Sensual Lola Fae feed her tight cunt with large dick

Sensual Lola Fae feed her tight cunt with large dick
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Whoa! Jason Attends Cheerleader Practice Wednesday afternoon Sharon called. "Jason, would you like to attend one of our cheer practices? The coach said it was okay, and I can point out which girls claim to be virgins. You can tell me which girls to bring to your place Friday evening." "That sounds like a lot of fun. I'll be there." An hour later, Jason was sitting in the auditorium near the floor as Coach Russel got ready to put her girls through their routines.

Coach Pam Russel was in her late thirties. Though she was nearly twice the age of her cheer squad, the coach still looked pretty good. Like the girls on her squad, Coach Russel was wearing a T-shirt and loose fitting shorts. She could and frequently would demonstrate the moves she wanted her cheerleaders to perform.

Though Coach Russel was beginning to put on a little weight around her midsection, she still had the nice body of a cheerleader. Her legs and butt were firm and shapely. Though no longer hard as it had been in her teens and twenties, her belly looked to still be firm if not somewhat softer due to the few extra pounds.

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Her tits had to be at least D-cup and maybe even Double Ds. Like all of the cheerleaders, Coach Russel's hair was pulled back into a pony tail.

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She had dark brown hair that accentuated her hazel eyes. Coach Russel greeted Jason as he came into the auditorium. "Welcome Jason.

Sharon has told me a little about you. We hope you enjoy the show." Aside from her initial greeting, Coach Russel ignored Jason. She went right into their practice session. None of the girls were wearing bras even during practice. Jason loved looking at all the firm young tits covered only by thin T-shirts. The rubbing of the think shirts had caused most of their nipples to be erect. Coach Russel had initially resisted the girls cheering without their bras.

"Girls, if you don't wear bras, your breasts will end up sagging to your bellies." She had told them. However, after she saw the reaction of the crowd and the enthusiasm of her girls at their first braless ball game, she relented. She not only approved of the braless cheering, but she had insisted the girls practice without bras as well.

"If you're going to cheer braless, you should practice braless as well. You will need to get used to your boobs bouncing as you cheer. That way, you won't look uncomfortable in front of the crowd when your your boobs are flopping around." Jason sent Coach Russel a silent message. 'You would like to lead by example and remove your bra as well.' "Girls, start your stretching exercises. I'll be back in just a minute." Coach Russel then ducked quickly into the girls locker room.

When she returned it was immediately clear she no longer wore her bra. Her large tits sagged just a bit and were swinging freely as she walked across the floor. The rubbing of her T-shirt on them had caused her nipples to harden. They were plainly visible through her shirt. As the cheer squad worked through their routines, Jason noticed Coach Russel seemed to pay more attention to the tall redhead than any of the other girls. When their coach gave the girls a short break, Sharon and Rita ran over and sat on each side of Jason.

"Girls, does the coach have a thing for the redhead?" "Yeah, Coach and Ginger sure seem close. They hang out together after practice and games.

Most of us think they are lovers. The thing is, Ginger claims she is still virgin. Jason smiled at his girlfriends. Quietly he told them, "Bring Ginger over Friday night. We'll soon know if she's virgin or not. In the mean time, I'll check out Coach Russel." "You might also find Susan, that little blonde over there, and Jenny, the girl with the long black hair, to be of interest. They both say they're virgins.

The girls then each kissed Jason's cheek and ran out on the floor to resume their practice session. As the practice ended, Jason approached Coach Russel. Jason was obvious about looking at the woman's tits. "Coach, you're a lovely woman. I would like to get to know you better. Would you like to come over to my place for dinner tonight." Coach Russel looked at Ginger before replying.

"Jason, I am sorry, but I have plans for tonight. Maybe we can have dinner some time when I don't have a previous engagement." Jason knew a brush-off when he heard one. Silently he suggested to the coach, 'You want to come to dinner and show me your beautiful tits.' "I guess I can change my plans.

What time should I be there?" Coach Russel agreed to the dinner date. "Be there about eight." He then left the auditorium.


As he left the floor, he glanced back over his shoulder and saw Sharon and Rita smile at him. They were chatting with Ginger. A few minutes before eight, Pam Russel knocked on Jason's door. He could tell she had recently gotten out of the shower. Her hair had been brushed out and was still damp. Her perfume made her smell delicious. Jason smiled and said, "Hello Coach Russel, Pam. I am so glad you could make it. Won't you come in. Dinner will be ready soon." She stepped in and Jason closed the door behind her.

