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Tiny teen fucks huge cock ranch affair
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Rita and Nita Willis were 18 Yr old Seniors at my high school. They were tall with long sexy legs. I suppose that was the first reason I lusted after them since I was and always have been a leg man.

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I was a very shy young man who thought women were God's most beautiful creation but could never get up the nerve to approach them for a date. Of course, the two strikingly beautiful curvaceous brunette twins didn't exactly go unnoticed at East Burke High School.

Boys hung around them by the score and were lined up around them asking for dates. Dang it, they were so nice, clever, engaging, and funny,that was what made what happened to them so unfair.

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May 17th started normal, like any other day. We were just 2 weeks from graduation. I left my house in the little nearby town about 8 am, fuelled by a cup of orange juice, put the rock and roll music station on the radio and drove the ten miles west to the school. When I got there, there was an announcement to go to the gymtorium immediately.

The principal was at the podium getting ready to address a transfixed audience. I noticed with some unease that several of the female staff members and some of the female students were in tears. It turned out that Rita and Nita, the two beautiful objects of my lust, had been killed in a car crash the previous evening. They had accepted a ride from an older college guy they knew who lived nearby whose attorney father had bought him a new corvette.

He had been been drinking and As he drove through the curvy back-roads at break-neck speed he unsurprisingly lost control of his car and slid into a tree sideways; the twins, who had not been wearing seatbelts, had been ejected out of the car into the field. "They were both pronounced dead at the scene……", the Principal went on, his voice betraying a sincere sadness. "Please keep their family in your thoughts and prayers.

The young man is in a coma and isn't expected to survive. His family has also asked for our thoughts and prayers". All I could think of was that they were dead, the twins were dead and how could that happen to them?

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Their cute smiles, their soft soothing voices, their intelligent minds and their sexy bodies with their long nylon stocking clad legs were dead. All their hopes and dreams for the future. All that potential. DEAD SOOooo DEAD! They would have no careers or ever get married and have children, now they were simply another two dead teenagers, and would forever remain as such. That day had passed as sort of a blur, with a glum feeling throughout the school and especially in my senior English class that afternoon where they would never again grace the desks in the row beside me.

I couldn't concentrate on the material Mrs. Spruell was presenting; I was thinking about the twins dead bodies. I imagined that Mr Blackwelder had them laid out in all their naked glory at the funeral home by now working on their bodies to get them ready for their funeral. Oh how I would love to be his assistant. Those thoughts gave me a hardon that i had to conceal. The following day I rose out of bed early and picked up the local newspaper. The accident was front page news.


They had photos of Rita and Nita, smiling in their cheerleading uniforms. Under the photo a caption read in bold: 'TWINS DEAD: Willis Sisters are latest road victims' it then went on about the need for a new speed limit on the curves of Alba Mill Road, which of course wouldn't accomplish anything.

It was what was on the next page that made me gasp. The caption read CAR CRASH SCENE, and it showed a the crunched car meshed with the tree; however you could also see the rescue squad and other volunteers carrying two sheet covered gurneys to the waiting hearse. I realized that the twins freshly dead bodies were in those sheet covered gurneys being taken to the funeral home.

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I suddenly could imagine their clothing being removed and them lying nude in the funeral home. My cock suddenly became painfully hard in my pants. My parents were already gone to work so i was alone in the house since my older sister was away in college.

What I did next somewhat shocked me; I unzipped my jeans and got my bulging cock out of my pants, and started masturbating as I thought of the twins.

I remembered dropping a handout in front of Rita the week before in English Class, and catching a glimpse up her skirt at her pantyhosed legs and crotch under the desk; I wondered if she had started the assigned essay due this week but now would never complete it and soon I was wanking with ferocity, "oh, Rita you're so beautiful dead, I want your dead pussy" I was whispering under my breath, hardly aware I was doing it.

Then I pictured Nita back in late March when I was walking behind her to the cafeteria and a sudden gust of wind lifted and blossomed her yellow dress to above her waist so I saw all of her pantyhosed clad legs and ass. "oh, Nita oh, baby, you've got such a beautiful dead ass, so DEAD! I want your dead cunt and ass baby" I was saying and the final thought, I wonder if your boyfriend screwed your pussy last weekend and you had his cum in you and the final louder "DEAD Soooooo DEAD!!!!" brought a jet of hot thick cream out spurting from my erect penis as I continued to milk myself dry.

I then went to the bathroom and cleaned my cock, somewhat ashamed I had gotten so excited about the twins being dead. I got ready and went on to school. Over that day, I found myself pre-occupied with thoughts of their viewing and funerals, which were announced that morning and I knew I wanted to attend. But I had a nagging, irrational fear that maybe their bodies wouldn't be displayed for a public viewing, and I didn't understand why.

