Asian teen doublepenetrated in realsex action

Asian teen doublepenetrated in realsex action
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Andrew was interrupted by a knock at the door. "Come in!" Andrew said out loud and the door opened and Kate Winslet walked in. She had her long blonde hair left out, a short skirt that just about covered her ass with black stockings going all the way up, a tight black top that was held up by straps and she had on her feet, open toed heels.

Her arms were bare. "What do you think?" She said to Andrew, not even noticing that I was in the room. "Nice!" He said nodding in approval. Kate looked over at me.

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"Who's this?" She asked, pointing at me. "That is my best friend and partner, Charles." "So this is the notorious Charles?" She said walking over to me.

"So. how comes you never picked me? You don't think I'm hot?" She was being very blunt and getting to the point. If I'm suppose to be the big guy, the man in charge, then that means I get first dibs at celebs and seeing as though I didn't pick her, that meant I didn't like her. That's the way she was probably looking at it. "I did pick you, but Andrew is such a huge fan of yours, he begged me to let him have you.

He's like your biggest fan, so I thought I'd let him have you." "Nice save." She said as she stood right in front of me. "You ever wonder what it'd be like to have these lips around your cock?" She said pointing at her own lips. "Every time I see them." I replied. She got down on her knees in between my legs and started to undo my belt buckle and zipper.

"Now you won't have to." She said pulling my cock out. "Every time you jerk off to me, just remember this image." She said opening her mouth, sticking her tongue out and slowly bringing it to my cock head and putting her mouth over it. I could feel her gently suck at my pee hole while she massaged the under side of my cock with her tongue.

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She seemed a bit egotistical and up herself, saying to imagine this the next time I jerk off to her, but she had reasons to have a big ego and right now one of them was wrapped around my shaft.

Kate started to work her luscious lips up and down my shaft, only working half way down, taking in more every time her lips came down. "You like that?" Kate smiled, pressing my cock head against her lips as she carried on rubbing my shaft with her other hand. "You want me to make you cum?" "No!" "No? What do you mean 'No?'" "No, I mean yes, what I mean, what I'm trying to say is I want to fuck you first." Kate gave a little laugh.

"Hmm." She sighed arrogantly as she started to get up. She got up so we were face to face, I leaned forward and kissed her, sucking on her luscious bottom lip. Kate pouted as I kissed her, sucking on my upper lip. She stood up. "Come with me." She said turning around, giving me a great view of her ass.

She walked to the door like she was walking up some cat walk, swaying her ass side to side, criss crossing her legs as she walked. I got up straight away, following her, I looked over at Andrew and he had a look of disappointment on his face. I felt kinda bad, but it's not like he hasn't fucked her before. I put my cock away and started to follow. "Come on Andrew!

Don't you want to fuck me?" Kate said. "Or are you just gonna sit there jerking off to the thought of your friend's cock in me?" "No!

I though you two were gonna." Andrew started. "It's been a while since I've had sex with two guys at the same time." Kate cut him off. "It should be fun! Maybe this time I'll take two at the same time." She said seductively and then turned around and headed towards the usual room her and Andrew go to.

Andrew looked at me. "You think this is going to be cool or a little gay?" He asked. "Well… she did say this time she might take two at the same time." I whispered as we followed. "Which means she hasn't before and she probably won't this time." "You know, she takes it up the ass." Andrew whispered. "Have you fucked her up the ass?" "Yeah, but she's so fucking tight." He whispered. "When I got it in to her ass, she started to flex her ass hole and I pumped her ass like three times and ended up cumming." "You should try to have sex the day before or jerk off in the morning, that way you'd last longer." I whispered back.

"I fucked her the day before and then I fucked her again like 12 hours later. After I fucked her, she said that I haven't fucked her up her tight ass yet and she bent over. I came twice in the space of three minutes!" I was starting to get a little worried.

