popcorn. As he sucked on each one, he looked over to his aunt for her reaction. And after seeing her beaming smile, Chris pulled her foot closer, licking the top of her soles lightly.

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I was fingering myself hard now, jamming my index and middle finger out as fast as I could without making it blatantly obvious. The bed was shaking ever so gently, but Chris was so caught up in worshipping Lily's feet that he didn't notice at all. As she enjoyed Chris' tongue, Lily was rubbing her left foot on top of the sheets, looking for his cock again. It didn't take long before she found it, as she began rubbing the same spot over and over again!

"I think it's clean" he said, letting go of her foot gently. Chris reorganized himself, moving around in the bed so that my sister couldn't get a good hold of him anymore. It seemed he was still hesitant to go that far, at least not without my permission. "Thanks, Chris!" Lily exclaimed, scooting back on her seat. In her attempt to feel Chris' cock, she had almost slid completely off! "You look uncomfortable, sis. Do you want to sit next to us?

There's lots of space!" I said. "Sure! Is that okay with you Chris?" "Yeah, that's fine" he stammered. I moved closer to the edge on my side, letting Chris scoot over as well to make room for Lily. "Nice and cozy!" she exclaimed, getting under the blanket. For the next few minutes, we sat quietly watching the movie, trying to comprehend what was going on after our little "break." Every once in a while, I continued to feed Chris some popcorn, which he accepted willingly.

Lily was quick to pick up on this, joining me as well. "Thanks, Aunt Lily!" Chris smiled, the first time she did. But unlike me, who did it occasionally, Lily was much more consistent. I also noticed that the way she was doing it, Chris was forced to at least lick the tip of her fingers.

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I was so turned on watching that I stopped altogether, letting my sister take over completely. The first few trips were not too out of the ordinary, her fingertips just lightly brushing inside his lips. But as she carried on more, and Chris got used to it, her touch became longer, lingering her fingertips in his mouth.

By the time it had been going on for ten minutes, Chris was starting to suck on her fingers each time she fed him. It looked so hot! I didn't say anything, just casually enjoying the scene in front of me as they continued. I could tell he was getting into it too, dropping his chin down on his own in request for more.

When Lily brought it up to her, Chris would pluck the popcorn out quickly before sucking half the length of her index finger, slurping on it loudly before moving onto another one. "Ooh it's a little chilly!" my sister exclaimed, snuggling up to Chris even more. She grabbed his arm, swinging it around her shoulders.

And as she distracted his mouth with the popcorn, Lily was creeping closer and closer to Chris, until she had her left arm on his lap, nestled into him the way I normally did! Her entire body was on her side, leaning against Chris', causing his hand to rest on her hip. It took a few minutes, but I noticed that Lily had switched hands to feed Chris, using her right hand instead of her left. I got curious and leaned back against the bedframe, peering over Chris' shoulder to see what she was up to.

The reason she had switched was because her left hand was holding Chris', lightly rubbing it on her hip. She had kicked away her side of the blanket, letting Chris' hand rest on her shorts, inches away from her ass! Her actions were subtle, but inch by inch, she slowly moved Chris' hand to the back of her leg, letting him feel her hamstring and the edges of her shorts.

Chris was still a little cautious about it all, checking how I reacted every few minutes. And every time he did, I made sure to smile at him and nod, letting him carry on as he wished. With my approval, Chris' left hand began feeling up my sister's leg, his fingers dancing against her skin. Lily, to give him better access, swung her left leg out of the blanket completely, letting it rest in the open for Chris to play with.

He was still a bit timid, but she fixed it by holding his hand, guiding it directly on her ass. I had stopped watching the movie entirely, only focusing my attention on the two of them. Chris kept his eyes on the screen, either too shy or embarrassed to look at us.

His hand however, was doing exactly what Lily wanted, roaming freely up and down her leg. He was openly grabbing her ass now, feeling the thickness of her flesh through her shorts. "Mhmm" my sister moaned, loud enough for us all to hear. "More popcorn Chris?" she asked, holding another one up for him.

This time as Chris reached down to eat it, she pushed her own finger into his mouth, swirling it around. Chris used his free hand to hold my sister's wrist, sucking off her fingers tenderly. When he pulled it out, Lily surprised us all by leaning in to kiss him. "Mhmm" my sister moaned, smacking her lips loudly against Chris'.

He reluctantly broke it off, looking at her a bit shocked before turning to me for direction. I answered him with a kiss of mine, holding his face warmly as we made out. It wasn't overtly sexual, more romantic than anything. I needed to let him know that I was okay with was going on. "He's a good kisser!" my sister giggled. "I know " I answered, smiling at Chris. "Honey, why don't you show your aunt just how good you are!" I said, pushing his face towards Lily.

