Little piper is taken to a dungeon to be fucked merciless fetish and blonde

Little piper is taken to a dungeon to be fucked merciless fetish and blonde
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Descent. The sequel to Contraction. "Your future is with me now." With those six words I became Cody's boyfriend and he became my saviour.

Jenny and I were over. Two years of an incredible sexual journey had ended with threats and recrimination. I had been thrown out of the house I had shared with her for almost the entire relationship, and a cloud of humiliation lie heavy over my head. Jenny had pictures and videos of some very intimate moments, ones I would prefer the world didn't see, visual proof that could destroy my family and lose my small number of friends.

But I had stood strong. I had resisted the worst she threw at me and in the end I had emerged the victor. It had been a messy week. With the support of my sister and Cody I had plucked up the courage to end it. Jenny had been dismissive at first, thinking it a joke or at worst, a bargaining chip. She had changed once I started packing. At first trying to seduce me with her amazing body and slutty fetishes.

She'd stripped to her red boy shorts and provided me with a lecherous show. Her second attack was to offer me anything I wanted and she would make it happen. Girls, boys, groups, bondage, everything we had ever enjoyed plus others we hadn't tried was dangled in front of my face. I weakened. I allowed her to pull my cock out.

I allowed her talented lips to close around it and pleasure me, but before I came, I grew strong once more, and pushed her away. That's when the threats started. 'Remember I still have the pictures' she'd told me. She reminded me of the videos she'd taken both with and without my consent. Videos I'd never been able to find and thus destroy. Videos of me in some of the most humiliating situations including wearing girls underwear, being fucked with a strapon, and any number of times with the guys.

Then there was the really bad one; me fucking my sister. My only saving grace, if it could be called that, is that I was blindfolded the whole time. But my sister wasn't, and her relish at taking her brothers cock was evident. It would humiliate us and our parents and break up our family. Despite my pleading with Jenny to at least destroy that one video, she didn't relent.

We'd never met each other's families and now she just didn't care.

Group of very slutty and insane guys are banging this cutie

Jenny was evil. In some ways it made it easier to walk away but the nightmare scenario was like a chain around my neck, constricting whenever I thought about it. Which was a great deal. * * * Darkness covered my face and his musty ball sweat assaulted my smell. His underwear was stretched across my face, the groin over my nose.

He'd worn them in the gym for his workout, and removed them only when he returned home, but not before making me strip and tie myself to the bed. My ankles were held wide and high by a belt around each and looped over the bed posts.

Handcuffs looped behind the headstand held my wrists above my head. He made me watch him strip. He made me lick his balls clean, then forced his ass onto my face. I lapped at his sweaty crack like a thirsty puppy. Then came the boxers pulled over my head. Now he was pushing himself hard and deep into my ass. This was six of ten rewards Cody had promised me for moving in with him. I was the slave. Since finding out about Cody's secret fetish for getting fucked by strangers, he'd become more open with me, and I'd discovered he hid a filthy side.

On our first night together in his flat we got drunk and when either of us needed a piss, the other drank it. Beer and piss. Oh and lots of kissing, fingering, licking and rolling around on the floor. My first reward had been another trip with him to the woods, where we each got fucked by several guys, random strangers seeking an anonymous hole to penetrate.

I got nailed by a fat guy, a chubby black guy with a small dick, (sticks in the mind for some reason), and a granddad. Cody had finished off inside me while being fucked by a huge, hairy guy with a gut like a space hopper. Other rewards included another anonymous fuck at a gay club and inviting Trey around and having him and Cody as my slaves. It was a bit pointless, I ended up begging them to fuck me. My split with Jenny had also changed me. I had become a far worse slut, (or should that be better?).

Cody had none of the control Jenny exercised and although he encouraged me to push my limits just as Jenny did, he didn't know when to rein me in. This led me to going to that woodland alone and without telling him. I'd been three times including the one with Cody, and the last was the best; five guys fucked me and I got spit roasted. I even giggled to myself when leaving. I knew it was dangerous, and stupid, but I couldn't stop myself.

Every time I told myself it would be the last, and it never was. I worried of course. One guy forcing himself on me without protection could give me any number of nasty infections. So far, like Cody, all of them had worn a rubber. "Uh…rape me…uh…master!" I begged. Cody drilled me like a jackhammer.

An involuntary grunt escaped my lips with every thrust home. My buttocks started to ache from the punishment. The memories of my woodland visits flooded my mind and drove me further into ecstasy. I was losing reality and subsuming myself in a slutty, lust induced stupor. Every time it seemed I reached a peak my drive for greater excitement pushed me further.

"You're mine… you little… slut." Panted Cody. "Yes…uh…master!" "Say it… slut, you belong… to me!" "I belong…uh.

to you." "Again!" "Uh…I…uh… belong…uh… to you." "AGAIN!" "I'm yours!" "You best not… forget… it… You're… my fuck&hellip. toy." "Yes…uh… master." The back and forth excited me even more than Cody's cock pounding my ass.

Together they left me breathless. I was a facktoy! A hole to be used and ruined for my masters pleasure. I wanted so much to give in. To become an object for Cody, his hole to abuse. But something held me back from total commitment. I'd just left Jenny to avoid something similar and deep down I didn't want 24/7 slavery. Yet those times in the woods, those strangers who'd rammed themselves up my ass and used me for their own pleasure had unlocked a deeper desire that had begun with Jenny.

With trickery, careful convincing and using her amazing body, she'd made me a slut, and despite our parting, I was grateful to her for that. Now I was hooked on getting as much cock as possible. I knew I was transiting into a cock slave and I wasn't sure I wanted to push that far, but I wasn't taking steps to prevent it.

My drive to ever greater sexual highs was cut short. Cody pulled out of my ass with a pop. I heard rustling. I heard a whistle. A loud slap accompanied a powerful sting across my ass. "ARRGH!" I cried out. "Like that don't you slut?" Said Cody. "Y…yes master." My voice was shaky.

SNAP! Another stinging whip landed across my buttocks. "Say thank you." He demanded. I'd never seen this side of him before. It excited me. "Thank you master." SNAP! "Thank you master." The process repeated ten times. My ass was raw and the stinging sensation was so intense, I thought it would never pass. I knew tears had welled up in my eyes, but Cody's underwear hid them from him. I couldn't hide my shaky voice. "W.why master?" "Why? To show you that I can do what I want with my property." I followed his voice as he padded around the bed and back.

"Because you belong to me, don't you?" "Yes master. I belong to you." I felt his close in above me. The warmth of his body and the scent of his sweat enveloped me. An uncontrolled whimper escaped my lips. My god he was driving me insane with lust. More pain. A sharpness in my nipples.

"Japanese clover clamps to adorn my fuck toy." He whispered. I heard a jingle and then my nipples were pulled upwards. Exquisite pain. My erection bounced on my stomach. Cody released the chain allowing it and the clamps to tinkle down on my chest. The clamps fell sideways adding a twisting pain. I whimpered again. Such was the concentration of pain I barely felt Cody wrapping something around my right ankle. I noticed when it was pulled tight, and my curiosity piqued when something similar was tied around my other ankle.

Once fastened he then pulled it tight between my legs. Then he moved to my balls, fastening something soft around the base of my scrotum, then pulling sharply. My balls were pulled up and away. His final act was to pull up on the nipple chain again, only this time it remained pulled up. "Want to see what I've done slut?" "Yes… master." I panted. The pain was making me shake and sweat. Cody leaned over me again engulfing me with his sexual power, and peeled the underwear from my eyes.

I saw at once. He had tied a rope between my ankles, and used it to hold up the rope on my balls and the nipple chain. He reached over and twanged the rope.

I cried out again as the movement sent shocks into my nipples and made my balls ache. He climbed on the bed and sat on my face, facing down the bed. I licked his ass with gusto and probed his puckered hole, trying to push my tongue all the way in. "Mmmm good slut." He moaned above me, and wiggled his ass on my face. I couldn't believe he'd done all this, it was completely out of character.

Not that I was complaining. My focus was brought back when he jerked the nipple clamps. I groaned into Cody's asshole. Moments later he stood and wobbled down the bed.

"Back to my pleasure now slut." He knelt between my legs and rammed himself back into me. I grunted, then let out a wail of ecstasy as he ramped up the pace. His thighs slapping against my buttocks was loud in the quiet room and they stung from my whipping. "Tell me you… love me slut!" He was panting again. I realised he was putting a lot of work into this. "I love… you… master." "With every… thrust bitch!" "Uh…uhhhh IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyou…" I kept it up as long as I could but the need to vocalise both pain and pleasure was too strong.

My mantra was interrupted with repeated wails and grunts. I needn't have worried. Cody slowed down but slammed in harder and I knew he was about to orgasm. With a roar he thrust home with such force it dislodged the left nipple clamp.

I yelled out at the sudden change in pain and he quickly ripped off the other using the chain. I cried out again but the pain diminished fast and I looked up at him. He was a magnificent sight. His face screwed up in the exhilaration of orgasm. His smooth, defined body glistening with sweat, fucking me slower and slower as he pumped my guts full of semen.

I could feel the warmth spreading within me. He slowed to a stop pushing in as deep as he could go, and opened his eyes. He looked at me with a massive grin lighting up his pretty face, and a stare so intense I felt he was looking into my brain.

I wanted to tell him properly that I loved him, but again something stopped me, despite being drunk on lust. "Surprise." He whispered and his smile grew larger. I didn't know what he meant at first. He just sat there smiling at me. Then I felt it, I was filling up with more warmth and a pleasant pressure in my guts.

He was pissing in me. "Oh fuck master! Thank you!" I laughed. * "I didn't hurt you too much did I?" Said Cody. After filling me with piss he'd sucked me dry then spat it into my mouth. After untying me I'd waddled to the bathroom to empty myself. We'd showered and now lay on the bed cuddling. "Fuck no!" I planted a peck on his rosy lips. "It was amazing. Where did that come from?" He grinned, and then I swear I could see that smile falter, just for the briefest of moments.

"I er, watched a load of bondage porn." "Well shit, you can do that again." I beamed at him. He rolled further on top of me, wrapped himself around me, and we kissed for ages. * * * It was one of my nights out with Jason that I realised how much sex had taken over my life. I know you'll scoff at that statement considering everything I've told you, but let me explain.

It really did creep up on me. At first Jenny was a more exciting girl, a nymph with public exposure tendencies. This was new to me but despite the rapid adoption of her lifestyle, I never thought of it as an all-encompassing pursuit. I still had to work and study, at least until I left uni, and I still went out with friends.

As she introduced me to new and exciting sexual acts I saw it as an extension of just one part of my life. This is Jenny's genius, the slow drip introduction of more extreme pleasures. Even when I followed Cody to the woods that first time, it never occurred to me that I was descending into a form of addiction. Any alcoholic or drug user will tell you a similar story. And like those groups, I have a single moment when I realised my problem.

And like some of the heavier addicts, it pushed me further rather than stopped me. In my case, I very nearly lost my only long term friend. I was happy. The band was far better than any we had seen before. Their instruments seemed to be playing the same song at the same time while the singer was in tune and didn't feel the need to screech. The beer was cold for a change, and someone had given the floor a wash so I only felt the slightest sticky resistance when I walked on it.

But this was not why I was so happy. The reason for my levity had his arm around my waist again, and mine around his. He was even leaning right up against me, the warmth of his body and his manly smell arousing me. I'd picked a time when I hoped no one was looking to drive my hand in my jeans and tuck my dick into the waist band of my boxers.

Now I could enjoy having an erection while Jason cuddled me without anyone knowing. "Whell it a shame my dear mnn." The moron was back and talking at Jason. "You reahelly should have come, it was a blahst mnn." Atticus had again made a beeline for Jason. He'd been spotted through a break in the crowd allowing Jason to set us up as a 'couple' before he saw us. What had started as 'best friends' had morphed into a couple in just a few nights at the bar. Jason was petrified Atticus was trying to pull him so I had to be his 'boyfriend' as protection.

"Well sorry, Tom and I were, er, busy." I was looking at Jason as he spoke and watched him wink. My cock and sphincter both twitched at the thought of being busy with him. "I see mnn." Said Atticus. "Strange mnn." We both waited to find out what he thought was strange but he remained silent.

In the end Jason cracked first. "What's strange?" "Whell mnn," He managed to make his annoying nasal whinny even while sipping from his colourful drink. "You give the himpression that they two of you are togethah mnn, but I have never seen you kiss mnn." My heart stopped. Time slowed down, like seeing it through water. "We're not really the public affection kind." Explained Jason without a pause. Smooth. "Yet heyah you stand, lovers arm in arm mnn." The impulse came from nowhere but struck me with the force of a runaway train.

