Candy sweet and pamela d in pillow fight lesbian scene by sapphic erotica masturbation

Candy sweet and pamela d in pillow fight lesbian scene by sapphic erotica masturbation
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The joys of cricket.

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Yeah yeah I can hear people going, "But that is such a boring game!" Well let me tell you, if you have ever been to a big game, you will swallow your words when you're patrolling the boundary and all this half naked women is stretched out in the sun close to you.

Oh the things I could tell you…But let's not drift off track here. After a nasty accident I had to stay off the cricket field for a long period, in this time my little sister started playing mini-cricket, now before you start to think I'm some pervert who wants to check out ten to twelve year olds you're wrong, it gave me an excuse to get away from work, soak up some sun and of course check out those little boys and girls' mothers.

I never knew that some mom's could be so hot, especially in short summer dresses and denim shorts. I could understand where the term MILF came from, there was one in particular which kept catching my attention, she had dark brown hair, slightly curly, she always had sunglasses on, but those short skirts of hers kept showing off long, shapely legs and the tops clung to her thin middle and showed off her perfect breasts.

I used to sit in my vehicle, watching her walking her son to the field and then walking back, I had to get ways to distract myself because my repeated hard-ones really started to distract me beyond belief. One day my sister came running from the field, I was kind of irritated, because I had to look up and she was sitting at the side of the field with another mom.

"Mrs Bason wants to know if you would come and help her" I frowned behind my sunglasses "Come on sis, you know I'm not supposed to place any strain on my knee" She grinned and I knew that her teacher really wanted some help when I saw that mischievous look in her eyes "Come on, you don't need to do anything, just tell us what to do, just like you helped me" I sighed and rolled my eyes behind the sunglasses "Allright allright I'll come help you out" I rolled up my window and cursing slightly under my breath I limped to where the teacher was trying to get some semblance of control, she looked thankfully at me.


"What would you like to take? Batting or Bowling?" I shrugged "Up to you really" My sister just couldn't shut her little trap "He helped me with my bowling" The teacher looked at me with a kind of respect in her eyes "She showed huge improvement, would you mind taking some of the children and just show them the basics?" I suppressed a sigh and smiled brightly "Sure, as long my sister is in the first group I'll be happy to do that" OK, OK I know, I had a torn knee ligament and wasn't supposed to be out on a grassy field, but like they said, I didn't have to demonstrate…yeah right.

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My first order of business was to set up a wicketkeeper, I had the grim pleasure at appointing my sister, because she already knew exactly what I was going to teach them. I noticed the dark haired lady moving her seat and I looked more closely at our little group and yes her son was in our group.

So I started to demonstrate the first basics of bowling, I then let them try it and helped them, after a few rounds with them I got a huge respect for youth coaches.

When the whistle blew for the end of practice I started to limp off towards my vehicle, my knee wasn't happy with me and I decided to go placate it.


The teacher came over with three or four of my new friends in to and asked if I'll be willing to help out…well I couldn't refuse with those little monsters looking pleadingly at me, sure you might think I'm a big softy, but teaching them kind of showed me just how much a child is willing to learn.

So I agreed, but on condition that only those who are interested to really go on with the bowling, she agreed on it and the little gremlins rushed off to their parents. Two days later I was on the field again, this time with shorts, my knee in a proper support cast and of course a lot of attention for the young ones.

I lost quite a few of my pupils, but judging from how they hit a ball I guess they made a better choice, I gained quite a lot of young ones as well, so I had to go over the rules and the basics again.

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I noticed that the lady was close and her son still in my group, so I kept busy with the young ones, demonstrating and then helping them again. I noticed that the little guy had a lot of fire, but no control, so I got them together and asked names.

His is Clive, so I had a quiet word with Clive as I watched the others practice their basic deliveries, telling them what they do wrong and what they do right. After giving Clive some inside tips on what to do, he started to get it right, I was quite proud of myself.

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Two down and around six to go. After the whistle went Clive ran over to his mother and they talked for a while and then they left, I stayed and showed the few stragglers what they should practice at home, hopefully in front of a mirror.

This time I could feel that my knee was proud of me for looking after it, so I could at least walk with a small bit of dignity off the field. The next week I was back on the field and my little charges was showing a lot of improvement, but Clive was back to his old bad habits, so I called him over and we had another prep talk. "Is something the matter?" The soft silky voice made my arm hair stand up as goose bumps suddenly ran down my arms, I turned around and there she was, all soft, lightly browned skin, soft aroma of lavender and a top displaying off a lot of that huge tits.

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I tried to figure out why she would wear something like that around her child and small kids, then I realized that they are supposed to be innocent enough not to worry about it and I wasn't that innocent anymore, I swallowed, made certain my sunglasses was aimed at her face as I spoke to her cleavage "Not really, I noticed that Clive just forgot a few things I told him last time" She sighed softly "Clive I told you to practice what he told you to do" "Yes mom, but I forget at times everything, maybe he could come over and show me" Those words really tickled my fancy "You mean like private tutoring?" He nodded "I guess that is the word, when you teach just me?" She sighed again "Clive, you already have extra mathematics, where are you going to fit these extra cricket classes in?" I wondered why a kid of twelve would want extra math classes "Anyway he may have other things to do than to give extra classes" A plan suddenly formed and I smiled "Actually after work I can't do much these days, knee problems and all" She crossed her arms over her huge breasts and tapped a fingernail on her perfectly white front teeth "How much would you charge?" I shrugged nonchalantly "I'm sure we can arrange something based on results" After that I showed Clive a lot of tricks and made him work extra hard during practice and then in the off days I went over to their place and drilled more of the bowling technique into him.

