Gorgeous amelie rides on a long member

Gorgeous amelie rides on a long member
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Kitten III When the phone rang, I nearly jumped out of my chair. The anticipation I had felt all day had been exhilarating. I made sure the kids got a lot of exercise so that they would zonk out immediately upon going to bed and sleep soundly.

I couldn't take any chances of them awakening with Kitten coming over later this evening. I reached over to the end table, picked up the phone and greeted the caller. "Mr. Grey?" a young girl's voice inquired. "Yes." "Hi. This is Charesse Dole Mike and Becky's daughter." Her image came to my mind.

Her family lived just down the street. I hadn't seen much of her for a few years, but remembered she had been nice enough to play with my kids in the yard a few months ago. I remembered thinking that she had suddenly blossomed as a teenager; losing the gangly look and seeming more like a young woman. "Oh, hi, Charesse.

What's up?" "Well, I was talking to Kitten this afternoon, and she said she had promised to sit for your kids tonight," she stated with a somewhat shaky tone to her voice. I suddenly felt flushed and wondered why in the world she was calling. "Yes, that's right." "Well, Kitten, like, forgot that she's gotta to go to her sister's recital tonight." Her voice seemed rushed and breathy. "So, I, um, like volunteered to take her place and watch the kids for her.

Is that OK?" My heart sunk. Was Kitten upset about what happened last night? Had she regretted what we'd done so much that she couldn't call me herself and let me know she wouldn't be here? My mind was racing as it tried to consider all of the ramifications of the situation.

"Why didn't Kitten call me?" I stammered. "Oh, like, she really didn't have time, and I told her I would call and sub for her," she said anxiously. "Is that gonna be OK with you?" What else could I say? I needed a sitter, and at the last minute Charesse would be an excellent replacement. But I couldn't stop wondering what Kitten must be thinking.

"Yes, Charesse, I'll be gone…" "You can call me Char, everybody does," she interrupted. "Alright, Char, I'd like you to be here from around six until about eleven or midnight. I just have a short dinner meeting tonight." "Great, Mr. Grey, I'll be there at six sharp. Thank you so much," she added excitedly. "See ya!" The connection went dead. I had a sick feeling in my stomach. I wondered whether what happened last night had been so traumatic for Kitten that she might divulge our secret.

She seemed so level-headed and mature when she left, and appeared to look forward to tonight. Charesse arrived right on time. The kids remembered her and immediately ran to her for a hug. I noticed that she was wearing makeup that accentuated her deep blue eyes and high check bones. Her blond hair was perfectly arranged.

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Clad in the typical high school girl's outfit of jeans and a tight tank top, she most definitely displayed that her body pert body was developing nicely. "You have fun with Charesse. In bed by nine, OK?" I said to the kids after their goodbye hugs and kisses.

"I shouldn't be any later than eleven," I said to my substitute sitter. "My cell number is on the cork board in the kitchen if something comes up." "Don't worry," she replied with an odd gleam in her eyes.

"I'll be waiting for you." Throughout that evening's dinner meeting I couldn't concentrate. I excused myself at one point with the thought that I should call Kitten's home to inquire about her.

But what would I say to her parents? Instead, I took the opportunity to call my wife to check in with her and make sure she had no plans to return home early.

Needless to say, in my mental state I didn't make much headway toward a sale, but didn't totally blow my chances either. When my client left the restaurant, I realized it was only eight o'clock.

I had a seat in the bar and ordered another drink to allow myself some more time to ponder the predicament I might be in. Three drinks later, I was a bit more calm, but still in dread that something awful could happen very soon. Driving home, I realized I was a bit tipsy. I pulled the car into the garage and entered the house through the family room door.

Entering the kitchen, I saw that it was spotless except for the kids' before bed snack dishes. Entering the living room, I saw Char lounging on the sofa watching television. When she saw me enter, she jumped to her feet. "Hi, Mr. Grey? Did you have a nice dinner?" she asked softly. I noticed that her makeup had been refreshed and her hair was as perfectly styled as when I'd left.

That seemed strange because my kids are notorious for wanting the roughhouse on the floor whenever they have a sitter over to watch them. She glanced at the clock and said, "The kids have been in bed for over an hour." She opened her right leg and bent her knee so that her foot pointed away from her body at a forty-five degree angle. Using her slender fingers to smooth her hair behind her left ear she continued. "I'm sure they're fast asleep." "Great, Char.