Throwing caution to the wind I followed through; I moved my hand from Jason's hip to his ass and patted him. It may sound like a small thing to you, but to me that was a seismic shift in my suffering unrequited lust for Jason. I'd never taken action before. In the single second it took Jason to understand what I was trying to convey, I felt sick, froze and a million disaster scenarios flashed through my mind. None of those disasters manifested themselves.

Instead I lived a fantasy. "You're weird Atticus." Said Jason. Then he put his beer down, pulled me into him, and we locked lips. They were warm and full, and pressed against mine with a passion I had only dreamed about. Then it got better. His hand came up to the nape of my neck and held me at the same time his tongue pushed into my mouth. I opened my lips and give him permission to own me.

My heart thudded in my chest and still clutching my beer bottle, I wrapped my arms around him as tight as possible. Our tongues wrestled, in and out of each other. I dropped my hand once again onto his ass and squeezed. He thrust his groin into mine and I knew he must have felt my erection, but I was too busy sinking into a fantasy to be embarrassed.

I could have cried when, after a much longer time than expected, or was necessary, he pulled back. He didn't let go of me.

Instead he moved behind me and kept his arms around my chest and stomach. One thumb was hooked in my jeans mere millimetres from my cock. He even pushed his groin into my ass. I could feel his bulge! He rested his chin on my shoulder and gave me a final peck on my neck. "Did you enjoy that Atticus?" He said. "Mnn." Was his sniffy reply, before Atticus raised his nose even higher than normal and wandered off. I prepared myself for the disappointment of being released from Jason's embrace, but to my surprised he remained.

"Thanks Tommy." He whispered. "No… no problem Jas." I had to remind myself to breathe. "Sorry if that um, embarrassed you." "Oh god no. I m.mean, no, you're fine. Cool." Yep, I was handling this totally cool.

"No other friend would have done that with me." He kissed me on the cheek. Fuck. What was going on? "Can you pass my beer?" I leaned forwards to fetch the glass from the shelf, and had to bend over in the process.

Once more my heart beat an unnatural rhythm; As I did so Jason dropped his hands to my hips and bounced his groin into my ass, just as though we were about to fuck. My vision went blurry just for the briefest of moments. What the fuck? I stood and passed the glass over my shoulder. He returned one arm around me, hugging my chest and tucking him hand under my arm. "You don't mind if I stay here?" He asked.

"Just in case the twat comes back?" "Oh no, fine no, that's cool. However long you want Jas." Once he'd taking several gulps of his favoured Estrella, he hooked his thumb into the hip of my jeans and rested himself against me. Confusion and lust fought a battle, raging throughout my body. I had no idea what Jason was up to, and he couldn't know how much it was tearing me apart. I was desperate to tell him everything and beg him to take me. But I knew it was futile, and I wanted to avoid losing a friend I'd known since we were kids.

So I suffered in secret, and took a little joy in feeling him against me. We remained in contact for a half hour or so and when it became evident that the cretin wasn't coming back, Jason pulled away from me.

In my mind it was with some reluctance but I knew I was projecting. The rest of the night went off as normal. With some effort I supressed the emotional train crash in my head and we drank beer and chatted about pointless subjects. So the scene is set for the dawning of my understanding of the depth of my addiction.

We'd got back to Jason's place, made small talk and drifted off to bed pretty quick. My phone showed 2:41 when I woke and needed a piss. I struggled off the sofa and stumbled from the lounge, but instead of turning right to the bathroom, I turned left and found myself outside Jason's room.

His door was open. Lumps appeared in my throat and boxers. In the wash of the moonlight through thin curtains I saw him. Duvet thrown aside he lie on his front, right leg crooked up by his side, wearing only a pair of tiny light and dark striped 'boy shorts'. In fact I would describe them more as French knicker style cotton briefs. The low level arousal that seemed to be my default state during these days ramped up.

My cock pushed hard against my boxers and with a wiggle of my hips I gave it room to stick forwards and tent my underwear. Lust overcame all sense. I crept into the room and paused halfway to the bed. I could hear him breathing regular and slow. He was fast asleep. I moved towards the bed, my heart the loudest sound in the room. I reached the side of the bed closest to his ass and knelt down. I knew this was wrong but I couldn't stop. In slow motion I watched myself reach out and with the lightest touch I traced the curve of his ass cheek.

It was warm. I repeated the motion, this time with a little more force. He neither moved nor stirred. Being as gentle as I could I gripped the bottom edge of his shorts and pulled up towards his waist exposing his right buttock, the stretchy material disappearing into his crack. It was beautiful in the moonlight. I stroked it with my whole hand.

He felt like warm silk. I caressed him like a lover, soft and slow, as though wiping dust from the wings of a butterfly. Before I was able to stop myself I was leaning forward and my lips rested on the warm, firm skin. I was in heaven. I kissed him across the full roundness of his ass cheek, a tongue lick here and there. Then I rested my face on it.

He moved! A small shift to lower his right leg. I panicked and leaped up, stumbling back into the wall. My head hit it with a thud. I ran from the room and into the bathroom taking care not to slam the door. I leaned back against it and took several deep breaths. What the hell was I doing? What had come over me? That was the moment I knew I had an addiction. What I couldn't have known then was my acute reluctance to do anything about it.

I should have realised; my next act was to masturbate. I couldn't stop myself and rationalised it was to calm me down, to remove some of my extreme stimulation. Three fingers in my ass and heavy pressure on my prostrate brought me to a quick orgasm and I barely stifled a cry as I blasted my load into the toilet bowl.

I waited for the toilet tank to stop filling before leaving the bathroom. I did check on Jason before returning to the sofa. From what I could tell he hadn't moved again. I climbed back under the duvet and dreamed of cock.

I left as soon as I could the next morning, telling Jason that I had promised to do an early shift at the coffee shop. It was a lie of course. * * * The entire week was spent in a constant state of anxiety. Now I know how much damage that can do. I couldn't believe what I had done, and let's face it, I had done a lot of things over the last few years.

Cody was unable to extract the truth from me, and even sex with my sister gave only a brief respite. I knew that I was becoming more addicted and with it the lies and secrets that would get me into further trouble. And yet I took no steps to cure myself, instead continuing to do things that accelerated my descent.

I returned to the woods and to my shame, I can't even remember how many strangers fucked me. I didn't look at a single one. All who penetrated me were just cocks to me, filling my hole and sending shivers of fleeting pleasure through me before dissipating and making me desperate for another hit.

At work during a quiet period I even tried to spy on Mattie in the bathroom through the keyhole. I guess it was better that I didn't get to see anything. And the dream came back. Every night. It always started the same; I was on my knees in the dark room. It was humid and stuffy and a manly sweat permeated every part of my being. I was dizzy and the room swam. Shadows moved around me, silent as the desert.

At either shoulder a powerful leg, soft with fur, tickled my skin. I leaned left and my lips found the firm muscle of a thigh, hairy yet soft. The dream continued as it always did, as it had from the first time at Jason's. And it always ended the same; I took a deep breath and swam in his odour, manly, pungent, arousing. I wanted to do what he wanted, everything he wanted. I needed to please him and in return, he would reward me. I reached up and with one hand felt the huge hard pole pointing at the ceiling.

It was warm and to touch it felt like stroking silk over leather. It was perfect. I'd waited my whole life for this moment and here it was! I rose up on my knees, leaned forward and… I awoke. I couldn't decipher it and I grew more frustrated with every rendition. Eventually, after much prodding, I told Cody about it. "Sounds like you want to please someone baby." He said. We were sat in his lounge each wearing a pair of my sisters' panties. A ridiculous dare that he thought would cheer me up.

It hadn't worked. "I've no idea what it means. Or who it is." I sulked. "I don't think it's supposed to be someone Tommy." He shifted across the sofa to be closer to me, and stroke my thigh.

"Perhaps your unconscious mind is telling you that you need to serve someone. You know, like a sex slave or something." "Hmph." I shrugged but the comment hit harder than he could have imagined. Images of strangers using me flashed through my mind and my cock stiffened.

Cody noticed it through the pink lingerie. "Oh look." He moved his hand onto my cock and squeezed. "I think I might be right baby." He leaned in and brushed his lips across my cheek while slipping his hand inside my panties.

I shifted my hips and thrust my groin at him. Perhaps he was right. My reaction was automatic now, not a conscious decision to get hard and play with Cody. My body wanted to be used and my mind went along for the ride. Every part of me tingled. I wanted my mouth and ass full of cock. "I dunno." I murmured. "I do." He replied. "Remember how much you enjoyed being tied to the bed?" "Yeh…" "And although I don't want to bring her up, you know the best times were when Jenny was in control don't you?" With some reluctance I nodded.

"Yes. But I left her because she got far too nasty." "Yes correct, but that doesn't mean you don't want that, just that she took it too far right?" "Yeh, I suppose." "And had you ever had that dream when you were with her?" "No." "Exactly. I reckon your subconscious is telling you to submit again." He held his hands up when I shot him a glare.

"Not totally of course, but just a little." Once more I thought of the random strangers using my asshole and, since he brought it up, the good times with Jenny.

In particular getting nailed by her strapon while wearing her panties came to mind, and the feeling of my sisters' underwear now brought that memory to vivid life. I softened my look and nodded. "So. Take the underwear off and get on the floor on all fours." After a brief pause I did it. I became his puppy waiting for a command. I felt his hands pull my ass cheeks apart. He spat on my hole, twice, then rammed himself home.

I grunted. In one single thrust the joy of being fucked flooded me. But the second thrust never came. "So you want me to fuck you baby?" "Yes." "How much?" "Oh fuck Cody, not this. PLEASE fuck me!" "Be my slave for a day and I'll fuck you." "What?" I felt annoyed being on all fours without the action.

I wanted him to pummel me. "Your dream might be because you want to serve, so try it out. Be my slave for a day." "Um, okay." "And I do mean it Tommy. You MUST do everything I say without fail. Understand?" "Okay, okay. FUCK ME!" "Not until you submit pledge your servitude to my every pleasure." "Okay, I pledge!" I tried to back into him but he moved his hips with my ass.

"Do it properly slave." He slapped my ass. My cock swung around beneath me. "Cody, er, master, I submit to you and pledge to serve your every pleasure." "Hmmm.

Good slave. Here's your reward." He got to his feet, squatted over me, and drove himself down into my ass like a piston. I found myself grinning like the Cheshire Cat. * * * We chose a Monday because he was on a short shift at the pool and I didn't have a shift at all. When he was out he had me cleaning the place from top to bottom. Every so often he'd text me with a task and I'd had to send picture or video proof that I'd done it.

Already I'd sent him pictures of me naked in the tiny garden with the handle of a rake up my ass, a video of me licking up a puddle of cold piss he'd left on the bathroom floor, and a video of me flushing my own head in the toilet.

I had to admit to a certain arousal at the humiliation and to being turned on by having to carry out his every order. Perhaps he was right. Here I was cleaning the bathroom floor with a toothbrush, wearing a pair of yellow cotton 'My Little Pony' panties with frilly edging, and I had an erection. What the fuck was wrong with me? "Boy have I got a surprise for you slave." He shouted as he entered. He was much later than expected and it was already dusk when he returned from work carrying a plastic bag.

He threw it at me. "Put those on." I peeked inside, then pulled the items out one by one: a pink collar with 'SLAVE' printed in silver letters, a tiny pair of grey partially see through briefs, and thigh high white socks.

I looked at Cody, his customary grin even bigger than usual. He pointed at them and nodded. I dropped the panties I was wearing and put the new items on. Cody stood back to admire me. "That's pretty fucking hot bab… er, slave." He winked at me.

"You look like a real slut." "Thank you master." I grinned back. "Right, put some shorts and a tshirt on and come on." He retreated back through the door. I rushed to dress and follow him. He'd started the car before I even got my trainers on. Despite me asking where we were going he remained silent, but within a few minutes it was obvious. As darkness swallowed the light we arrived at the woods, a place now familiar to me.

"Trainers, shorts and shirt off slave." "What? I can't this is a public car park!" "Do what I fucking tell you slave." I looked out into the gloomy parking lot.

An uneven muddy square fit for about twenty cars, it was used by dog walkers, couples, and families who come to enjoy the wider woodland. At this time of night I saw five cars, all empty.