Chris nodded, turning back to her and embracing her mouth again. This time he was noticeably more passionate, his head rocking rhythmically with Lily's, sucking on her tongue loudly as they made out. The feeling coursing through my body was overwhelming! There was only a tiny hint of jealousy, but it was completely masked by how turned on I was! My sister, finally free from tiptoeing around, swung herself over, straddling on top of him as they continued to make out.

She was rocking her body gently, trying to grind against Chris' cock through the blanket. "ohhh! Suck on my tongue more Chris!" she exclaimed, her eyes completely shut, lost in pleasure. Chris pulled Lily closer to him, holding her ass tightly in his palms. I watched the two of them give in to temptation, joining in occasionally to make out with Chris before pushing him back to my sister. Just a few hours ago, I would never have thought this would happen.

But Lily had been so persistent, and surprisingly patient, that she wore Chris down slowly, gradually letting him give in to his teenage desires.

My phone buzzed, cutting off the mood completely. "I'm sorry. I'll take it outside, please continue" I exclaimed. It was Charles, letting me know that, now with the storm passed, they were coming back to the hotel. I quickly called him back, getting an ETA for how fast we had to wrap things up. I snuck back inside, observing them quietly. "Could on suck on your toes again, Aunt Lily?" Chris asked, staring in her eyes.

"Sure!" she smiled, leaning back and crossing her feet in front of his mouth. "Uuggghhh" Chris moaned, tasting her toes again. Lily had learned from me well too, pushing her toes softly n his mouth instead of just letting him do the work! When Chris did see me, he paused instinctively, before returning his attention back to his aunt. "Your dad's back soon. And Lily, Could you be back with Jessie before it gets too late? I don't want her to get out of hand" I said, looking at her.

My sister kept her eyes on Chris, wriggling her toes in his mouth. "Sure thing, sis" she answered. "Chris was just finishing up his massage here." I sat down beside Lily, smiling at Chris.

"What does your aunt's toes taste like?" I teased. "Like…like chlorine" he answered, making us all laugh. "Well you have to try it once without that taste!" Lily exclaimed.

"I promise it's a lot better!" she whispered playfully. "This…this isn't so bad' he said, sticking both my sister's big toes into her mouth. Chris continued for another minute before we heard the voices of the guys outside, letting us know our night had come to an end. "I better get going" Lily said, pulling her foot back. "Thanks for the massage Chris! My feet feel so much better!" she exclaimed, kissing him again on the lip.

I could tell she was trying to pull herself away, but her desires wouldn't let her, keeping her there for another minute as they made out. When she finally did leave, Chris and I immediately embraced for our own kiss, both horny as fuck after an entire evening of sexual flirting. My hands reached for his cock, pulling it out of shorts and engulfing it in my mouth. "Oh fuck, mom!" he exclaimed, panting loudly. I only had the pleasure of sucking his cock for a few seconds before he came violently in my mouth.

It looked like with my sister and I both working him, even his stamina couldn't compete! "Did you enjoy watching the movie with your aunt?" I asked, hinting at what I really meant. "Yeah. I enjoyed it a lot mom" he smiled, "but only if you did too!" he quickly added. "I mean, I'd watch it if you were here mom, but not if you weren't" he answered. I smiled at him, understanding perfectly what he meant. "I know honey!" I said, kissing him. "Does…does aunt Lily know about us?" he asked, just to make sure.

Chris was a smart boy, and I knew I didn't need to beat around the bush much. "She caught us when we were making out in the kitchen" I answered. "Ah, okay. I was wondering why she was being very…handsy with me in the pool" he chuckled. "She's just having fun! I hope you did too honey" I smiled, kissing him. "I did mom.

But only if you're okay with it" he said, "otherwise I would never. I love you too much, mom." "I know honey, mommy loves you too! But I have to admit, it's pretty sexy seeing your aunt unable to resist you either!" I giggled. "Ok, it's been a really long day.

You should get some sleep. As we're doing the same thing again tomorrow!" I winked. Author's note: This chapter wasn't as action packed as some of the previous ones, but it served as a necessary buildup for the following one. Also, with the overwhelming requests for foot fetish scenes, I made sure to include a few new ones here. I enjoyed a lot of the suggestions made by you guys and included a lot of them, with some more possibly coming in later chapters as well.

So please keep the suggestions and requests coming. I can't do them all obviously, but they help me a lot in forming ideas and what you guys would like to read. If it's something more in depth, feel free to PM me. The next chapter will be out a little bit later than I expected, most likely Monday or Tuesday.