Thanks for pinch-hitting. By the way, have you heard anything else from Kitten?" Her mouth fell open for a second and she stared at me blankly. "No," she stated nervously. "Like I said, she's at her sister's recital thingy." We stood looking at each other uncomfortably for a few more seconds.

I couldn't interpret the wry expression on her pretty face, but I noticed an increase in her breath rate that caused her breasts to rise and fall enticingly.

But for my concern about the situation with Kitten, I might have become aroused at the sight of her alluring body language. "I guess," I said, taking my keys from my jacket pocket, "I need to run you home." "Um," she objected quickly, "I'm not, I mean, I was kinda really into this show I'm watching and would hate to miss the end." Her tongue darted between her lips to moisten them.

"Could I, like, just stay until it's over?" I glanced at the clock. It was a quarter to nine. "Oh, all right. But I don't want you to get home too late." She plopped down on the sofa and continued to play with her hair. "It's OK," she assured me, paying no attention to the program she'd been watching, "I told my mom I might not get home until after midnight." I took off my jacket and tie and laid them over a chair. Suddenly feeling thirsty again, I went into the kitchen and poured myself a Scotch and water.

The booze eased my worry about Kitten and, hopefully, would allow me to fall sleep more easily. I took a healthy gulp and heard a noise behind me. Charesse stood in the doorway of the kitchen. I glanced at her to see that her tank top had ridden higher to allow me a good view of her tight stomach and flat abdomen above her hip-hugger jeans.

"Show over?" I asked. She cocked her head to one side and shifted her weight on her slim legs. "Nope," she replied. "I'm, like, really not that into the show." I downed the rest of my drink, set the glass on the counter, and moved toward her. "So, ready to go, then?" "No," she whispered. Her face was flushed and the skin of her chest above the fabric of the tank top had become rosy.

"I…" Her Adam's apple rose and fell as she swallowed heavily. "You what, Char?" "I know what you and Kitten did last night." She strung the words out rapidly. "I mean, she told me about it.

Well, she didn't really tell me, you know. I just kinda, well I guessed it." I was horrified. How could Kitten have betrayed my trust in her? I felt like such an idiot for getting myself in this kind of mess.

I started to tremble with a combination of fear and anger. "What did she tell you we did?" I asked, hoping that she might have made some innocuous comment that had been misintrepreted.

Char stepped closer until we were only two feet apart. "She told me that you… um, that you did her," she declared as she stared directly into my eyes.

She started to ramble on in hurried, excited speech. "She told me that you did her and that it was really great. She told me that it was safe because you couldn't get her pregnant and, like, how much she was wanting to come do it again with you tonight." She breathed deeply and sighed heavily after her rant.

I could no longer maintain eye contact. I turned, reached into the cabinet, grabbed the bottle and poured an even stiffer drink. I was speechless until I had downed half of the glass. "You know, Char," I tried to say in a calm, fatherly tone, "sometimes kids say things that aren't really true to make an impression. I'm sure that whatever Kitten told you, you, uh, might have misunderstood." She moved even closer and placed her tiny hand on my chest. "Kitten wouldn't lie to me, Mr.

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Grey." With her other hand she curled a lock of golden hair behind her ear. "I've known her since kindergarten. I know she was telling the truth." I stared at the floor and shook my head.

What a roller coaster ride of a day from anticipating wild sex with a teenage girl to having my world crumble down around me. Seeing no reason to face reality sober, I slammed the rest of the drink before responding. "So, where do we go from here? Is that why Kitten didn't come back tonight?" "No, she really had to go to her sister's thingy." "So, why are you telling me this?" I demanded, suddenly feeling anger that outweighed the fear of further exposure.

"What do you want?" She blushed and batted her lashes. With earnest in her eyes she replied, "I want to do what Kitten did. I mean, I want you to do to me what you did to Kitten." I squinted at her in shock.

"Oh, my God," I lamented as I leaned against the counter to avoid the touch of her hand.

