Busty German Milf banged in public places

Busty German Milf banged in public places
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Jess didn't see her boyfriend for five days. The last time they had been together, Kyle had been recovering from a bad hangover. He had gotten caught up in an impromptu party thrown by his neighbor Ian and wound up in a bad way.

Ian was an asshole—he was always staring at Jess and mistreating Kyle. Jess went to Ian to get him to lay off. That's where things started to go bad. Ian was in many ways Kyle's superior. Where Kyle was pale and pudgy, Ian was tanned and muscular. Kyle, on his best day, was still a short unremarkable man. But Ian was tall and handsome, lean and athletic. Jess always knew, at some level, that she was selling herself short with Kyle. She drew hungry looks from most men, and more than a few ladies, with her long brunette hair, scintillating blue eyes, and well-sculpted face.

Her smooth, toned legs went up to a small, firm ass that begged to be spanked, and her large tits looked even bigger on her small frame. Jess could have any man she wanted, but she was with Kyle.

Which is why she felt guilty for what she did with Ian. When she went to him, he had made an outrageous demand: he'd let Kyle be only if she stripped for him. Jess told herself that she wasn't attracted to Ian (even though she stared at him almost as much as he stared at her, looked deep into his emerald-green eyes, watched him as he ran and lifted weights), and that she was just doing it for Kyle's sake.

But then she went beyond dancing when she knelt in front of Ian and rubbed his gargantuan dick. She took him into her small, soft hands and stroked until he erupted. And her arousal during the moment couldn't be denied, even when she was with Kyle later that same night. She had tried desperately to get him to fuck her but failed; he couldn't get hard at first, and when he did he went off before she even touched him. Jess couldn't help but compare her boyfriend to Ian, and Kyle was found wanting on all counts.

So she stayed away from both of them while she tried to get her head straight once again. It was Saturday morning when Jess finally found the courage to see Kyle again.

She went to his dorm, bringing with her some breakfast from the cafeteria—pancakes, fresh fruit, and a bottle of orange juice. She was careful to avoid Ian's room entirely, going so far as to walk around the dorm to a different entrance so that she could get to Kyle's room without passing Ian's door. Kyle didn't answer immediately when she knocked. It took her three tries before she got any response—and that was just a muffled groan from inside the room.

A few minutes later, Kyle opened the door, bleary-eyed and disheveled. Jess was shocked by her boyfriend's appearance. There were dark circles under his heavy-lidded eyes, and his brown hair was limp, uncombed, and looked a bit greasy.

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It looked like he hadn't shaved in a few days, and a patchy growth of whiskers covered his cheeks and chin. He was wearing a white tank-top with a reddish stain, probably ketchup or pizza sauce, over the navel, and a pair of boxers.

What surprised her the most was that since she saw him last, only five days ago, he seemed to have visibly put on weight—though if she were honest with herself she'd have been forced to admit that he had been getting heavier since coming to college, but slowly, and it was only their recent separation that made her realize what had been going on for some time.

It took Kyle a moment to realize who was in front of him, but when he did he brightened up instantly. He smiled, and said "Hey babe! Long time no see!" As he did, the unpleasant smell of his breath and his room wafted over to Jess, making her wrinkle her nose. Kyle looked down sheepishly. "Sorry about all this," he said, waving his arms at himself and the room.

"Ian's been having girls over almost every night, and I wasn't hanging out with you, so I kind of let things go." Jess smiled sweetly at him, though the mention of Ian sent a surge of anger through her mind—and a similar surge of desire through her body. She blushed slightly, but by the time Kyle looked back up into her dazzling blue eyes it was gone.


"That's okay, Kyle," she said. "I know that most men wouldn't bother to bathe if women weren't around." They laughed together, and Jess walked into his room with his breakfast. Within an hour, Kyle had eaten, cleaned himself up, and aired out the room. He revealed to Jess that Ian had been especially bad lately—he wasn't just keeping Kyle up nights, he had also taken to barging into Kyle's room whenever he chose and making use of Kyle's things as if they were his own.

Jess almost went next door immediately to confront the man making her boyfriend's life a living hell—but then she remembered what happened the last time she let her anger get the better of her, and she forced herself to calm down. Kyle continued, not seeming to notice Jess's reactions whenever he brought up Ian.

"It's like high school all over again. He thinks that because he's some big strong asshole he can get away with whatever he wants. The RA says that there's nothing she can do, but I think she's just lazy." Or she's one of the girls he sleeps with, Jess thought, flushing as she imagined Ian's muscular form and oversized cock. Still Kyle kept going.