I haven't been with a woman who was as animalistic in bed as her, and if anything Andrew had said was anything to go by, I was getting nervous that I might not perform well. Kate was already in the room when me and Andrew entered. "We need to go over a few rules. Andrew already knows them, so it's just so you know Charles." Kate started. "No cumming out of me.Cum inside me. If you feel like you're gonna cum and you want to cum out of me, then I refuse to fuck you." "She likes the feeling of a real cock and a real cum." Andrew said, his voice quite low.

"Yes!" Kate agreed. "That's the only rule really." Kate took off her shoes first and then she quickly took off her top and unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She had black, fishnet stockings on that ended a couple of inches after where her skirt stopped. She had no bra on and she stood there in a pair of black panties and black stockings. She reached to the top of the fishnets and starte to roll them down.

"Stop!" Me and Andrew said at the same time. "Leave them on." I said. "Yeah they look really sexy." Andrew added. Kate smiled and slipped off her panties. She sat in the middle of the bed, her legs spread apart.

I looked at her crotch. "Now it's both your turns." Me and Andrew looked at each other. I felt a little uncomfortable, another guy being there, but at the same time I couldn't wait to fuck Kate Winslet. I looked at Andrew and it looked like he felt the same way. We looked over at Kate and then looked back at each other and shrugged our shoulders.

We stripped off as quick as we could and went over to Kate. She smiled, sitting at the end of the bed and we stood in front of her, me on her left side and Andrew on her right.

"Look at the size of your big cocks!" Kate said taking one in each hand, stroking them up and down. I watched as Kate took Andrew's cock into her mouth. I watched her lips gently stroke up and down Andrew's shaft as she carried on stroking mine with her hand. I couldn't wait to feel her lips around my shaft again.

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She took her mouth off Andrew's cock and turned to mine, flicking the tip with her tongue. She opened her mouth and placed my cock head on her bottom lip, slowly closing her mouth wrapping her lips around my cock and then working them half way down my shaft and back up again. I closed my eyes as her thick lips caressed my shaft, while her warm wet tongue was constantly flicking and twirling around my cock head.

She slowly dragged her lips down my shaft and right off my member, with a long trail of her thick saliva hanging from the tip of my cock to her lips. She turned around to Andrew, opening her mouth and talking the tip of his cock into her mouth, breaking the line of saliva that hung from my cock to her lips.

It stretched out too thin and snapped near the tip of my cock and went down from Kate's lips, down to her breast. She carried on sucking Andrew's cock, working up a faster pace and then quickly moved her head back, taking her mouth off his cock and turned and thrust her head forward taking my cock to the back of her throat.

She bobbed her head up and down really fast and then quickly switched back to Andrew. His dick had disappeared down her throat and he wasn't a small guy. His cock was more or less the same size as mine in length but mine was a little thicker. Kate turned to me, thrusting her head forward, trying to take me down her throat, but was having trouble trying to fit my thick cock down her throat and started to gag.

She coughed loud while my cock sat at the back of her throat. I reached down and pulled my cock out of her mouth and picked her up, cradling her in my arms. I placed her on the bed on her back, kneeling in between her legs. I spread her legs apart and placed my cock along her wet slit, rubbing down pressing against her opening.

In one hard thrust I had my thick pole in her tight cunt and Andrew was not kidding when he said that she was tighter than ever. Kate let out a ear piercing scream from the thrust. Andrew came up onto the bed and knelt beside Kate's head. She placed the soles of her feet on my chest. I could see through her fishnet stockings that she had red toe nail polish. Her feet looked beautiful. I'd seen pictures where she looked like a Goddess, where everything looked perfect.

Her face, skin, hands, feet, tits, ass, her whole body in fact and then you got the photos where the press had followed her and she's got beautiful skin, delicate hands and feet, that you could see if she's in sandals or open toed shoes. It makes you think, that what she looks like, in the photo shoot, she's obviously been done up to look good. But that wasn't the case, not right now anyway. She looked stunning from head to toe. "Yeah! Suck my dick you slut!" Andrew said, pressing his cock against her lips and she instantly opened her mouth.

