Nice girl is geeting pissed on and bursts wet slit

Nice girl is geeting pissed on and bursts wet slit
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Nasty Boys by Millie Dynamite The random chat window opened, for a moment the two viewers were fuzzy and out of focus. Then the woman came in to view. She was stunning, her blonde hair hung in waves either side of her face, her big green eyes had shades of green and blue on the lids, and above, her arched eyebrows, high cheekbones, and slender somewhat elegant nose were all the boys could see.


She moved back, and her full pouty lips parted in a smile. "Well, my goodness you two boys are quite young, aren't you?" "I'm 19," the dark-haired boy told her. "I'm not quite 19," the fairer, somewhat soft looking blonde-haired boy told her. "Well, my, my, my and what are you two deviant little fuckers doing on an adult chat site?" "Trying to talk to a pretty woman," the blonde boy told her. "But they look at us and move on," the other child said.

"Are your little dicks hanging out pants?" "No," they said in unison. "We're not fag boys," the blonde kid said. "Stand up," she insisted. "Let me see from your waist and down below." The two boys stood. They were shorts and t-shirts. "Lift up the shirts," she said. They followed her instructions. Pull the shirts off, little boys. They did what she said.

"You children can sit down," she said. They did as she told them, their cheeks were beet red. "Oh, did I embarrass my little boys?" the pair nodded their heads.


"Well, you can't be on an adult site and not have it about adult things. What're your names?" "I'm Tony," the softer boy said, his face plastered with a big smile.

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"Oh, Tony that can be a boy or a girl's name did you know that, sweetie?" he nodded his head. "And you, what's your name?" "I'm Bob, well Robert but everyone calls me Bob," he said then added, "I play football, I'm a quarterback." "But Tony doesn't play football, does he?" they shook their heads. "Cause Tony's too small and frail for football, isn't he?" "I'll get bigger," he said. "Yeah, but never as big and strong as Robert.

Robert will be a big strong man some day and you, well you won't. You'll be a pretty boy all your life.

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You know, you look like a girl in the face. So, soft and attractive, and your body is shaped like a girl as well. A fine thin waist and looks like a round little ass too, baby." "You take that back," he said in a hushed voice his lower lip trembling. "Robert, tell Tony the truth about how he looks," she said. "But…" "Tell him," she ordered in a soft but firm voice. "You are lovely and with your long hair…well, it's super on you, actually quite cute." Tony's cheeks reddened, and his eyes glanced down, as a tear rolled down his cheek.

The tears built in his eyes, one after another rolled down his attractive soft cheeks. "I didn't mean to hurt you," Robert said putting his hand on the smaller boy's shoulder. "Hug Tony, Robert," she told him. It was an order, but he wanted to hug the other boy, so he did. At first, Tony resisted the hug, trying to move away, but in a few seconds, he relaxed and accepted the attention.

His tears rolled from his eyes as he sobbed. "It's okay Tony," Robert told him. Patting his friends back as he clutched him. When Tony's hands, first one then other, moved to Roberts back it felt odd. In a few moments the two boys' lips met, and a peck turned to kiss. Robert's cock twitched in his shorts, his hug and kiss became more aggressive, and passion grew in him.

His long tongue snaked in between Tony's full, pouty lips. His right hand roamed over Tony's small chest, squeezing his small firm pecks, massaging them like they were tits Robert felt his cock grow. "MMmm," the woman said. "Now that's hot and sexy.

Are your little dicks getting stiff?" Robert broke the kiss and nodded his head. Then kissed Tony again, he guided the boy's hand to his cock. "See what you did to me, Tony?" "I'm sorry," Tony said. "I didn't mean to do that. Ghosh, Bobby, your dick is kind of big." "Take it out and jack me," Robert told him.

"I'm not a fag," Tony said while he rubbed the stiff prick.

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"Yeah, but it's your fault," he said then whispered in his ear. "I've jerked off thinking about your beautiful face, slender body, and petite firm round ass." "You know Tony wants to suck your dick," the woman said. "So, make him. That way it's not his fault, and he isn't a fag. He wants to suck you, so go ahead, make him." Taking a hand full of Tony's soft blonde hair, he guided him down his chest, pausing at his belly.