"Whatever, I'm just going to deal with it. I bought some noise-canceling headphones. They should let me sleep and work just fine even if he's fucking some slut next door." As soon as he said it, Kyle and Jess both froze, the elephant in the room now fully present to both of them.

Kyle was the first to break the silence, speaking slowly. "I'm sorry, babe—I shouldn't have pressured you to sleep with me again, and then when you agreed to I practically came in my pants. It was so embarrassing. I promise it won't happen again.

The next time we sleep together, it'll be your call, and I'll be ready." Jess nodded. "I'm sorry, too, hon. I think it must have surprised you, and that couldn't be good for your performance.

I'll give you more warning next time so it will be special." They embraced, and Jess couldn't help but compare Kyle's increasingly flabby body to that of the masculine paragon next door. She envisioned Ian taking her in his strong arms and practically crushing her to his broad chest, and she felt a flash of heat between her legs. Then her guilt returned, and she had to blink back tears.

Jess literally bumped into Ian leaving Kyle's building. She was looking down, holding onto a trash bag she'd taken from Kyle's room and the plate she had brought him, and didn't see Ian as she opened the door until it was too late.

Walking into him was like walking into a wall. He didn't move an inch; she bounced off him and staggered back a step, struggling to keep her grip on the glass plate. After their mutual moment of shock passed, Ian gave her a wide grin, baring his perfect white teeth. "Well, if it isn't the little lady. I thought maybe you'd left the boyfriend after getting a look at a real man." Jess fumed, her face turning red and her eyes going wide.

A long moment passed before she could speak. "How dare you!" she sputtered. "You disgusting ass!" Ian's grin never wavered. "We had a deal, and you broke it!

You said you'd leave Kyle alone if I." she stopped here, looking around guiltily, ensuring that no one was around to overhear. ". if I danced for you, and I did, and I even touched your penis!" She got even redder, if that was possible—her blush seemed to spread from her cheeks to her chest and ears.

Ian approached her, drawing close as her tirade continued. "You had someone over that night and ruined our evening, and Kyle says you've been absolutely unbearable since then! And. and. and." she slowly lost steam as Ian got closer and closer, and her anger was replaced by confusion and lust. He towered over her, and he was standing so close that the tips of Jess's D-cups were only inches from him.

If her hands had been free, she could easily reach out and lay a palm flat on his chest to feel his sculpted muscles through his tight t-shirt, or run a hand up his thigh and feel the thick slab of meat she could see swelling between his legs. Ian spoke. "I never said I was going to leave poor little Kyle alone.

You asked me to turn off my music for one night and I did. You want me to leave him alone, you'll need to do more than a quick handjob." That brought back Jess's anger. She dropped the plate, apparently not noticing as it shattered on the floor, and threw the bag of trash at him. "You pig!" she shouted, and ran out.

It wasn't until she got back to her dorm that she realized that her nipples were hard against her shirt and her panties were damp. ----- That evening, Jess and Kyle met for dinner at an Italian restaurant off campus. Jess was wearing a blue sundress that complimented her eyes. She made an effort to look good for her boyfriend, perhaps out of residual guilt. Kyle, unfortunately, didn't do the same. Or perhaps—Jess thought darkly—he had, and the old t-shirt and mismatched shorts was really the best he could do.

Still, they went inside, and as they talked and laughed Jess started to feel better. Kyle didn't know what she had done with Ian, and somehow she didn't think Ian would tell. She resolved to be the perfect girlfriend for Kyle and to put thoughts of Ian out of her head entirely. That proved to be rather difficult when he showed up in the restaurant with some blonde bimbo on his arm.

He walked in just after Jess and Kyle had ordered drinks, and saw them almost immediately. "Hey, little lady! Roomie!" he called out, drawing a few looks from the other restaurant patrons. He said something to the hostess, and she looked over at Jess and Kyle. "Funny running in to you two here. Out on a date?

Maybe we can make it a double." Jess refused to meet his eye. She felt a flush creeping up on her. Before she could voice her objections, Kyle smiled back at Ian and invited him over. Before he arrived, Jess hissed at him: "why did you invite him over? I wanted tonight to be just us." Kyle looked at her sheepishly and replied, "Sorry, babe. I didn't think." Jess just glared at him, but didn't have time to say anything else before Ian and his arm candy arrived.

They all made small talk as the staff slid the neighboring table up, and Ian and his girl sat down. Ian was sitting next to Kyle, and his date—Amy, an older student—sat next to Jess. The small talk continued for some time, with Ian dominating the conversation with his stories and raucous laughter.

