Wife Amy still giving head

Wife Amy still giving head
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Fbailey story number 779 Mom Took Me To A Concert The Beach Boys were going on tour. They would be at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, New York on Saturday, June 23, 2012 at 8:00 PM. The cost of tickets was from forty-two dollars to eighty dollars each. Mom bought two of the eighty-dollar tickets for her and I and then told me that I had to go. When I asked why she said that she was going to get so wasted that she wouldn't be able to drive or even control herself.

Over the next few weeks I learned a lot more about my mother. She had lost her virginity at a Beach Boys concert. She had met my father at another Beach Boys concert. She used to do a lot of pot in her day too. When she was younger she was really into sex, drugs, and rock and roll. My mother had been a free spirit and apparently had spread her legs for every guy that came along. She made out with a lot of other girls too. As the date for the concert got closer Mom decided that we should stay in a motel near the concert for two nights.

She was concerned about me driving for several hours to get home afterwards. Besides that, she thought that it would kill her buzz to split early. So that Friday before the concert, Mom drove us to our motel. She ordered a pizza, and then she got out a bottle of cherry flavored vodka and a bag of marijuana. Right after the delivery guy had left I stared eating the pizza and Mom lit up a joint. When I was full, Mom was stoned. She drank the vodka right from the bottle and offered me some. I had to remind her that I was only sixteen and had just recently gotten my driver's license.

Mom popped a Beach Boys CD in her boom box and started to sing and dance her heart out. I slid up higher on my bed and sat against the wall. I noticed how good my mother looked in her tight hip hugger blue jeans and in her white T-shirt. Her sexy white lacy bra shown through and her thong panties were up above her pants making a rather nice appearance.

I took out my digital camera and started taking pictures of my mother. She smiled and posed for me. Wow! She could almost dislocate her hip as she thrust to the side for me. When she lifted up her T-shirt I asked, "Mom, what are you doing?" Mom laughed and said, "Oh honey, you are going to see a whole lot more than this from your mother tomorrow…and a lot of other girls too. Make sure that your camera is ready tomorrow." She looked magnificent standing there in her bra and blue jeans.

In fact my mother looked better than all of the girls in my entire high school.


What a hot babe my mother was! She was unquestionably a MILF. A few more swigs on that bottle and another doobie and she was topless.

From there things progressed rather quickly. Mom was dancing erratically, shaking her titties, and then she started to rub her thong panties between her legs from front to back and back again.

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I could she those panties were being used like dental floss to floss her pussy slit and her ass crack. When the song ended she tossed her panties at me.

They caught on my eyeglasses and hung in my face. Oh my God, my mother smelled so good that I got hard instantly. She went into the shower and asked me if I wanted to join her. She was a lot more interesting when she was drunk and drugged. So I undressed and went into the bathroom. As I slid the glass door over Mom pulled me inside, pressed her breasts into my chest, and kissed me sticking her tongue in my mouth. I was not sure if she even knew who I was.

She held my cock and I hooked two fingers in her pussy. After our kiss ended she dropped down onto her knees and started sucking my cock. I had never had a blowjob before but somehow I just knew that Mom was very good at it.

I fucked my mother's mouth until I came, then I watched her swallow it and stand back up. Next she turned around and wiggled her ass into me causing me to get another hard-on. She leaned over and held onto the faucet handles. I reached under her and held onto her tits for a minute.

Then I slipped my hard-on into my mother's pussy from behind. I was surprised at how easily it slipped in. I was equally surprised at how great it felt. However, I was very pleased to loose my virginity in my beautiful mother.

I thought that I was dreaming, then I started to cum and cum until I had no more cum to give her. Mom stood up, turned around to face me, and then she said, "Wow, that was just as good as your father used to do." She did know that it was me.

We slept in the same bed that night and in the morning I felt her hand on my cock. Mom asked, "Want to do it now that I'm not drunk and high?" I said, "Sure" and then I rolled over on top of her. I gave her a kiss, I sucked each of her nipples into my mouth and then I stuck my cock into her. Mom smiled up at me and just gave me a hug.

She let me go as fast as I wanted too and in just a minute or two I was cumming in her again. Mom said, "That was good, maybe even better than last night.

I'm sorry about that but I honestly had to get stoned to let you fuck me the first time." I told her that I had enjoyed it and then she let me watch her pee. Now that was sexy. We had several hours to kill before the concert. During that time Mom told me that it was my job to keep an eye on her. She was going to get drunk, she was going to get stoned, and she was definitely going to get topless at the concert.

She said that she also intended to throw her panties up on the stage too. I asked, "Should I put an extra pair of panties and a T-shirt in my backpack?" Mom laughed and said, "Why! Don't you want to be seen in the company of a naked lady?" I looked at her and said, "I already am in the company of a naked lady." Then I laughed.