It was a well-known cruising site in gay circles. I hoped those cars were all guys looking for ass. I stepped out the car and removed my normal clothes. I felt exposed and, for the first time, scared. If I was caught… I didn't finish the thought.

Cody came around the car and handed me two thick leather cuffs. He pointed at his wrists, indicating my own were to be bound. I put the cuffs on. He stepped behind me and pulled my hands behind my back. I heard a feint 'plink' and found they were locked together. The final items he retrieved form the car before closing the door was a box of condoms and a dog lead, which he clipped onto the slave collar.

With this he led me into the woods. From the sheer number of times I had visited this place I could have navigated through the maze of bushes and trees with my eyes closed. Cody didn't know how many more times I had been without him, and I couldn't tell him. I let him lead. We arrived at the familiar Y shaped tree and he positioned me with my back to it. "Kneel." He commanded. With his help to stop me falling over, I got to my knees. He kicked my legs wide apart so the panties could be seen.

Then he stripped. I know I've said this before, but his body is so hot I get horny every time I see it. I was desperate to lick him all over. From his shorts draped over a nearby branch he fetched a sharpie.

He grinned at me as he kneeled down in front me, then set to work writing something. When he pulled back, it took me a while to read it upside down.


My excitement grew. On my chest he'd written 'cover me in cum' and on the panties he'd written 'condom bin'. Where was he getting these ideas? With the box of rubbers opened and in position twixt two branches he stood over me. I look straight up at his hairless balls and ass crack. Still a beautiful sight. Then he got in position, bending over and steadying himself against the branches, and bending his knees.

His balls rested on my face. "Take them in your mouth." I did as commanded and sucked them in, one ball at a time. "Don't let go until I tell you, understand slave?" I nodded and made a 'mmm' noise.

It wasn't long before I heard trees rustling, a pause, a zipping and a packet being ripped. Then I realised the conundrum Cody had put me in. I was on full show to the strangers, body available to be covered in spunk, but I couldn't see anything. With my face turned upwards, mouth full of balls, Cody's cock and pubic bone pressed into my forehead. I was blind. I couldn't even enjoy the sight of cock in Cody's pretty ass. Instead of having a front row view, I was in for a night of frustration, cum splatter and sex waste.

I was thrilled. This was new. I was going to be used in a way that I would never have done left to my own devices. I was a proper hole for use, but not being used! Above me Cody grunted and then jerked forward as a guy entered him and he set about fucking my boyfriend. Trapped between my forehead and his belly, Cody's cock was masturbated. He moaned at first, but as the guy fucked harder and harder he started to wail. It was a noise he never made with me and I realised how much he enjoyed getting fucked.

I knew that feeling, and the jealousy welling up within me mixed with the lust and frustration to infuriate me. I could do nothing however except enjoy a mouth full of Cody's balls. I could hear other movement around us and felt hands on my body. Another guy was groping me.

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He pushed his hand into my panties and gripped my cock. Another hand entered behind and I felt a dry finger trying to push into my hole. I wiggled my hips and ass to give greater access. I hadn't considered that I would be abused as well, and it was driving me wild. The finger disappeared, came back wet and was forced in. I coughed into Cody's balls, a sign he mistook for me trying to pull away and his hand came down to the back of my head and pushed me back into his groin.

More hands groped my body, pinching my nipples and stroking my throat. "ARRGH!" A deep rough voice bellowed above me and with rapid movements pulled out of Cody and fired his cum onto my chest. The warm gunk splattered onto me in a spray from neck to belly button accompanied by the satisfied moans of a powerful orgasm. Moments later the hand disappeared from my cock, and a cold slimy piece of rubber was thrust in.

I'd become an official condom bin. Cody shifted above me again as another guy entered him. The finger remained in my ass, while other hands smeared the cold jellified spunk around my torso. Again Cody jerked above me. The guy was giving him a hard fucking, pounding him like the meat he was. Saliva swelled in my mouth and, having nowhere to go, spilled out from the edges of my lips and dribbled down my chin.

Then I felt more hot jelly land on my nipples. Someone hadn't even waited for his go in Cody, and just wanked off on me. A small cheer could be heard and I realised there must be several guys there, watching and waiting for their turn. The finger was removed and seconds later I found out why. The guy in Cody pulled out and emptied his balls over my chin. Whoever had been fingering me was next, and with a thrust I felt him slam into Cody's ass. The thrusting started up again and it was taking its toll on my neck.

A dull ache started up, but I had little time to suffer as a used condom was thrust into my panties and two new fingers found my ass. From the lack of coordination I guessed that they were from different men. They didn't care for my enjoyment or whether it hurt, only that my hole was there to be abused. I was being stretched. Again and again men spunked on me and dropped their rubbers into my panties.

Cody was taking far more cock than I had seen before, or could believe, and still I could hear men milling around. Some must have stayed for seconds.

The number was unbelievable and I lost count at eleven fucks. Could Cody have posted this on a gay cruise site? Had this all been arranged? It was difficult to believe he could do that in such a short time. I had only told him of my dream a couple of days ago, but it was difficult to shake the feeling. Several times my dripping mouth lost a grip on Cody's balls and as he was forced forwards they nearly slipped from my lips.

I swallowed my saliva and sucked them back in, shifting my position to relieve my neck and get a better mouthful. At no time was my body left alone. Guys hands were everywhere, smearing cum into every centimetre of skin they could find. And there was loads of it. Thick gloopy trails of spunk dribbled down my body from my chin into my panties. They had scooped it up and rubbed over my back, legs and ass. I dreaded someone pushing it into my ass but no one yet had, I was too full of fingers for a start.

One guy had, I think, cum in his hand and then ran it through my hair. Add to that the cold slimy collection of used rubbers padding out my underwear and I was officially a used slut.

I don't know how long I was down there or how many cocks entered Cody. My neck and knees ached, I was shivering from the evening cold, the cum was drying on me and felt tight as I shifted around, and I desperately needed to piss. I was about to release my boyfriend's balls and beg for it to end when it all changed. I heard rustling, several gasps and hurried zips, then a much louder and more hurried rustling. I even heard footsteps on the hard mud. Then silence.

Cody hadn't moved. After a few moments I heard a single person move forward, a chink of a buckle and a slap of a belt. The quiet slump of cloth to the floor. Cody slapped my head. "Spin round to face the other way. Don't let go of my balls." I considered the possibilities of complying. I got another slap, this one harder.

In the end I went with knee and feet shuffling, a couple of inches at a time, all the while maintaining a mouthful of testicles. I scraped my knees badly on stones, but when I'd turned a complete 180, I looked up to see Cody's ass and my heart thumped.

He'd always had a stunning ass, round, firm, a natural tan, and hairless. But I'd never seen his hole gape before. Now a dark tunnel dripping with lube, at least that's what I hoped it was, confronted me. I wanted to push my tongue into it. I moaned into his balls. So mesmerised was I by this sight I took several moments to notice the man stood above me, his mighty cock standing straight and proud. At the sight of it my eyes went wide.

He laughed and slapped me on the forehead with it. I looked up past it. It took up most of my vision but as he waved it around I saw him. White shirt and policeman's jacket.

A mid-thirties handsome face looked down at me. He was grinning. This was the policeman that fucked Cody last time we came here. Cody said he had his number. He must have contacted him. He slapped his cock into my face once more, then moved forward.

I had a close up view of his head, the foreskin parting displaying his glistening slit. Then it moved away from my eyes and I saw it touch Cody's hole. His sphincter pulsated but did not close. Was he really going to do this without a condom? He did, and as he entered Cody, my vision was once again blocked by the policeman's large, heavy balls. Hair tickled my nose and the scent of a day's sweat enveloped me. Right over my face, his balls scraping across my eyes and nose, he fucked Cody.

The smells should have been awful but I was so horny I could think only breathing in as deep and as often as possible. I became light headed and this only added to the moment. I remembered how this man had lasted last time, and knew he was going to be a while. Back and forth, strong thrusting but not desperate, he was in control the whole time. He knew how to use his meat. Sometimes he would force in deep and I'd hear Cody groan, while others he raise up on his toes and push down onto Cody's prostrate, eliciting an altogether more animal noise from him.

Now he wanted to tease Cody, and for every three thrusts, he'd pull out all the way and left his cock bounce on my face. I wailed inside at the sight of Cody's hole, then my vision was once again covered for the next three. This went on for several minutes before he pulled out and stepped back.

I tried to look up but he'd disappeared. Then I found out where. He'd knelt down behind me and was shuffling forward. Both his hands gripped my ass and tried to pull me up, but Cody above me stopped any movement. Then Cody got the message and straightened his knees, standing up. I could now move upwards and my nose came into contact with his asshole. He grabbed the back of my head and held me there, while the policeman parted the panties and forced himself up me. I grunted and cried but of course, all sounds were muffled, and with my wrists tied I couldn't have stopped him even if I wanted to.

His cock was thicker than I'd realised and I felt every bump and vein of its incredible hardness. It was like a glass dildo, and he knew how to use it. Twice a second he rammed it in me, stretching my hole and prodding my prostrate.

I couldn't feel him behind me and realised he must be leaning back on his hands. I moaned and wailed, the sound stifled by Cody's balls. I could smell lube, rubber and pre-cum on his asshole and wished I could bury my tongue in it. Tears welled up in my eyes not through pain, but the excitement and joy of a new experience for this slut. After several minutes he'd done enough and with a throaty grunt I ejaculated. It was a powerful orgasm. I closed my eyes and savoured every shot, ropes of my spunk hitting the condoms in my underwear and sliding around my balls.

He remained deep in my ass until I'd calmed down, and I'd giggled with rapture. I'd never orgasmed without my cock being stimulated before. It was an incredible experience. He pulled out and I realised he wasn't done. He was still rock hard and standing above me he returned it to Cody's waiting ass. Cody made a noise that was somewhere between a purr, a grunt, and a groan of utter satisfaction. It took just a few more minutes of hard, piston like fucking before the policeman roared and rammed home with such force I once again lost Cody's balls.

I regained them with haste and moments later was pleased I did. After firing his load deep into Cody, he pulled back and watched as his spunk dribbled from Cody's open hole and landed on my eyes, nose and cheeks.

"See you later bro." He said, slapped Cody's ass, and after packing himself away he shuffled off through the undergrowth. I waited under Cody for what seemed like ages, my boyfriend still panting.

"Let go." He said at last. His voice was breathy and high. I gently released his balls, sucking each one as it popped out. I noticed now how much my jaw ached. He stepped away from me, then returned facing me, his pretty cock a straight arrow pointing at my forehead.

I must have gone cross eyed trying to keep his head in focus. "Suck me dry." I leaped at him and swallowed all seven inches. It touched the back of my throat. With my experience I wasn't going to gag, and opened my throat to accept his head.

I sucked him so hard I thought he was going to cry. He must have been just on the edge because within moments he cried out like a first time teenage girl and filled my mouth with the biggest load he'd ever given me. It was sweet and tangy and creamy and it burned and I love it. His hands flew to my head preventing me from pulling away but he needn't have bothered, I wanted his cock and cum to stay there forever. I swirled the cum around his softening meat and softly licked his head and slit.

When he did pull back I sucked the remaining drops of spunk from his foreskin. He looked down at me with an intense yet sleepy expression and a wide grin. It was an odd look. I couldn't make it out. I opened my mouth and showed him his load. His mouth dropped open. "Oh fuck…" I grinned, then swallowed his sperm, enjoying the sensation of it sliding down my throat. I'd done this countless times before but never had it felt so amazing, or erotic. "Oh fuck Tommy. Baby. I love you so much!" Cody knelt down in front of me and we kissed with a passion that I hadn't notice had been missing for a while.

Perhaps it was familiarity, but right now it was better than ever. I jingled my wrist bindings trying to get him to remove them, but instead he stood up. "Not yet baby, er, slave." He whispered. I watched him get dressed. He picked up the now empty box of condoms, looked at the used ones in my panties, and smiled at me. He crushed the box and jammed it in his pocket.

"Not yet I don't think." With that he grabbed the lead still attached to my collar and waited while I stood. My legs were shaking after being in the same place for so long and he gripped my armpit to help me stand. Then he led me out from the woods to the car.

The cold slimy rubbers squidged around in my underwear, my own spunk a cold jelly, and the dried cum covering my body felt tight. It cracked and started peeling in places. Only the policeman's sperm on my face was still wet and it was chilly. I felt humiliated being led almost naked back into the open. A couple of guys had just arrived and stared me, clearly annoyed they'd missed the fun.