Jess and Amy pulled their weight as well, but Kyle had trouble getting a word in. He wasn't helped by his obvious interest in Ian's date. Amy looked like the stereotypical blonde bimbo—long hair, a bit too much makeup, a demin skirt only slightly longer than a belt, and a sleeveless shirt that bared more cleavage than Jess would ever display.

Jess caught Kyle staring at Amy's breasts several times, and even kicked him under the table over appetizers, making him flush with embarrassment. Amy also proved to be surprisingly intelligent, and she seemed smitten with Ian. He, in turn, seemed to be into her as well. Jess found herself growing jealous of Amy as the meal went on. Just before dessert, she excused herself, planning on taking a moment in the ladies' room to compose herself. When she stood, Ian did as well.

Kyle looked up at him, confused. Ian smacked him lightly on the back of the head. "Come on, roomie, where are your manners?" Kyle stood up, somewhat hesitantly, and gave Jess a small smile.


"That's not necessary, boys. If you'll excuse me." she said, sliding away from the table and heading toward the restrooms. A moment later, Ian said "Actually, I've got to do the same. I think I'll go join your girlfriend." He gave Kyle a wide grin.

Kyle returned it, although his grin was forced and uncertain. Ian left the table as well, leaving Kyle and Amy to pass the time in awkward silence. Ian caught up with Jess outside of the ladies' restroom. They were in a small hallway, with no one else around, and blocked off from view of the rest of the restaurant.

She turned on him as he approached, wheeling suddenly to face him, her face hot, anger and jealousy and arousal all stewing together in a confusing morass. "Did you follow me here?" she asked, her voice tight but low.

Ian smirked at her. "It's a public place, little lady. I can use the restroom if I want." "You know what I mean. Did you find out that I'd be here with Kyle and decide to ruin our evening?" "Come to think of it, your pissant boyfriend might have mentioned it earlier today.

Didn't even think of it until now." Jess narrowed her eyes at him. "Why are you doing this?" she asked, a plaintive note creeping into her voice. Ian's smirk widened. "Don't know what you mean, darling. But I bet you're glad to have a face to go with the sounds you've heard coming from my room.

I know Kyle figured it out. Hell, he's probably staring at Amy's tits right now." Jess was taken aback. "What do you mean?" "Don't play coy. You've heard me fucking girls before.

Kyle's heard it a lot more often—every night for the last week, at least. It's been Amy more than once. It'll be her tonight, too, so I guess Kyle can say goodbye to a good night's sleep." Jess's anger surged again.

"You bastard. You're intentionally making his life hell." "You got me dead to rights. And part of you loves it." "That's absurd. I tried to get you to stop." Her voice got quieter, and she looked around nervously as if someone might be hiding in the tiny hallway. "I gave you a. handjob. and you promised to be quiet and you didn't." Ian shook his head. "No, little lady. I promised to turn down my music. But after you got me all excited then ran out, I had to get some action.

I think it was Amy, that night. Small world, I guess." He chuckled to himself. "What do you mean? I made you cum"—her face reddened with embarrassment—"and you're telling me that didn't satisfy you?" "Nope. It always takes me two or three times, at least." Jess was stunned for a moment. "Bet little Kyle's a two-pump chump, huh? What, five minutes of thrusting and groping, then he passes out on top of you, all flabby and gross?

That's not how I do it. But you've heard me, and seen me at the gym, so you know what I can do. And now you know who I'll be doing it with, and when you go play with yourself you can really picture the scene." Jess stared at him, open mouthed. "How dare you. I don't think of you when I. masturbate." Ian arched one dark eyebrow. "Oh no? Maybe you should. You're into me—I can tell." He nodded down at her chest. Jess looked down as well, and noticed that her nipples had stiffened, making two small tents of fabric at the tips of her breasts.

And her panties were practically dripping. "You know I think you're hot.

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Why keep lying to yourself? You could have me any time you want." Jess made no reply. Ian took her unresisting hand and placed in on his groin. He was hard under his jeans, and she could feel his warmth through the denim.

He continued. "See what you do to me, little lady?" He let go of her hand, but she kept it in place. "I'm going to have to let Amy take care of this for me, and that'll make her scream. Your poor boyfriend won't get his beauty sleep. You want to make sure Kyle gets a good night's sleep? Come to my room. Take Amy's place. If you can keep from screaming, he'll get a quiet night." Neither Ian nor Jess knew how they stood there, close together, in that hallway, Jess's hand on Ian's cock, before Jess snapped out of her daze.