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"It's bad enough that Kitten's involved, let alone someone else!" I could feel the effects of the last two drinks flooding my head. "But… well, Kit isn't in love with you or anything like that, ya' know? She told me that. And… you're really a good looking man and, like, I just want to feel the things she did," she blurted out. She came closer and nuzzled her head against my bicep. "I'm, you know, kinda' jealous and…" "Jealous?" I nearly shouted as I moved away again.

"You're only sixteen years old, for Christ's sake." "Fifteen, actually," she replied with wide eyes.


"Charesse, this is madness. Do you realize what sort of trouble I'm in already? If my wife or Kitten's parents find out, I'm probably going to land in jail." She pondered my words for a few seconds; apparently only then understanding the depth of the situation. "Nobody will find out." She stated flatly. "I'm sure Kit won't tell anyone else. And," she paused as she again approached me and wrapped her arms around my waist, "I won't tell anybody if…" "If what?" "If you do me, too." What a way to ruin my life, I thought.

I'm being blackmailed by a fifteen year old girl into either screwing her or watching everything in my life go down the drain. I tried to think straight as I felt her perky, young breasts pressing against my stomach. Whether it was the liquor or the desperation of the moment, I could feel the tingling between my legs as I considered caving to her request.

She leaned her head back and gazed into hungrily into my eyes. "Please, Mr. Grey, I've dreamt of this ever since I got the chance to come here tonight." She fluttered her mascara enhanced lashes and continued.

"I won't tell. I won't tell anybody." My arms, involuntarily it seemed, wrapped around her shoulders and I started caressing her back. She spread her legs and straddled my thigh.


I could actually feel the heat of her pussy through her jeans and my trousers. "Char," I said with the last ounce of sanity I had left, "this is absolutely insane. Exposing me or Kitten wouldn't do you or any of us any good. Just let it pass. I'll work it out with her so that no one gets hurt." "But," she objected as her torso pressed against my continually growing erection, "Gawd, it feels even bigger than Kitten said it was," she sighed.

"I don't want anyone to know. I'll do anything you want. Really, I will." She closed her eyes and opened her lips slightly to invite my kiss.

She moved her warm hand and slightly pressed against my cock as it throbbed to its full extension. I leaned down and tasted her soft lips. Her mouth opened farther and my tongue found hers as I moved my hands to the melon sized cheeks of her little ass. "Anything?" I asked as our kiss ended. Her eyelids parted slightly to accentuate the dreamy look on her rosy face.

Nodding slowly she whispered, "Yes, anything," She reached around my neck with her arms and smashed her delicate lips against mine. It was probably the booze, or maybe a release of tension, but at the time I chuckled as I thought of the old joke punch line: `OK then, paint my house.' Her buttocks were incredibly firm in my grasp. As we continued to explore each others' lips and tongues, I moved my thigh back and forth against her grinding pelvis.

In response, her breathing became even faster and soft moans emanated from her nasal passages. I leaned my upper body back and released her lips. She opened her eyes and had a look of intoxicated awe as she stared at me.

The Scotch had obviously kicked in because at that moment my animal instincts were released. 'I've got three hours to fuck the shit out of this little girl and I'm going to enjoy every second,' I thought to myself. "We need to check on the kids" I said, awakening her from her near trance-like state. "I'll look in on them while you go to my bedroom." She gave me a wide eyed nod and backed out of the kitchen. For fortification, I poured another drink and carried it with me as I followed behind her up the stairs.

My peeks into the kids' rooms showed they were, indeed, fast asleep. I stopped into the bathroom to take a leak and, as I was doing so, opened the medicine cabinet to retrieve my bottle of little, blue, diamond shaped tablets. If ever there was a time for additional fortification, this was it. I popped a pill and headed for the bedroom.

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After closing and locking the door, I turned to see Charese standing near the bed. Even in the dim light of the bedside lamp, I could see that she didn't display the inviting posture she had had in the kitchen and, wringing her hands together, appeared suddenly tense.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked, raising an inquisitive brow. She started to speak, but her voice cracked.

Clearing her throat she said, "Yeah… I am, Mr. Grey. But, I, like, don't really know what to do." Jerking off my tie and beginning to unbutton my shirt, I eyed her up and down. My God, she was a tiny beauty. She stood just less than five feet and had lithe arms and legs that made her blossoming breasts look larger than they actually were. But the look on her face must have been what she wore at her first gynecological examination appointment. Stripping my shirt and tossing it on the dresser, I decided I would play the little vixen for all she was worth.