She didn't notice when he locked the door. She smiled at her host and said, "I hope you don't think I'm too forward, but there is something I've had an urge to do all evening." She then released the buttons of her dress and let it fall to the floor.

She was not wearing a bra. Her Double D tits were exposed to Jason's appreciative gaze. "That is a beautiful sight, Pam. You have a great set of tits. I do so love the sight of a lovely pair of tits." He then reached out and cupped a tit in each hand and hefted them as if gauging their weight. Pam moaned in appreciation of the fondling of her tits. She then took a deep breath and said, "Jason, I don't know why I'm doing this.

I have never let a man touch my bare breasts." "It will be alright, Pam. Why don't you leave them hanging free while we have dinner?" Pam smiled and took his arm.

She let him lead her to his kitchen table where he served her a steak with fries and a glass of wine. They made small talk and ignored her bare tits. Pam finished her second glass of wine and seemed to have relaxed a little.

Jason then made another suggestion. 'Pam, your tits are beautiful. Now, you want to show me your pussy.' Pam's eyes widened and she gasped. "I don't know what has gotten into me, but I am having another strange urge. I want to show you my vagina. She stood and removed her panties.

Her pubic mound and pussy were covered by a dark brown bush. Her pussy's lips well hidden. 'You want to come stand by me so I can pet that pussy. Also, the next time you come over, have that pussy shaved bald.' He suggested.

She quickly came to stand in front of him. When he stroked a finger through her slit, she gasped. "Jason, please be careful. No man has ever touched me there before." "Then you're a thirty-eight year old virgin?" Pam silently nodded. "Well then, this may be an exciting night for you, Pam." Silently he made another suggestion.

'You will be truthful in all that we discuss. You want to give me a blowjob and swallow my cum. Then you will want to give me you cherry pussy.

And finally, you will beg me to fuck you in your ass.' "Yes Jason." Pam agreed. She quickly and fell to her knees in front of her host. Jason scooted to the edge of his chair and let Pam loosen his pants.

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When she pull his pants and underwear down his hard cock sprang free and slapped her face. With a broad grin, Pam grasped Jason's cock. "My God Jason, that's a big cock. I've never even seen a cock that big." She then began licking and kissing all over the cock in her hand. In just a short time, Pam had his cock deep in her mouth. She may not have ever had a cock in her pussy, but she had damn sure had sucked a few in her past.

Pam quickly had Jason about to erupt. Jason pressed his hands to the back of Pam's head and warned her of his impending eruption.

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"Here it cums, Pam." He then filled her mouth with his cum. Pam continued sucking as Jason emptied his balls into her mouth. When he finished cumming, she pulled her mouth from his cock, smiled up at him, and swallowed twice. "Very nice, Pam. If you don't mind telling me, how did you get to be thirty eight years old with your virginity still in tact?" "I prefer girls. Right now I am involved with a young lady." "The redheaded cheerleader, Ginger?" "Yes!


She is a hot young thing with such a talented tongue." "I agree. She does look hot. I think I'd like to get to know her as well as I am going to get to know you. Shall we go to my bedroom now?" "Yes, Jason. I'm having urges again. I think I want to make love to you and give you my virginity.

I think it's time for that part of me to be gone. Please be gentle with me." "I'll be as gentle as I can, Pam, but we will not make love. I will simply fuck you, but I will try to see that you have a good time." He then suggested, 'You will only feel a small amount of pain when I take your virginity.

You will also not feel a lot of pain when I fuck your ass.' "Okay Jason. Let's go." She smiled and took his hand as he led her to his bed. Once in Jason's bedroom, Pam got on the bed and laid on her back.

Pam watched as Jason finished undressing. She smiled and spread her legs as he climbed onto the bed with her. Starting at her ankles, Jason kissed her legs as he crawled up her body.

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She spread her legs more and more to allow him to kiss his way up them. He paused his journey when he reached he virgin pussy.

He began to eat her pussy with enthusiasm. Pam was soon soaking wet and rhythmically thrusting her pelvis up to his face. She seemed to be trying to get Jason's tongue as deep as possible into her pussy. When Pam seemed to be nearing an orgasm, Jason sucked her clit between his lips and rapidly flicked his tongue over it.