"No—if I go to your room, you have to promise never to keep Kyle awake again." As she spoke, some part of her screamed that she was doing the wrong thing, betraying her boyfriend, acting like a slut. But standing there, with Ian towering over her and her small, soft hand on his giant, hard tool, she couldn't imagine doing anything else. "I promise to let your boyfriend be.

I won't do anything to keep him up in exchange for one night with him," Ian answered—but he made no move to step away, and neither did Jess. "You know, little lady, if we go back to the table all worked up like this Kyle and Amy are going to get the wrong idea." Jess gulped as she imagined the scene.

Kyle wouldn't do anything at the table, but he'd be suspicious and passive-aggressive about it later. And she didn't think Ian would care about Amy's reaction, but from the blonde girl's stories she seemed to know everyone on campus, and Jess judged that she'd be the sort to spread rumors. "What do you think we should do?" she asked. By way of an answer, Ian pushed open to door to the ladies' restroom.

It was a regular bathroom, suitable for one person at a time, and it didn't have stalls or anything of the sort. He took her by the hand, breaking her hold on his erect shaft through his pants, and stepped into the bathroom with her.

Staring at her, he undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and (with a bit of effort) hauled out his shaft. It was just as impressive the second time she saw it. In the dim light of the bathroom, with him standing close to her, it seemed almost menacing, like a weapon aimed directly at her face. He leaned against the wall near the toilet, stroking himself casually with one hand.

"How about you give this thing a quick suck, make it go down? Then I'll go back to the table while you get yourself composed." The rational part of Jess's mind howled at her to leave now, but her feet felt like they'd been nailed to the floor. She reached out and took hold of his titanic dick, stroking it with him. Her hand was so small next to his; between them, they only seemed to cover half its length. "I'll do it but you can't hold back. It needs to be fast," she heard herself say.

Ian nodded and grinned as she lowered the toilet seat and sat down, bringing her face level with his groin. Jess started to stroke his length with both hands, feeling his cock slip through her grip. She stuck out her tongue and slowly licked its underside, from the base to the tip, before opening her mouth as wide as she could.

Even so, she felt like she was barely able to get the mushroom head of Ian's cock into her mouth without grazing it with her teeth. She started to bob her head on his first few inches, some of her spittle escaping the tight seal of her lips and dripping down his cock in thin rivulets. Her hands slid back and forth over the rest of his shaft, their passage eased by her spit.

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Ian gave a small, pleased groan as she sucked him, spurring her onward. She pulled back for a moment, making a small pop as the head escaped her sucking mouth, and gave him another long lick.

He was already oozing a steady stream of precum; it was hot and slick on her tongue. She hummed quietly as she took him back into her mouth, making Ian bite his lower lip as he held back a moan.

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The corners of Jess's mouth quirked upwards at that; she felt a surge of pride at the knowledge that she was quickly overwhelming this incredible masculine specimen with her talents. "Fuck, you're good at this," Ian said. "You ever suck one like mine?" She shook her head slightly, not wanting to release his powerful tool from her mouth.

"Well, you know what you're doing," he continued. "I know Kyle's nowhere close—we all saw his package the night of the party." She nodded along, blushing as she realized that Kyle must have been being laughed at behind his back by all Ian's friends.

Ian squeezed his eyes shut tightly. "You ready, little lady?" he asked, his face starting to twist into a grimace. "Mmmm hmmm," Jess hummed against Ian's cock, and that drove him over the edge. His nostrils flared and he bit his lower lip as his cock throbbed once, twice in her mouth, before erupting with a huge wad of hot, salty-sweet cum.

Jess knew what to expect, having seen him cum when she stroked him in his room, and started swallowing immediately. But she was still nearly overwhelmed by Ian's copious load; she started to cough and choke as she struggled to swallow it down. Thin lines of white spilled out of her mouth and onto her pumping hands; one trickled from the corner of her mouth, down her cheek, and dripped off her chin onto her leg.

When he was finished, Ian exhaled heavily. "Wow," he said, panting. "Just wow. That was incredible, darling." Jess found herself beaming with pride as she let go of Ian's cock and let it slide out of her mouth, using her fingers to scoop up the excess spunk and licking them clean.

Ian stood up straight and extended a hand to Jess, helping her rise from her seat. "Why don't you take a minute to freshen up, before going back out? I'll follow a few minutes later. Then we can both ditch the dead weight and meet up at my place," he said. Jess nodded and turned to the mirror. The woman she saw looking back at her was red-faced with exertion, with her lipstick slightly smeared and thin trails of moisture down her cheeks. She realized she must have teared up a bit while she was sucking on Ian's cock, without noticing it.