"Mmm." Kate moaned as she sucked the tip of his dick, working her mouth down his shaft. It was quite a sight, watching her work those full lips up and down a penis. I was still staring at her feet, resting on my chest.

I decided that I was gonna get a taste.

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I grabbed one of her feet and bought it up to my mouth, sucking on her big toe. "Yeah!" Kate moaned, with Andrew's cock in her mouth, it looked like she was biting his cock.

She started to stroke his cock, taking his cock out of her mouth. "That's feels so good!" She moaned with a look of desperation on her face and in her voice. "Suck my toes!" She moaned rubbing Andrew's cock faster and started to work her body up and down my cock, using her foot that was on my chest to push herself up my cock. I started to work my dick in and out of her, getting faster with every stroke, as I continued to suck her toes.

"Get your tongue in between them!" Kate moaned spreading her toes as far apart as she could. The gaps on the holes of her fishnets were big enough for me to get my tongue though. I slipped my tongue into one of the holes to get my tongue in between her big toe and the one next to it and flicked my tongue in between them.

"Mmmm." Kate moaned as she had Andrew's cock back in her mouth. She curled her toes, with my tongue still in between two of her toes. She squeezed my tongue gently with her toes as I took her toes back into my mouth, sucking her three biggest toes at the same time.

She released my tongue and started to wriggle her big toe around in my mouth, gently stroking my tongue. I started to get excited and thrust into her at a faster pace. I got a little too excited, I pulled back too much and ended up thrusting my cock up her wet slit.

I grabbed her foot and pulled it out of my mouth, holding it in my hand, grabbing her other foot with my other hand. I bought her feet together, so both her soles were touching and bought them down to my dick. I moved them apart enough for my dick to fit in between them, along the groove between the balls of her feet and heels and started to work her feet up and down my shaft.

I started off going slow, and being gentle, she was wearing fishnet stockings and it could cause friction. After a couple of strokes, the friction was minimal and didn't bother me, so I started to work the balls under her toes up and down my shaft, pressing her soles hard against my meat.

"You like a little feet action?" Kate asked while stroking Andrew's cock beside her face. "You want me to stroke it for you?" I took my hands off her feet and she started to work her soles up and down my cock, going slow, squeezing my cock hard, forcing my pre-cum up my member and spreading it around my big cock head with her big toe.

I grabbed her feet again, holding the soles together, tightly with my cock sandwiched in between them, the balls of her feet pressed tightly against the sides of my dick. "Come on Charles!" Kate said seductively. "Fuck my feet! Fuck them real good!" I started to thrust back and fourth really fast, working my shaft along the balls off her feet as fast as I could. Kate started to suck Andrew's cock, keeping up with the pace of my strokes in between her feet.

I started to go so fast that my feet slipped out from in between her feet. I quickly pushed her legs up and pushed my cock back into her cunt. "Ahhh!" Kate moaned out loud with Andrew's cock in her mouth. She took Andrew's cock out of her mouth and looking down at me. She started to work her hips up and down, meeting my thrusts. Slamming her body down my pole, every time I thrust into her, getting louder and louder with every thrust.

I looked down at my cock going into her pussy. "Shit! Fuck me Charles! That's it! Keep working it in and out. Faster baby!" She pouted. "Fuck me faster!" I did as she said and she started to moan louder. Kate leaned back on her fore arms and pushed herself up. Once she had pushed herself up enough, she wrapped her arms around my neck, her hands clasped together at the back of my neck, so that we were both sitting up, me on my knees and Kate on my lap, with her legs going behind me.

"Oh! Your dick feels so big in my tight cunt!" She moaned into my ear, gently caressing my ear lobe with her luscious lips. She bought herself up close to me, her huge breasts pressed against the top of my chest.