"Well, if you want what Kitten got, you'll need to take off your clothes," I suggested bluntly. "Then, you'll need to kneel in front of me and take my pants off." Her eyes got bigger than I would have thought possible. She reminded me of the joke about the old couple who used the pail and saucer method of birth control. The wife was taller than the husband, so they did it standing up with him atop a pail. When his eyes got as big as saucers, she'd kick the pail out from under him.

"`kay," she said as she began to raise the tank top over her head. Her orange-sized breasts looked great snuggled within their protective, silky bra enclosure.

She dropped the top next to her and unsnapped her jeans. With shaking fingers, she slid them down her hips, stepped out of them, stumbling somewhat, and tossed them aside.

I leaned against the dresser, sipping my drink, as I watched her undo the clasp of her bra and reveal her nipples. They were small and bright pink. Dropping the bra, she slithered her panties down her legs to reveal the wispy blond hair covering her mound. "You're one hot little girl," I said admiringly. "Now, come over here…no, wait. Get down on your hands and knees and crawl over to me." She furrowed her brow, but obediently dropped to the floor.

"Is this, I mean; is this what you did with Kitten?" "Char, it doesn't matter what I did with Kitten. I don't kiss and tell like she does. You asked for it, and I'm going to give you what you want; just on my terms." She started toward me, but faster than I had in mind.

"Stop," I commanded. "See this bulge in my pants?" When she nodded, I continued. "That's what you want, isn't it?" Another nod. "Well then, stare at it and crawl over here slowly as you do." "But," she protested, "this seems so…" "Didn't you say you would do anything?" I interrupted.

"Yeah." "Well, crawl slowly and wiggle your cute little butt as you do." What a sight! Moving like an agile cat she swung her hips with every movement of her legs. As she got closer, I could see the shear terror in her eyes, but her constant gaze at my crotch belied her outward reluctance.

She stopped with her head about two feet from my legs. "Get up on your knees and open your present," I said after taking another gulp. "It's waiting for you." She reached out with her trembling hands and fiddled with my belt buckle, then the trouser button. I could see a wet spot on my trousers at the tip of the bulge.

Never diverting her eyes, she slid the zipper down slowly. I was in heaven. "You won't be able to get my pants off while I have my shoes on," I commented. She looked up at me in disbelief.

I countered with a stern glare. "You want me to fuck you, right?" She lowered her eyes and fluttered her lashes. "It wouldn't be very comfortable fucking such a sweet little pussy with my pants and shoes on, would it?" With no more forethought, she got to work on my shoes, then my socks.

Tossing them aside, she arose to her kneeling position. Looking up at me with a plaintive stare, she pulled my pants down. Glancing back down, she pulled the waistband of my shorts out to allow room for them to be maneuvered around my erection and slid them to the floor. I heard her gasp as she caught sight of my hard on. I stepped out of my rumpled leg wear and kicked them aside.

She continued to kneel before me with her hands raised near my crotch as if they were suspended by wires in midair. "Wow," she whispered, "I didn't think it would be that big." "Well," I said and took another sip.

"It's all yours for the evening." Looking up at me, she said, "What, um, what do you want me to… what do I do now?" "I want you to caress it with your soft little hands, Char," I said brazenly.

"I want you to make sure it is as big and hard as possible when I slide it into your hot, little body." I took another swig and realized that I was swaying back and forth from having too much to drink. "I want you to lick my balls and lick my cock.

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I want you to put it in your mouth and flick your tongue around on it while I tell you what you're going to get tonight." She was amazing. Although she had a look on her face like she had just chewed a sour lemon, she dutifully took it in her hands and stroked it with her dainty fingers. I watched in delight as she lowered her head and, somewhat awkwardly, liked my balls. "I'm going to suck on your nipples, Charesse," I told her in a low voice. "And while I'm suckling those pretty nipples, I'm going to play with your cunt.

Would you like that?" "Mmmmmm," she moaned as she continued liking my balls and gliding her hands up and down and around my shaft. "When your little cunt is wet… wait, is your cunt wet now, Char?" "Uh huh," she responded without removing her lips and tongue from my balls. "Then, I'm going to lick and suck on it until you come in my mouth.