The first seeds of my heinous act were already germinating in my mind. I wanted their dead bodies, to see their corpses nude and fuck them. The girls were to have a public viewing followed by church service the next day followed by a private burial at the family crypt.

The evening of the viewing arrived and I went to the funeral home and got in the long viewing line. I could see each twin lying in beautiful repose in her casket in the front of the room before I expressed my condolances to their Mother, Stepfather, Stepsister and brother in the receiving line.

Finally the line got up to Nita's casket. She had never looked more lovelier as she lay there in repose clad in an orchid black and white plaid suit and orchid lace blouse that she had worn often. Her long dark shoulder-length brown hair had its usual fluff and wave on the end. I could see what looked like scratches and abrasions on her face and arms that had been covered by the funeral makeup.MY cock stirred in my pants as I looked at her and then down at the curtain on the lid covering her lower half.

O h how I wished that I could have slid my hand under that curtain and lifted her skirt and rub hher pan The line wound on by Rita's casket. She was clad in a suit and blouse that matched her twin and also had never looked lovelier. As with her sister though there were some scratches and abrasions that had been covered up by the maekup. MY dick continued to grow harder and harder as I looked at her and the sweep curtain on the lower lid. When I got to my car and started home I took out my dick and began to stroke it slowly.

I pulled over behind an old closed convenience store and let the hot cream fly. The day of the funeral arrived, and I early and watched as two hearses containing two oak coffins arrived at the church and were rolled in. The coffins were covered with flowers, and after they had been put on the bier, colour photographs of the sisters in life were placed atop the coffins. After a lovely closed casket service and many tears, the service was ultimately concluded and the two coffins were carried from the church, and I really expected never to see the twin's corpses ever again.

However, over the next several days the devil kept telling me how much I wanted to see and fuck the twins dead bodies. So three days later, I stood in an old graveyard next to a small white grey granite crypt. Almost on autopilot, I snipped the lock shackle with a pair of bolt cutters, and hurried down some steps to the tomb itself, eagerly clutching a flashlight and a crowbar.

Fortunately too, a small skylight had been cut into the chamber above, giving a ray of moonlight; the light from the full moon enabled me to adjust to the dimness and see around the tomb.

There were several seplucers there some dating back a hundred and fifty years for the Willis Familyothers only several years. I'm sure Some contained skeletons, others rotted or rotting remains, but it was the newest two occupants I was interested in checking up on. On the far side of the tomb, on a large granite shelf with a step up, The two oak coffins each lay covered in their seplucers by a thin sheet of granite.

Two bouquets of red roses lay wilting and decaying on top of the granite covers. On the first the nameplate read Rita Anne Willis, Born March 5th, 1951 died May 16th, 1969. I went over to the next seplucer, picked up a decaying rose, and dropped it on the floor. The nameplate read Nita Lynn Willis Born March 5th 1951 died MAy 16th, 1969. Taking the crowbar I had brought, With some difficulty, I slid the granite block off to the side revealing the coffin in the pit.

I opened the upper coffin lid again with some difficulty. There was beautiful Nita, she looked asleep except her paleness gave the game away. I opened the lower lid revealing her sexy corpse below the waist with her knee length skirt nylon clad legs and brown penny loafers. Taking the crowbar again I slid the granite block off to the side revealing the second coffin in the nearby pit.I opened Rita's upper coffin lid, (I didn't want her to feel left out since Nita was my favorite) and this time it opened easier and made less of a noise as I pulled it up.

There was lovely Rita almost a carbon copy of her sister.

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I opened the lower lid and her stocking clad legs came into view. I stood aback and surveyed the two deceased young women lying there in repose. They were beautiful, they lay in their coffins like beautiful, pale sleeping goddesses. I'd was sure now I had made the right decision to come here. I lifted Nita carefully out of her coffin first and lay her on the granite cover, her suit jacket, blouse and skirt came off easily since they were split up the back.I lifted her and unsnapped her white lace bra and I had a pair of nude dead breasts in front of me to feast my eyes upon.

They were certainly lovely. I reached out and caressed both of her cold young titties squeezing them lovingly and gave each a kiss on the nipple before I gave her a passionate kiss on her cold unfeeling lips and to say I was aroused was an understatement.I rolled her on her front momentarily and surveyed her pantyhosed clad dead ass.

My cock was long and hard and I wanted it in her pussy. I pulled out my pocketknife and slit the crotch of her suntan shade pantyhose revealing her white lacy panties. My sharp knife slit the crotch of the panties easily.