"Let me fuck him." Said one to Cody while glaring at my body. "Just quickly." "Sorry guys, he's mine now." Replied Cody. The second came over to me and grabbed my groin, pulling back sharply when he felt more than just my cock. "Eurgh, what the fuck?" I went bright red and was thankful for the dark.

"Sick little fuck." Cody bundled me into the car and moved to the drivers side fast. This time his car started first time and we left my ordeal behind.

I knew I would be back. I knew I'd push it further. I was indeed a sick fuck. * "He called you bro." I said.

We were just pulling up to his house. He hadn't released my wrists and thus I hadn't been allowed to change. Cody switched off the engine. "Oh, didn't notice." He made me walk, still bound and on show, to the front door where he made a show of trying to find his door key. I became nervous and tried to sink into the shadows. Once inside he untiled me, and we shared a shower.

"But he actually called you bro Cody." I repeated as the hot water started to remove the dried spunk. "I really didn't notice Tommy, but if he did, it's just a thing you know. I told you he'd been fucking me for a while." "But why bro?" "Fuck's sake Tommy, who cares!" His flash of annoyance shocked me silent. That wasn't like him. His temperament was the same as his looks, cool, happy and very sexy.

We finished in silence and washed ourselves, a sudden change to our intent. Dry and in bed he gave me a quick peck on the cheek then rolled over. That was also a first. What the fuck was his problem? * * * Extra shifts at the coffee shop took up most of the next three days but I did have Wednesday afternoon off and visited Chloe.

Within seconds of arrival she was sat in the armchair with her legs over the arms. Not wearing underwear helped. I buried my face in her glorious wetness, tongue diving as deep as I could into her, then pulling back and lapping at her clit. Her smell still excited me as it had on our first time. Above me her quiet moans turned into a stifled howl as her orgasm built. I sucked her clit and ran the flat of my tongue hard across it, then pulled back so it popped out.

She wailed and grunted, then when she got close her hands grabbed the back of my head, as she always did, and held me tight. I sucked her until with a violent spasm she screamed out and the orgasm exploded inside her. "Oh fuck Tom! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" She panted. I remained in position smelling her pussy as she calmed down, pulling gently on her labia with my lips.

My face was slick with her juices and some dribbled down my chin. We remained like this for a good quarter of an hour after she'd come. When she felt ready I got a soft push against my forehead. I sat back and admired my sister. Having lost very little of her puppy fat she would be called chubby but to me she was sexy as hell. He skin was smooth and felt like warm silk when I touched her.

Her breasts, although large for an eighteen year old, suffered no excessive drooping and tipped as they were with her big pink nipples, I couldn't stop sucking them when given a chance. "You turn bro." She whispered at me. It was pointless us whispering after her screaming. Any neighbours that were in would have heard, but we kept up the pretence.

We lived a dangerous life now, fucking when we could in my parent's house when they were out. Chloe climbed out the chair and came over to me. "Come upstairs, I want to try something." I grinned and followed her. We ended up in her bedroom, and it was obvious something was planned.

Attached to the metal headboard of the bed was a collar on a very short lead, and wrist bindings attached directly to the two central struts. I glanced at Chloe and she gave me a wicked smile. Returning the grin I wasn't to know it was for me, not her. This became apparent when we'd both stripped. "On all fours big brother." "Er, me?" "Oh yeh!" After a second's pause I climbed on.

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It's not that I was wary, after all this was my sister, but I was expecting to tie her up. Instead it was me, but I did as I was told. My wrists were bound to the railings and my neck put in the collar.

So tethered I was on my knees on the bed, my ass higher than my head. Then a large pink dildo was brought into view, attached to straps. It looked familiar somehow. "Little surprise for my cock loving brother." I could tell she was already horny again, she breathed the word from her chest and I could smell her amazing scent floating up from her pussy. As if reading my mind she said; "You love my pussy smell don't you Tom?" "Oh fuck yes sis!

You know I do." "Good." With that she pulled a pair of her used panties over my face, ensuring the crotch was across my nose. I took a deep breath and felt a little high at the pungent, addictive odour.

I felt the bed bounce. She fumbled around. Then my legs were kicked apart and cold gel squirted up my ass. "Oh sis. How did you think of this?" "Who cares Tom?" Then I felt it at my hole, and a second later she was forcing it in. As a virgin strap-on top, she had no finesse, she just rammed it up me. If it had been anyone else that probably would have put an end to the session, but I was a cock loving slut and had a wealth of experience.

Plus, the total ownership of my hole was in itself arousing. I took it with a grunt. "Oh god Tom, you do fucking love cock don't you?" "Yes!" I panted as she started to fuck, hard in, hard out. An amateur girl playing at being a man. "Tell me you love cock big brother." "I love cock sis. I love it!" Not being used to the effort of playing the man, her panting started up quick, and the thrusts slowed down but became deeper. I giggled at the sheer delight I was experiencing.

My own sister was now giving me what I spent all day, every day craving. And that's when the realisation hit. My heart stopped and my cock softened. I knew where I'd seen the dildo. Another girl had introduced me to cock with it years ago. * For the first time ever I hadn't enjoyed the fuck. I also hadn't said anything. Chloe had spent ages pounding me trying to make me come without touching my cock, but it was no good.

In a state of exhaustion she stopped and untied me. Feeling a failure she'd offered to suck me off but I told her not to worry, I was so tired. It wasn't her fault. I'd left feeling guilty about lying to her, then chastising myself; I should feel guilty about fucking her, but I didn't. I'd taken myself off for a walk in the local woods, an area Chloe and I had frequented when we wanted outdoor sex. I couldn't decide if I should go back and ask where she got the strap on or not.

After all it could just be sheer coincidence that she bought the same model. But something stopped me. It wasn't just the dildo. The whole set up was too familiar. The underwear over my face, being told what to say and to admit loving cock. And the suddenness of it. What prompted Chloe to do this now? I needed to think, but already a very uneasy feeling was beginning to form in my mind. * * * I remained in a daze for the rest of the day and well into the following day's shift at the coffee shop.

Mattie tried to talk to me but I proffered one word answers. Customers were served promptly but without finesse or additional pleasantries. The manager even took me to one side and spoke to me, quite kindly I thought, and sent me home to sort out whatever was affecting me so badly. I hadn't seen Cody before going to work. He'd had the early shift at the pool and I pretended to be asleep while he got ready.

I wandered around the tiny flat staring at things as if seeing them for the first time. The wallpaper in the hallway was ripping at the corners and a small patch of mould grew at the base of the left front door frame.

The carpet throughout was threadbare. I'd never noticed three kitchen cupboards hanging at odd angles. The bedroom seemed to have shrunk and the floor remained covered in our underwear. I stared at a pair of red 'boy shorts', Cody's favourite type. Before I'd have grabbed them and sniffed them, now I stared. I was sure there was something about them. Christ! I was becoming paranoid. I slunk back into the lounge and glared at the messy remnants of drinks and snacks on the coffee table.

Then an overwhelming sense of fear enveloped me like a dark shroud being wrapped around me by unseen hands. My heart beat faster and I took several deep breaths. The room grew blurry and I wanted to collapse on the floor. The feeling passed in seconds but left me feeling lost and alone, and so very tired. I wandered back to the bedroom and fell on the bed. I went out like a light. * * * I was back at the coffee shop the following day having once again avoided Cody.

I was determined to present myself as normal. Ben was my shift buddy today and he chatted away as though I was listening to everything. The manager smiled and gave me the thumbs up as he went out for lunch. The shift had gone pretty well and the crowds had managed to take my mind off my troubles as far as possible. We grew quiet towards mid-afternoon and the end of my shift. Ben was on all day and left for his break, leaving me alone in the shop. Two people entered; an old woman and a chubby guy who looked well into his late forties.

I served the old woman who gave me a smile and a 50p tip, bless her. The guy stepped forward and gave me an odd look. At first he seemed confused, then something clicked and he smiled at me. He ordered and I set about making his latte. While I did so I noticed him take out a small notebook, write something, and fold the paper.

As I put his coffee on the counter he handed me a five pound note along with the folded paper. "Keep the change hot stuff." He whispered, winked, and left. I stared after him for a few seconds until the shop door slammed shut. Cheeky fucking bastard thinking he can pull me! Then I opened the note and froze, a lump in my throat.

SOMEWHERE MORE PRIVATE THAN THE WOODS BABY? ME AND MY FRIENDS WANT YOU. INTERESTED? DISCRETE. PROMISE. Underneath was a phone number. My hand was shaking as I dropped the money in the till and put the change in the tip box. I read then note three more times before being forced to jam it in my pocket when Ben returned. I served another customer in a daze, a different daze this time.

Memories of me being fucked in the woods flashed through my mind and my cock strained against my underwear and uniform trousers. He could have been any of them. I couldn't remember how many times I'd been fucked, but I'd seen just three of them.

He knew me, that was certain, and my whole world felt like it could come crashing down. Didn't he know cruising etiquette? If you recognise someone, you never, EVER acknowledge them!

SHIT. He not only recognised me but he approached me. In public. I could be fucked, and not in a good way. I finished my shift early, Ben agreed to cover that last half hour, and I ran to a quiet part of the high street. I needed to get this sorted fast. Still shaking, I dialled the number, and hung up. Come one Tom! Steel yourself. I dialled and waited. He answered on the third ring. "Hello." I didn't reply, finding my mouth dry.

"Hello?" "Er. Hi." I forced it out in a rasp. "Oh, it's you. Hi kid." "Er. Yes." "So. What do you think?" "Um, I don't know what you're talking about." A pointless bluster, we both knew. "Kid listen. I'd never have done that normally but I needed to take the chance.

Why not meet me somewhere and I'll explain?" After a long pause I answered. "Where?" "The park." Came his immediate reply. "Somewhere public but distant enough that no one will hear yeh?" "Okay, when?" "Now. See you at the bench on the other side of the cricket pitch." He hung up. I looked around convinced that everyone in the high street was looking at me. No one was. I started for the park. It took ten minutes to get there.

Heavy clouds scudded across the sky bringing long periods of cool shade and the threat of rain showers. As it was mid-week no one played cricket and the wicket was covered in faded green tarpaulin.

Dog walkers and couples meandered along the path on my side of the pitch, but the far side was free of people. He sat on one of two benches, well out of ear shot of anyone yet still in sight. I wandered across and stood in front of him, nervous as hell. "Sit." He patted the bench next to him. I sat at arms length. "Sorry if I scared you." I nodded but aid nothing. "I take it your woodland adventures are secret?" I nodded. "Well you're awesome kid. Really hot." I stared at the floor. "You don't recognise me do you?" I shook my head and mumbled an answer.

"I don't look. Dirtier that way." "Wow, that's hot. Bit dirty are you?" "A rotten slut." I couldn't believe it came out my mouth. I hadn't intended to say it, it happened like an automatic reaction.

My cock started to grow again. This conversation, this situation was arousing me. It was wrong, and I could get into so much trouble, but I couldn't stop myself. "Wow. Rotten huh?" I nodded again. "I'm a cum hungry cock slave." I parted my legs to allow what little freedom I could in my tight uniform trousers. "Ho shit." He puffed and ran a hand through his hair. "And you go to the woods to let strangers fuck you?" "I like to be used." He shifted up the bench until we were touching.

"My friends and I would like to use you." I paused before replying, but there was only one answer. "How and where?" I knew he was grinning at the answer. "My friends house in Grantham Street. We're having a poker game and you should be the prize." He waited patiently while I thought about it. I knew the street, a leafy road on the outskirts of town lined with well-spaced but run down houses from the fifties.

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It would be a stupid and dangerous place to go. It was well known as the domicile of many a nefarious person. "When?" "When can you do? We thought Friday night. We'd need you all night of course." "What number?" I was shaking hard now, and trying to hide it. This was FUCKING MAD!

STOP TOM! "Ill pick you up outside The Horn.


Five in the evening okay?" The Horn was a dodgy pub two streets away from the high street. You went there to have fights or get drugs. I didn't want either. "Outside." "Yes." "Okay." He reached out and ran a hand up my thigh and onto my crotch, giving my semi a squeeze. "Hope I win you." With that he stood and wandered off. I sat back on the bench and let out a huge sigh. I hadn't realised I'd been holding my breath at the end. FUCK! I'd just not show up. That's it. He only knows about the coffee shop.

Shit. He might take retaliation on me. He'd be telling his friends they had me. I couldn't get rid of my erection so I tucked it into my waistband and walked home. * * * I stood outside the pub feeling scared and vulnerable. I kept up a watch around me, careful not to make eye contact with anyone entering or leaving the pub. I was glad it was a well-lit street. A young guy wearing shorts and a baggy sleeveless tshirt wasn't strange, but being so fresh looking was.