Would you like that?" Mmmmm," was her muted reply. "Get lots of saliva in your mouth and suck my cock, now." With no hesitation, she took the head into her mouth. My knees nearly buckled in response to the warmth of her oral cavity. "Then, "I continued my description, "I'm going to put my cock inside you and fuck your virgin pussy. That's right, I'm going to fuck you hard and fast until we both come. That's what you want, isn't it?" "Uhhhh," she mumbled as she went deeper with each bob of her head.

"Tell me. Tell me, Charese, what you want." She lifted her head and looked up at me. Her lipstick, so properly applied just before I arrived home, I assumed, was smudged all over her upper lip. The look on her face had done an about face. The aura of fear had been replaced by a wanton expression of carnal desire. "I want you to fuck me," she said timidly.

"Is that all you want?" "No. I, I want you to lick me, too." "Yeah, I can see that you do," I replied flatly. It suddenly hit me how naively depraved she was. "You little tramp. You want to be fucked by the same cock that was deep inside your best friend twenty-four hours ago.

What a slut." My comments caused her to flush. "Lie down on the bed," I commanded. She arose slowly and obeyed my orders. I could see a change in her demeanor.

The stupid girl had seemed to realize that, even if she tried to back out now, she was stuck. My cock throbbed watching her beautiful body less one hundred pounds of virgin, teen flesh - saunter to the bed. I followed and positioned her in the very center of the bed.

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Leaning down, I kissed her and at the same time ran my right hand slowly up the inside of her right thigh. Our tongues were again dancing against each other. Her kisses were more eager, more intense, if possible, than they had been. When my hand reached the soft, delicate wisp of hair between her legs, I moved my mouth down to her right breast. Her nipple was already hardened when I took it into my mouth. I moved my fingers around her parted pussy lips.

They were soaked with her fine, slippery lubrication. As I moved my wet lips across her chest to suckle her other nipple, I opened her folds with a finger and slid it around her tiny little clitoris. Within seconds she arched her back and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Oh, oh, yes!" she screamed. As I shushed her to be quiet, she began rutting her pelvis against my hand in a violent and intense orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhh, yes," she squealed not nearly as loud as her first outburst. I allowed her a few seconds to recover before releasing her nipple. "That was quick," I noted. "How are we doing, little girl?" Her eyes, which had been squeezed shut, slowly opened. "I, I don't know what to say. I'm sorry, Mr. Gray." "Sorry for what?" "That I, you know, was so quick," she was still catching her breath.

"It just, well, it felt so good and I guess I was waiting for something like that all evening." "Nothing to be sorry about. If you come like that with just a touch on your clit, we're going to have a great time." As I began to rub her pussy again, I got on my knees with my crotch near her face. With my left hand, I raised her head to signal that I wanted her to take me in her mouth again.

Before doing so, I rubbed my cock all over her soft, warm face. "That's right," I told her as she took the hint, "wrap those pretty, pink lips around my cock and suck me while I play with your hot pussy." Although her technique was adequate for her limited, if any, experience, I wanted more.

"You're not doing it right, Char. Kitten did a much better job last night," I lied. "You need to make sure your lips and tongue are slippery and go deeper." Unbelievably, she plunged farther down on me with each bob of her head. "And, when I have dirty, little whores like you suck me, I like to have them rub me between my sack and my asshole," I commented forcefully.

"Spit on your fingers and make it feel like it's your sexy, slick tongue licking me at the same time your lips are wrapped around my cock." Her eyes flashed at me for a second, but she complied and covered the fingers of her right hand with spittle. Although she was in an awkward position, she managed to find the perfect spot.

With her mouth again wrapped around me, it was only a few more seconds before she climaxed again. It was a lovely vision. I watched her writhe and press her legs tightly together around my hand while half of my cock appeared and disappeared in her sweet mouth.

I could feel my nasal passages becoming stuffy and my ears felt hot for me an indication that the erectile medicine I had taken was kicking in. "What a good, little cunt," I encouraged her. "You're doing very well.

I want you to keep on doing that and make me come." She immediately withdrew her head and stared at me in horror. "In my, my mouth?" she asked innocently. "Of course. You said you'd do anything." "But, I didn't think…" "Didn't Kitten tell you about that part?