Unfortunately Clive senior was always at home and I know he always watched from one of the windows when Wendy brought us water, not that I could blame him, those pair of tits had to cost him a fortune. So the summer ticked past and Clive become quite a good bowler, one afternoon I was busy teaching him the proper following through technique, something he wouldn't use for at least another two years, but I thought that to teach him good technique now will help him later on. It was quite a hot day, so I whipped off my shirt and threw it over one of the chairs, he stared dumbfounded at me "What?" "Whoa why do you have such big muscles?" I laughed "These aren't big Clive, they are just toned, don't worry in time you will develop them as well" We continued and he slowly caught on, then Wendy came out of the house and called me over.

After telling Clive to keep on practicing I went up to her, there was a dirt streak over her one cheek and her blue eyes was startlingly beautiful, a light sheen of sweat covered her body and it made her top cling to her tight tummy.

"I took out this box and now I can't get it back up, could you maybe help me?" Well naturally I agreed, not with anything in mind thought, just being civil. She showed me to a bed room and there was a newly dusted box standing on the ground.

I joked that she should've let her maid do it for her and then lifted the box back to the top of the built in cupboard. First I didn't realize that she was very quiet, but when her long nails touched my naked stomach it all became very clear. Clive did mention that his father was gone for the week and now it suddenly click into place, I had this hot woman all to myself and she was touching me. "What are you doing?" She just looked up at me with those huge blue eyes, gently chewing her lower lip.

I had to remove my sunglasses when I came into the house so I had to keep my eyes on her face, but not for long, she stripped off her top and I couldn't help but stare at her huge, naked breasts, her nipples was erect and a rosy pink, she stepped back and pulled down her shorts.

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She wasn't wearing anything under her clothing and as she laid herself down on the bed and spread open her legs, I knew this was planned, but it didn't matter as she slowly ran her manicured fingers over her hard clit "Fuck me" If it was a command or a request I would never know, I just know that at that moment I was controlled by one thing, that little brain in my hard cock that was zeroing in on it's target.

I was out of my shorts and boxers in a flash. Her eyes was fastened on my 9" as I approached her, she had this cat-who-ate-the-canary smile on her face, I grabbed hold of her spread legs and pulled her closer to the edge, it would be easier on my knee. She grabbed hold of my cock and lead me to her bald pussy, I think she had to have watched us through a window and worked herself up before she came up with her plan, because she was so wet that I slid right in. Her moan was loud and long and her pussy seemed to try and pull me deeper, so I obliged and shoved hard into her, I bottomed out and she gave a little yelp, I dragged my cock back, she tried to clamp down, but she was so wet that it just felt like a hand squeezing my cock tightly, when my cock's head was the only piece lodged in her pussy, I thrusted hard back into her, spearing her with my hard cock, she gasped loudly and closed her eyes as she started to pinch and pull on her tight little nipples, I pulled back slowly again and she suddenly looked up at me "Faster, fuck me like a slut" Wow, I never had anybody say that to me, much less such a classy looking woman.

I gripped her just above her hips and leaned a bit over her as I thrusted hard back into her, she moaned a soft yes and then as I started to pump my cock faster into her, she closed her eyes, working on those little nipples with her manicured fingers as she groaned and moaned her way to a sudden orgasm, she shook and bucked under my, but I held onto her middle and kept pumping my cock hard and deep into her, I was rather fascinated by how I haven't shot my load yet in her tight pussy as I was watching her thrashing around in the throes of her orgasm as I kept slamming my cock into her.

After that first orgasm she was moaning like a paid whore as she pushed her pelvis upwards, changing the angle and also allowing me to penetrate even deeper into her. I could feel my balls tighten and realized I'm not wearing any protection, I tried to pull out, but she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me against her "I'm going to cum" She was gasping at each word "In…me…cum…in…me…" I took that she was on the pill and gripped her hips as I shoved deep into her and exploded, I swear I could feel my cum splattering from her womb back onto my cock.

I haven't had an orgasm in a few months so I was emptying my balls inside her, I could faintly hear her muffle a scream as she shuddered in my hands, I moaned as my cock convulsed, sending streams of cum into her pussy, after what felt like an eternity my cock stopped it's convulsions and I pulled my cock out of her.

She sat up quickly, slipped my semi-erect cock into her mouth and cleaned our juices from it, she looked up at me licking her lips.

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"I think Clive would wonder where you are" I almost couldn't believe it, this woman just let me fuck her as hard as I could and now just dismissed me, I felt a little pissed as I slipped my clothes back on and went outside.

Just before it got dark Clive and me stopped and I slipped on my shirt, Wendy came out looking fresh and dressed in a mini skirt and a loose t-shirt "Do you have any plans for tonight?" I shrugged "I'll probably read a bit, then go to bed" "How about joining Clive and me for supper? You've been helping him so much and I think I can at least repay you with something to eat" Clive seemed to be possibly glowing at the suggestion, so I agreed, he jumped around happily and ran off to the house to get cleaned up.

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Suddenly Wendy grabbed me by my shirt front and pulled me close "Earlier was a down payment, stay for desert if you want another down payment, you can take a shower in the master bathroom" Needless to say I followed that tight ass all the way into the house in a slight haze, this promised to be one interesting evening.