The usual culprits wearing similar clothes were gang members or in their fifties and hard as nails or drugged up. The day after the conversation had gone in a flash. Another eventless shift at the coffee shop and a lie to Cody about staying at Jason's was all it took.

I still marvelled at how easy it had been to avoid any suspicious activity. That set a dangerous precedent. He'd text me with instructions on what to wear and to get myself tested. I'd had to beg the STD clinic to rush my tests and sent the results just that morning. Now I was here. No underwear and just flip flops. My cock threatened to tent my shorts and I had to think of other things to try and stop it.

My thoughts were interrupted by a car horn. He'd pulled up in an old Jag on the other side of the street. I crossed and slipped into the passenger seat. It was a bit rough but it was still a beautiful car, like sitting in a stately home. He smiled at me then pulled away, the powerful engine making a soft purr. Grantham Street was dark. High trees either side created a thick canopy above.

Grimy houses could just be seen through broken fences whenever they sported an outside light. They were all set back and surrounded by trees or high hedges making them perfect places to carry out discrete transactions.

Half way along we turned into a gravel drive that was mainly cracked mud. The house was a big square box covered in pebble dash broken only by dirty windows and rotting frames. He pulled up right outside the brown door. He switched the engine off but didn't get out. "This is how it goes kid. You enter the house and strip. Everything off. My friends will inspect you understand." "Yeh." I swallowed. It was too late to get out of this now and I was beginning to regret it.

"Yes sir." He corrected gently. "Yes sir." "Good. We will have a few drinks. Do you like piss?" "Yes sir." SHIT! Stop getting yourself into more trouble Tom! "Good. I got us all tested so you're safe okay?" "Yes sir." "So, if one of us needs a piss, you are the urinal understand?" "Yes sir." "Then we will sit at the table and play.

When someone wins a hand, you will be their bitch while they play the next. Whoever wins the whole game gets you for the night. Got it?" "Got it sir." My cock was now fully hard and raising the groin of my shorts. He looked down.

"Oh. Good. Actually a change, strip now." I didn't even hesitate. The tshirt came off and the large car allowed decent room to push my shorts off. "It's nice." He complimented. "Never saw it in the woods." "Sir?" I needed to know. "How many times did you fuck me?" "Christ, you really don't know do you?" I shook my head.

"Three. One on one visit, twice on the next." With that he exited the car and beckoned me to follow. I didn't feel all that exposed as the bushes and trees gave good protection while the only light wasn't working.

I padded around the car and followed him inside. The hallway was like something from the past. Seventies brown chip wallpaper peeled from the top while a thinning brown carpet led up the stairs.

"About time Baz." Someone shouted from my left.


'Baz' I assumed was Barry. He led me into a large dining room decorated in cream and orange. A sofa sat at the front wall while a big round wooden table took up the centre. Cards and chips were already laid out. Retuning my attention to the sofa I saw two guys, both looked like the sort of dodgy clientele that the Horn attracted.

"This is Hassan," he indicated a muscular middle-eastern guy in his late twenties with a shaved head, stubble and thighs the size of barrels. "And this is Nev." The other guy was smaller but looked no less powerful. I decided late thirties but could have been ten years out either way. He had a crew cut, a large slicing scar from his nose, across his left cheek and down over his jaw, and a forest of tattoos covered his smooth chest. "A fucking boy?" Hassan looked angry and glared at me.

"Yes Haz, you know damn well I was getting a boy. I only do boys." "I want some fucking pussy." "Haz, trust me, this boys' pussy is better than any bitch you might find. Show him kid." I turned away from Hassan, bent over and parted my ass cheeks. "Just a fucking ass." Hassan mumbled.

"Smooth as hell though. And trust me, you can rape this kid, he loves it, don't you kid?" I stood and turned back. "Yes sir." "So a fucking faggot then?" "Haz, you'd think having a fit young thing to play with just days after getting out, you'd be a little grateful." "I like 'im." The hard gravelly voice came from Nev who glared at me with unconcealed lust while gripping his groin.

"Thanks Nev. Anyway Haz, you'd treat a girl like shit, why not a boy?" Barry said and turned to me. "Hassan and Nev just got back from six years inside. Possession with intent to supply, supply, carrying a concealed weapon, GBH.

You get it." He must have seen the fear on my face. "Don't worry kid. You're here for fucking, not beating." Just then a thin old guy wobbled into the room carrying a bottle of whisky and four tumblers. "Cute. He the toy?" He asked in a shaky voice. "Yep." Replied Barry. "Kid this is Albert, old friend of my dad, god rest him." I nodded at the old man. Barry leaned to my ear and whispered.

"You'll have to do all the work if he wins, but he never does." The whiskey was handed around and poured. All the guys sat on the sofa or chairs at the table. I remained naked in the middle of the room before Hassan beckoned me over.

"Never had a fag before. It is true?" "Is what true?" I asked. "You give better blowjobs?" His smile was lecherous. "I do." He looked down at my cock standing proud and pointing straight at him, a disgusted look twisted his face before he mumbled. "Fuck it. On yer knees fag." "Stop it." Rumbled Nev. I looked across but Hassan grabbed my wrist and pulled me forward and down. I dropped to my knees while Hassan struggled out of his tight black jeans. He pushed them, and a pair of black boxers down to his ankles and parted his legs.

A black bush of unkempt pubic hair surrounded a thick meaty cock that flopped over furry balls. "If you can make me hard fag, I'll be nice to you." He said, looking around the room, challenging the others as if to say 'no boy could make me hard'.

I would prove him wrong. I leaned forwards and took hold of it. Although flaccid, it was thick, and I grinned before bringing the fat head to my mouth. I pulled the foreskin back and used the tip of my tongue to flick at his sensitive area under his head.

He twitched. An audible 'oh' escaped his lips. I had him already. Then I cupped his balls with my other hand. They felt hot and clammy after being confined in his tight clothes. I rolled them and pulled on the moist ball sack while flicking at his piss slit. The smell was of sweat and piss, an aphrodisiac to me. I licked harder and ran my tongue up from the base to the tip, then took his head in my mouth.

After several more twitches he was growing. Under my expert ministrations he came to full hardness and his cock was at least eight inches and fat. I struggled to get it all in, but my time with Trey helped. With my mouth watering I sucked him hard and fast, slurping with every pull back. Above me he groaned in fits and starts, at once disbelieving that it could be this good and feeling confused about enjoying it from a boy.

Several times his hands went to the back of my head to force me down harder, only for him to pull back when he realised he didn't want to be seen enjoying it. But it was too late. I had him. Where normally I would tease and edge a guy, I wanted him to know he had no control when I was down. Moments later he exploded in my mouth with a cry of 'fuck me!' Six times he fired thick gooey cum before it slowed to a dribble. It tasted strong yet a little sweet, like he'd been eating strawberries.

I kept my mouth on his cock until he was flaccid then pulled back and opened my mouth to show him his seed. "Shit kid." I smiled and swallowed, returning to his cock to lick him clean. Then I sat back on the floor, leaning back on my hands. "So you'll be nice to 'im now then will ya, queer?" Rumbled Nev, snorting a laugh. "Fuck off Nev, I'm not fucking queer!" Hassan shouted. He calmed down immediately. "Fag's got a fucking good mouth on him though." "That was just a quickie." I said grinning at him.

Laughter erupted behind me. "Trust me guys, I've had that ass." Said Barry. "I've seen how slutty he gets." "Good." Said Nev staring at me with unconcealed lust.

"Let's play." They all moved to the table. Hassan surprised me by pulling his jeans up to mid-thigh rather than all the way up. When he sat at the table he pushed them back down again. "Get under kid." He commanded. I crawled under the table and sat on my knees surrounded by legs. Above me they commenced the game while someone poured more drinks. I became hot trapped between all their legs and several times I got kicked as they shifted around.

Only Nev apologised. After a short while I jumped when the tabled was slammed. "Yes!" Shouted Barry. "Fuck." Said Nev. Someone dealt again while Barry stood, pushed his trousers and a big pair of green briefs down and returned to his seat. "Full works kid." He demanded. I moved between his legs and took his semi between my lips. It was an odd feeling. This cock had fucked me and I knew nothing about it until he approached me in the shop. Now I was sucking him dry. It didn't take long.

He was excited and probably hadn't had any action since me. His spunk was weak and watery, but there was loads of it.

I swallowed and moved down to licking his balls for the rest of the hand. Before it was over however he tapped me on the head. "Need a piss." I returned to his cock and just got myself ready when his hot tangy stream hit my throat.

I had to swallow in fast gulps and wasn't able to breathe sufficiently until he'd stopped, at which point I took a huge gulp of air. I didn't spill a drop though.

Amigo me folla de perrito

"Good boy." He said and patted me on the head like a puppy. A few minutes later Hassan won a hand and I crawled between his hairy thighs. "Make it last this time, poof." He demanded. "I said, stop that." Nev sounded pissed. No one replied.

I took a long look at Hassan's cock, now semi erect in anticipation. It was quite an impressive piece of meat. Thick and veiny, dark and exotic. It was something I would be happy to suck on all day. He had no idea what I was going to do to him. I started by taking a firm grip at the base of his balls by circling my thumb and forefinger around and squeezing. "Careful!" He yelped, but I didn't release my grip. He tried to look under the table but couldn't pull back with me in control of his balls.

"What are you doing?" "Wait and see." I replied, and took his full length in my mouth, forcing his fat head into my throat. I gagged but held it. The only other cock that had caused me to react this way was Trey's. His head was bulging and I could tell it was harder than before. He wanted this and he knew I knew that. He wasn't fighting any more. I began with hard sucking from base to tip, a rough lick of the underside of his head, and back into my throat. The groaning from above started within seconds.

My mouth watered as I took his length again and again, sucking on the fat meat. Within minutes pre-cum was oozing from his slit and I lapped it up like a thirsty puppy, enjoying the clear salty fluid. "Oh my fucking god." Hassan mumbled above me. Someone stood and padded away, rocking the table. With suction like a vacuum cleaner I commenced the full experience. My head bounced forward and back, occasionally rubbing against his thighs so his hair tickled my ear, and I sped up as fast as I could.

Slurping and sucking sounds accompanied the motion while above me Hassan emitted a continuous moan that reverberated through his body. In short order I had him at the point of no return, but with my skills I kept him there, edging him as long as I could.

When his cock pumped and his balls rose I pulled them back down, delaying his ejaculation. He wailed at this and his hands tried to remove mine, but a light bite on his head told him who was in charge.

He pulled them back above the table. After a few more minutes I decided he could orgasm and released his balls while simultaneously sucking hard. "ARRGH! FUCK!" He yelled, and spurted shot after shot of thick spunk into my mouth. I kept it all, raising my tongue so it didn't hit my throat and make me gag. I held his softening cock until he was flaccid and only then did I pull back, licking his head as I went and catching his foreskin between my lips until the final moment.

He scraped his chair back across the worn carpet and bent down to look under the table. I could see his thighs trembling and I knew he'd had an amazing blow job. "Jesus fuck kid… oh shit." As he bent down he saw my mouth full of his cum. I looked him in the eye, closed my mouth, and swallowed. It was thick and creamy, a tangy goo that I found delicious.

"Fuck kid. You dirty fucking faggot!" He rose back above the table and I saw him slump down into the chair. He was satisfied and I guessed that if he won me in the game, I'd get a good fucking, regardless of his 'straight' sensibilities.

"Fuck you." The mumbled insult was from Nev. "What?" Replied Hassan. "Stop looking so fuckin satisfied and fuckin deal." Hassan grunted but leaned forward and I heard him shuffling the cards. I wondered what it was about.

Several minutes later they were betting on the turn and the concentration was palpable, like a thickening of the air. I felt the table shake as Barry slammed his card down. "Fucking fold." Moments later a note was thrown under the table and hit me in the ear. I opened it quietly. In a child's scrawl complete with poorly educated spelling it said; NEV WANTS U. WERE GOIN TO LET IM WIN. BE FUKIN GOOD. I read it twice then folded it back up.

At least I wasn't going to get the old man or Barry, but I was a little disappointed that Hassan's cock wouldn't be pounding me.

I found that I was looking forward to turning him completely. I knew I could have done. I turned to look at the lower half of Nev. He wore faded and ripped jeans but they gave little away other than the fact he was thin. Hi stomach was flat even sitting down and I knew the time inside had been taken up with whatever exercise he could have got, probably sit ups in the cell.