Didn't she tell you how she took my cock in her mouth and sucked on it? Didn't she tell you how wonderful it was when she tasted my hot come shooting into her mouth? And how she swallowed all of it?" Anger was again raging in my intoxicated brain. "She told you everything else. I can't believe she didn't tell you about how good that was," I stated ironically. Still rubbing behind my balls, she gave me a leer that said she would rather jump in front of a train than swallow my semen.

Then, with a determined glare, she began sucking in earnest. Although she wasn't able to take it into her throat, she managed to get well more than half of me into her.

"Don't go so high," I ordered. "When you bring your mouth up, stop when your lips are just below the head, then slide back down." After a few more strokes, she was doing it just the way I like it. "Oh, yes. That's good," I complimented. "What a good, little, cock sucker you are." She was, indeed, doing it well.

She had, if anything, actually too much saliva which was dripping down the base of my cock. I could feel the rush start in my thighs and knew I would be squirting within seconds.

I debated whether to give her a cue or just flood her without warning. Since I didn't want her to ruin it by being surprised, I decided to let her know when to be ready.

When I felt the point of no return I said, "Now, Char, here it comes. Don't stop. Don't take your mouth off of me." I watched her pretty face contorted around my cock as it pulsed in blissful release. A thousand photographers' flash bulbs went off in my brain as I closed my eyes and savored the thrill of unloading into the virgin's mouth. After the last pulse subsided, I began to chuckle at the strength of my orgasm.

I looked down to see her staring at me with her wide eyes. A small rivulet of semen leaked from the corner of her mouth. I pulled my waning erection out, wiped the cum up with my finger, and slid it into her mouth. "Wouldn't want to waste any, would you?" I asked cynically.


Surprisingly, as if she were an accomplished porn actress she closed her lips around my finger and sucked it off. It was difficult to gauge her reaction to what I had just done.

Her expression was a mix of self-satisfaction, arousal, and 'oh, my God, I've just committed a mortal sin.' In any event, she continued to undulate her hips in response to my fingers tinkering with her open slit. "That felt very good," I said as I leaned down to kiss her again. Her tongues' reaction was not as immediate as before, but eventually she was eagerly reciprocating.

Releasing her lips, I asked, "Ready for your turn, now?" She nodded slightly and I ran my wet lips down her neck and over her left nipple. Rising, I positioned myself between her legs and licked and nibbled down her stomach. Her skin was extraordinarily soft and tight. I lowered further and kissed and licked her abdomen as I continued to gently massage her open pussy lips.

I played awhile licking the insides of her upper thighs and watched her chest and those perky, little breasts heave up and down as her breath quickened. "Do you want me to do exactly what I did to Kitten last night, or do you want something special?" I inquired wryly. She propped herself on her elbows and peered at me.

"I don't, um, whatever you want," she panted. Good response, I thought to myself, since I planned on doing anything that I wanted with the petty bitch anyway. "Alright. I'm going to lick and suck your sweet, little pussy and slide my fingers into you. Let's see just how fast you come this time." I lowered my mouth across her velvety pubic hair.

She smelled fresh and inviting. With a hand on each thigh, I spread her legs wide and relished in sweet flavor of her lubrication. I heard her sigh deeply when my lips closed around her bulging clit. Releasing her left thigh, I started to explore her interior with my finger. Feeling no immediate resistance, I assumed that her hymen would not be an impediment. "Oh, my Gawd," she murmured in response.

Her hips began to gyrate in sweeping arcs and jut upward lasciviously. "I want you to tell me when you feel like you are going to come, so that I can make it special for you, okay, Char?" I said, my voice somewhat muffled by the contact between my lips and her cunt. "`Kay," she whispered excitedly. "`Kay… I'm, oh yes, yes…" Plunging my finger even deeper, I was amazed at how tight she was. I pondered how her vagina would feel surrounding my cock. I raised the tip of my finger and felt the firm spot through her spongy membrane.

As if pulling the trigger of an automatic pistol, I rubbed it deftly a maneuver my wife particularly enjoyed. The result was almost immediate. Her hips were still for an instant; then she erupted violently as the climax swept through her.

