Emily horny blonde coed voyeur naked girlfriend showering

Emily horny blonde coed voyeur naked girlfriend showering
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Becky was apprehensive about starting college, as any freshman would be. Her high school boyfriend, Jason, whom she loved dearly, was going to a different college on the opposite side of the country.

They had to promised to stay together but Becky was worried there would be a lot of temptation for him from all the girls that may be at his college. She hoped he wouldn't forget her and made a vow to herself to stay faithful no matter what.

But there would plenty of temptation for her as well: Becky was going to a big West-Coast college. Becky's incoming class was to be the fifth coed class the college had seen. Becky knew that things would be hard Although Becky knew the student body was more men then women she was still amazed when she arrived on campus to move into her dorm. Everywhere he looked he saw ripped 6 pack masculine figures biking, walking, standing, running and she had to force herself to keep her mouth from hanging open as she drank in the sights.

The next thing she noticed was how with every guy walking by a girl was walking with them. As Becky began unpacking in her room she was greeted by her new roommate.

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"So you're my new roommate" Scott said greeting Becky with a hand shake. "I'm sorry who are you?" Becky asked. "I'm your new roommate Scott. Now I know what your thinking 'I thought I was going to have a female roommate' but unfortunately things aren't what they seem. This is one of the few co-ed universities where both a guy and a girl are placed in the same room together. Now I know that may not seem like its fair but it's how the school is.

But don't worry I know how to take care of things. My last roommate left cause of me not cleaning up but it was mostly her doing anyway" Scott said. "So are you single?" Scott asked.

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"No I'm with someone" Becky replied as she folded her clothes and put them away. "Do they go here?" Scott asked. "No they go out of state" Becky said. "Oh that may not be a good thing then. See the guys here are kinda like hunters.

If you have a boyfriend that goes here they'll back off as long as they see you have a bracelet but if their outside of the school or out of state for that matter thats a different story" Scott said. "What kinda school is this?" Becky asked as she put her hands on her hips. "A very corrupt one. Trust me I've been here for 2 years and I've seen alot of stuff happen with the guys and the girls here.

If you wanna stay taken by your boyfriend I suggest you keep to yourself and ignore everyone here. My first roommate was a french girl named Fleurette. She came to study here and had no desire to go out with anyone. Then one day a guy tried seducing her and she fought back then like a pack of wolves she regretted ever coming here.

She moved out and filed charges against the guys. Their all in jail though" Scott said. "So you mean to tell me if I dont have a boyfriend here I'm gonna get raped?!" Becky asked shocked.

"What? no no no that's not what I meant at all. I was using Fleurette as an example of some of the stuff I've seen. Honest!" Scott said trying to calm Becky down. Scott walked over to the door and locked it. "Just unpack. No one will get in but me so you don't need to worry. Unlike most guys I know a thing or 2 about boundaries" Scott said as he closed the door leaving Becky to unpack the rest of her stuff. After Becky got done unpacking her things she decided to take a shower and explore the campus.

After the day ended school started for her and she kept to herself for a few weeks until guys started slapping her ass and flirting with her. When Scott entered the room he noticed Becky was crying.

"Hey, Are you ok?" Scott asked. "No, What the hell does it matter being faithful is hard to do when all these guys try and ruin it for me. Why cant they understand I don't want to be with them?" Becky asked. "Look guys here think with their crotches if they like what they see they'll go after it. I'm not like that cause I don't think with mine even then I know a thing or 2 about common sense" Scott said as he walked over and rubbed Beckys back comforting her.

Becky turned around and hugged him. Scott started to panic a little bit as Beckys chest was began pressing into his body. "Something wrong?" Becky asked wondering why scott is nervous all of the sudden. "It's so tempting but I know I'm gonna get in trouble if I do what I'm thinking so I won't. you're too vulnerable" Scott said as he rubbed beckys arm comforting her as she sat on his lap.

"What do you mean?" Becky asked wondering what her roommate is thinking. "Grab your breasts" he replied. Becky just gave a simple shrug as if she didn't mind at all. "You seriously don't mind?" Scott asked clarifying if it was ok with Becky if he could grab her chest.

