Honey Sweet new hardcore anal sex POV gonzo style

Honey Sweet new hardcore anal sex POV gonzo style
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For some time now I've been meaning to try writing an erotic story, and so here I am. Please let me know what you think, and if I should write some more. This is a work of complete fiction. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Rain pelted down as Zoe and Cynthia waved goodbye to their parents who were pulling out of the driveway, off on another one of their romantic nights out.

The sisters didn't mind, they got to have the house all to themselves and get up to pretty much anything they wanted. Not that they were bad girls, though, quite the contrary. Cynthia was 18, but didn't go out too much or get up to much mischief. Not that she was completely innocent, mind you; she'd had her little escapades from time to time, but overall was a bit more mature than others her age.

Her younger sister, however, was always up for a bit more fun. Zoe, 16, enjoyed life and was generally more sociable that her older sister.

But she, too, wasn't overly rebellious and managed to stay out of trouble more often than not. Despite their differences, the sisters enjoyed each other's company and always had a good time watching movies and whatever else when their parents were out. On this particular night, however, things changed. After some time the girls had settled down in front of the tv and were fully engrossed watching a movie. Cynthia turned her head, "Did you hear that, Zo?" Her younger sibling continued to watch the screen, "What?" "I thought I heard something breaking?" Zoe shrugged her shoulders.

"I didn't hear anything. Go have a look if you're that curious." "Can you come with me? I don't want to check it out on my own." Zoe sighed with exasperation, but forced herself up.

"Ok, c'mon scaredy cat," she said, as she started to walk through the house. Cynthia stuck close by as they walked, and soon they could hear the storm a fair amount louder from one of their bedrooms. They peeked inside the darkened room and sure enough, the window looked like it had been broken.

"Aww crap!" said Zoe. "The storm smashed my window in!" She began to move towards the window, and Cynthia stuck close behind. Wind and rain was forcing its way inside the window as Zoe turned on a lamp nearby. They saw glass and other debris on the floor. And footprints. "Cynth!" Zoe hissed, pointing to the large shoe prints. Cynthia's eyes widened, and the girls' eyes followed the footprints, turning around as strong arms grabbed them. They began screaming, but soon strong, masculine hands clamped down on their mouths, smothering and silencing them.

"Shut it!" a gruff voice commanded. "Shut it or you'll get hurt!" As the girls continued to struggle, the arms squeezed, holding their heads in a vicelike grip.

The pain forced the sisters to stop for a moment. "Good. Now, here's what's gonna happen," the gruff voice continued, "I'm gonna take my hands away from your mouths. But if you try to scream, or you try to run, or you try anything, you're gonna get hurt. Got it?!" The girls, scared and overpowered, nodded their heads as much as they could.

Satisfied, the arms relaxed a moment. As soon as she was clear, Cynthia screamed, but quick as a flash the man silenced her, slapping her so hard she was forced to her knees. "I told you!" he yelled, as Zoe rushed to comfort her sister. After a moment, the girls looked up at the intruder.


He was a very large and muscular, covered in tattoos and a shaven head. He was dressed in bright orange fatigues- an escaped prisoner. He was standing over them in an intimidating manner, pointing at Cynthia. "I told you, try anything and you're gonna get hurt. Are you ready to do what I tell ya now?" The girls slowly nodded, fear splashed across their faces, and tears running down their cheeks.

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"Good. Now, I'm soaked, and I want some new clothes. Show me where your daddy's room is." He gestured. Reluctantly the girls got up, Zoe helping her sister. They began to walk as the man grabbed each of their arms. His grip was painful, and the sisters knew there was no getting away. Eventually they reached their parents room, and the man closed the door and forced the girls to sit on the bed.

He moved his face close to theirs, anger etched on his face. "Don't move." The girls didn't budge, as he slowly moved back and ripped open the wardrobe, throwing garments to the floor until he found some jeans and a shirt he wanted. Then he began to unbutton his shirt.

The girls looked on as more of his muscular body emerged, glistening wet from the rain. He then took off his boots, and peeled his trousers down. Cynthia looked away, but Zoe continued to watch the man. He looked in their direction. "Like what you see, huh?" he asked, standing there in his underwear.

Zoe shook her head slightly and looked away, clinging to her sister.