There wasn't much of a package on show but I knew this to be a poor indicator of cock size, and certainly no way to tell if he could use it well. I also didn't know what he wanted. Would he want me to be top? I hoped not. I liked topping with people I knew once or twice in a blue moon, but not a stranger. I was a bottom slut and needed to be treated as such.

Moments after the river was dealt a chuckle came from Nev. I saw his flat belly move and knew it was hard as rock. Then his hand came down and he started to unbutton his fly. He didn't even wait for the others. Guessing I was looking his crooked his finger in the 'come here' motion.

I crawled forward. His hand grabbed the back of my head and pushed me into his crotch. The smell was hotter than Hassan. I felt his heat but the odour coming from his balls was mind blowing. Impossible to describe. Imagine your own underwear over your nose after a hot day when you are ultra horny.

Then add whatever smell turns you on the most. I became hard fast. "You fucker!" Muttered Hassan. "Bugger." Said Albert. Nev stood pushing his chair back, pushed his jeans down and sat back down. He wore no underwear. I stared. His cock was firming up as I watched but I was more surprised as the complete lack of hair.

He was as smooth as a teenage girl. "Piss first boy." He mumbled. I teased myself by leaning forward slowly between his legs. His cock bounced in anticipation. I felt the heat on my face and decided he was horny as hell. My cheeks brushed his hairless thighs and I was amazed at their smoothness. I turned and brushed them with my lips, enjoying the silky warmth. Then I reached his cock. It wasn't as thick or as long as Hassan's but it held its own allure; arrow straight with a bulging head under a thin foreskin.

It was pretty. I kissed the tip, then took it deep into my mouth. The tangy water sprayed out at a startling rate and I swallowed hard, following up with a single intake of breath through my nose. Then another gulp, and another. He tasted… fresh! It was a strange description that sprang to mind but if piss could taste fresh, Nev's did.

He had a heavy flow and it finished as fast as it had started. After two breaths for air I went back down and swallowed him whole. At just over seven inches he reached the back of my throat and after practice on Hassan I didn't gag once. His pre-cum oozed out moments later and I licked it from his slit eliciting moans above me. "Little queer is good ain't he?" Said Hassan. Nev rumbled an incoherent reply. His hips bucked with every suck and I worked with the rhythm, stroking his soft balls as I did so.

I found licking his cock far more enjoyable than many others, approaching Cody's beautiful member, and my eagerness must have come through in technique as Nev was building to an orgasm within minutes. I tried to control him but couldn't get my fingers around his ball sack in time and he exploded in my mouth with a deep cry and a cheer from Barry and Hassan.

Shot after shot fired into my throat and I was amazed at the quantity; it must have been seven or eight ropes of spunk before he calmed down and they turned into a dribble. The taste was powerful, creamy and addictive. I wanted more the instant I swallowed. It was as though he'd been eating mint and honey.

The burn was more powerful as well, but it left a wonderful feeling in my mouth. I could be his cum dump all day. Nev's hand came back below the table and grabbed a clump of my hair, holding my head in his groin. He didn't want me leaving just yet and I was happy to hold onto his softening meat for as long as he wanted. "Keep it until the next 'and boy." He demanded. "Mmmm." My answer vibrated through him and I felt a twitch in his cock.

As the next hand got started I pushed my hand under my chin and caressed his balls. He parted his legs a touch which I took as a sign to continue. It was a quick hand and Nev won again, as expected. However he decided against another blow job and told me to remain in place. Halfway through the following hand he was hard, and it took all my willpower not to suck him right then.

Barry won a hand. This surprised me in light of his note but I moved away from Nev. He let go of me with some reluctance I thought, and I crawled into Barry's groin. Both Nev and Hassan left the room, Hassan seemed to stomp out, and Albert toddled into the kitchen. After several minutes Barry was no closer to getting hard and I whispered up to him. "Are you ok?" "Yeh." He caressed my face, then leaned down to look at me in his lap.

"Sorry kid, it's getting dangerous up here. Can you pretend I got hard, please?" "Am…am I in danger?" I was acutely aware of the GBH part of Nev and Hassan's prison sentence. "No kid, not you." He patted my cheek. "Has and I might be though, because of you. Please don't say anything!" "I… I won't." Fuck. What was going on? Why was there danger? I asked. "I can't say too much but listen, Nev is a fuckin' hard bastard with a temper to match. He was the one who did the GBH and it was nasty.

Haz is stuck to Nev for reasons I don't know, and they both got done for it." "Fuck! He'll fucking beat me?" "No. Fer fucks sake kid listen. It's because of you we're in the shit. Nev likes you!" Just then the two men returned to the table. Nev sat as normal while Hassan pulled his chair back and knelt on the floor. He looked at me and my heart stopped. Remnants of blood could be seen at his temples and across his forehead.

"I sorry I kept calling you a fag kid. It was wrong." He knelt there, staring at me. His eyes had lost some of their arrogance. I thought I detected fear. "Um. Okay." Hassan retreated in silence back above the table and retrieved his chair.

"Last 'and." Said Nev, the finality in his voice brooking no dissension. They played in silence but I could tell the enjoyment had gone from the room. Now they played to end the night on Nev's terms and avoid further conflict. A thought came to me as the flop was dealt and half-hearted betting commenced, and my heart beat so loudly I swear they could hear it. What I was about to do could land me in a great deal of trouble, but as I was probably already there, I decided sucking up to Nev was the least worst option.

I crawled over to him and lay my face in his groin. If nothing else I got to enjoy his smell. My forthright approach was rewarded within seconds. Nev parted his thighs to allow me to get closer and his hand came down and stroked the back of my neck. I lay there resting my nose on his semi erection, trapped as it was by his jeans, and enjoyed the strong scent of sex and groin sweat.

I was still hard and jiggled around in order to bounce my cock up and down, the occasional slap against the floor eliciting further excitement. I was anticipating a rough night with Nev. If he was half the thug they alluded to, he would certainly take it out on a slutty, smooth twink like me.

Hassan had it correct; I was a faggot, and a perfect example of one. A piece of fuck meat to be used with holes to fill with spunk and piss. This dangerous situation, recently released prisoners with known violent tempers fighting a card duel for my ass, had the unexpected effect of giving me great clarity of thought.

Perhaps it was the danger allowing me to admit to myself that which I had always been supressing. Despite everything that had happened to me, all the problems and heartache that Jenny had caused, I was grateful to her for turning me into this bottom fag slut. Perhaps it had always been there, this desire to be used. I bored so easily with the girls I'd been with prior to Jenny, their constant desire to 'make love' instead of fucking (even sometimes), and always in the same position.

Only one of them ever decided to mount me and she kept asking if she was doing right instead of just taking me. I admit turning to men is a major left turn, but once I'd submitted to those first few experiences with Jenny and her strapon the desire only grew.

The situation I was now in had set in my mind as the ultimate use for a slut. "Read 'em fuckers." Nev slammed his cards on the table. I took a deep breath and nuzzled his crotch. Both hands came to the back of my neck and tickled and stroked me. "Yep." Mumbled Albert, stood and toddled off on shaky legs.

Hassan and Barry sat back on creaking chairs without a word. "Not challengin then?" Nev asked. "No." "No." "Good." Nev stood and my face felt cold. The fresher air hit my nose and I realised how much I was enjoying his smell. "Come on boy." I crawled from under the table and stood.

Nev put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close. We walked to the door where he paused and without turning said; "Haz, bring tea, water and sandwiches in an hour." Water was pronounced as 'warder'. It was annoying. "Don't come in unless it's quiet." "Sure." Replied Hassan, sounding relieved. Nev squeezed my shoulder and led me up a flight of creaking stairs covered in thinning brown carpet that exposed floorboards towards the top. We turned right and entered a door on the left. The naked bulb shone a muddy yellow colour and provided enough light to see detail on the sixties chest of drawers that were falling apart in the corner, and the massive bed in the centre of the room.

He closed the door behind me and I heard the lock click. The sound made my cock bounce. I really was his now. "Let me look at ya son." His voice had softened and the anger that was rippling through his body seemed to have evaporated. I turned to him and found his hungry eyes devouring my body. "You are so pretty." I smiled. "Thank you sir." He returned the smile and looked into my eyes.

"No. No sir. Call me baby." "Okay… baby." It seemed an odd name to call a violent criminal. He held my gaze for a few seconds more then unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down.

I stared at his body. He was tight, of that there was no doubt. It seemed as though every ounce of fat had either been stripped away or hardened. He had a slim frame and didn't appear overly muscular, but I knew this was a fallacy; he was a street fighter.

His chest was defined and hard, his pink nipples standing proud and gave me the impression they never softened. A tattoo of a winged creature covered his upper left arm and shoulder and disappeared around his back. A second tattoo on his lower stomach appeared to be two crossed bloody knives. So far so clichéd, but what struck me as completely out of kilter was his amazing hairless skin. This wasn't the skin of someone incarcerated and fighting for survival, or who had grown up with violence and drugs.

This was the baby smooth skin of a model. It was a mind blowing contrast and I couldn't fathom how it had come about. Had had not a single hair from neck to toes and no tell-tale spots from waxing or ingrowing hairs. He was, I decided, rather beautiful. He gave me all the time I needed to view his front before turning and allowing me to view his back. Strong thighs led to a pert yet small ass.

His back rippled with undisguised muscle and his smooth skin was only broken up by the tattoo. A further tattoo of text just about the cleft of his ass said something, but it was too small to read. He turned back and my eyes flicked up from where his ass was. He grinned. "Read it?" "Uh, no. I couldn't make it out." "It says; girls for babies, boys for pleasure." "Oh." "Don't fit does it?" "Uh, not really." I smiled at him and bit my lower lip.

I felt if I looked innocent he might forgive anything I might inadvertently do. "I always wanted a pretty boy." I remained silent but made sure I lowered my head a touch and looked up at him through my eyelashes. He reached out and stroked my face, then dropped his hand down onto my chest. A single finger circled my nipple and it sent electric jolts through my body. My cock twitched and bounced. He noticed and looked back up at me. "I'm going to make love to you all night." He stepped forwards and pulled me into a tight hug.

Our lips met and he kissed me. It was jarring. There was no violence or wielding of unnecessary power. He kissed with passion and gentleness, his tongue stroking mine. His hand dropped to my ass and our groins mashed together, cocks forced to the side and rubbing against each other as he ground his hips.

I ran my hands up and down his back stroking his silky skin. Then he started pushing and I waddled back towards the bed. Nev followed. It hit the back of my knees and I fell backwards clutching at him. He never released his hug and came down on top of me, kissing all the way. I steadied myself for a winding, but as soon as his elbows hit the bed his arms tensed.

I wasn't crushed. A slow release of muscle tension lowered his weight onto me. I loved it. He was in complete control without anger, violence or a misplaced sense of nastiness.

I parted my legs and allowed him to grind his groin into my ass. I felt him shift and release his cock which he drove between my ass cheeks and dry humped. He pulled away from me just when I didn't want him to. He knew how to play a boy. He grinned and slid down my body to his knees at the end of the bed.

I looked down as he raised my thighs and buried his face in my ass. My anus lit up. I shivered and moaned under a barrage of pleasure as his tongue drove into my hole. After several minutes of dizzying sensations, he demanded I hold my own legs open, to which I complied without hesitation. My compliance was rewarded with a finger being forced in me and my cock teased.

"Ahhhhh fuck!" I cried. "More…" He didn't respond. Instead he dived back in and ran his tongue around my finger filled hole. "More! Please!" Two fingers entered me while my bulging head was tickled. His lips pinched and pulled at my scrotum. "Please fuck me!" I begged. "No." "PLEASE!" "No fuckin. Only love." His fingers were deep in me, crooking and spreading and making me feel every millimetre.

"Please make love to me!" My frustration was overflowing. I needed him in me. "What do you call me?" "PLEASE. Make love to me baby!" I felt his fingers withdraw and the emptiness was horrible.

I cried out. As I did so he spat on me, twice, then climbed on. I felt his head push against me open, welcoming hole and I bucked my hips at him.

He popped inside, but then paused again. "You really want me in you don't you son?" "Yes baby. YES!" He pushed in deep and I couldn't stop a satisfied wail escaping. His lips came to mine again and owned my mouth while his cock owned my ass. His rhythm was deep and slow and he wrapped his arms around me in a tight embrace.