Her lips, normally full and inviting, were a bit swollen and redder than usual.


The thing that surprised her was her eyes—they were wide and alive with excitement. Ian, standing behind her, put a hand on her shoulder and kissed the top of her head in a curiously affectionate manner.

"I'll see you tonight?" he asked, almost shyly. Jess met his gaze in the mirror and smiled at him. "Yes—but how can I get to your room without Kyle knowing?" Ian thought for a moment.

"Tell him you're upset about inviting me to sit with you and go back to your dorm. Call me and I'll let you into our building and make sure he doesn't spot you." "All right," she replied. Then she narrowed her eyes at him in the mirror and set her jaw. "This is just a one-time thing. Don't go thinking I'm going to start sleeping with you all the time.

I'm doing this for Kyle." Ian smirked at her. "Of course, little lady. Now don't you think you should head back out to your date before they get suspicious?" Jess left the bathroom to rejoin Kyle, thinking about her planned rendezvous with Ian with a mix of excitement and anxiety.

----- Just over an hour later, Jess found herself standing outside Ian and Kyle's dorm waiting for Ian to get the door. Every little noise made her jump slightly, fearing discovery. She had changed her clothes, replacing the blue sundress she had been wearing with a more dressed-down look.

Now she was in a baggy black t-shirt and a pair of old jeans. But underneath, she had put on some of her sexier lingerie—although she suspected that what counted as sexy underwear by her standards wouldn't impress Ian much.

Still, though, she made the effort. She waited outside the dorm for what felt like an age, but was in reality only a few minutes. When Ian opened the door, she scampered inside quickly, ducking under his arm even before he had the door fully open. "Well, I didn't expect you to be in such a hurry to get in to my bed," Ian said, chuckling quietly. Jess gave him what she hoped was a withering glare in response. "You don't have to be such an ass all the time, you know," she said.

"I think I could get to like you if you weren't such a gigantic dick." "Are you sure about that, little lady? I think you like your men to be gigantic dicks, down deep inside.

And if they happen to have one too. well, I think we both know that you've been looking for that for a while." Jess rolled her eyes. "Please. I'm only doing this for my boyfriend, so he can get some peace. Let's get it over with." She turned to head up to Ian's room, but stopped before leaving the room. She looked back at him over her shoulder. "And besides, I bet you're going to tap out first. I'm going to rock your world." That got a wide grin from Ian, who followed her upstairs until they reached his floor.

Then he took the lead, ensuring that the hall was clear so she could make it to his room unobserved. He held the door for her, dipping his head in a small, gentlemanly bow as she swept past him, then closed the door behind him. For a moment the room was almost silent as they looked at each other. Ian was still wearing the same clothes he had on at dinner—a dark blue polo shirt and khakis, a combo that made him look like a young executive fresh from the yacht club.

Ian looked away first, going to his computer to turn on some music—a loud, fast piece, heavy on the guitars and drums. Jess gave him a quizzical look. "You don't want Kyle knowing you're here, right? So we need to drown out any noises you make." "What makes you think I'll be making noises at all?" she replied, challenging him. "They always do," said Ian. "Now get over here. I want to get you out of those boring clothes." Jess found herself obeying him, crossing the room to stand in front of him, her face turned up toward his.

He reached out and took the bottom of her shirt, pulling it up swiftly and baring her bra-clad breasts. Ian's jaw practically dropped. Jess's shirt was designed to conceal her body, but underneath she had put on a lacy baby-blue push-up bra that made her D-cups swell up and out invitingly. "Very nice." Ian muttered. He moved closer to her, doffing his own shirt as he did, revealing his broad, muscular chest and stomach, lean and toned from his time at the gym.

Ian slid one arm smoothly around her shoulders and took Jess by her long, brunette hair, pulling back just hard enough to force her face up. Then he swooped in and kissed her, hard, on the lips. Jess went stiff momentarily from the initial shock from his sudden aggressive motion, but then she melted into his arms, returning the kiss with equal fervor.

Their tongues dueled inside their mouths, and Jess thought she could feel Ian's heartbeat as she pressed her chest against his. Ian leaned forward, overbearing Jess slightly and forcing her to hold on to him for balance. As he did he forced one of his powerful legs in between hers, parting her legs and rubbing up and down against the inside of her thighs.