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They heard the man walk over to them. "Look at me girls." He threatened, but they didn't move. Suddenly he gripped their hair, turning them towards him. "Look!" he yelled. Their crying began anew as they were forced to watch his near naked body again.

He let go and stood up, showing off in front of them. "Now, don't look away, you understand?" he said, glaring at them. They nodded as he slipped his thumbs under his waistband and slowly pulled his underwear to the floor, revealing his very large cock hanging between his legs.

Zoe gasped and Cynthia blushed, but continued to look, not wanting to be hurt again. The man stepped closer again, until he was at the edge of the bed, his manhood right in front of their young faces. He placed a hand on their heads, helping them to look up at him.


Tears continued to stream down their faces. "Now, since you enjoyed looking so much, I'm gonna let you touch it too." He grinned wickedly. "Please, take anything, just not. this!" Cynthia pleaded. His grin disappeared, and his grip tightened in their hair again, causing them to wince in pain.

"You'll do it, and you'll like it, or I'll hurt you some more." His grip loosened somewhat and the girls looked at each other. Hesitantly, Zoe reached out her hand. "No Zoe!" Cynthia cried. She turned to look up at the man again, "Please, not her, she's too young.

I'll do anything you want, but please, leave her alone!" Once again pain flared in her scalp as he gripped her hair. Through gritted teeth he seethed, "Yes! I'll do anything I want with you! And with her! And you'll both do it or this is gonna happen!" Once again his hand moved as fast as a viper, slapping Cynthia back onto the bed, a stinging pain on her cheek.

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Zoe yelped in fear as her sister lay crying next to her. She reached out and began to touch the man's cock. "There, that's not so difficult, is it?" he asked, his nasty grin spread across his face again. "Now, get up and help your sister." Cynthia choked back tears and sat back up, fearfully reaching out as she joined her younger sister. The girls' small hands barely wrapped around the man's large shaft as it began to swell and grow. Soon it was hard and erect, pointing out from his body directly at them.

"Ok girls, time for the next bit." He said, as his hands began to put pressure on the backs of their heads, leading their young mouths towards his hard cock.

Cynthia began to resist, but before he could react, Zoe turned to her. "Cynth! You're gonna get slapped again! Maybe we should just. You know." For a moment, nothing happened. Then Cynthia squeezed her eyes shut, forcing more tears to stream down her cheeks. She opened her mouth and let the man guide her to his cock.

Her lips engulfed his head and he grunted in contentment. Zoe moved forward too, and placed her lips to his shaft, sliding them and her tongue up and down as her sister sucked on the head of the man's large erection. His hands continued to apply pressure, keeping them close, as the sisters worked their teen mouths all over his manhood.

Suddenly he pulled out, and turned slightly towards Zoe. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue as her sister watched the man slide his cock inside. Zoe began to slurp and suck on his shaft, more cooperatively than her older sister.

The man was clearly enjoying it, and turned to Cynthia. "Help your sister, sweetheart!" He then pushed her head slightly down. Cynthia moved underneath his cock where he was forcing her to go, and tentatively began to lick and suck on his balls while her younger sister continued to work on his cock. "Mmm, that's the way honey!" he called out, clearly enjoying the two of them working on him. After a short time, Cynthia could hear her sister moaning a little.

"You're enjoying this too, aren't you?" He looked pulled out and looked down towards Zoe, pulling Cynthia back up to be sitting in front of him. Zoe couldn't hide her blush from the man as her older sister looked on with shock. "Show your sister how much you're enjoying this." He then placed both hands on Zoe's head as she moved her mouth back onto his hard cock. He began to push himself deeper and deeper into the young girl's mouth, and turned to watch Cynthia's reaction.

Cynthia continued to cry, watching as the man slid his cock further and further into Zoe's throat. After one deeper thrust, he held her there a moment before letting her go. Zoe pulled herself back, gasping for breath. "Hmm, seems your little sister is a bit of a slut, huh?" Cynthia was shocked, and didn't know how to reply. He let Zoe go, and pulled Cynthia closer again. "Now it's your turn." Cynthia struggled, but the man was too strong.

He forced his cock back into her mouth and she began to suck on it. Holding her head, he began to thrust deeper and deeper, and soon she felt short of breath as he was fucking her throat, just like he had done to his younger sister. A short while later he pulled out again, and this time it was Cynthia gasping for breath.