She started to kiss me on my forehead, pressing her lips against my skin as I carried on thrusting up into her, she was using her feet behind me as leverage to push herself up and down my cock. I rested my chin on the top of her tits.

"I'm gonna cum!" She moanedhugging my head, pushing my face down in between her tits. Her body started to convulse and shake hard, as she rocked up and down quite violently.

"AAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHH!" Kate screamed into my ears as her orgasm hit her hard. She was whimpering and moaning and she fell over on to the bed, landing on her back. Her hips bucked, pulling her sensitive pussy off my meat. I could see her pussy lips quiver as her orgasm started to subside.

"My turn!" Andrew said getting up and I moved out the way, going to where he was sitting, pretty much swapping places. "Get on your knees bitch!" Andrew verbally assaulted her and from the smile on her face it seemed like she enjoyed it.

Probably something that they've worked on. She got on to all fours and started to shake her ass in front of his crotch. She pushed her ass back, pinning Andrew's cock against his stomach. His dick was in between her butt crack and she worked her butt up and down, masturbating him with her ass cheeks. Andrew pushed her ass forward and pressed his cock head against her pussy and pushed it in forward, with a hard thrust, his groin slapping against her butt real loud, sending her forward.

He slowly pulled back and thrust into her hard, making her go forward again. He did this repeatedly and had her already begging for him to fuck her faster, but he carried on, going slow and thrusting hard, making her scream every time he thrust forward. "Aaaaahhhhhhh!" Kate moaned, looking into my eyes.

She was leaning on her forearms, but one thing I did know, I wanted her mouth on my cock again. I lowered her head down on to my erect pole, forcing her head down. Andrew stopped thrusting into Kate hard, so that she could suck me off while he did her doggy style.

I could feel the back of her throat and as I pushed her head down some more, I could feel her throat open up as her throat slowly went down my meat as she started to deep throat me. I moved her blonde hair to one side so I could watch her beautiful face as she worked her lips up and down my shaft. I let go off her head and she started to work her mouth up and down my cock at her own pace, taking in however much she could without being forced, using her hands as well as her mouth.

She looked up at me keeping her blue eyes locked on mine. I didn't notice it before but she had a beauty spot just above her right eye brow. It was light enough to be missed, probably why I haven't noticed it before.

Andrew started to thrust into her a little faster. Kate started to lift her ass up into the air, and thrusting back against Andrew. She stopped sucking my dick and allowed Andrew's thrusts to work her mouth down my meat and her thrusts back against him, to work her mouth up my cock.

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Kate's lips felt so good around my shaft, if she carried on like this I knew I'd cum sooner than I'd want. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, got off the bed and stood beside it.

My dick was so hard that it hurt. I took my focus away from the action and looked around to see if I could see any of those hidden cameras that Andrew had set around the room. He said there was eight but I could only see five, the other three were hidden quite well.

I started to think about Jennifer Lopez and what she would do for the tape of all that action that has already happened and is going to happen. I was thinking of what I could do to make the tape better.

"SHHHHIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!" I heard Kate scream, interrupting my thoughts.


She was now shrieking loud like a wild animal, it reminded me of what happened between her and Leonardo DiCaprio, when she was fucking Leo and people thought that they pretended.

It started to make me think, she didn't have a reaction like that when I fucked her.And all her hot scenes passed before my eyes : Jude, Holy Smoke, Titanic, Hideous Kinky, Iris, Quills, Little Children and The Reader. "Fuck!" Andrew moaned as he pulled out of her and lay on the bed beside her. Kate still stayed on all fours, her face pressed against the bed, still moaning. I got back on the bed, on my knees taking position behind her. I rubbed my dick up and down her wet pussy, getting my cock wet with her cum.

I pressed the head against her moist opening and slowly pushed my hips forward. "Ahhhh!" Kate moaned rocking forward, trying to stop me from entering her cunt. I could feel her pussy lips trembling around my cock head. Kate leaned forward, going flat on to her front, pulling herself off my cock. I straddled her, kneeling on the back of her thighs. I spread her round ass cheeks apart.