"Cause you're chest is really big" Scott said. Becky shook her head "Nope" "So you're completely fine with me groping you?" Becky grabbed scotts hand and placed it on her boobs and he began grabbing her chest feeling how big her boobs are as he began blushing. "So big. and so nice" Scott said Becky couldn't help but blush a little herself as Scott continued to grope her using both of his hands and kissed Becky on her cheek. "Does this feel good?" Scott asked. Becky nodded as she continued to blush.

Scott began to move on of his hands down Beckys body and placed it on her inner thighs as he kissed Becky on her lips gently. "How good does this feel"?" Scott asked as he began groping Beckys breasts more and moved so she waslying on her back on the bed and started making out with her.

Becky began running her fingers through Scotts hair as she let out a soft moan. Scott moved one hand down to Beckys inner thighs again and began rubbing his hand up and down her leg slowly as he kissed her deeply. "Would you care if I take your top off?" Scott asked Becky if he could remove her shirt.

Becky nodded blushing even more. Scott took off Beckys shirt and put his face into Beckys breasts as he was kissing them and rubbing his face into her E sized breasts rubbing Beckys thighs more turning her on. Becky tried to bite her lip to keep herself from moaning but to no avail. Scott undid Beckys bra freeing Beckys breasts and started to suck on one of her breasts instantly sucking on it strongly as he slid his hand down Beckys pants and played with her pussy.

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"Oh my. Someones not wearing any panties" Scott pointed out. Becky moaned as she was becoming more aroused. "I never wear panties. I like the way my pants cling to my legs and my curves. Especially how it clings to my pussy" Becky moaned as her hips began wiggling from the pleasure.

Scott was sucking Beckys breast more and more and let go making an 'Ah' sound enjoying her body and began kissing gently down her body and undid the top button of her pants sliding the zipper down and began kissing down one of Beckys legs slowly as he took her pants off and removed her pants and began kissing back up the other leg and gently kissed up her body then kissed her deeply on her lips. "Someone's ready to be fucked" Scott commented. "It's been a while since I was treated this good" Becky moaned.


"Don't worry I'll make sure you enjoy every second of what's about to happen" Scott said as he kissed her deeply.

"I'm always a sucker for big tits like these babies" Scott said as he groped her breasts more. "Would you mind if I kept sucking on them?" Scott asked. Becky nodded her head "Do you want me to be gentle or like I mean it?" Scott asked.

"Like you mean it" Becky said as she grabbed Scotts head and pulled it to her breast and he began sucking as much of her breast into his mouth as he could and sucked her breast viciously making Becky moan uncontrollably. "Are your boobs your weak spot?" Scott asked as he began rubbing his face into Beckys breasts.

Becky began to moan even more as her hips began wiggling more and more. "Keep taunting me like that and I'll have to take you" Scott said as he began to rub Beckys pussy more. "This is such a turn on for me" Becky moaned loudly. "Keep taunting me with those hips wiggling like that and it'll be hard for me to control myself" Scott said as he sucked on Beckys breast more and pinched her nipple gently with his lips.

Becky gasped as her hips wiggled more letting out a moan.

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"Oh fuck this feels so good" Becky moaned. Scott stopped sucking on Beckys nipple and switched to the other breast as he began pinching her nipple gently and pushed his crotch into hers grinding his crotch against Beckys pussy.

Becky moaned even more as her hips buckled upwards. Scott stripped himself naked as Becky was astonished at how large Scotts cock was. "Holy fuck thats huge.So much bigger then someone I know" Becky said reffering to her boyfriend. "Yea well, All the guys here are forced to take pills that make your penis grow" Scott said as he sucked on Beckys breast more agressively and placed his long cock in between Beckys legs and moved his hips rubbing the top of his cock against Beckys pussy making Becky moan as she dug her nails into Scotts arms gently.

Scott kissed Becky as she turned her head breaking the kiss. "Please stop. I don't know if I can do this" Becky said as she was unsure of herself. "But you're so fucking hot it's so tempting to fuck you. I wanna be inside you so bad" Scott said as he sucked Beckys breast more aggressively. Scott increased the speed rubbing his cock into Beckys pussy more.