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Mom said, "I'll buy us a couple of T-shirts at the concert and let you put mine in your backpack for the trip back here afterwards." I smiled at Mom, pinched both of her nipples with my thumbs and fingers, and asked, "Are you really planning on getting naked at the concert tonight?" Mom rubbed my cock through my pants and said, "Oh yeah! I have been dreaming about it ever since I heard that they were going back on tour." I asked, "Why?" Mom replied, "Because it reminds me of my youth.

I was a free spirit, my mother was a flower child, and I was raise to do what I wanted to do. The Beach Boys were a big part of my life. It's funny but they still are. I got stoned last night and let you fuck me because of them." I had to admit that she was telling the truth. She let me fuck her two more times before the concert.

She didn't want me getting too excited during the concert. We arrived early, Mom bought us both T-shirts, and I stuffed hers in my backpack and put mine on. Mom was wearing a tiny leather skirt and a white T-shirt without a bra. She looked incredible and most of the guys there thought so too. We made our way closer to the stage toward our assigned area. Once there Mom and I sat down. She reached into my backpack and took out a joint. She lit it and then started passing it to the ladies next to us.

Before long, we were surrounded by people smoking and drinking and passing bottles and joints around to each other.

I was the only kid there and the only sober straight person. Everyone was feeling pretty good when the opening act came out on stage. I got to feel Mom up quite a bit as she kept wiggling her ass into my crotch. I played with her nipples and tickled her clit as she danced about. I thought things were loud and the crowd was happy until the Beach Boys came out on stage.

Believe it or not things doubled or tripled. The noise was deafening and the women were going absolutely berserk. My mother said, "Take my shirt." Then she lifted it up and handed it to me. Several other ladies saw her doing it and then they handed me their shirts too.

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One woman even handed me her bra. I put everything in my backpack and then I started taking pictures of all the topless women that were around me. Mom noticed me and grabbed two other women and the three of them posed for me.

I was totally amazed when Mom started sucking on one of the lady's nipples. After that first song I saw Mom remove her panties and try to make her way to the stage. Surprisingly the people let her through.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised at all, who in their right mind wouldn't let an attractive topless woman through. When I asked, a big guy lifted me up onto his shoulders so that I could keep an eye on my mother.

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I saw her get up close and then I got a picture of her panties flying through the air toward the stage. One of the band members picked them up, held them to his nose, and then reached down to help her up on the stage.

From where I was I got a picture of Mom up on stage next to the guy. I could see her bare breasts, her exposed pussy, and him giving her a kiss. Then he just pushed her backward into the crowd. Mom bodysurfed over the crowd back toward me. I saw hands holding her head, her legs, and her ass up as she passed over them.

I also saw her tits and pussy being molested as she floated over the crowd. Upon her return Mom said, "That was the best thing that has ever happened to me." Pretty much the rest of the concert was a long massive blur of smoking, drinking, and groping.

Mom let six or seven guys fuck her, she gave four blowjobs, and she rolled around on the ground with another woman in a sixty-nine. I captured all of it with my camera. After the concert was over I helped my mother back to our car. I didn't even bother to put her T-shirt or the extra panties on her.

I never returned the other women's shirts or that bra either. Back at the motel Mom was pretty much out of it. However, I knew that I wanted to fuck her a few more times myself. Most of the time, she was unconscious but that didn't slow me down any. In fact it gave me the opportunity to butt fuck her.


Hell, she would never know who did it even if she knew that she had been butt fucked. Sliding my cock into her relaxed asshole was just as nice as sliding it into her well used pussy. I liked doing her face down on the bed and in a few minutes I was happy to fill her rectum with my cum. I just covered us and fell asleep next to her.

In the morning Mom was holding her head and moaning when I woke up. Then she coughed and said, "Oh shit." She went into the bathroom and came back out with a wet washcloth.

As she started to clean up the mess she had made she said, "Why you little mother fucker you. You butt fucked me last night." I said, "Maybe it was someone else." Mom laughed and said, "Oh no!

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I've never let anyone in my ass before. It had to be you and I had to be unconscious." She cleaned up the mess of shitty cum on the sheet and then she wiped her ass. That was when Mom said, "Hey, I'm not sore back there." I smiled and said, "You were really relaxed." Mom glared at me and then she burst out laughing.


She said, "Well I guess you know how to make a lady enjoy having a cock up her ass." The ride home was slow and calm with me driving and Mom taking catnaps along the way. She flashed a few truckers on the Interstate highways and gave me a blowjob in a rest area. She didn't want me to go off the road when she did it. At home we settled in and I showed Mom the pictures that I had taken. In almost all of them she was topless.

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She liked the one of my cock in her asshole. I kind of liked that one two. But my favorite was the one of her up on stage showing everyone her tits and pussy. I sure liked the one of her and that other woman in a sexy sixty-nine too. I slept in her bed that night wondering where our relationship would go from there. The End Mom Took Me To A Concert 779