I locked my ankles behind his back and held onto his neck with both hands. He was correct, this wasn't a fuck. I'd never been taken like this. Our bodies rocked in unison, his penetration a perfect fit and a stunning feeling. I felt the strength in his arms and the power of his body owning me.

I felt a different submission wash through me. In the woods I submitted to being a piece of meat. I'd wanted to be used as a fuck toy. Nev was dominating my mind first and my body second. He'd reached in and demanded my obedience, but not as some fuck meat, but as a person who was a natural submissive. I release everything and gave myself to him and I believe he knew that. The intensity never let up. Twenty minutes felt like seconds.

When he rose off me I thought for one horrible moment it was the end, but he wanted to change position. My hips were rotated to the side and he climbed on the bed. He pulled my left leg up over his shoulder and he re-entered me. To my amazement he managed to force himself in deeper and I grunted, flashing him a droopy eyed smile. Then he leaned forward on top of me pushing my shoulders flat to the bed, and kissed me again. In my twisted state he had access to my cock.

With a light touch he toyed with me, stroking and tickling in equal measure. I began to moan into his mouth but he didn't pull away. Again time flashed past and I found myself being edged. Somehow he knew when I was about to orgasm and stopped touching me, caressing my balls instead.

I was held in this state of sexual high until at last his rhythm sped up and he pulled back from my lips panting.

Playing with her pussy for me

"I'm comin in ya son." I was too drunk on arousal to reply. My vision was blurred and my eyelids fluttered like a flag in a gale. My whole body shook with pent up energy begging to be released.

As he powered into my ass he took a tight grip of my cock and pumped fast, matching his own thrusts. The sensation was incredible and howling in unison we erupted at the same time.

Ropes of spunk flew from my cock in all directions as he lost rhythm and just let his hand go wild. I felt him ejaculate inside me with every thrust. My entire body writhed in spasmodic jerks as my own spunk, fired so violently from me, withered to a dribble.

He collapsed on me and we held each other tight. Even our heavy breathing was synchronised; when I breathed in, he breathed out, our stomachs in constant contact. The sensational adrenalin rush evaporated like fog lifting, leaving me shaking. Nev held into me for the ten minutes it took to calm down, his flaccid dick still half inside me.

My leg remained trapped over his shoulder. "Fucking hell." I whispered. Nev nodded against my cheek and kissed my neck. "Holy fucking shit." "Enjoyed it son?" I nodded. "Fuck yeh. It's never been like that before." He went back to kissing my neck and cuddled me tighter. After a few minutes I could take it no longer; cramp seized my thigh and I cried out. Nev rolled off and shot me a concerned look.

"Sorry," I panted. "Cramp!" He smiled and relaxed, then rolled me onto my side facing away from him. Shifting up close, he gripped my thigh and with powerful fingers massaged it. The pain eased in seconds and I thanked him. He spooned me closer and nuzzled my neck, pushing his groin into my ass cheeks.

Our fingers entwined against my belly. We lay in silence for a while but the same thought kept buzzing around my head. In the end I couldn't stand not asking. "I hope you don't take offence Nev…" "Baby." He corrected. "Yeh, sorry. Baby." "Go on." "You like boys right?" "Oh yeh." "Well, wasn't that a bad thing jail? I mean, didn't you get beaten up or anything?" Nev snorted a soft laugh. "Sure you want to know?" "Yeh!" I nodded and tried to arch my neck around to look at him.

He released me and propped himself up on his elbow. "Yeh, some cunt tried. I put 'im in 'ospital. Next twat tried, I battered 'im in front of two wardens. They just watched." "Oh." "Yeh, turned out 'e was causin trouble for 'em, so they let me teach 'im a lesson.

No one called me nothin' after that." "Wow. So, is this your first time since prison?" I asked. It would explain the intensity. "Fuck no. Met this young black boy in for doin' over someone.

They put 'im in my cell. Two days it took before nei'ver of us slept alone again. I enjoyed suckin 'is big dick, but fuckin 'im was best. Really loved that boy. I protected 'im from the uvvers." "What happened?" "Released before me." "Oh. Don't you, you know, want to get in contact?" He sighed. "Not 'ow it works son.

'E's strait on the outside." "But not you?" "Nah. I ain't scared. I want a boy. Don't give a fuck what people fink." He settled back down.

"Interested?" I froze. Was he asking me to be his boy? Oh fuck. I mean he's hot and fucks like no other guy I'd ever had, but I didn't fancy him or anything. It was sex. He must have sensed my panic. He laughed. "Relax son, just askin. No pressure." "Sorry." I whispered. "I just…" He interrupted. "Don't explain. Never explain. You don't want it, fine." He didn't seem to be pissed off. "Er. Thanks. Sorry." "And don't say sorry nei'ver." I was about to repeat the word, then snapped my mouth closed.

"Anyway, I got you all night right?" I turned again to look at him and grinned. "Yes. Baby." His own smile was lecherous, and I realised his cock was hard again and pressing into my buttocks. I winked at him, then grabbed a pillow from above my head, rolled onto my front, and jammed it under my hips.

I spread my legs as wide as they would go. "Fuck." Nev murmured behind me. "You can be rough if you want." I pressed my face into the bed and clasped my hands behind my back. Nev pulled my ass cheeks apart, spat on me again, and rammed into me hard and fast. * He lay on me sweating and panting, his weight pushing me into the bed. He'd pounded me in that position for nearly half an hour and I couldn't believe how incredible it was compared to the woods.

I couldn't explain it. He had been all over me, kissed on my neck, twisting my head for my lips, pushing me down into the bed and going at me like a steam piston. I hadn't been allowed to shift and ejaculated into the duvet. Nev broke the silence. "You know son," he kissed my shoulder. "You 'ave a tighter ass than my black baby, an' 'e was straight." I smiled and turned my head. He kissed my cheek. After a few more minutes he rolled off.

I didn't dare sit up. I needed to clench my ass to stop two loads of cum dribbling out. I waited for a few minutes, working my sphincter tighter. A knock at the door broke the silence. Nev looked at me.

"Hassan." He mumbled. I nodded. He gestured to me to answer it. I rolled off the bed, conscious of my asshole, then paused halfway to the door. "Um baby?" "Yeh?" "I'm okay with Hassan calling me a faggot." "Why? 'e's dissin you." "Yeh but…" How could I describe this? "I kinda like the abuse from him. Plus you know I'll turn him." Nev's eyes lit up and he flashed an evil grin. "Yeh, s'pose." I opened the door after unlocking it and found Hassan stood there with a tray of food and drink.

His eyes dropped down my body and fixed on my penis. "Uh, got these." He nodded at the tray without moving his glare. Then he seemed to remember himself. "I er, was here earlier Nev honest, just you sounded busy." Nev grunted. I took hold of the tray, which Hassan only released after another look at my body. Then he moved to go. "Wait!" I said, and lowering my voice continued.

"Call me faggot." Hassan's eyes went wide and shot a look over my shoulder to Nev. I don't know what passed between them, but it seemed he was checking. "Er, why?" "You want to. I like it. It's your name for me." Hassan again looked at Nev. A brief pause. "Okay, faggot." He moved back toward the stairs. I rushed to drop the tray on the bed, wink at Nev, then catch up with him. I grabbed his arm and spun to face me.

"Touch me." I said in a whisper. "Why?" "You want to. Touch me. Anywhere." Hassan stood still but his eyes gave him away. I could just detect minute flicks of his eyes down toward my cock. "Why do you think that?" There was a tiny break in his voice. He was nervous. "You're curious. Nothing wrong with that. And I'm discrete and no one you know, knows me." He thought about for mere seconds before reaching out and cupping my genitals.

He rolled them around in his hand, then gave several light squeezes. I reached out for his other hand and placed it on the back of my head. He looked up at me in puzzlement. "If you want me on my knees, just push." I whispered.

He didn't think even think about it. I felt the pressure the second I'd said it and lowered myself, all the while keeping eye contact with him.

On my knees I reached out and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. I could see he was excited, and pulled his erection from his boxers. For the third that night I took Hassan's fat meat in my mouth and swallowed. * "Well?" Asked Nev when I re-entered the room. "Barely a fight." I replied. Then I saw Nev's erection and grinned. "Oh." "Yeh. Made me 'ard listenin' to you slurpin 'im." I crawled onto the bed and moved my mouth towards him.

Nev pushed my head away. "Nah. Ass, son. I love yer ass." On my back I pulled my legs back, and Nev piled in deep and slow. * * * I was woken the following morning by Nev again in me, a soft, careful motion using just the top third of his cock. It was a strange feeling but a great way to wake up.

Why had I never had this before? Seeing I was awake he dove in deeper but no harder. It didn't take long for him to finish. He rolled onto his back and I turned my head to look at him, grinning. I hadn't come and my cock remained hard underneath my belly. "I got 'ard thinkin of somethin. Used yer." "Yeh. I like it." "Yeh. Dirty little runt ain't ya?" "Yeh. What were you thinking?" "I know yer don't want to be mine, but I do wanna sleep with ya again.

Okay?" "Yes." "And I want yer to work on Hassan. Make 'im gay like." I thought about it for a few seconds. That big cock was a definite draw. I decided to hedge my bets. "Not sure if I can make him gay, but I'll try to bring out his bi side." "Yeh, s'pose." I had a sudden and very strong desire; mouth full of Hassan, ass full of Nev.

"Does that mean, er, you and he will give me a threesome?" "If you get 'im to like boys, yeh." I smiled. My eyes went wide. Then a thought occurred that I should have considered moments ago. "Why do you want to make Hassan gay?" Nev sighed, then shrugged. I stared at Nev and he relented.

"I own that fucker and quite like 'im. Be good to mess around at times." My eyebrows shot up. "Not gay like." He chided. "More a very close mate. And I want 'im to have a boy so we can like, double date and stuff." "Can't you do that with girls?" "Never met girls into stuff boys do." I could have argued that point with great success but decided against it.

An image of Jenny, me and the boys flashed into my mind. A shudder of excitement ran through me. "Anyway, I kinda wanna fuck 'im too." "Really?" "Just so 'e knows 'is place." I doubted that was the whole reason, and thought there may be a spark there after all.

Nev changed the subject. "Let me watch yer wank." I rolled onto my back and took myself in hand, starting slow. My other hand moved to my ass but Nev kicked it out the way and tried to drive his toe into my hole. I spread my legs and let him work it in. Being fucked by a foot was another first and I came quickly, shooting globules of cum onto my chest and belly.

Nev seemed pleased. * We showered together then went downstairs. Hassan was slumped on the sofa, Albert and Barry weren't there. Hassan studied my body again and I went over to him so he could get a closer look.

I was certain I saw his groin move. Nev passed me a piece of paper. "Number." He demanded. I went to the table, still strewn with card playing paraphernalia, and wrote it down. I made a fuss of seeming to get it wrong, tore a bit off, and wrote it again. I'd kept the first bit in my palm. This was all planned with Nev who said Hassan would never turn bi if it wasn't secret.

"Let's go son." Said Nev, and disappeared out the front door. I rushed over to Hassan and grabbed his wrist, pulling his hand up and getting him to cup my balls. I handed him the 'hidden' bit of paper.

"Anytime. Secret." I whispered, then left. Nev allowed me to put my shorts on before getting the car, the vest I slipped into on the way home. * * * It felt like far more time had passed than just one night, like a holiday. For some reason I expected things to be different when I got back to the flat to find it empty. I showered, masturbated at the thought of being spit roasted by Nev and Hassan, and lounged on the sofa flicking through TV channels showing noisy drivel.

I felt empty and restless. Something seemed to have changed. I shook it off putting it down to the come down after a new and enjoyable experience. An hour or so later I got a text from Cody telling me he wouldn't be home, he was staying at a friends'. Bored, I slouched into the kitchen to find something to eat.

A cold can of beans later I decided to sleep and flopped into bed. I was horny when I woke just as the sun was coming up. I needed something and couldn't decide if it was my sister or cock. I masturbated and licked my cum out of my hand. It held me over until about 8am when my phone rang. The coffee shop manager phoning to see if I could fill in at short notice. I decided the day would be a waste anyway, so why not earn money, and agreed. It was a busy day and to my surprise it flew by.

I didn't even try to flirt with Mattie. Back at home I found the flat empty again. My arousal had been ignored all day but now I had nothing to distract myself it came back with a vengeance. I text Chloe and asked if she wanted to come round but to my disappointment she declined. I got annoyed and watched shitty films on TV before bed. The following day was a normal work shift, and the opposite of yesterday; slow and dull. Mattie was experimenting with different goth clothes and she wore a low cut black top.