She could feel his shaft through his pants as a warm bulge against her leg. Her legs involuntarily tried to squeeze together around his, and she felt herself getting wetter and wetter every time his thigh drew near that most tender spot. When Ian tried to break the kiss, Jess didn't let him at first, trapping his lower lip in between her teeth and keeping him close. He growled and pulled away, and when she let him go, he swung her bodily over to his bed, both of them almost falling onto it and making the frame squeal in protest.

He took his weight on his forearms to avoid crushing her, and Jess found herself on her back, her slender, toned legs wrapped around one of his muscular thighs as his lips traced a path of kisses down her neck to the hollow of her throat.

One of Ian's hands was still tangled in her hair, but the other had found the clasp of her bra—she could feel his fingers underneath her, pinned to the bed but still working quickly to unhook it and bare her heaving breasts to him. She closed her eyes and arched her back, grinding her cunt against the top of his thigh. With Jess's body keeping him from removing her bra, Ian got impatient. Jess didn't hear him growl, but she felt the vibrations come up through him as he buried his face in her expansive cleavage.

He pushed himself up and took her bra in both hands, his fingers slipping under the cups. Jess had just enough time to gasp before he tore the bra open in front, leaving the cups dangling useless from the shoulder straps and giving him his first viewing of her magnificent breasts.

They were firm and perky despite their large size; Jess had been careful to keep them from sagging. They stood out proudly on her slim chest like two perfect scoops of ice cream, and they were capped with small, eraser-pink nipples, which were standing erect and seemed to beg for a pair of lips to suck on them or for fingers to tweak and tug them gently.

Ian stared greedily at her chest, reaching up to cup one pert, round orb of flesh, his thumb coming up to brush across her nipple and send a bolt of pleasure from that sensitive spot directly to her (now drenched) cunny. Ian lowered his head to her chest and began to feast. He pushed her breasts together, bringing each nipple up to his mouth where he lavished attention on it. But he didn't neglect the rest of her bountiful breasts; he squeezed and stroked, licked and kissed, all across their surface while Jess writhed underneath him.

Ian knew what he was doing, and he was fully invested in her body. Jess found herself biting back pleasured moans, not wanting to concede to him what effect he was having on her—even as some part of her realized that he must know what she was feeling from her reactions, even if she didn't make a sound. Just when Jess thought she couldn't take another moment without letting out a groan of pleasure, Ian stopped and stood.

She looked at him, confused. "Wh. why did you stop?" she asked. Ian didn't answer her. He just looked at her, breathing deeply but steadily, his eyes wide, and knelt at the edge of the bed. Jess propped herself up on her elbows, her chest rising and falling hypnotically with each breath, and watched as ran his hands up the inside of her legs, stopping just inches from where her thighs met before moving up to the tops of her legs.

He moved his hands up further then and undid her pants, before using his teeth to unzip them. With a sharp jerk he pulled them down to midthigh. Then Jess got in on the act as well, shimmying from side to side as he slid her pants down and off entirely. Now Jess was nude except for her lacy baby-blue thong. Her slender thighs, toned from her time in the gym, parted at his touch, opening for him as he brought his head ever closer to her slit.

She could feel his breath, hot against her skin, as he paused just a hair's breadth from her, his eyes on hers. Jess whispered one word: "Please." Ian nodded almost imperceptibly, then planted a gentle kiss on the thin fabric covering her dripping cunt. Then, with another low growl, he tore that lovely, lacy scrap of clothing from her body and threw it away.

Jess felt a brief moment of pain at Ian's rough handling, but it was almost indistinguishable from pleasure to her lust-addled mind. Before she could process it, Ian had dived in, burying his face in between her legs and going to work with his talented tongue.

His tongue flickered out of his lips to lap once at her slit, then again. His hands, meanwhile, stayed active. His left hand slid up to stroke her side and stomach, while the right remained in place, gently massaging her firm, creamy thigh.

She arched her back, pushing against him, as he pointed his tongue and inserted it, just a bit, into her, parting her lower lips with it. Jess was responding to him, as he had wanted. He slid his tongue into her again, and again, and once more, slightly faster and deeper each time, lapping at her pussy in long licks that went from the end of her pussy up to the clitoral hood at the top. Then Ian moved up slightly, to focus on her clit.

He pointed his tongue and began to trace out the letters of the alphabet with it, starting with 'A' and working his way down, being sure to graze her clit with almost every stroke of the tongue. Jess stuffed her fist in her mouth, biting her own knuckles to avoid screaming in pleasure. Her hips bucked as she squirmed and writhed around, her body moving on its own as he drove her to ever-greater heights of pleasure.