"Yeeeesssss!" she wailed and wrapped her hands around the back of my head. "Oh, yeeesssss!" I gradually slowed the movements of my mouth and finger until she squealed and tried to wriggle away from me. "Stop, Mr. Grey," she panted. "…too sensitive." I removed my mouth, but continued to slide my finger in and out of her. She was so snug that I felt the suction with each outward stroke. "So, little girl, how was that?" Her eyes were wide and sparkling.

With a beaming grin she panted, "Wooo, I've never felt anything close to that before." She swallowed hard and continued with a quizzical look on her face. "Is that how it feels when, um, you know…?" "When my cock's inside you?" I completed her inquiry. She nodded excitedly. "Well, as soon as you suck on it a little more to make sure it's good and hard, you'll find out." With the medicine and having just tasted a fifteen year old pussy coming on my mouth, I was already back to full size.

Nevertheless, she scampered onto all fours as I arose on my knees and dutifully took me into her warm, pink mouth. Just as I had instructed her, she paused a moment, spit on her fingers, and began gently massaging just behind my scrotum. "Ahh, you learn quickly," I commented when she took me back into her mouth. "Swirl your tongue around on it." She obeyed. "Move your fingers back and play with my ass hole." The feeling was marvelous. The view of her slim waist and tiny bubble butt wiggling in cadence with her head movements was incredible.

The slurping sound of her mouth sliding on my cock was inspiring. I could have let her continue for hours, but the primal urge to fuck her virgin cunt took over. "Are you ready for it?" I asked with a commanding tone to my voice. She hummed her assent with my cock half in her mouth. "Good. Lie back and pull your legs up." She had become a submissive, little sex toy. I ogled her petite body - legs spread wide, her hands holding them up just behind her knees then I went for the gold.

I leaned down over her and took a nipple in my mouth. Thrusting my hips forward, I felt the head of my cock meet the wet entrance into her. She moaned and stiffened when she felt me, but I continued to slowly move forward.

Her vagina was tighter and much hotter than I'd remembered Kitten's being.

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Only an inch or so in, I withdrew slowly and drove in a little deeper. Noticing the winch of her expression, I withdrew again and started to fuck her in short strokes.

Although I wanted to have my way with her, I didn't necessarily want to hurt her. "How's that, little girl?" She peered at me with furrowed brows. "OK. It's just so big. I…" "You want it all the way in, don't you?" I interrupted. "That's the way Kitten liked it." "Yes," she hissed. "I want to feel it all." "Here goes." I slid in another inch or so before retreating. "You're a nice, snug fit for a big cock, aren't you?" She nodded her agreement, all the while grimacing with discomfort.

"I'm gonna' go all the way in this time, Char," I warned her. If the reverse of the pail and saucer joke were ever apropos, it was then. She uttered a heavy groan as my cock explored the depth of her tiny body.

As with my finger, when I slid half way out of her, I noticed the incredible suction effect of her taut sheath. "Oh, Gawd," she whispered when I started a steady rhythm.

"It's so big." "Well, the real question is: does it feel good?" I asked as I picked up speed. "Does it feel good to be fucked just like Kitten was last night?" She inhaled quickly and deeply before responding.

"Oh, yes. Gawd,yes." She exploded under me. She didn't scream or moan, but panted sharply through her mouth and nostrils. Her entire body convulsed like a fish that had been snagged and dragged on land. I watched her eyes roll back into their sockets as she enjoyed the first conjugal release of her short lifetime.

I paused with my hips jutted forward and allowed her to grind her pelvis against mine. Her pussy walls seemed to throb and spasm around my cock. When it appeared she was at the peak of her orgasm, I started fucking her hard and fast.

Her heavy breathing and our thighs slapping together filled the room. "Oh, my Gawd, Mr. Grey," she hissed. Her body bounced on the bed with each inward thrust. "That's so good. That's really good." At that moment, I could care less about how the jealous slut felt. I gazed at her and savored the feeling, scent, sound, and view of my second virgin conquest in as many nights. I was fucking her wildly when I vaguely noticed a familiar sound. I stopped in mid-stroke and cocked my ear toward the door.

"Oh, no. Don't stop, Mr. Grey. Make me come again, please." She whispered. "Shhh." I replied. Butterflies flew into my stomach when I realized the doorbell was ringing.