I pressed my cock down her butt crack, her cum dripping off my cock and in between her butt crack, on her ass hole. I pressed down her butt crack, looking for the opening to her vagina.

I pressed the cock head against it and couldn't believe that her pussy was still twitching. That's when I got an idea. "Seeing as though your pussy is still so sensitive." I said holding her butt cheeks apart with one hand. I rubbed my wet cock head against her tight, puckered ass hole. "I guess this hole will have to do." I said forcing my cock head past her tight sphincter. "FUCK!" Kate screamed as my cock head penetrated her tight ass hole.

I placed one hand on each butt cheek, as I squeezed them. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and started to push my hips forward, forcing my dick further and further into her rectum. Kate was moaning quite loud, from a mixture of pain and slight pleasure. "Oh GOD!" Kate moaned as I slowly dragged my hard on out and slowly eased it back in, I repeated this, keeping at the same slow pace, letting her ass hole get use to the thickness of my cock.

I still had my hands on her butt cheeks. I carried on at this excruciatingly slow pace, my cock ached every time I forced my cock deep into her rear. I had to go faster, so I started to increase the pace, each thrust faster than the last, until I was going at a steady pace. Kate started to flex her sphincter, making it even tighter. She had become accustomed to me girth and started to enjoy herself a lot more now. She looked back at me giving me flirty, seductive looks.

I was starting to build up a sweat and decided to lay flat on my stomach on top off her to try and save some energy so I could carry on going on for longer. I started to kiss the back of her neck. I kissed her on her shoulder.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and started to thrust into her as fast as I could. Kate was whimpering and screaming really loud. I looked at her face to see what her fuck face looked like and it looked as though she knew there was cameras on and was pouting for the camera. Her lips looked so beautiful that I couldn't resist and I started to suck on her bottom lip.

She just opened her mouth and let me suck them and took the anal assault. I knew she wasn't going to cum from getting fucked up the ass, no matter how much she might be enjoying it, but I knew that I was starting to get that feeling that if I keep drilling into her that I would cum, so I stopped, pushed myself up and slowly dragged my member out of her ass hole. "Let me taste that cock!" Kate said, rolling onto her back and sitting up.

"An Ass to mouth? Shit I gotta see this!" Andrew said sitting up beside her. Kate gave a little laugh.


"OK!" She said with a big smile. She held my cock in front of her face, looked at me and then looked at Andrew. "You guys ready?" She asked opening her mouth and moving her head forward, not waiting for us to reply.

My cock head touched her tongue and she licked up my pee hole. "Mmm." She moaned as she closed her mouth and looked like she was savouring the taste. She opened her mouth again, wide and put my cock head into her mouth, without my cock head touching anything. She gave another little laugh as she slowly closed her mouth, wrapping those big lips around my shaft.

"Mmm." She moaned again, closing her blue eyes as she slowly started to move her head forward taking more of my meat into her mouth. She started to move her head back and fourth working her lips up and down my shaft.

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Andrew started to rub Kate's ass, trying to work his fingers in between her legs and probably into her moist cunt. "Looks like someone's wants to get back into the action!" Kate said taking my cock out of her mouth, smiling at Andrew while pressing my cock on the side of her face. She started to stroke Andrew's cock with her other hand. "You want me to ride it baby?" She asked.

"Yeah." Andrew replied, grabbing her by the hips, making Kate let out a loud yelp and pulling her on to his lap, while he lay back down on his back. She straddled him and held his cock in position while she slid her pussy down his pole.

"That feel good Andrew?" She moaned her question. "Yeah! Just keep riding it!" He replied holding her hips. I sat back leaning against the foot board, opting to watch them go at it and give my cock a couple of minutes rest before I took another shot at her.