When Ian had made it to 'G' Jess had to clap her hands over her mouth as she moaned. By 'N' she could feel the inevitable about to happen.

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Within moments, Ian drove her over the edge as he slid two fingers into her slit, crooking them toward himself in a come-hither motion, the tips pressing against her G-spot.

That, in tandem with his constantly-active tongue, made her cum. Jess squirmed and twisted, her hips coming off the bed, her juices flowing from her slit into Ian's greedy mouth. Even with her hands over her mouth and Ian's music playing, her groans were clearly audible. She closed her eyes and let the waves of pleasure wash over her. As she quivered on Ian's bed, he stood and shucked off his pants and underwear.

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Now naked, he slipped into the bed with her. She opened her eyes, still shaking slightly from the aftershocks of her climax, and looked at Ian. He was laying on his side next to her, his head propped up on one arm. There was a small smile on his face—not the smirk she had seen so many times before, but one of seemingly genuine pleasure. "You're beautiful, you know that?" he said. Jess took her hands away from her mouth and relaxed slightly. She gave Ian a confused look.

"Uhhh. thank you, I guess. What brought that on?" Ian shrugged one shoulder. "Just thought you should know. Most of the women I sleep with are sexy, but you're beautiful." She rolled onto her side to face him and raised an eyebrow.

"So I'm not sexy?" she asked. "It's not like that, darling. You're sexy as hell. But you're beautiful too." Jess blushed at the compliment. "You ready for the real action?" he continued. Jess nodded, a bit shyly. Ian rolled toward Jess, deftly slipping his legs inside hers as he drove her onto her back once more.

She could feel his cock, hot and hard, resting on her stomach as he looked deep into her brilliant blue eyes. He reached down with one hand and positioned himself at her entrance. The mushroom head of his cock nuzzled at her nether lips for just a moment before parting them, slowly but inexorably. Jess could immediately feel the difference between Ian and Kyle. Kyle's first time with Jess was slow as well, but it was because he was hesitant and unsure; he felt the need to constantly ask if Jess was enjoying herself.

Ian, on the other hand, needed no reassurances; he knew that he was making her feel good, and when he went slowly it was because he wanted to prolong their mutual pleasure. She took in the sight of his well-formed face as he entered her—his lively, confident green eyes, his strong jaw, his lips slightly parted and shiny with her juices—and was suddenly seized by a compulsion to kiss him.

She flung her arms around his neck and lifted herself to him, planting a passionate kiss on his lips, tasting herself on him, just as his oversized cockhead pushed into her, and held the kiss until he had hilted himself in her tight cunt. Only then did she let herself drop back onto his mattress, breathing hard, feeling more full than she ever had before.

Once he was inside her, Ian wasted no time. No sooner had he buried himself in her than he started to pull away from her, much more quickly than he had on that first thrust. Soon he was rolling his hips against her, his shaft driving in and out like a piston, and she was matching him.

The rhythmic slapping sounds of their bodies meeting filled the room. She heard his bed creaking as his relentless pounding made it shake and rock and she heard the thudding of his headboard against the wall—sounds she had heard before from Kyle's room, but now she was part of the cause.

Without consciously realizing it, her hand dipped down to her pussy to strum at her clit, although it was hardly necessary—with every thrust, Ian was grinding his pelvic bone against her, and every time he pulled back his veiny shaft and swollen head slid against her g-spot.

She was almost overwhelmed by pleasure, and she found herself once again biting back a scream. Then Ian changed things up; he pushed himself away from her, his eyes drinking in the sight of her lithe body as he pounded her—her tits bouncing wildly on her chest, her fingers dancing across her clit, her eyes wide and sparkling in the dim light, spots of color on her cheeks and chest. Jess wrapped her legs around him to keep him close, but he just pulled her with him as he slid off the mattress to stand at the side of the bed, leaving her hips right at the edge.

He took her legs and forced her to unwrap them, so he could pin them together by her ankles and put both of them over one shoulder. On his next thrust, Jess felt the difference. With her legs together like this, she was much tighter around him; it felt to her like she could feel his pulse through the veins on his monstrous weapon.

Ian's weight forced her to bring her knees closed to her chest, which made her lift her hips off the bed in turn. With every thrust, Ian drove her into the mattress; the springs squealed in protest, and Jess found herself squealing in pleasure. She heard someone breathlessly shouting filthy commands--"Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Don't ever stop!"—and realized it was her. Ian was obeying, as well. When she shouted "Harder!