"Don't fight it. Just let it flow and I promise you won't regret it" Scott said as he burried his face into Beckys chest rubbing his face into them. Becky nodded as Scott looked up.


"Do you want me to enter you?" Scott asked. Becky grabbed Scotts cock and rubbed it against her pussy. "Why dont you take me and find out?" Becky said seductively. Scott pushed his cock slowly inside of Becky as she moaned while Scott nuzzled her neck and pushed his cock inside Becky going as far as he could and held himself balls deep inside of Becky making her moan put the pillow of her bed over her face and moan loudly into it.

Scott began to move slowly inside of Becky as he sucked on her breast more.

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Becky wrapped her arms and her legs around Scott as she moaned loudly. Scott sucked alot harder on Beckys breast as he began to move faster since he was being encouraged by Becky to fuck her.

"OH FUCK. FUCK ME FASTER! GIVE ME THE POUNDING I DESERVE" Becky moaned loudly. Scott moved faster making each of his movements as deep as he could making Becky moan louder as he made her being made into a real woman. "YOU'RE SO MUCH BIGGER THEN JASON" Becky moaned loudly. Becky began rubbing her clit fast as Scott pounded away at her.

"Holy fuck! I'm close I'm so close to having the best orgasm of my life!" Becky moaned loudly. "Good" Scott said as he kissed Becky deeply as he pushed his cock balls deep inside her cumming inside of her.

As Scott cummed inside Becky Becky's body gave out and had a crashing orgasm.

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Becky was panting uncontrollably from how intense her orgasm was. Scott keep moving after he came inside Becky making Becky pant even more.

"Oh fuck yes" Becky moaned in pleasure. Scott was moving faster inside of Becky as he sucked on Beckys breast and fondled the other and began drooling from ecstasy. Becky pulled Scott up and kissed him deeper then they have before. "Do you want to be ontop and ride my cock into submission?" Scott offered. "I like doggy style best" Becky said.

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"Dog and cowgirl are my favorite positions" Scott said as he pulled his cock out of Becky as she turned around and got on all fours and wiggled her ass taunting Scott. Scott pushed his cock balls deep inside Becky and grabbed her breasts fondling them as he nuzzled her neck moving fast inside of her. "God you're such a nice fuck" Scott said as he enjoyed fucking Becky. "You feel soo good with that big meaty cock of yours. THIS IS WHAT A REAL MAN IS SUPPOSSED TO BE LIKE" Becky moaned loudly.

Scott grabbed Beckys waist and moved faster inside of her. "Do you want me to lean my body on top of you?" Scott asked. "No you're fine as is" Becky replied. Scott gently pinched Beckys nipples and kissed her deeply as he pushed his cock balls deep inside of her as they both came at the same time.

"Oh fuck yes." Becky panted. Scott kept moving as his orgasm shot out of his cock with force. "Do you want me to keep going or no?" Scott asked.

"Keep pounding me you stud! mamas not done" Becky pleaded as she rubbed her clit.


"With pleasure" Scott said as he pulled his cock out leaving the tip inside Becky and pushed himself balls deep inside of her adding a little weight making Becky move with each thrust as Scott built up speed.

"I wanna ride your big meaty cock!" Becky moaned loudly as Scott turned them over so Becky could ride his cock.

Becky bounced furiously on top of Scott as he grabbed her hips and used it for support. "Oh fuck pound my pussy, I can't take it anymore. I need marry this big giant cock!" Becky moaned loudly as she accepted Scotts cock as her new partner. "Damn you're body is so fine. I wouldn't want it any other way" Scott said as he began speeding up faster then Beckys rhythm making her moan more.

Becky got off of Scotts cock and began sucking on it vigorously taking as much of Scotts cock into her mouth and throat as she could forcing him to cum inside of her mouth. "I need to get fucked by this giant cock every day." "Well you're in luck. Cause next week is a school holiday where couples get to spend the entire week having sex" Scott said as he guided Beckys head back to his cock as she began sucking Scotts cock like no tommorrow.

(before anyone asks there is more to this)