"Kiss my belly button," he told him twisting on his hair. Tony acted reluctant to comply, but with some rough encouragement, a twist to the hair, Tony kissed the other boys belly, then ran his tongue over it as he worked the bigger boys cock out of his pants. He worked his way down to the Roberts crotch, staring at Roberts 4-inch boner drool ran from his mouth, falling on Robert's lower belly it trickled lower pooling at the base of his erection. Throwing his head back, Robert let out a long, fervent hiss.

Precum leaked and spread over his helmet; he pushed Tony's face closer. "Go on suck me, bitch," he said his voice wasn't mean just excited. "Promise you won't tell," Tony demanded. "Stop being such a pussy and suck," Robert told him. Pushing Tony's head closer to his hard cock, Robert thrust his hips upward, driving his cock between Tony's parted lips. The wet interior of Tony's warm mouth felt so good on his rigid pecker. Tony sucked on the cock and ran his tongue around it. In a few moments, Robert grabbed hard on the hank of hair he held, pushed Tony down further as he began to spew into his mouth.

Globs sprayed down the boy's throat, and he gobbled it down hungry for Roberts seed. The cock went soft in his mouth, and Robert pulled him off his cock and forced his friends to face to his.

Their lips again touched, soft and loving, they played at a kiss. In a leisurely manner, the kiss grew more passionate, and the two kid's tongues intertwined. The woman offered encouragement as she watched them. Her twat grew moist, and she slid in two fingers enjoying the show. "Make him hard again Tony, then let him fuck your little pussy girl ass," she said.

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As soon as Tony's hand drifted back to Robert's cock it jumped up hard. They continued their kiss for a few moments. Robert stood, pulled his chair around then pushed Tony over the chair, his ass pointing toward Robert.

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Robert pulled the shorts and underwire down around the other boy's ankles. "You want to see this don't you lady? You want to see my fuck his little ass," Robert said. "Don't call Tony by boy names, treat him like the girl he is," she told him. "Okay, okay you want to see me fuck her little pussy ass, don't you?" "Yeah." "Promise you won't tell Bobby," Tony said looking over his shoulder at his best friend.

"Shut up bitch," Robert said. "Don't call me Bobby makes me sound like a little boy. Come bitch call me Robert." "Okay, Robert, but promise you won't tell no one," Tony insisted. "You're the bitch in this deal," He said. "Bitches don't give orders." "Hey," the woman snapped.

"I'm the one in charge." "Sorry, but…" "You promise her that you won't tell anyone and be nicer to her." "Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry Tony, I promise I won't tell no one. You're my girl you got it?" "Yeah," Tony said.

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"Hold on to the chair," Robert said. Tony grabbed the seat tightly. Robert shoved his cock in pulling the folding chair toward him. He worked his hips hard. Holding the chair up on two legs he fucked little Tony for all he, she, was worth, jabbing his plup pecker into Tony's sweet ass hard and deep.

Pounding into that tight, virgin, dry ass. Beads of sweat broke out on their bodies, Tony screamed in a mixture of pain and joy, his small cock bounced and soon spewed cum over the back of the chair and down on his face.

Robert pounded away, looking at the woman on the monitor. Her face was attractive but not nearly as beautiful as Tony's, he'd always wanted to be with Tony but didn't know how to tell him. Looking away from the woman he gazed down at Tony's lovely face wondering he'd dress up in girl's clothes for him. The chair rattled, rumbled, and made that sound that chairs make on hardwood floors as he fucked the shit deeper into Tony's cute round ass.

He felt his balls tighten, rise, felt the cum as it started its journey. He spurted deep inside the hot shithole as his balls and Tony's touched pushing in harder holding Tony's sweet ass to his lap.

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Glob after glob exploded until he had nothing left. Breaking apart the two boys settled into the cum covered seat. Tony sitting on Roberts lap as cum, liquified shit, and some blood oozed out of him, trickling down and mingling with his own discharge on the seat.

They shared the wet mutual wet spot. "Can we see your naked body now?" Tony asked. "My goodness, you two little boys are nasty little fucker fags," she said hitting next, she was gone.

Slowly the next cam became sharp and clear. The man blinked, "More dirty kids, what is it with all you queer's today. What the fuck, is there no pussy out there?" The cam changed again as the two boys kissed. Tony reached over for the mouse and closed the window.

"We don't need no jerks to have fun," he said. "You ever done a girl?" "No, nor a guy either, you're my first," Robert said. Kissing his new girl again, a deep passion filed French kiss.

"You can be the boy next time."