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Kate was riding him as fast as she could, moaning while Andrew just lay back and let her do all the work. "Turn around." Andrew said. "What's that Andrew?" Kate asked. "I want to see your beautiful face while you ride me." He said. Kate stopped riding him, and leaned back, lifting her feet into the air. She then locked eyes on me, as she slowly put her feet together, knowing that I found her feet sexy. She arched her feet and posed with them for a second, smiled at me and the spun around on Andrew cock, causing him to moan out loud from having her pussy twist around on his cock.

Kate had managed to turn herself around without pulling herself off his cock and started to ride him at the pace she was going at before he asked her to turn around. Andrew reached up, groping her tits, one in each hand while she rode him. Kate twisted her upper body slightly to get me into her view and looked right into my eyes. "Charles?" She called out to me.

"You like watching me ride a big cock?" She asked. "Watching me work my tight cunt up and down his shaft?" She continued not letting me answer. She tried to look down at his cock. She put her feet together, only her big toes touching and rubbing Andrew's ball sack. "You like watching me play with his balls with my toes while I ride him?" She asked with an unbelievably sexy tone and gave me seductive looks.

What she was doing was working, she was turning me on and making me want to fuck her again. I got up to my knees and made my way to her. She was now riding Andrew really fast and ended up pulling herself right off his cock. I pushed her forward and quickly pushed my cock into her pussy and went into the fast pace that she was going at while she rode Andrew.

"Yeah! Fuck me! That feels sooo good!" She moaned, thrusting her ass back fourth, keeping up with my thrusts at first until she started going faster than me and she ended up puling herself off my cock.

Kate held Andrew's cock and pushed her pussy down his shaft, still going at the fast pace. I wasn't really ready to hand her pussy over to Andrew but she just put his cock in her. I decided that I still wanted to carry on going so I pushed Kate forward by her back. Andrew wrapped his arms around her waist, his hands at the back of her head, pulling her closer to him. I spread her butt cheeks apart to reveal her ass hole. It looked a little red from the assault it endured from me earlier on.

Her ass hole glistened with traces of her cum that had made it's way down and into her ass crack when she was flat on her back. I rubbed my wet cock against her puckered ass hole and pushed the cock head in.

"ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKK!" Kate screamed as I pushed my shaft into her rear. As I pulled back, Andrew pushed his hips forward, getting his cock deep into her cunt. I thrust forward, working more of my cock in to Kate's anal passage as Andrew pulled back this time. Me and Andrew instantly worked in to a rhythm, when one of us pulled back the other would thrust forward and vice versa.

"Shit! Argh!" Kate moaned, sobbing at first from having both holes filled at the same time. She took a little longer to get use to having a dick in her ass and pussy at the same time. Maybe we should've started off a little slower, but Kate had built it up to this pace and we just continued until she started to get into it.

It took a while but when she did get into it, she started to thrust her hips back and fourth and with me and Andrew going at the rhythm that we were, when ever she thrust her hips forward and one of us pulled back, we'd nearly leave the warmth of one of her orifices. "Fuck yeah! Fuck my ass and cunt!" Kate pouted, gritting her teeth as she went as fast as she could.

She nearly thrust her ass off my cock, so I just thrust forward and then just let her work her ass back and fourth on my shaft. Andrew carried on working in and out of her and once he realised that I stopped he stopped too letting Kate do all the work. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm." She screamed as she orgasmed once again, probably more from having a dick in her pussy than being ass fucked.

This time she just carried on going, not stopping. I could feel her cum splash onto my balls when she pushed back. "Letting me do all the work huh?" Kate laughed once she realised what we were doing and she stopped once her orgasm subsided. She looked back at me and the side of her face looked like it had dry skin, from when she pressed my cock on the side of her face, she probably got my pre-cum on her cheek and it dried and looked white.

She worked her hips back and fourth a couple of times and stopped. It was her way of saying that it was out turn to do the work. It's not like we minded, we fell back into the rhythm quickly going as fast as before.

