Potona vicky abri eacute_ndose de piernas

Potona vicky abri eacute_ndose de piernas
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Wolf heard the knock at the door that he had been expecting soo much, he ran to the door and opened it up to see bear standing before him smiling. "Come in" said wolf to the smiling bear who obliged and divested himself of his shoes and bag.

"So shall we begin" asked wolf nervously.

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"Err yeh" replied bear. They moved into the bathroom and wolf immediately stripped down to his trunk boxers. "Come on bear let's see it" urged wolf.


"Uh ok" said bear slipping his shirt off and removing his jeans. "Oh I like it" said wolf staring ravenously at bears cock, his own growing large in his boxers. "Come on then hun" said bear; wolf slipped his boxers down revealing his 9"length to bear. They hopped into the shower and let the warm water pour over them for a bit "well this is boring" stated bear and knelt down and took wolf head into his mouth sucking as the water poured over his head.


"Mmmmmmm" said wolf "let's take this elsewhere" and with that wolf led bear to the bedroom and makeshift bed that wolf had prepared for them.

Bear pushed wolf down and immediately went to work on his cock.

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He liked round the base of wolf's head and then plunged the shaft down his throat as far as he could and began to work it harder and faster making delicious slurping noises.

Wolf moaned. Bear then pulled off and licked down the shaft while fondling wolf's balls.

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Then bear slowly kissed his way back up wolf's shaft and swallowed the head, moving up and down to wolf's moans. He pulled off and began to finger wolf slowly while wolf wanked himself to the brink and then bear swallowed his head again and swirled it with his tongue till wolf came in his mouth.

When wolf had stopped squirting bear swallowed savouring the sweet taste.

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Wolf panted; once he had regained his breath he kissed bear long and hard. When they surfaced wolf grabbed bears cock, and began to suck and nibble his nipples. Bear moaned. Wolf kissed his way down to bears cock and licked his way up the bottom of the shaft and took the head in his mouth. Then after swirling the head around a bit he began to pump up and down much to the delight of bear. When bear was at the brink wolf stopped pumping and sucked the head and licked it till bears cock jumped and a flood of sweet cum poured into wolf's mouth.

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He swilled it around and swallowed it all savouring the taste. Wolf rolled over onto his back savouring the taste and bear jumped on him and took his cock up again. Sucking it gently, wolf moaned and pushed him off beginning to pump his own cock, nice and hard, nice and fast.


Bear shuffled back and lubed up his fingers, having done that he slid his middle one into wolfs hole causing him to moan in pleasure, then as wolf continued to pump he slid in another and began to wriggle then around. Finally he forced a third in causing wolf to shiver but moan louder at the intrusion. Then wolf came all over bears head coating him in his cum.

Bear pulled his fingers out and helped wolf lick him clean. When they were done they lay together for a second. Then wolf pulled bear into a hug and thy kissed passionately for what seemed like years. When they pulled away bear slipped on a condom and lubed up and pressed at wolf's entrance but as he slipped in wolf moaned, "no your fingers have scratched me too much, I'm gonna have to call you off babe, next time." Bear groaned and pulled out and slipped off his condom in regret, however while he was doing it he didn't notice wolf slip one on and lube it up.

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Wolf pushed bear into a doggy position and slipped the head in, Bear moaned and wolf slowly slid further in. Then once he was all the way in he pulled back and began to pump in and out faster and faster causing them both to moan incoherently.

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Then one of wolf's thrusts hit bear's prostate and he clenched up causing wolf to moan in pleasure. Bear groaned "do that again" wolf complied thrusting in and out each time hitting bear's prostate causing bear immense pleasure. After an eternity of fucking wolf came thunderously and at the same time so did bear clenching down on wolf's throbbing shaft causing him to cry out more in pleasure.

They fell down onto the bed and cuddled up, wolf still inside bear, one being, one love. The next morning they woke up together and sadly had to part heir ways, the only thing that either could think about was what had just happened, it was all so fast, so sudden, had they thought it through properly?

Wolf sat in his chair flicking through the channels absent mindedly, trying to drive the thoughts of the last night out of his head. He knew deep down that it was fun but at the same time he regretted it, he wanted the memories to go away.

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He went to the cupboard and got a glass, filled it with ice and poured alot of gin into it. He retreated to his chair and watched some TV sipping at his heady drink purging his mind of the memories of that night.

Bear went home and on the way he felt like he was floating, had he found the one? he certainly hoped so, he jsut knew he loved wolf, he just hoped it was returned, if not, he didnt think he would be able to go on.