Pam grabbed his head and pulled his face tightly to her hungry hole. She shuddered and moaned as her orgasm washed over her body. When Pam lowered her hips back to the bed, Jason continued kissing his way up Pam's body. He gave her tits the attention they deserved. Before kissing up to her neck, he placed a large hickey on her chest between her tits.

She moanded and rubbed the back of his head as he sucked her skin into his mouth. When he finally reached her lips, she eagerly returned his kisses. His cock was nestled between her outer pussy lips. Pam was rocking her pelvis and moaning as he gently pressed his cock forward. "Are you ready, Pam?" "Yes I'm ready, Jason. Please take me." Jason pressed his cock forward until he felt her nether lips part and allow him entry into her tight passage.

He held still for a moment when he felt his cock's head pressed against Pam's hymen. He covered her mouth with a passionate kiss and firmly shoved his cock forward. He fully entered her virgin pussy with one swift stroke. Pam yelped as Jason fully buried his cock into her devirginated pussy. His eight inch cock pressed tightly against her cervix. After giving Pam a few moments to get used to the first cock to invade her body, Jason began giving her slow but full strokes in and out of her sore pussy.

In a short time, Pam began rocking her pelvis in response to Jason's thrusts. "Umph, umph, umph." She grunted each time his cock firmly bumped her cervix. Pam raised her legs and wrapped them around Jason's hips. She used her heels on his ass to spur Jason on.

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"Oh Jason, that feels so good. Fuck me hard. Give me that big cock of yours." Pam was enjoying her first fuck. Pam's tight hot pussy soon had Jason ready to erupt. It took only a few more thrusts for him to slip over the edge and begin pouring his cum deep in Pam's depths. When she felt Jason's cum flooding into her pussy, Pam began rapidly thrusting up to meet his cock. She cried out. "Oh God, Jason. I'm cuming too." She spurred her heels into Jason's butt to get as much cock as she could buried in her cunt.

As her orgasm ebbed, she lowered her legs and and sighed contentedly. "That wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. Are going to fuck me in my ass now?" "Yes Pam. Your ass is about to get fucked too. Are you ready?" "Yes. If getting it in my ass is as good as it was in my pussy, I'm going to love it." She replied.

"Good. Roll over and get up on your knees." As Pam got into the position Jason had requested, he grabbed the bottle of baby oil on his night stand. He soon had his cock well oiled and was gently rubbing the oil into Pam's asshole. Pam seemed do be enjoying Jason's finger in her ass. She was soon swaying her ass and pushing back to accept the finger pressing into her butt. When Jason felt Pam's ass was oiled and loosened enough, he placed his cock's head against the crinkled ring of her asshole.

He then took a hold of her hips and pushed. "Umph!" She grunted as the head of his cock popped past her sphincter. With a slow steady push, Jason fed Pam's asshole its first cock He soon had his entire cock in her ass. Pam made a long growling sound as Jason fed his eight inches of cock into her ass. She did not cry out, nor did she try to resist. Once he was fully embedded in her ass, Pam looked over her shoulder and smiled at Jason. "I think I may get used to this after a little practice." Jason smiled back at her and patted her butt.

He then began stroking in and out of the hot ass until his cum was ready to explode from his cock. With one last thrust to bury his cock deep in Pam's ass, he pumped a load of cum into her bowels. When he pulled out of Pam's asshole, she fell to her side and smiled up at him again. "Now what, Jason?" "Now Pam, you can roll over and we'll go to sleep, or you can get dressed and go home.

I have an early lab in the morning, so I need to get some sleep." "I have an early class too. I guess I'll go home. Will I see you again, Jason?" "You certainly will.

If you'd like to join a little group I'm putting together, you will be welcome. Remember though, Sharon is my girlfriend. If you join us, you will be in a position to find other virgin girls to join our group.

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Also, remember to shave that pussy and keep it shaved. I also recommend you continue going braless at practice and the games.

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You have a great set of tits, so why not let them show. Also, you will fit in better with your girls if you dress as they do." "Oh yes, Jason. I want to be a part of your group, and I will not wear a bra at practice or our games anymore." "Good. Now get dressed and go home. I'll see you soon."