"You boys are quite the studs!" Kate commented as we started to build up pace. "Fucking Kate Winslet for this long and still not cumming even once." That's when it hit me, that we had fucked her this long without even cumming. "So you want me to cum in your ass?" I asked. "Yes!" Kate yelled as our double pounding started to hit the right buttons again. "In my ass!" She moaned.

"I want it up my ass!" "You want two thick loads in your sexy pussy and ass ?" Andrew asked, in a mocking sort of way, running his finger along her lips and cheeks, while I was pounding in to her really fast just trying to cum.

"Yes!" She screamed her answer after a moment of moaning from the double pleasure. Andrew instantly started to go faster, we were like two Jack rabbits, pounding Kate as fast as we could. "FUCK!" Kate screamed. "Just cum! Nnnnnghhh!" She gritted her teeth, getting desperate for us to finish so we'd stop. "SHIT!" Andrew yelled. I started to go as fast as I could knowing that was a sign that Andrew was about to cum. "You gonna cum?" Kate asked Andrew. "Y.E.S!" Andrew moaned.

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I don't know if he was cumming or holding back. Kate pushed herself up, so she wasn't flat on her front on top of Andrew, her back pressing against my front. "Mmm.Yes! That's it! Fill my beautiful pussy and ass with your cum!" Kate moaned as Andrew's cock up her pussy as his cum shot up all over her vagina and womb, while I filled her fat full ass with my thick white milk. Pumping out load after load up her cunt and ass. Once me and Andrew stopped shooting cum out and our cocks were starting to get flaccid.And Andrew and me got out of her two orifices.

Kate laughed. "I haven't ever been fucked like that before and I've been fucked in every way you can think of!" She carried on laughing, sucking the tip of my cock, getting any cum that may be on my cock off and swallowing.

She did the same to Andrew's cock and then got up. "Where's a camera when you need one?" She laughed, her face looked like a vision of beauty. Me and Andrew looked at each other almost laughing at her camera remark, knowing full well that there's eight cameras set up in here.

She wiped some cum off her pussy and ass with her finger and put it in her mouth. "Hmm." She said as she savoured the taste and swallowed. She then licked her lips and did the same. "I can't decide who's cum taste's better!" She said turning around, looking back at us and shaking her ass. That's when I noticed cum coming out of her butt crack and going half way up her back. Kate noticed it too, I don't think she could see it, but she could feel it.

She reached back, her hand at the top of the cum trail, her fingers followed it down into her butt crack and wiped it off from in between her butt cheeks. "Now who's cum is this?" She smiled. It was obvious it was mine, it was cumming out of her ass and I was the last one to ass fuck her, actually, I was the only one who ass fucked her. I didn't even notice that I let a load out on her lower back.

She put her fingers to her mouth, she smiled and looked at me. "It taste's like it's yours Charles!" She carried on walking forward and went into the room's bath room. I don't know if she could only tell that it was my cum from tasting it or if she figured it out like how I did and just said it tastes like mine to make herself seem like she was a cum taster. I got up and got my clothes and got dressed. Andrew lay flat on his back on the bed.

"Going already?" Kate asked cumming out of the bath room with no traces of cum on her face. "I though you were going to hang around and have me suck you dick until you got hard enough to fuck me again." "That sounds unbelievably tempting, but I got somewhere I have to be and I need to quickly jump into the shower first." "Well. See you later stud!" Kate said, kissing me, working her tongue around my mouth.

I was a bit weary of her sticking her tongue in my mouth, but she tasted minty, probably rinsed her mouth out with mint flavoured mouth wash. She turned around to Andrew. "Looks like your dick gets my lips all to itself." She turned to me, raised her hand and wiggled her fingers.

"Bye!" I left the room and headed to the front of the club and out the front door. I didn't realise how hot I was until the cool air hit my face and I ran my hand through my sweaty hair. My hair was a little messy so I undid my ponytail and tied it again.