Faster!" he did just that, even though she would have thought it impossible. There was a crack as the corner of headboard broke through the drywall, but Ian kept going. "Fucking god! I'm. I'm. I'm." Jess couldn't speak any more as she came, a loud wordless wail coming from her as her cunt clenched tightly around Ian's conquering weapon.

Her juices seemed to gush from her, coating his shaft in her slick honey, dripping from his balls, staining his sheets. But he still didn't stop, and a second orgasm followed on the heels of the first. Jess couldn't even scream anymore; her eyes rolled back in her head as she convulsed underneath Ian.

Her back arched, and she went rigid, everything in her mind blasted away by Ian's unrelenting fuck. She didn't know how long she was in that state of ecstatic catatonia, but when she came back to herself Ian was still going strong.

Sweat was glistening on his body, and hers as well.

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There was a new instrument playing its part in the symphony of their sexual congress—a cracking, splintering sound, like wood giving way under repeated, powerful hammer blows. But if either Ian or Jess recognized what that sound meant, they gave no sign; they were both too lost in each other to think about such things.

Before too long, though, matters came to a head: with a splintering crunch, the bed collapsed, its frame shattered by Jess and Ian's vigorous fucking. The side-rails fell away, and the mattress slammed into the ground. Ian fell forward, his cock still buried inside Jess's cunny, and ended up slamming into her with all his weight, burying himself deeper in her than either of them would have thought possible.

Jess's eyes went wide, and her mouth opened as she tried to scream, but no sound came out. Ian froze, worried that he might have hurt her—but then Jess exploded into her most powerful climax yet.

Her pussy clamped down around his cock like a vise, almost painfully tight, and she started to writhe underneath him as she let out her breath in short, choked screams. Jess twitched and squirmed for a minute, or perhaps more, before going completely limp. Her legs fell bonelessly off Ian's shoulder, and he slowed his thrusts down to a crawl as she got herself back under control.

She looked at him, her eyes glazed, and smiled. "Oh my god. that was amazing," she said, breathlessly. "I hope you're not fucked out, little lady—I'm not done yet," Ian replied. Before she could answer, he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her bodily from the wrecked bed, swinging her over to the wall and practically slamming her against it.

She wrapped her legs around him once again as he pinned her up against the wall. She was impaled on Ian's cock, and as her started to drive into her, practically nailing her to the wall, she realized that her hapless boyfriend was only feet away, separated from them by a few inches of cheap drywall, plaster, and wiring.

But where this thought would have made her feel ashamed only a few hours before, now it engendered a wicked pleasure. She wrapped her arms around Ian's broad, powerful shoulders and pulled him a bit closer to her.

"You like fucking me while my boyfriend tries to sleep next door? You like making me scream while he listens?" she whispered in his ear. He grunted something, too lost in lust to form words. She continued. "Keep fucking me hard. Fuck me like you want to bust through the fucking wall. Then Kyle can watch you fuck my brains out." Ian roared and slammed his hand into the wall near her head, cracking the wall. He started to fuck her even harder, finding reserves of power somewhere.

Jess clung to him tightly as he battered her sex with his titanic cock. He seemed to swell inside her, somehow getting even larger, and drove himself deep inside her once more. Jess cried out as she felt the first burst of heat inside her as he came. She could feel each rope of seed as it was ejected forcefully from his prick.

With a moan, she came too, her pussy seeming to clench around his cock each time it throbbed, pulsed, and unloaded another shot of his spunk inside her. They both stayed in place, locked together, for some time. Jess's arms and legs were wrapped around Ian. His forehead was resting against the wall, his face nestled in the crook of her neck.

Both of them were breathing hard as their mixed juices dripped from Jess's overstuffed cunt down to the floor below. Jess was the first to speak. "You came in me," she said, amazed. "I've never let anyone do that." Ian didn't reply immediately. "Too good to pull out. Lost control," he said, between deep breaths. "I'm clean." He straightened up and helped Jess unwind her limbs from around him, letting her back down gently, so she could stand on unsteady legs. She felt his seed and her juices trickling down her thighs, and the sensation sent a small shiver of pleasure through her.

"I'm on the pill. Are you sure you're clean? I know you fuck other girls." Ian nodded. "I get tested regularly. I'm not an idiot." Jess grinned.

"Good. Then we won't need a condom during round 2." Ian smiled back at her, then took her by the hand and led her back to the ruined bed. RATE IT IF U LIKE IT GUYS, THERE ARE 2 MORE CHAPTERS TO COME.