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The mortician had her wearing a big kotex sanitary pad underneath which I removed revealing my sought after prize. There in all it's glory was Nita's Willis's bush covered pussy with dark brown curls matted by the pad that had covered them.

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But there was one more obstacle that I had to overcome. The mortician had inserted a small short dowel covered with gauze into her pussy which I removed easily. With no more obstacles in the way ; I shivered with delight as i ran my hands and fingers through the soft pubic hair and over the cold lips of Nita's pussy allowing my finger to go inside until it was fully inserted into the cold crevice. I withdrew and kissed and licked her cunt for a few seconds and then fumbled in my pocket for a small container of vaseline.

I placed a glob on my finger and reinserted it into Nita's dead pussy working it around lubricating her cold clam. My cock was ready for action as I positioned at the entrance to her pussy and forced it in. slowly until my pubic hair meshed with hers. I would never have been able to fuck this young lady had she been alive. She was just out of my class and I would never have gotten up the courage to ask her out on a date.

But here I was humping on her dead body and I was enjoying her dead pussy immensely to say the least. As I came all the way out and thrust in hard her pussy was rubbing my cock just the right way. I felt my balls tighten and on a hard deep thrust; I moaned and came deep inside Nita Willis's pussy; something I had always dreamed about doing. I lay on top of her and marveled at her beautiful face with my cock still inside her. I lay there recovering for a few minutes and stood up. I could see my cum leaking from her pussy.

But I wasn't through with her; I had to have her sexy ass if I could.


I rolled her over on her stomach and grasped the back of her pantyhose and split them further up her ass. It was then that I saw the cork plug protruding from her asshole. With some difficulty I was able to remove it allowing the buildup of smelly gas to be released from her intestines. After running my vaseline covered finger inside her rectum ; my cock was ready again thrusting in and out of Nita's permanently relaxed tight dead butthole, and I ran my fingers through her long hair as I thrust into her.

What had been a smart young student debating the ethics of the political system with our class president only two weeks previously was now simply a receptacle for my throbbing penis to cum in. What she would have thought and done now if she was still capable of thought and action was of course unclear………the only thing that is certain is that she would have never imagined her dead body being used this way.

After I had finished ejaculating into Nita's dead rectum, I rested for a little while still inserted in her ass before I turned my attention to her sister, who, throughout all this, had lain in her casket, awaiting my desires. I was going to enjoy her too. Soon she too was nude except for her slit pantyhose and panties and loafers and I was thrusting my cock into her dead vagina.

She seemed to be somewhat tighter than her sister, but that changed as my cock went to work on her, pressing on her unfeeling nerves in her now dead sexy vagina. Soon I was ejaculating into Rita, and I could imagine my sperm starting its hopeless task of creating life amongst her dead decaying organs. I rolled her over and rubbed a handful of sperm that was leaking from her cunt into her's ass, and plowed right in.

I was by now getting pretty winded and spent so it took some effort and fantasy of her being alive and begging me to fill her ass with my cum for me to actually do it. My lust satisfied; I then re-dressed both corpses, fondling them as I did and put them back inside their coffins, giving them each a kiss before I sealed them back in hopefully for eternity.

It was a couple of days before the breakin was discovered. The damage to the door lock was put down to vandals looking for valuables and apparently nobody checked the bodies of the twins or if they did they just opened the caskets and did a quick look. I sometimes feel a little guilt about what I'd done, but I also sometimes wish that I had stolen their bodies and had sex with them some more.

I know that they must be slowly putrifying in their caskets but that somehow also excites me&hellip.they were such beautiful girls in life how can I resist the urge to fantasize about their bloated rotting bodies? I eventually became Mr Blackwelder's apprentice; then partner and when he died he left me his share of the business.

I never changed the name from Blackwelder Funeral Home out of respect for him. I have prepared many beautiful ladies of all races, ages and sizes for burial over the last 30 yrs or so but I never have been lucky enough to have set of twins grace my prep tables at least not at the same time.

I've had a couple of cases where they died several years apart and several cases where one twin has passed but the other one has not. I'm known in the industry for my cosmetology skills and the ability to give my clients an almost lifelike appearance. I would hope that all of my females clients would be pleased with the way they look for their final public appearance and the last gentle loving I give their tits, cunts and asses.

I'm still hoping for a set of twins before I myself am laid out there cold and dead with my old cock permanently flaccid. By the way my current Funeral Assistant is a tall blonde 39 yr old widow whose late husband was a mortician in another state. But that's another story!