Zoe was next to her and began to stroke her hair, trying to calm her down. "Don't worry sis, it'll be over soon." "Ok," the man interjected, "time to strip!" Cynthia had lost all her energy and willpower to resist. Slowly, she and Zoe shed their clothes, revealing their lean, teen bodies. "Mmm, I like this." he said, and reached down to play with their breasts. The girls enjoyed the man's touch, and both closed their eyes.

As each moment passed, Zoe seemed to enjoy herself more and more, while Cynthia could not stop her tears from flowing. "Now, I want you two to kiss!" The two sisters looked at him, and he gestured his head from one to the other. "But. We're sisters." Cynthia mumbled meekly.

"And?" He said, raising his hand and preparing to strike once more. Cynthia cowered and the sisters then moved towards each other. They hesitated a moment before locking lips. The intruder watched them kissing each other, before he knelt in front of them. He then locked his lips onto one of Cynthia's nipples and slid a hand down her flat belly towards her womanhood. Her nipple hardened with his attentions, her body enjoying the experience if her mind was not.

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He then repeated the process on Zoe, sucking on the younger girl's smaller breasts and sliding his hand over her young pussy. Soon, his fingers were slick with their wetness. He stood up and moved them back onto the bed and followed them, manhandling Cynthia's legs to spread them open.

He moved himself into position and then slid his hard cock inside her, filling her young, tight hole. Cynthia screamed, partly from pain, partly from shock, as the man began to roughly fuck her, plunging his cock in and out of her while her younger sister watched on.

The man grabbed Zoe and moved her towards her older sister's breasts, so she began to lick and suck on her nipples. The man held Cynthia's hips, pumping her pussy again and again. Moans began to escape her mouth, unable to hide her pleasure anymore.

Soon, with the man's large cock inside her, and her sister's mouth exploring her breasts, she let go. Her body shuddered as the climax hit her and she gripped the bed. The man continued to pound her relentlessly for a moment longer, until her throes subsided. The man pulled his hardness back out of her and moved around the bed.

He climbed on the other side of the bed and moved his cock, now slick with her own pussy juices, near to her face. "Taste it," he commanded, and now without protest, Cynthia opened her mouth and let the man slide his cock inside her again.

Above her she could feel movement on the bed and realised her sister's legs straddled her head. The man pulled out of her mouth and she could see Zoe's young pussy above her face, dripping with wetness and excitement. After pulling out of Cynthia's mouth, he then moved the head of his cock to her younger sister's slit.

Cynthia had a close up view of Zoe's glistening lips part as the man pushed his way inside her. Zoe moaned as the man's large shaft filled her, stretching her wide.

She didn't think it would fit, but it did. She felt tingly all over as the man's cock slid in and out of her. His hands reached forward and pushed her head down towards her sister's wet pussy. She began to lick Cynthia's slit, running her tongue up and down, tasting her. To her surprise, Cynthia began to reciprocate, licking her while the man's huge cock pumped her.

It was not long before Zoe cried out in pleasure. The man withdrew from her grabbed them, roughly moving them about. He bent Cynthia over the edge of the bed, and knelt Zoe down facing her older sister's ass. He then pushed Zoe forward until she began lapping at Cynthia's tight hole, licking her ass.

"Please! Dear God, no!" Cynthia pleaded, but the man wouldn't relent. He enjoyed watching them, the older sister struggling while the younger one prepared her.

He then moved Zoe down to taste Cynthia's pussy again while he pinned her to the bed and placed the head of his large cock at her freshly licked rear entrance. "No, no, no, nooo!" She cried, so he pushed her head into the bed to muffle her protests, before forcing his way into her tight, teen ass.

He slid his hard cock all the way in, feeling how her ass gripped his shaft. Soon her cries died down to whimpers with each of his thrusts. He continued to fuck her ass, slamming his cock inside her again and again, harder and faster as he felt the tension inside him build up. He then felt hands caress his balls, and realised the younger one was joining in. He lost it after that. He grunted loudly as he slammed deep inside Cynthia's ass. His cock began to throb and pulse, filling the teenage girl with his cum.

He pulled out, and the remaining spurts covered her ass and dribbled down onto the younger sister's face. The girls and he didn't move for some time, panting and recovering from their exertion. Soon, however, he stirred.

He pulled on the stolen clothes, and without another word he slipped out the door, leaving the sisters together on the bed.

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