I enjoyed the sight of her cleavage but had to keep reminding myself not to stare. Back at home I again tried Chloe and this time I was in luck. It took her a couple of hours to reply that she was on her way, and a surprising amount of time to turn up. "Hey sis." I said closing the door behind her.

I wore only a pair of baggy shorts and my semi was tenting them. Chloe took a good look and started peeling off layers. I grabbed her in a tight hug when she'd removed her bra and we kissed. Then I dropped to my knees and started to nuzzle her groin, her smell once more enveloping me. I nosed her panties to one side but she pushed my head away. "Ass tonight Tommy." She said in a flat voice. I could smell she was wet and wondered why she wasn't using it. "Lay on the floor." I did as she wanted and watched her push her underwear down and kick it off while I pushed my shorts down.

She straddled my head and lowered herself, bringing her ass to my mouth. I was a little upset at not being able to taste her pussy, but was excited at being able to play with any part of my sister, and as she lowered her weight onto me my tongue pushed against her puckered hole.

I liked and probed with gusto. I hadn't been with Chloe for close to a week now, and the last time left me unsatisfied and uneasy.

That feeling returned within minutes. Her hole opened up much easier than usual, and with my tongue halfway in, and silence from above, I knew there was something wrong.

I tried to push her off me but she sat down harder. "No Tommy. Eat my ass." Despite my reservations my slut took over and I worked her hole like a pro. My tongue delved in and my lips kissed and sucked at her sphincter. Her round cheeks covered my face and I struggled to breathe.

When I did, I could smell her pussy and wanted to beg her to let me fuck her. When she eventually climbed off me my jaw ached. She moved down my body, still facing the front door, and grabbed my cock. I felt lucky that I'd left so much spit on her ass because she sat down hard on my erection and without noise, began fucking. I watched her back and ass bounce up and down with a strange detachment, like it wasn't me she was fucking.

There was no passion from her, just the mechanics of me filling her ass. I began to get seriously worried about what was going on but despite this, the mechanics worked and after half an hour or so I built to a climax and with a grunt, ejaculated into her.

She wriggled her ass on me a few times until I started going soft, then raised her ass, crawled backwards to my face, and lowered herself on me. "Eat it." She said in the same flat voice. Hadn't she enjoyed it at all? I opened my mouth as her gaping hole touched my lips and swallowed the warm cum as it dribbled from her. Moments later she was on her feet getting dressed.

I stared at her in confusion. "What the fuck sis? What's wrong?" "Nothing." She whispered and made for the door. "Wait!" I cried climbing to my feet. "Where are you going? What the fuck is going on?" She stared at me for a few seconds.

In those eyes I saw confusion, hurt, worry, and even arousal. But most of all I saw another person, and it scared me. She leaned forward, gave me a peck on the cheek, and hurried out the door. I let it click closed behind her. * * * "What the hell is wrong?" Said Jason when he opened his front door.

It must have been quite a sight. His best friend stood there with red rimmed eyes, a torn tshirt exposing my left nipple, baggy shorts, and muddy trainers. I lunged forward and flung my arms around him.

To his credit he hugged me back and said nothing while I held him tight. It was many minutes before I pulled back and we entered his flat. "Sorry Jas." I whispered. "Don't be silly Tom. What happened?" He looked at my top.

"Have you been in a fight?" His eyes seemed to linger on my nipple. "What? Oh. No." I pulled at the torn cloth making it worse. More nipple was on show. "I rushed out the door and caught it on the latch." I showed him the angry red scrape across my chest where the corner of the latch had caught me. "Ouch. I got some cream, come on." He led me into the kitchen and after rummaging under the sink, pulled out some Savalon.

Without conscious thought, he applied it to me himself. The cold cream soon warmed under his gentle touch. I could have let me touch me all day. Jason made us tea then moved to the lounge.

He sat next to me on the sofa. "So." He probed. "What's going on?" What could I say? That I'd escaped from an unstable girl with extreme sexual proclivities to go and live with a stunning guy who I didn't love but who loved me?

That I was a cock whore who takes strangers cock at the drop of a hat and can't stop myself and it's led to me having sex, albeit amazing sex, with a violent ex con? That I was fucking my sister and was upset that she seemed to be going off me and worse, I felt Jenny's presence around her? Oh and to round it off I was deeply in love with my best friend and couldn't tell him?

"Things are getting on top of me Jas. I just cracked." I sighed. Jason put his hand on my thigh.

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I stared at it and my heart thumped. Do it! Do it! Do it! My own voice reverberated around my skull. My weak side, the one in general control, ignored it.

Then a wild impetus shot through me. "Can I hug you Jas?" Time stopped and the room went dark. I knew that this was a terrible thing to push and I should never have said it. Fuck! "Fuck Tom, anytime you like, you don't need to ask!" He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him.

I lay my head on his shoulder and took him in my arms. He was warm and comfortable and I felt like it's where I belonged. My problems seemed to melt into insignificant annoyances. I squeezed. Did he just say anytime? We cuddled in silence for what felt like ages. I didn't know how long and didn't care. He stroked the back of my neck and I ran my hand up and down his side, from hip to armpit and back. I shifted position so my head was higher.

My heart continued to thump away. Was I really going to do this? I looked up at him. "Jas…" I said. He turned to me and I kissed him, forcing my lips against his. I held him there for mere seconds but it felt like forever. Then reality bit and I felt sick. What the fuck had I done? Why had I been so fucking stupid? I pulled back and away from his arms. "Oh god. Fuck." I stood and hurried from the room.

Jason barrelled after me. "Tom, wait!" "Fuck Jason. Fuck I'm so sorry!" I ran from the house. I heard him calling me but neither turned nor slowed. I ran until I reached the empty flat I called home. I fell onto the sofa and cried. What the fuck had I done? I'd slammed the last nail in my coffin that's what.

I buried my head into the seat cushions and depressed myself thinking of how I'd gone from a normal guy suffering boredom with the girls I'd met to this wreck of a cock slut who'd just lost his best friend.

My phone beeped. I ignored it. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and downed half the can. It was shit. Cheapo brand lager from the discount supermarket. All Cody and I could afford. After finishing the can in a more normal way, I reached for my phone. CODY> TOMMY. U OK? NEED TO TALK. COME ROUND. Come round where? This was his flat!

That sinking feeling enveloped me again. I asked where, the reply coming within seconds. CODY> JENS PLACE. EXPLAIN WHEN UR HERE. I knew it. My idiocy wasn't the final nail in the coffin. This was.

I changed my top and took a slow wander to Jenny's. * After such a short time it shouldn't have felt odd returning here, but it did. So much had happened both here, and after I left, that it seemed to be a different world. Like returning to your childhood home town to find everyone you know gone and all the landmarks re-developed. I paused at the end of her road remembering all the times I'd rushed up here to play with that perfect body.

I took a deep breath to steel myself and continued. I didn't even get a chance to ring the bell. Cody opened the door with a metre to go. "Hey." He said. He had the good grace to avoid an attempt at a lovers embrace.

"She in?" I nodded upstairs behind him. "Yeh." "What the fuck Cody?" "Let us explain Tommy. Please?" Us? I looked past Cody. The stairs leading up to her flat, a misnomer as it had a two floors, gave me an ominous feeling. I looked back at Cody who stood to one side, then ascended.

The shocks came thick and fast. Entering the lounge I froze. Jenny was sat in the arm chair wearing a fishnet body stocking displaying that amazing body, but the person who made me halt was my sister. She knelt by the side of the chair wearing a tiny boob tube and pink hot pants. She cuddled Jenny's thigh. I fought back tears. "Chloe." "Please Tommy, listen to us!" I could see she was upset as well, but knowing what she knew about Jenny and then still being here, I didn't care.

Cody entered and I did a double take. He'd changed in the short time between front door and lounge. He now wore a small, sleeveless white crop top and the same kind of hot pants as Chloe. He looked hot, but I worked hard to dismiss the thought. He went and knelt at the other side of Jenny and wrapped his arms around her free thigh. I shook my head and turned to leave.

"Wait." Said Jenny. "You need to hear." "You're all dead to me." I snapped. Jenny laughed. "Tommy. You can't even feel it any more can you?" "What?" Jenny pointed down. I looked. My cock stood proud pushing out my shorts. I glared back up at Jenny.

"Don't hate me." She said. "I didn't create you Tommy, I just brought out what was already there. Just like beautiful Chloe here." I glanced at Chloe and she nodded. A tear welled up in her eye and I knew she was being torn apart. "I was never gay." I said. "Oh Tommy." Replied Jenny. "Yes you were. Well, bi at least. You just never allowed yourself to explore it." I shook my head but she continued. "From day one you did what I wanted, and when I suggested anything involving ass you put up a token defence.

You wanted to be turned Tommy. You needed it." "Did I fuck, I…" She interrupted. "Yes Tommy. It's the truth and you know it. How quickly you came to love cock. Even some gay guys don't go down on a stranger in a club yet you, never having done it before, dropped to your needs like a stone.

And as for take it up the ass, well, look how fast you got into that." I stared at her, then Cody, and back to Jenny. She'd hit me with the truth but I just didn't want to believe it. It couldn't be! I'd never thought of guys or cock before meeting her. Not once! An image of me kissing Jason flashed through my mind and I realised I couldn't lust after, and love him, without a strong level of attraction to men.

"You were going to force so much more Jenny…" I started. She held her hand up, again interrupting me. "I know. For that I'm truly sorry. I went too far I know that. I got drunk on my own power Tommy. No one had submitted like you before." I was confused. "What about Will?" "Oh him," she waved a dismissive hand in the air. "He was always a sissy. I had to coach him to be the alpha you knew at first.

Then I got bored." A thought occurred. I turned to Cody. "And what the fuck are you doing here? You hate her!" Cody shook his head. "I couldn't lie to you any more Tommy, I love you too much." I snorted in derision. "Tommy I really do, I love you. Jenny and I did have a falling out but I can't hate her.

"Why the fuck not!" "Tommy, she's my cousin." A verbal punch that winded me into silence. My mouth fell open and I stared at him. "She… she can't be…" "She is Tommy. Her family encouraged us to come over from the US." "But you had sex with her!" "Tommy!" He shook his head and smiled. "You of all people can't go down that route. Besides, I told you several times that it was more common that you knew." "But…" I looked over at my sister.

Tears started to swell in my eye and the image of her went blurry. "Chloe. You called her a bitch." Chloe nodded. "Yes. She was at the time.

She tricked us together. But look at how much fun we've had Tommy, and how much we still could!" "Why? Why are you here?" "Isn't it obvious?" I shook my head. "I'm bi as well Tommy. Jenny is, she's…" "We're together." Finished Jenny. I collapsed onto the floor with a thud. No one moved to see if I was okay. My world had shattered. Even my own sister was under Jenny's control.

"We want you Tommy." Said Jenny. "We want you in our group. We love you." I laughed. An uncontrollable outburst of pain and disbelief. They let me laugh it out.

"It's true Tommy." Continued Jenny. "When you left I was so angry I lashed out, but I didn't realised you'd got under my skin. Chloe and Cody both showed me the truth.

We want you back." "I love you Tommy." Said Cody. "And I want to be with you. But I also want to be with Jenny." "And I want to be with you." Said Chloe in a soft voice. "So we've worked it out." Said Jenny.

"You and Cody will be gay lovers, as will Chloe and I. Then we have great cover to all have sex with each other. After all, who's going to believe that a gay guy will have sex with a girl, especially his own family?" I lay on the floor staring up at the ceiling. A fog of resignation descended over me. This was how it was going to be wasn't it? This was how I was going to end up. I'd blown my friendship with Jason, become addicted to being a slut, crossed the line with my sister and to top it all off, I couldn't tear myself away from Cody or my sister.

Even Jenny's body remained a strong attraction. My cock twitched and my ass pulsed. I rolled onto my side and looked between Cody and Jenny. I couldn't see the likeness, except for them both being stunning people.

That was probably it I decided. It was over. Jenny had won after all. I watched her get up from the chair and leave the room, that perfect ass wiggling, the netting hiding nothing.

When she returned she was naked and carrying two strapon dildos. I stared at her hairless snatch. She threw a dildo to Chloe and climbed into the other. I laughed at myself. Any dreams I had of escaping this highly sexed freak or her intense world of erotic activity disappeared in an instant. With it went my hopes for a relationship with Jason. With a tear clinging to the corner of my eye I gave into the slut inside me and stripped, got onto all fours on the floor, and took what was coming to me.

…To be continued…